In 5 minutes (8am German time) the polls open in Berlin!

Today is the regional elections in Berlin Germany. We had the entrée a few weeks ago with AFD BTFOing CDU and today we're hoping to do it again. Long live the AFD!

>Can we win?
Not a chance
>Can we come second…?
Very unlikely

The point is to get a high score, every point above 5% is a giant FUCK YOU to merkel, and could serve as the catalyst to removing her from next year's presidential elections. Results are expected at 8pm tonight German time.


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first for Germany

Who /Die Linke/ here?

/ Özişik, Ilkin / here



>the anglo is a lefty

When will results be in


they are in
all parties lost afd gained 13%
its ok for a leftists shithole like berlin i guess


Everybody who isn't (((Die Linke))) is a fucking white male.


already coming


12.9% for AfD for n. It has been rising since the initial 11.5%

>following election results
>some magazine runs
>they report on the fact that people in nairobie ignore traffic lights, people say all the others just ignore them so they do as well, police say they should ask people that do that
>there are many human traffic officers that direct traffic which works better
>they say people get confused by the different colored lights so they just ignore them while humans can tell them what to do

and people wonder why africa is shithole?

It ends in 6 minutes, we wont reach the 15%

Nobody sane


Gott mit uns

why do we need to reach 15%? is that some rule?


no, but the more, the better

Gott Mit Uns


5% is the cut off for most German MMP from memory but some local elections have less maybe?

Gott mit Uns

we all stand together.


13.6% for now according to "Erste"!!!

Nope, all 5%. (Iirc just not in S-H, they have a Danish minority with an own party that does not need the 5%)

i have the hots for fuhrerin petry

Thanks for the clarification. We also have a 5% MMP. But Maori seats also.

That's bad. But we couldn't expect more in this leftist shithole. Berlin isn't even Germany anymore.

Is 17% unrealistic?

Why do you guys have three (3) big leftist parties?

They wont't beat the greens or CDU anymore, dont bother.

Yes 14.5 is likely the most.

You have to be left in Germany, elsewhere you get assaulted and can lose your job. Having one left party for everyone wouldn't capure the political spectrum.

dubs mit uns

You mean 4?

Well basically they could form one party since it is quite clear that they will just work together with their own kind. Coalitions between "conservatives" (kek) and greens for example were unthinkable until lately. But this way they would lose a lot of jobs in each party so they will not do that.

Ah ok. I didn't know you could vote 3 times in Germany.

Thanks for clearing that up. My point still stands however. You made it sound like a protest vote just against AFD.

I work manual labor and work with immigrants. They worked hard for their citizenship and are afraid they will be losing their jobs to illegals, as they keep coming over, getting gibs, and contributing nothing but crime, leftism, and destroying the labor market which is already horrible.

They want the wall to be built. I live in New York too and it's already pretty bad. I can't imagine how things are going in Germany with so many refugees and less than 1/3 the population.

>illegals get gibs
>don't pay taxes
>have the largest minority scholarship programs for college in the country
>will work for 5-7 dollars an hour just for extra beer money while the minimum wage here is rising to 15 dollars
>company revenue is taxed before it goes to the workers before it's taken out of our paycheck, making illegals scarily profitable

The worst part is, the city is liberal, nobody is deported, and they have so many groups and political organizations with money backing them up that it just gets worse. The average age of workers at McDonalds and in minimum wage jobs is close to 35 in my area due to labor shortage.

I know your situation is worse German bros, and I pray for you. Please take your country back

Every european have those kind of parties
Socialdemocrats (Labour party in some countries)
Green Party (Enviromental party, exits in some form in most western-European country)
Die Linke, Bascially a socialist and/or communist party, this is kinda common, i would have to say, but most of them are more socialist than communist.

Germany has been though a lot in 100 years
> decimated in WW1
> Turned Nazi and was rebuilt into a world power
> decimated again
> half of Berlin was communist until the 90s
> started recovering and doing better
> then flooded by sandniggers and liberal brainwashing
> German people are being slowly wiped out

Nice gains

>Only 6% among the youngsters in Berlin

Meanwhile it had 28% in Saschen Anhalt and 15% in Wurttenburg in the same demographics...

Something isn't right here

>1 post by this ID


>Green behind Linke

SPD, Green and Left together have 54% of vote, Berlin is a liberal hellhole confirmed.

Thanks Captain Obvious! Almost like Kikes planned it a long time ago!

holy shit

According to Tagesspiegel prediction AfD now has more than the Greens

So fags, is this a Berlin vote?

And what are the polls showing for AFD?

the ossi youth is retarded

die Linke are Corbyn tier commies
the greens are the radsjw cancer

AFD is nice, if only it wasnt populated by inbred fucks.

But then again, still better than CDU.

Well the AfD had only 6% of the youth vote in Berlin... In other landers it was à little more represented among youngsters.

So yeah, leftist hellhole confirmed

I thought Greens were barely gonan get the minimum required?

Is this a final count? Wait, does it say that only 51% has been counted?

When does Frankfurt am Main/Hesse vote?


Also Die Linke has this awesome woman

if only Albania wasn't populated by Albanians it could almost pass for a European country

>Greens BTFO by AFD
Germany is back lads !

Any other Berliners here?

Is it just me or did SPD realize they're a sinking ship and go full out trying to reel in votes? In the last two weeks I had like 5 name addressed letters from the SPD, and nearly everyday had a generic SPD pamplet or letter put into my mailbox. Some SPD cucks also stood out front of my supermarket every day and of course it was constantly surrounded by old ladies.

Its a very young party, it was only created a few years ago.

Give it some time to weed out the scum and the SA will turn into a beautiful SS.


Wurttenburg isn't ossi... Plafz Rheinland neither.

Kill yourself leftist fuck

whats Tierschutzpartei?

I would bang her. Doesn't mean i would vote for her.

Already happened this spring

Here my Anglo ally

some horse fuckers

I would decapitate her with a rusty bottle opener if given the chance


>einmal geht

That's the spirit, bernd.

literal translation: Animal Protection Party
disregard because 1issue party

Link to website please?

Thanks just looked it up. Weird that it's split up WTF are Germans just spitting on Bismarcks grave?


what about Die PARTEI?

There might be some hope for you fuckers after all

>please be real


literal meme party for edgy millennials

>mfw they end up with 14.88%

Why doesn't NPD just close down and send all of it's members to AfD? Are they so incompetant that they don't realize they're 50% government agents and 50% controlled oppositon without a hell's chance of winning?

npd members can'T join the afd
thank god

because NPD are normie meme-Nazis who hate Israel and Slavs
AfD loves both

Results fucking WHEN?

because the NPD is Verfassungsschutz, and the AFD knows to be wary of those I assume

Because they are controlled opposition.

like said their a meme/satire group of people, seriously the only party of note not in the parliament is NPD and they are controlled opposition, literally 60% government agents.

AFD is going pretty good when it comes to votes so far, im guessing they are gonna go down a little bit more tough

>Are Berline youngsters à bunch of weed smoking retards

In the rest of Germany there is a little more youngsters voting for the AfD than average...

> AFD will reach 15% for sure

Kek that worked out well didn't it?

>Mfw we surpassed daddy in every single way

Good luck with a leftist government guys

>AfD at 14.8


the next wall we build around berlin
and then throw in napalm

most Berliner youth isn't white


Well I mean not necessarily join the AfD but to stop wasting their votes and instead vote AfD

Stay butt blasted my friend.

>implying the NPD isn't just a made up thing by CDU/CSU so police can overlook braindead skinheads

Well usually shitskins don't vote for the greens


Well then again this isn't the official statistics because you can never know who someone voted for exactly.

Directly after voting today I was asked in the middle of a hallway with people standing around and listening to say who I voted for. Do you think I would ever openly admit that I voted AfD in front of everyone? Hell no. I expect that many more young people did not admit so in fear of the negative stigma from voting conservative parties in the 21st century.

Where can I see the results coming through in those graphs lads?

greens are the party of shitskins my man
their party program is literally the sjw shit from Anglosphere

These are the real stats

SPD: 22,5% (-5,8%) - 37 (-10)
CDU: 18% (-5,3%) - 29 (-10)
Grüne 16,1% (-1,5%) - 26 (-3)
Linke 15,6% (+3,9%) - 26 (+7)
AfD 12,7% (+12,7%) - 21 (+21)
FDP 6,2% (+4,4%) - 10 (+10)


proof? any source?


You can't exactly judge


There's a 40% chance I'm conversing with a nigger, spic or arab here.

8-15% was expected, so 13,7% isn't that bad

Voting conservatives in 21 century
Oh my god, germany just surpassed Sweden cucked levels

it has apparently changed since the last update


You liked the video then I assume?

Most immigrants the real worker and not the welfare shits voting 50% for the AFD

Cheers m8

>le vinex-dorp man

too poor to live in the city huh

No, Arabs and North Africans count as white in the US (at least for the people who made the 60% statistic).

>current year
>trusting liberal media like spiegel

do the Greens even care about the environment anymore?

Fuck me, really?!

This is true. Arabs, Indians and North Africans are considered Caucasian on the census.

No I've done that, it was fucking awful, enjoy your third world infested city while we keep the real Amsterdam language and culture alive.

Yeah man, it's fucked. I would wager that they make up no more than 4-5% of Caucasians total. The real number of whites is likely around 50-55%.

The AFD was polling at ~14% and they usually do A LOT better in the actual elections.
This is just amazing

You are too afraid to admit who you voted for publicly?
Kek what a cuck

It would be a mistake to think Merkel is the sole culprit for this crisis. Replace her with any normie politician and you'll get more of the same.

Don't be fooled by appearances, lads. In politics, evil is systemic.

They do, the enviroment of Islam! :)

AfD + 21%
Both CDU and SPD lost 10%

Normies redpilling on a nation wide scale

You better start revving up the gas chambers soon m8, didn't realise it was that bad.

I know this, but usually the difference isn't as massive as this...

Hell even when the FN was rulled by Le Pen senior he always had 17% of younger voters in exit polls...

I belive there is something different among younger berliners, is there a massive population of leftist hippsters there ?

Well the greens are very often the party of leftists smug bourgeois scum, shitskins vote for the mainstream center left party, but then it's true than you guys have a more massive green party than in the rest of Europe.

Trump really may be our last hole in the states as unfortunate as that is.

No you fucking moron.
That's the amount of seats the AFD got in parliament.. Their actual percentage is the first number :^)



Holy fuck guys.

I've just learned that Danzig was entirely under Prussian control for the whole of the 19th century and that it was populated by majority ethnic Germans when Hitler tried to retake it.

*This* is what caused WW2? Hitler taking back land that was stolen from his country in WW1? Seriously? It's literally no different from what Putin just did in Crimea and yet we havn't started WW3 over that. I can't fucking believe this shit.

Is my picture even wrong in any way? Allies wanted to keep their stupid shitty WW1 gains and were too petty and single minded that they started a war to keep a completely German city from being part of Germany. It's utterly insane.

spiegel compiled the data of ZDF and ARD. Idk but they're reliable sources


Muslim here, with a message for you Islamophobic people.

The West created this mess.

It was you who divided up the land.

It was you who put in the puppet governments.

It was you who built the oil wells on Muslim holy lands.

It was you who allowed the Jews to exterminate and enslave the Palestinians.

It was you who played geopolitical games with Iraq and Iran during their war.

It was you who gave Saddam chemical weapons.

It was you who caused the Ayatollah to come into power in Iran.

It was you who created the Mujaheddin, Osama Bin Laden, and Al Qaeda.

It was you who killed 1 million children with your economic sanctions on Iraq.

It was you who, with your gluttonous oil consumption, gave power to Saudi Arabia and turned a blind eye to their funding of Wahhabi extremism.

It was you who abused the Arab world so much that they felt they had to attack your soil on 9/11.

It was you who started an endless massacre across all of Afghanistan in retaliation against a small group that lived there.

It was you who invaded Iraq unprovoked, destroyed it's infrastructure, massacred it's people, and left it in shambles in your wake.

It was you who covertly ignited civil wars in Libya and Syria because it suited your geopolitical interests, only to let the bloodbaths stagnate when your goals failed.

It was you who not only caused ISIS to exist, but allowed them to grow like a cancer unchecked.

It was you who destroyed the lives of millions of Arabs and forced them to leave their homeland.

You are the cause of all of this. Still you go ahead and blame us for all these tragic incidents. I'm not easily triggered but shit like this makes me really mad.


I took Fraktur, some old memes, and the Führer, and I made you this.


Counted votes and AFD is at 14,4%
Will they stay above 14%?

>is there a massive population of leftist hippsters there ?
Berlin is literally the hipster capital of the world, followed by San Francisco.


You must be hiding underground or some shit.

>Muslim here
>Serb flag
пичкa ти мaтepинa...

So mad you want to explode?

Fuck off sandnigger and take your yid financiers with you.

I did nothing, yet I risk my life by simply be around Muslims. Let that sink in.

>they usually do A LOT better
I hope you're right, user.

If German gets bad. Just have a coup. Hitler tried to do it before he was elected. He was actually put in a mental hospital and then formed the Nazi party.

>not living in based shitskin free IJburg
>the real Amsterdam

ok m8
ok m8

Yeah he definitely is man. If he loses you guys should go full civil war, victory or death.

We talk about à big City aka à libturd hellhole, the same happened in Paris for the FN and in Vienna for FPO.

Yeah, the slavs and southern euros usually vote for rightist parties because they hate shitskins and the leftist upper class that unable them.


*slow claps*

*steps out of the shadows*

Heh... not bad, kid. Not bad at all. Your meme, I mean. It's not bad. A good first attempt. It's plenty dank... I can tell it's got some thought behind it... lots of quotable material...

But memeing isn't all sunshine and rainbows, kid. You're skilled... that much I can tell. But do you have what it takes to be a Memester? To join those esteemed meme ranks? To call yourself a member of the Ruseman's Corps? Memeing takes talent, that much is true. But more than that it takes heart. The world-class Memesters - I mean the big guys, like Johnny Hammersticks and Billy Kuahana - they're out there day and night, burning the midnight meme-oil, working tirelessly to craft that next big meme.

And you know what, kid? 99 times out of a hundred, that new meme fails. Someone dismisses it as bait, or says it's "tryhard," or ignores it as they copy/paste the latest shitpost copypasta dreamt up by those sorry excuses for cut-rate memers over at reddit. The Meme Game is rough, kid, and I don't just mean the one you just lost :^). It's a rough business, and for every artisan meme you craft in your meme bakery, some cocksucker at 9gag has a picture of a duck or some shit that a million different Johnny No-Names will attach a milion different captions to. Chin up, kid. Don't get all mopey on me. You've got skill. You've got talent. You just need to show your drive.

See you on the boards...

Okay I'm wrong, they invaded the entire country not just Danzig.

He was put in prison not a mental hospital.


The NSDAP existed before Hitler was there, he joined them and then became their leader.

You believe this is some sort of secret knowledge or why do you feel to point it out? Kek

Hitler called it the Nazis. But yes, German Worker's Socialist Party.

>doesn't know about sandžak

it is infested with mudshits who want to seperate from serbia just like the šiptars did with kosovo

scheiß kanisterköpfe

i recognize this pasta

Even though you're probably that pro-muslim pro-hillary proxy that speaks Serbian through Google translate, GTFO from my country

AfD +21 seats
Both CDU and SPD lost ten seats

Normies redpilling on a nation wide scale

>let me, an american, tell you about your history

Milosevic did nothing wrong, so fuck off

This explain that... The older berliners must be from the lower class while the younger ones are from the smug upper class coming from all Germany.


>Mayor Michael Müller told German newspaper "Bild am Sonntag" that the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) had the potential to win in several of Berlin's districts when voters head to the polls next month.

>"The problem is not just 10 AfD members out of 140 representatives in the state parliament. That won't change the city. A big problem would be when the AfD takes one or two seats at the district level," Müller said.

>If that eventuates, it would give the AfD a "kind of governmental responsibility" in the capital, he added. "The district councils have influence over budgets worth millions and hundreds of administrative employees."

So will AFD get control over some district councils?

Most numbers will be released tomorrow, at least that's how it usually works

gott mitt uns


There's tons of niggers and slavs in Ijburg, and we're not a Vinex, we've existed for 778 years, longer than Amstercuck.

when we were sold to Amsterdam everything slowly went to shit while Amsterdam became lefty haven.

>the problem is not just 10 AfD members out of 140 representatives
i like that they are gonna get more than double that


Where can I see the results live?

Or are all votes counted yet?

No he was in a prison
and the party existed before he just renamed it

I learned all that from a manga


Still won't help them at all.. Unless you are part of the coalition and in charge in a state the seats in the state parliament are a farce

new data

just kill yourself

Just saying. 3 Reichs in Germany already. You Germans got to do what you got to do.

>that ID

Fug :D:D


AFD NOW 14,5%

supporting them since 2007.


Severely outdated

Haha CDU and Greens buthurt now :D


in jesus name
mercy germany

Gott mit uns

Lets be serious guys, 14-15% isnt basically nothing that will make some revolution, wake me up when afd starts getting at least around 30%

Atleast Berlin will now have a strong anti-immigration, anti-EU and true opposition, instead of having parties who are just pretending to be against eachoter and then rule togheter

When will we know the exact results?


It's Berlin. Pretty good outcome for that place.

Afd polls also around 15% at national level

it's awooovement!

The important thing is, that the CDU lost. This will put more pressure on Merkel, just like the election in mecklenbur vorpommern 2 weeks ago.

tomorrow morning

when are the final results coming i?

>I-its happening!
>AfD got 4th place

Lol. Sad.

will there be more state elections in 2017 before the national election?


the real interesting thing is what happens next year when a new government will be elected and not just the state elections.

When exactly? Not at 6am I suppose?

It would be nice to fix everything tomorrow, but right now growth is all that matters.

Wait, isn't Berlin the leftist capitol of Germanistan?

If AFD scores 14+ in Berlin... What then of the other voters?

What's a realistic outcome of next year's elections?

Eh maybe you're right. Germany will not be the country to turn right before everyone else does anyway. Too much nazi guilt.

It'll be up to the rest of Europe.

This is all actually true. But the "you" you're referring to is not the American people, it is the oligarchs who run America and lied to and subverted the will of the people who are responsible.

it's not. SPD/CDU was always going to lose in Berlin.The Mayor already abdicated 2 years ago because of gross incompetence and corruption. This is the first vote since then.
It's quite surprising they didn't lose more votes, but the media is on their side and doesn't dig into the scandal any deeper than they have to.

Gott mt uns!

>If AFD scores 14+ in Berlin
Think if Sweden Democrats got 14% in Stockholm, they would have like around 17-20% on the national level
Capitals are always leftist shitholes
depending on what you count as Stockholm (kommun eller län) SD got 6% (kommun) and 9% (län) in the 2014 election


saarland (small & boring)
schleswig holstein
NRW (important)

i am really interested how the bavarian vote will turn out, because csu is trying hard to make themselves look like they work against merkel. but in the end it is just another good cop bad cop scheme to fool the masses. afd is the only hope.


Can't wait for my S-H

It's fucking Berlin m8. Filled with shitskins and liberal lefties.

Not many people expected the AFD to cross the 10% mark.

Hopefully the Bavarians know the locals are just turning under the noose and that they have to punish all parts of C?U.

Meanwhile, Sweden's anti immigration party Sverigedemokraterna is polled as the biggest party in Sweden

Get a fucking grip guys

Yougov poll from 15.09.2016 gave AFD 11%
>Schleswig Holstein
latest opinion poll was from 16.04.2016 and it gave AFD 9% hopefully they have grown since then
latest opinion poll was from 11.05.2016 and it gave AFD 11% so it has probably also grown since then

I hope the old people realise that the CSU is just a big fat scam.

Sverigedemokraterna has been in parliament since 2010
AFD started as a party in 2013

AFD won at least one region directly, meaning they can now decide about some budget stuff and government institutions

FDP is back in the game



This might be good news, too. If the rapefugee crisis scam is allowed to go on unhindered, Germany will probably see another Shoah


red/green/commie coalition

this is going to be funny to watch from far away

Gott mit uns

>Germany will probably see another Shoah

the thing is that the bigger cities like munich and nuremberg are cucked by social democrats but the smaller cities and villages are in the hand of csu. one can only hope there are enough red pilled voters out there to get their shit together and prevent a csu only government.

schwer zu sagen, die alten säcke wählen eh immer die gleiche partei, oder gehen nicht wählen. entscheide selbst was schlimmer ist.

btw. bayern-genderfrei.de/

csu is literally cucked

So I just got up for Fantasy Football. Did Kek bless the Berlin election? Was there another AfD "surprise"?

>prevent a csu only government
does CSU have a history of working togehter with SPD like CDU?

CSU isnt that bad


triumph des willens you fucking faggots

heil hitler

post funny twitter assmaddness

I am still very unsure about the current political situation of Germany. Jobwise I'd profit from the refugees, so I'm very undecided what to think of them. Personal experiences weren't bad either

they would sell their own mother just to keep that prescious seat. Last time they had to share the government was with libcucks FDP. They wouldn't hesitate to do the same with SPD if it was necessare just look at munich which is ruled by SPD and CSU with SPD Mayor.





AfD will probably get like 15.5% when it's over, they're at 14.5 at the moment and they're doing pretty good in East Berlin. In West Berlin they already counted 75% and East Berlin 64%.

No, don't judge too harshly. You see, I'm on a very leftist uni and most of my friends are very leftist. I didn't vote for any major party, just for some irrelevant ones. I am not sure about my political stance, so better safe than sorry right?

kikes are literally rolling over.


>7UP bottle from 7-1 goalocaust 2014 in brazil survived

really makes you think

What's going on with the NPD? I don't know much about German politics, but I know those guys were supposedly pretty based.

I checked on Wikipedia and they're the 3rd biggest going by the average of the last 10 polls.

They're probably going to score a bit better than the polls since they overperformed in 2014 and too and their voters are probably more motivated.

that guy looks like the typical german cuck, couldn't be more fitting desu

also, does this nazi shit still work on Krauts?

Profit how? More police more social worker more jails paid with tax money +the 5% who will find work after they sucked billions of taxmoney out for the integration.

As a Berliner this result is pretty awesome considering the leftist shithole I'm living in.

True, I outright lied about that one.

There's a reason for my jewry, though, as polls have consistently made SD appear smaller than they are

In reality SD is the most popular party.

Germanbros, is it possible to get fired from your job for voting AfD?

I will be a teacher. So basically more children to teach. Plus, I'm state-paid, so no risk

More and more people doesn't care anymore about stupid buzzwords

NPD is an idiot magnet.

They let neonazi redneck pretend to vent a bit and then do nothing as literally everyone is a police or leftist infiltrator.

Sheer mention holocaust and german brain switches off.Then they engage insert colored penis into my white ass to repel white guilt mode.



>tfw 444


After your first knife attack by little Muhammad (14) you will probably think different about that.


seriously whats wrong with you guys

Thanks for the summary and projections, my Kraut friend.

But my original question is unanswered: do you think Kek blessed the Berlin election? Doesn't this result confirm at least that the AfD has legions of "silent supporters"?

Also: should I be concerned about muh postal ballots?

word is afd is going to pick up more seats

That's what I'm trying to convey: I had quite some contact with refugee children. And it was okay.

This is probably the last straw before calling me a shill

If they do you can sue them.



czech'd and fuckin saved

Why isn't the NSDAP party on the ballot?

for those who can't speak kraut

>Beware Berlin!
>10-14% AFD will be known over the whole world as the reseruction of the nazis in germany

man, that's an anti-commercial, if I were to look at this then I'd go: "well if that's all that it takes then let me be a nazi, might as well go the full haul"

Good look teaching 60-90 IQ retards



don't reveal your powerlevel too soon

It's pretty much what we expected so no magic here.

It's actually easier teaching stupid children. But also stressful because they tend to be more violent. Good thing I will teach in gymnasium (high school only for smarter children) only


dios mio

Exactly this.... they crying wolf way to often.


>be German
>teach sogennante "refugee" children
>say 'class dismissed'
>remind them not to rape anyone on the way home from school


Sehr gut.


OK that changes everything. Most of them will go to the Hauptschule anyway

Get the fuck away from Cred Forums you cucked fuck

Those "children" WILL rape, stab and assault German women. You applaud this - you profit from this - you want this to happen

People like you should be killed

Ich war in derselben Situation. War sogar auf Antifa Demos und habe 'Refugees Welcome' geschrien. Neben 'Nie wieder Deutschland' Schreiern. 80% sind dort aus Gruppenzwang, 10% sind Krawalltouristen und 10% tatsächlich verblendete kleine Möchtegern Lenins.

Täglich früh aufstehen und dem Affenpack auf dem Weg zur Arbeit am Hauptbahnhof beim ticken und betteln zuzuschauen, hat gereicht, das zu ändern. Lass dir ein paar Eier wachsen und stehe ein für deine Kultur und deine Herkunft.

why did we let them to vote?
mistakes have been done..


"Wir müssen unser Land, unsere Heimat, davor bewahren, noch weiter ausgemerkelt zu werden" AfD-Chef Jörg Meuthen

aber user, die neudeutschen werden auch in deine schule gesteckt. alles andere wäre rassistisch, denn bildung ist für alle da.

>high school only for smarter children

Why are you there then?



Who gives a fuck? Germany isn't even a real country anymore. You're a state now, like California, only worse.



On vacation?

I get it. It's too far right.

Humans are fucking imbeciles.

>mistakes have been done

Grammar Nazi here user. You need to use the passive voice. The rules are simple for this simple deflection technique:

>mistakes were made

Ich bin auch angehender Lehrer und habe schon sog. Refugees unterrichtet. Es gibt einen Grund, warum so viele von positiven Erfahrungen berichten. Die einzelnen Kinder sind oft wirklich sehr nett und fleißig, die Eltern augeschlossen.

Persönliche Bekanntschaften spielen aber keine Rolle, es geht um Demographie. Es gab auch viele nette, freundliche, fleißige Juden damals. Der einzelne Deutsche musste sich überwinden und seine (((guten Freunde))) vernichten, zum Wohl des Volkes. Genauso heute, der einzelne mag ein guter Mensch sein, aber eine Masseneinwanderung verwässert die Kultur und das soziale Gefüge bis hin zur ethnischen Auflösung.

Daher sind individuelle Berichte wertlos; es geht um das Überleben von Kultur und Rasse.

>Spaniard talking in german

What the fuck? did you annex mallorca?


Studium und Netzwerkbildung


Mallorca was always german clay

Jajaja todavia no estoy en el sur por razones academicos y politicos

>Grammar Nazi

well done

Woher wohl diese (((individuellen Berichte))) kommen... :^)

Daily reminder that only the laziest and intellectually most incompetent of all university students become teachers.

make new bread you austists

((Du)) bist bestimmt ein richtiges Genie und Atomphysiker


Also, eigentlich...

Stimmt genau, kek.


Na dann gut dass so viele Top Wissenschaftler (((liberal))) sind und Männer wie Höcke Lehrer sind


Du gehst mir höllisch auf den Sack, Herr Lehrer.

Neuer Zwischenstand?