So if tattoos can't tell you about a person why is this ok?

So if tattoos can't tell you about a person why is this ok?

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Tattoos CAN tell you about a person, dumbass

>Things that never happened
>Implying they wouldn't both be rejected as neither paints the company in a professional light

wtf i love tattoos now

This looks like a leaf post.

Are you sure you're not a leaf

If you're not afraid to get tattoos you shouldn't be afraid to start your own business. If you are challenging this world of slaves (see above) then you can't join their little group.


neither gets a job.

But if the one on the left looked like the one on the right he would.

Face tattoo's are a sign of mental illness.

>So if tattoos can't tell you about a person

But they can though.

>There are links between tattoos and psychiatric disorders such as depression (Heywood, 2012), eating disorders (Carroll, 2002), borderline personality disorder (Raspa, 1990), neuroticism (Pozgain, 2004) and increased risk of suicide (Carroll, 2002). Seven or more piercings, or intimate piercings, described higher risk behaviors and emotional distress (Owen 2013). In high school students, tattoos correlate with suicidal idealization, suicidal attempts, and depression (Yen 2012).

>Being tattooed is associated with greater numbers of lifetime sexual partners (Heywood 2012), earlier sexual initiation, higher frequency of sexual intercourse and increased preference for oral sex (Nowosielski 2012). In adolescents, tattoos also correlate with the likelihood of having unprotected sex (Yen, 2012), but not in adults (Nowosielski 2012).

>Tattoos indicate impulsiveness (Kim, 1991). In students, tattooing is associated with risk-taking behaviors, including smoking and cannabis use (Heywood, 2012). Participants with tattoos or body piercings were more likely to have engaged in risk-taking behaviors and at greater degrees of involvement than those without either. These included gateway drug use, hard drug use, sexual activity, and suicide.

>Gateway drug use was associated with younger age of both tattooing and body piercing. Hard drug use was associated with number of body piercings (Carroll 2002). In Croatian prisoners, tattoos correlated with lower IQs and those possessing them demonstrated significantly higher levels of impulsiveness than the non-tattooed group (Pozgain 2004). An overview of autopsy reports also revealed that persons with tattoos appear to die earlier than those without. A negative tattoo may suggest a predisposition to violent death, but is eclipsed by the presence of any tattoo (Carson 2014).



Idiot op has the 2 pictures on the wrong side

Yeah stop stealing our job fucking americans.

I own a full development boutique and cybersecurity firm.

I also have a lage full size Yakuza sleeve with some heiroglyphics I liked on the forearm part, cost about 8k and 4 months of my life.

It hasn't cost me clients and in fact has even gotten me some because it's a good jumping off point.

If you research your design and put love and work into it, then you wont care what others think.

If you do it to be "cool" then you'll come off as just that, a poser, no matter how cool your tattoos are.

>what are resumes
Neither would probably get the job, but it also depends in what job they're applying for.
>so user, what did you study in college?
>well I graduated Harvard with a 4.0 in Nuclear Physics
Now if the job was related to the field of Nuclear Physics, maybe they might overlook his tattoos. But if it's working at a pottery barn than no I doubt they'd overlook the tattoos.

guy on the right has no chance for the job, if job is related to nuclear physics guy on left might have a chance

How dare you think you can just judge people because they have tattoos, what are you, a bigot or something? It's 2016 ffs!

people with tattoos that haven't been in the military are either attention whore faggots or complete pussies

hmm... bullshit

>decided to get tattoos as his own personal expression
An educated, sober person who decides to get prominent facial tattoos just for the lulz obviously has some sort of profound mental illness.

>spending money to look like a monster

>unironically putting nip shit permanently on your arm

yeah nah you're retarded

How is he going to hear?

>So if tattoos can't tell you about a person why is this ok?

tattoos tell you almost everything you need to know about a person.

I hope you get killed by real Yakuza.

Tattoos are all different but they all say the same thing


Words cannot describe how much I despise mlp freaks.

This right here.

is that faggot smoking a menthol

Haha what a nigger

Tattoos are degenerate unless you're a sailor or a career criminal.

>doesn't drink alcohol or do drugs
>red eyes

>4.0 harvad in Nuclear Physics

something wasn't clear in his head that he needed a tatoo on his face like that , either suffering from severy autism or an indenty crysis

>Volunteers his spare time at an animal shelter

Has nothing else better to do , such as help "other humans" and create invest time in reseach to create a better tomorow also was bored with how he looked and got a tatooed

>No criminal record

That doesn't mean much , he just wasn't caught
Either lucky or smart enough to get away with it

>Doesn't drink or do drugs

Then you are a piece of shit , who doesn't like fun. Nobody says you have to do drugs to have fun , but cmon Caffeine is a drug , alchool is a drug ... and both caffeine and alchool can improve your life.

Wine especially and a bit of caffeine from time to time is quite good

>decided to get tatoos as his own personal expression

Because of insecuries about his own indenty he needed to mark himself in such a away to be visible to others

We don't things to ourselfs without some internat struggles , possibly he has trouble copting with his own self.

>High school dropout

Doesn't mean much , if you are motivated you can create empires. Going to college doesn't mean you are a great individual , yeah you may have an ok memory but still doesn't mean you are smart or anything worth while ... most people that go to college end up liberal with beliefs of equality... and really nobody is born or lives equel to others.

>Convicted sex offender

Today everybody can be conviced as a sex offender , as it's quite easy for womanz to press charges for fucking her while drunk. Without contex what was the crime , we cannot really judge , yet he does try to be better by wearing a suit, and keeping clean

>Earns his income robbing elderly people

Well sometimes you do what you have to do , "what ia a lawyer for 200 , Alex" seems legit to me

Pfft fuck tattoos and fuck people with them.

Degenerate easily led sheep nothing more.

Listen faggot.
I know you think you have the world figured out and all but the sad truth of reality is that there is no tattooed up motherfucker with the distinct honor of having graduated Harvard with a 4.0 in Nuclear Physics who volunteers his spare time at an animal shelter without a criminal record and who abstains from drinking and drugs with an ORIGINAL non-faggoty non-Nickelback-tier tattoo.
Don't ever make this thread again.

>Addicted to meth

Yet he looks clean , wears a suit , has a clean shave, there are no rings around his eyes. Meaning most likely WAS addiced maybe this was the reason he droped out, could have just made a mistake or he was forced upon it. But he trys to be a better person you can see it on his smile , on his face , his atitude

>Got a hair cut and put on a nice business suit

Yeah because keep yourself clean and respectable is a bad thing , and even after so much and going through life getting addiced to meth droping out of school , he does tries to improve his own life.

My respect goes to you for trying to be better , unlike the autist guy

>tattoos can't tell you about a person

But they can and that's why nobody wants to hire some asshole that thinks his face is a canvas. 99.99% of tattooistas are subhuman filth.

>implying military background makes it any less degenerate

>addicted to meth
>perfect teeth

Life isn't fair.

You can be set up for success and do all the rights things and listen to all your mentors and there is still a great chance you will fail and fail repeatedly.

>or you can dismiss yourself from public life and play vidya

That's very soundist of you to assume everyone is cis hearing normative.

>So if tattoos can't tell you about a person why is this ok?

If you're stupid enough to get facial tattoos, you're giving the world a fairly large statement about yourself.

>tfw I'm a felon and can't get a job after getting caught possessing shrooms

For his own sake, he should be killed. I mean, look at him. He'd be happier if he was dead.

Tattoo's tell a lot about a person OP.

I was an idiot running around with the wrong crowd when I was in high school. I got a shit tattoo on my shoulder blade and it really has affected my body image.

Luckily my shit is easy to hide with clothes, is able to be covered up with a much better tat, and I don't associate with degenerates anymore.

Don't get tattoo's period.... even if they are amazing pieces of work: they look like shit once you get older without touch ups and people will judge you much more harshly for them. Do not make the same mistakes I did.

>I also have a lage full size Yakuza sleeve with some heiroglyphics I liked on the forearm part, cost about 8k and 4 months of my life.

it's going to cost you a lot more than 4 months of your life if you bump into somebody from the 住吉会 with that shit

I love the kid in the background's face.

>people that have been in the military are either attention whore faggots or complete pussies

>If you do it to be "cool" then you'll come off as just that
Yeah let's pretend that's not why everyone does it. Why would you get a tattoo if you didn't think it was "cool"?

Because it's so meaningful to you and you need it on your arm instead of on a frame?

Yeh whatever bud

Because that's literally never happened. Find an example of 1 person with face tats that has anything of value to contribute.

They are always bartenders and fast food employees and janitors because they are always lazy and stupid and incapable of seeing past their nose.

Not a stereotype. 100% true. You can't work it backwards and say not having tats makes you shit because most successful people don't have any. Most failures have at least 1.

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Drumpf, even Zuckerberg. No tats. Go to a fucking Wendys if you can stomach it and I bet anything at least 2 workers have them.

if you have to use hypothetical scenarios to pitch your argument, then your argument has no true basis in reality and is therefore not an argument

>addicted to meth
>perfect skin

>implying intelligent people get face tattoos

It's literally a convenient sign of stupidity


>Increased preference for oral sex

I stopped right there, reason enough for them to get tattoos.

>some loser
>some stock photo
>image pretending they're read

>tattoos can't tell you about a person
Terrible meme, should've died a long time ago

if he was addicted to meth his face would not look like that you fucking moron

But user I'm studying physics to be an astronomer and I have a few tattoos. My first one was a simple cross on my fore arm. Am I a degenerate Cred Forums?

Pic rlated

Idk why it's upside down

>Harvard 4.0 nuclear

>cuts hair for a living

Typical millennial


Yeah, why don't you use your physics education for something that will actually benefit the world

Fucking faggot

White cunt with a yakuza sleeve.

You are a fucking poser kys.

That's actually a pretty good tattoo other than the area. Anyone know if there is a PNG of that?

Bitch I'm trying to get off this planet and bring the best with me, what else would you recommend

>A though uncovering the nature of matter, energy, and subatomic reality through direct observation is not useful...

Fucking kill yourself.

That faggot could probably get a job in nuclear physics because he wouldn't be dealing with the public. If you have to deal with the public then no one wants you to look like a degenerate.

So let me get this straight. Instead of just putting a nude woman in a doggystyle position with a wet pussy or just putting a my little pony image, he decided to combine the 2 to show his complete degeneracy.

Why does everything have to be MEMES xD hAhAhA?

everyone's posting pictures of people with obvious mental illness

Daily "I'm here for the job Interview thread" OP?

1 Shekel has be deposited in your Second oven.

what's the appeal? it's something I really don't understand. very confusing fad

it does.

the first thing about anything is presentation, we judge on first looks, you can make a document, but if its not formated correctly and doesn't abide by CRAP principals, it wont be taken seriously.

Same goes with you.

Secondly, tattoos, expecially highly visible/provatative ones, are a sign you are desprate to make your self unique, why do you think mentally unstable homo and tumblrites always dye their hair/get peircings/tattoos, they are trying to set them selves apart since they lake the self estime/confidence to look like every other person.

Is that an upside down cross?

Do people really care if woman smokes, drink, has a tattoo or something? Honestly i dont care...

Name one great thing that an astronomer has accomplished that improved things on Earth. So far, the most notable "astronomer" is the fucking black science man


it's a lie, look at the tats, that "Harvard grad" is a barber and branded himself as such for life

nobody gets tattoos to """""express themselves"""" they do it to get attention
if you really know who the fuck you are, what do you want in life and are secure of what you are doing with it, you dont need validation from the exterior world because your own validation is what matters

lot of meth addicts running around in pressed suits these days

immaculate eye for detail these fuckers have

>tattoos can't tell you about people
>the tattoos are his way of expressing himself

You'd be able to tell if he was addicted to meth. His teeth would not be pearly white.

The pictures are backward.

Even the dogs are tired of his bullshit.

tattoos are morally wrong

Poor dogs are probably overwhelmed by the smell.

wtf I hate stock photos now

>Yakuza sleeve
Oh please go to Japan. Please.

Don't tell me this guy isn't mentally ill.

>I also have a lage full size Yakuza sleeve with some heiroglyphics I liked on the forearm part, cost about 8k and 4 months of my life.
you're a total faggot.

>putting all that shit on your face

>meth addict
>has a full set of teeth

kys lying faggot

Someone addicted to meth wouldn't clean up that well.

>addicted to meth
>those teeth
yeah right

Why did you switch the pictures and 5th line?

Japanese people universally resent irezumi tattoos. The only people who have them are total fucking scum in Japan.

It's like when I see 20-something hipster girls with hell's angels style tattoos. Completely fucking braindead.

Harvard has a nuclear physics program?

>Yakuza sleeve
>Oh please go to Japan. Please.
You will be asked to leave from almost every public space for having tattoos in Japan.
Restaurants, bars, bath houses, gyms, hotels. They will all ask you to leave.

Frankly, Yakuza aren't big into killing. They'll just make him cut parts of his own body off to apologize.


Make the same photo, but with one as a stereotypical thug looking black dude, and a black dude in a suit.

Yeah, sure. There may be exceptions where the image is true, but in damn near all cases it's false. That's why stereotyping exists, because stereotypes are based on truth.

When you need to express yourself like that with tattoos it tells you that person is less mentally stable. No good educated people need that shit.

Someone who graduated from Harvard with a 4.0 in Nuclear Physics doesn't have tattoo's that ugly all over his face.

people who go to harvard dont get facial tattoos, you stupid nigger

>If you research your design and put love and work into it, then you wont care what others think.

Do you care about what your clients think?

I do.

I don't like people with suicidal/uncaring tendencies.

Deciding to vandalise your face and body, especially in a society that you know doesn't accept that shown by the fact that you made this fucking image, is proof enough that you aren't responsible and can't be trusted in most jobs
Also if that guy was addicted to meth he wouldn't have a smile like that

It's a Marlboro light

I see people with tattoos all the time when I ride the subway to work. Why would someone damage themselves like that? Is it a sign of mental illness/trashiness?

think it's a woman though. but nonetheless retarded

Are you saying that NOBODY who has EVER attended Harvard also had facial tattoos? That seems almost certainly false.

Feel free to prove him wrong.

You could tell just by looking at them whether they are a genius or a barely-functional wannabe Chad. Maybe everyone couldn't, but there would be signs just based on their mannerisms and body language. It would become extremely obvious as soon as they opened their mouths.

Even in this fictional scenario where a smart person manages to sabotage his image and a stupid and violent person manages to cleverly conceal his personality, seeing a person in motion is a lot different from looking at a photograph of their face. This scenario is oversimplified to the point where it doesn't represent reality.

What pisses me off is that he did this to some irrelevant trashy looking OC
Instead of having glorious non tattooed horse pussy

Just a fun escape from how shitty the world is

We all have ours, some,like myself just chose to fuck horses

Tattoo guy has a punch-able face. I would probably break his face after two beers.

Suit guy is bro tier

Every single person I've ever met with a tattoo has always been an insufferable faggot with

I'm kind of surprised that kid actually looks fully white.

I cant fucking wait for his ears rotting off and him getting blinded by eye cancer

degeneracy gives everyone a thrill, and the more you indulge the more you need to get off


A tattoo is a deal breaker and she has to want to quit.

Do you think it really makes finding a job difficult? It's illegal to discriminate based on appearance.

>Implying that the guy with tattoos isnt a drug addicted.

Personal expression is bullshit, they do it for attention, probably caused by a abusive or a ausent father during their childhood

there's this alternative for the endgame

t. Mc. Cvck

>Having to make up that level of bullshit to try justify face tattoos

>we already know everything there is to know

Hey, just because you are rejected from society and never gotten laid in your life that doesnt mean its the same case for them?

>8k in tattoos

For a casual sex nobody cares, but for something serious it's very important

there's no reason why we won't end up in cylinders on Earth rather than in some colony outside Earth, it sounds more likely in my head anyway

>For a casual sex nobody cares, but for something serious it's very important
A friend of mine fucked a prostitute with a fucking green frog tattooed on her vagina. Call me a sissy, but I aint fucking pepe any time soon.

Lol I can make up fake, bullshit sentences to attach to totally unrelated pictures too!

I'm not. Common Filth was right.

Most people who get tattoos are degenerates though, especially if they are women with multiple tattoos.

>tfw gf wants to get a tattoo and piercing
I was able to talk her to second guessing it, but she still wants it.
Should I dump her if she continues to show interest?

none of that is true OP and tattoos do tell you about a person. name one world leader or ceo with a face or neck tattoo

How old she is?

It's a Salem nigger.

yes, once they get tattoo ink their views start to stink

>all technologies humans can use have been discovered
>devote everything to discover new technologies to make Terre forming possible


Yes, satanist.

this will reproduce

It was popularized by humble nerds. Degenerates and trendy "nerds" tend to cling to just about anything that's popular.

If you followed it at the time you'd have seen Reddit and tumblr trying to attach some kind of moral grandstanding about gender roles to it, and a lot of degenerates thought it was some kind of commentary on sexual expression.

This was simply because it was popular. They didn't have to understand why, but tried their best to make it sound good to them. The people who actually popularized it were Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /tg/, whatever. It was Cred Forums. They like to jerk off and they'll sexualize anything because it's funny and weird. Primarily they just wanted to watch a kids' cartoon and that was the only appeal, but since it was a slice of life show about females they got invested in it the same way Cred Forums does.

By the time it was controversial, it had been co-opted by bandwagon fags. Just try to imagine some high school and college manchildren watching cartoons out of genuine interest, and then what happens when they accidentally make it popular with their peers. It started out a lot more innocent than people make it sound, but it ended up even more degenerate than a lot of people realize.

At this point anyone who brings up ponies is just a furry. The trend itself has died down, so the only thing you'll see of it anymore is furries that adopted ponies into their repertoire of sex animals. For your purposes, there might as well be no appeal and fans of it should be put in gas chambers. Just see it as a window into evil.

Do modern tattoos age like the ones people had done years ago?

This would be an outlier so extreme that it probably has never happened.

>If you do it to be "cool" then you'll come off as just that, a poser, no matter how cool your tattoos are.
Anyone who gets a tattoo is a poser. There is no intrinsic higher meaning behind them, and if you believe that, it just makes you even more of a faggot.

yes, people with a fucking standards do care. Not everyone is a dirt cheap like you.

This is just complete bullshit. The pony shit was universally reviled from the start. The fans consisted almost exclusively of furries and autists, and the only reason they got their own board, was to get them away from the regular boards. Don't try to normalize your insanity and make MLP fans out to be any less degenerate than they are.

>woman smokes, drink

Poor lifestyle will make her grow old faster and have consequences on an eventual child


Tattoos are a sign of impulsivity and bad decision making.
I won't say I wouldn't date a girl with a little tattoo behind the ear or on the wrist but one with a lot of them just yells "I'm unstable, flee !"

Nice one m8

15. Technically we aren't official yet, keeping it on the down low until she bscomes 18.

This, I'll get a few tats this year because I think they're cool, otherwise I could just look at the designs thru my phone.. people that likes tats are like the people that likes to smoke or drink, it's cool for them and we are nobody to judge



Tatoos are a socially looked down upon, if you want a professional job dont get tattoos that simple

>That's very soundist of you to assume everyone is cis hearing normative.
I know you're making a joke, but this is a real thing. People are actually so insane that they'll claim anything and everything is discrimination, if they find some kind of group to belong to. This includes deaf people. In fact, many deaf people believe they have their own culture, and will attack people who try to get their hearing back, because they see it as an act of betrayal. It's like the deaf version of coal burning I guess. Anyway, they believe that technology that focuses on restoring a person's ability to hear is discrimination, and that it's a deliberate attempt at destroying their culture.

Y'all have no idea what you're talking about

Well my company makes money off reverse mortgages and then selling the house after so the guy on the right has a lot of experience and he has drive as seen by his meth addiction that he needs to pay for

Unfortunately, it's been normalized. Same with blue hair. Hopefully it's just a fad that will change in the coming years, as I think the pendulum is swinging in the direction of conservatism again.

>i didn't know about it until it had already spread all over the place
>this is precisely when it became a problem, but somehow this means i'm wrong
Literally every meme or trend coming from Cred Forums ends up this way, it is simply a matter of time. You're talking about the actual board /mlp/, which happened TWO YEARS after the events I described.

You're fucking retarded if you think furries are smart enough or funny enough to give mainstream popularity to ANYTHING. The reason you don't remember any of this happening is because it was irrelevant at the time. Your memory of the situation explicitly begins when it was already a trend, while I was there beforehand and can comment on what I saw.

This was a major topic of discussion when it was first starting and it ultimately caused all of its progenitors to abandon it. This happens with literally everything that becomes popular and you're just making an exception for this one because of what happened at the end.

Still but wai do...

At least it's not on your face. Like others have said though, never go to Japan with that that shit on your arm though.

I want to jizz on this womans face so badly.


I like his wutang tattoo

Wow you're totally right OP these people are oppressed AF

Stop trying to defend your degenerate bullshit, you horse fucking cunt. MLP was never accepted on Cred Forums. It was reviled from the start. The term "brony" popped up within months of your shitty show airing, and was word filtered within half a year. You only think it was accepted because you were talking to other degenerates like yourself.

>You're talking about the actual board /mlp/, which happened TWO YEARS after the events I described.
Your shitty show started airing in October 2010. /mlp/ was started in February 2012. That's not even 1 1/2 years.

di-...did he remove his own ears?...

di-...did he get his own ears removed?...

Also, the fact that you're trying to normalize the fanbase of a show for little girls is absolutely astonishing. It was never good to begin with, and if watched it for any reason, you were already part of the problem.

It was significantly better than what anyone expected it to be for a girls cartoon and was mildly entertaining with pop culture references and good animation. It was still a kids show though and any time you paint kids entertainment with some mild veneer of adult social acceptability, you are on the express train to autistville with no brakes.

they do tell you about a person, nigger.

d-... did you just post that twice with slight alterations?

>Granpa, why is there a blurry cartoon a leaky horse on your arm?

whole thread has this posted like 167 times yet you go on & post it
what do you think your contribution to the thread did
what made you even use your precious time to make this post
fucking robot

>You only think it was accepted
That doesn't even make any sense. No one mentioned anything about this and whether or not something is "generally accepted" is totally irrelevant when talking about degenerates. You make it sound like you're fucking new on this website and you've never met a grognard before.

>you're trying to normalize the fanbase of a show for little girls
This still doesn't make any sense. You can't point out any time I actually said this. What I said was that the appeal was some nerds watching cartoons. You are utterly confused by the situation because you're a newfag and you have no idea what Cred Forums is like outside of Cred Forums.

The fact that you think I'm arguing "it's good" or "it's normal" is outrageous. Not only did I not say this at any point, I said it was Cred Forums's doing. You associate "it came from Cred Forums" with "normal" or "good?"

In fact I explicitly stated that Reddit and tumblr tried to find some good in it and rationalize it as normal or moral. You're just making shit up and projecting your insecurities onto me because you don't understand what happened and you don't even understand what I'm talking about.

If you had actually read any of my posts you couldn't find any point where I described this cartoon or Cred Forums as positive or good. What I said was that it was at one point fundamentally different from what you're familiar with and that the people responsible were a different group from the eventual flag-bearers. You're proving my point. You really don't know what you're talking about and you're trying your hardest to interpret everything I say in a way that suits your narrative.

Of course it's a fucking cartoon for little girls. I said so and everyone knows so. I don't understand how you can be so dense as to not understand this. Your memory of the situation is wrong and I'm correcting the actual facts, not trying to justify the behavior of some basement-dwellers who jerk off to cartoon horses. I shouldn't have to explain this.

OP here, glad to see my shitty bait never fails everytime.

Thanks for all the replies. I know you guys have more

It's a fucking girl you idiots.

Probably a stripper or whore.

What's your vice then?

Well done

Hey tell the other mods that they are also gay OK?

>muh adhomomemes

Back to the shed Sven

>looks at those extreme exceptions !
>those applies to everyone !!

>You make it sound like you're fucking new on this website and you've never met a grognard before.
I've quite literally been here since the start in 2003. I still remember the site constantly going down and moot begging for donations.

Also, what the fuck kind of point are you even trying to make? The fandom was what it was from the beginning; autistic shutins and manchildren jerking off to cartoon ponies. It became enormously popular within a few months and nothing really changed apart from the scope of the fandom. The SJWs were also there from the start, as there's obviously a huge overlap between people who would watch a show like that, and people who ascribe to social justice bullshit.

>It was popularized by humble nerds. Degenerates and trendy "nerds" tend to cling to just about anything that's popular.

Are you saying this doesn't try to normalize or make it seem like something decent that was corrupted by "others"? You're clearly trying to separate the "humble nerds" and the "degenerates and trendy nerds".

>If you followed it at the time you'd have seen Reddit and tumblr trying to attach some kind of moral grandstanding about gender roles to it

Which happened from the start, and the show fucking did. It was a show made by a rabid feminist.
Literally two months after it first aired.

>If you get a tattoo to look cool you're a poser
That's fucking hilarious coming from someone who got yukuza shit tattoed on them when you have no ties to them at all

I got some cool tattoos to cover my delts, upper biceps and part of my back to cover minor road rash from when I was a retard kid and got hit by a car.

They've been there so long and they're always under a shirt so I forget they're there.

Sage tho desu

Tattooed up and down. Grad from MIT and work am a Network Engineer for Forbes 500 company. $210k/year. Get rekt kids.

Alright, I'll concede that there is a second option for your identity. It's entirely possible that you're a goon who has no difficulty lying to win an argument.

So you're either entirely wrong or entirely lying. Which is it going to be?


Would you put a bumper sticker on a Rolls Royce?

Woah that's hot

I had my faced removed, so you can see the muscle underneath. I'm a CEO at a big Hollwood production studio, and i make $20m/year. Get rekt kids.

would love to be there with two pieces of bacon.

I was never a member of SA, but I'm still right. I even linked you to an article that showed you were wrong.

Also, there were never any "trendy nerds" attached to MLP. It was strictly the domain of losers and autists, and no one jumped on the bandwagon because it would make them popular. You don't seem to understand that "bronies" are the lowest of the low. Gamers and weebs look like alpha males next to them. Even furries are above them.

>higher frequency of sexual intercourse and increased preference for oral sex
Maybe I should encourage my wife to get some tattoos

If a person graduated from Harvard, then they would be stupid to not know that it's common sense that you very likely won't get hired if you have visible tattoos.

>'Ey yo yo yo, spice must flow!
>HxC, mothafucka
>yeah boyeee

>black science man

>the exception makes the rule

Loser your image is pathetic you should kill yourself

>I'm here for the job interview, Mr. user

Body mutilation = less aversion to risk-taking behavior and at least 50% higher chance of heroin use. Tells you plenty.

That's a pretty ridiculous claim considering the term was widely hated at the time and continues to be. They pushed for people to start calling them ponyfags and horsefuckers just so people would stop associating them with it, and hopefully stop calling them anything at all.
>get rekt, KIDDOS!
>rip in pepperoni, BROS!
>us GAMERS, huh???

No, there is/was no distinct group of "MLP fans." The people I'm referring to were just average Cred Forums posters, and this is why your narrative doesn't make any sense. You're associating a group which formed with a non-group who were discussing something. The order of events is completely different from the reality I witnessed, but also makes no logical sense.

You're putting the cart before the horse because you don't know the history behind any of this, and you're comfortable with lying and bending the truth in order to make it fit together the way you were told. You decided on a conclusion and you don't actually have a logical explanation for how we arrived there.

I was never arguing merits, even though you got angry and shouted at me as though I was. The source of this horse aberration is a predictable one whose origins are fairly straightforward and easy to explain. You have been arguing for !!MORE THAN AN HOUR!! that no, the origins are not easy to explain, they are magical and can't be explained. You don't have an explanation, so that is the explanation, that there is none and can be none.

You are totally confused and appalled that I would describe having seen these events because you don't care about the explanation. Even though it was asked "what's the appeal," you won't stand for an answer even existing for this question. You're arguing that I shouldn't even be able to explain, therefore I am somehow wrong. You're trying to berate me for things I haven't done and for things I haven't even said, and all of your facts are just dead wrong.

A bandwagon doesn't exist before it exists.

All you have to do is literally make up any other reason you want not to hire the mutilated freak. Are you dense?

>It hasn't cost me clients and in fact has even gotten me some because it's a good jumping off point.
Oh I believe your story, but why would people living in a trailer park need "cybersecurity?"

No sane woman would reproduce with that.
Unfortunately, most women aren't sane so you're probably right.

I tried to get a tattoo at my friend's tattoo shop, but he forbid me to get one. He is a gangster, loan shark, and all around scary ape, so I put the idea behind me.


> Addicted to meth

His teeth say otherwise.

I can still barely make out what argument you're trying to make. To me it just seems like you're desperately trying to defend the fact that you jacked off to cartoon ponies back in 2010, and you're projecting your insecurity and whatever defensive mechanism you used to justify doing that onto the whole community of the time, so you can separate yourself from the average "brony".

The explanation of the origin of the MLP fandom is simple. It's a stupid cartoon that speaks to socially retarded people, who also have a predisposition to sexualize cartoons. If Cred Forums didn't exist, it would have evolved in just the same manner. I'm sure you've seen the polls that show the astonishing number of autists among bronies.

Anyway, you're the one trying to create an elaborate sequences of events as to why adult men jack off to cartoon ponies.

Correct. For instance - this person with. 4.0 might be book smart, but facial tattoos scream "Im impulsive and have poor decision-making ability. I may or may not be a benefit to your company until I get thrown in prison for 16 months for crippling a hooker."

A dindu helped a polbro? Huh.

You are presently:

1. Repeating my arguments.
2. Accusing me of things I never said or did, with no quotes or backing or even a plausible explanation.

user wanted to know why some teenagers and college students watched a cartoon. The reason is that it was simply a cartoon, and the baggage that exists now didn't exist then. This is what you don't understand. They were manchildren with an interest in cartoons, but the cartoon itself was nothing strange.

This is actually very unusual for the time because cartoons had actually become really fucking terrible and hard to watch even for kids. People who "remembered" good cartoons would often be accused of believing so only because of nostalgia. This specific cartoon had a very good pedigree and had some hype surrounding it just because of the names in the credits. It was the same people who wrote a lot of older classics like Dexter's Lab.

There was no "fandom" or anything even similar to that. It was just one item of many that the people on that board were discussing at the time. Due to specific details of its nature and reception, there was a big explosion of OC and it caught the attention of a lot of newfags and people from other boards and other sites who came SPECIFICALLY for it.

You even mentioned an article written two months after it first aired, which is eight episodes in. Eight episodes is a lot for determining a TV show's popularity, and enough OC was made to attract a serious following. The problem as we know it is secondary to its origins.

As I said before, there are two answers to the question: "what's the appeal?"

1. It was a cartoon, so people who liked cartoons liked it.
2. Later, it was popular, so people who like popular things adopted it.

This is what you took issue with originally, and that's just completely insane. You haven't provided any reasons why this is wrong or why I'm wrong, you've just said so repeatedly. I was always talking about those first 2 months.

no one cares if you are smart, you look like faggots, you scare the shit out of children, and cops are 24/7 suspicious of you. the only other friends you will have are other retards that look like you.

and he is a doctor rigth?

The fact that someone did this to himself makes it far more disgusting to me than lots of other horrible things I've seen.

Satanism, desu.

You need to get your head out of your ass if you think Cred Forums popularized that shit. You just think that's the case because that's your frame of reference. It's the same with a lot of memes on Cred Forums. Cred Forums does generate a lot of memes, but people who post almost exclusively here think that all the memes that appear on Cred Forums originated here.

>1. It was a cartoon, so people who liked cartoons liked it.
No. It's a cartoon for little girls. Liking this means you're severely socially retarded or have other mental problems, even moreso than the average manchild.

>2. Later, it was popular, so people who like popular things adopted it.
Its popularity was immediate. If you google that shit, you'll notice they had bronycons just months after the show aired, which is extremely rare.
Also, you don't seem to understand what kind of popularity we're talking about here. People who latch on to things because they are popular, only do so if it will give them some kind of credit or make them more popular. While MLP was popular among certain people, these people were quite literally autistic losers. There was nothing to gain from latching on to it, so it didn't attract "trendy nerds" as you call it.


I reject the premise that tattoos can't tell you about a person...every tattooed woman I've ever met was gutter

I instantly lose all respect for a "person" when I see ink

I dropped a childhood best friend at age 20 because he got a tattoo, turns out I was right and now he's a 36 y.o. heroin addict who lives with his parents and steals their pensions

I dated a woman from age 16-28, she insisted on getting a tattoo on her hip, I moved out the day she got it...she's now a 34 y.o. single mother with 2 niglets from different apes

Decent human beings don't get tattoos

>implying anyone with a high IQ would get facial tats as they know how it comes across

This is just more proof that you can't trust nuclear physics majors. Or mathematics.

>smart enough to get a 4.0 GPA on NPhys
>not smart enough to realise that branding your body for the rest of your life might make you and undesirable

My sister has the weirdest tatoo.
It's just simply thin red line (band) around her arm.
That an okay sign right?
She got for some reason, and I don't know why.

>they had bronycons just months after the show aired, which is extremely rare
That doesn't even make any sense. You really don't see anything absurd about this statement? No part of this is true, but once again the timeframe is totally out of this world. Your answer does not even make logical sense.

You're assuming that something which existed later was secretly there all along. I already said your narrative only makes sense if you don't remember any of it and instead try to explain the origin using later events.

And now here you are repeating that back at me, again with no explanation, for no other reason than because I said it. You don't have an argument here, and it doesn't seem like you even know what you're arguing. You're just lashing out and as a result you're wholesale copying things I've said and hoping they make sense. They don't.

>having a bronycon is extremely rare so quickly after a new cartoon airs!
>even though these conventions didn't exist prior
>even though this supposed convention never even happened
>even though this supposed group of people, though it came to exist, is not even being discussed

I know if we were having this conversation in real life you wouldn't saying any of this. You would be shouting it. This is the kind of stuff people say when they aren't sure what to say, not because you confused by my argument, but because you are so unfamiliar with the subject that you are unsure why you believe what you believe. When asked, you could not provide an explanation. You would just raise your voice and interrupt to end the discussion.

Why are you even here on Cred Forums? You're obviously new here and you obviously don't know the history of the boards. You're commenting on things that you fully admit you know nothing about because you weren't there. If you're just here for Trump, you're no better than those horsefags. I guess Cred Forums really is the new Cred Forums where all newfags first arrive. Are you even old enough to use Cred Forums?

>things that never happened


unless you are a character from yu gi oh im pretty sure you are a "poser" whos just trying to be cool

It's a secret sign that she services gang members sexually

Are you autistic? The difficulty you have in forming an argument and presenting it in a rational manner is just astonishing. I still don't really get what you're trying to say.

>having a bronycon is extremely rare so quickly after a new cartoon airs!
Are you literally retarded? I was referring to cons in general. Having a con a short time after a new show airs is extremely rare, and indicates that the show in question experienced an explosive rise in popularity almost immediately after it aired.

>Why are you even here on Cred Forums? You're obviously new here and you obviously don't know the history of the boards.
Ah yes, this old tune. The last bastion of someone who's been crushed in a pointless argument on Cred Forums, and is literally crying with rage.

>Having a con a short time after a new show airs is extremely rare
And it's also not true. It didn't happen. You're just assuming that's how it went down because you don't actually know.

most whites are baby rapers its a fact look at the registry!!!!! They refuse to stop raping children under 18 since its impossible under US federal law law for a child to consent to sex until their 18.

I would hire the highschool dropout, because everyone deserve a second chance.
8 months after it first aired.

what kind of meth makes your teeth look like pure white as arctic snow?

Do you not understand how television works?

>And it's also not true. It didn't happen.
>Do you not understand how television works?
Moving the goalposts, are we?

>hurr durr muh tattoo is so deep bruh
only a layer or two of skin, faggot.

That aversion you feel is called body horror. There are a few articles out there about freakish body modifications becoming more popular amongst Russian youth.

Getting face tattoos is fucking stupid.

Everyone but niggers and cholos know this.

T. Someone who has several tattoos and makes 30 dollars an hour as a network administrator with a TS Clearance

they're fine if you can cover them

Oh boy, I'm getting another wall of text.

If you have to resort to tattoos, piercings, wacky hair colors, et all to "be unique", "express yourself", etc. then you are mostly likely an incredibly bland and boring person.

I don't cover them at work but nine of mine are visible with long sleeves and pants.



I dare you to find me one Harvard grad with a face tattoo.

It's saint Peters cross you uncultured fuck

You moved the goalposts to "two months" before the newfags became a problem. This doesn't even remotely contradict anything I've said, you're just saying that it does with no explanation as to HOW it does. How does the summer after a standard 26-episode fall season constitute a "short time?"

The first summer of no episodes on Cred Forums was essentially its undoing. This was the moment their "fandom" got off the ground and was totally separate from a TV show. Anyone who had hoped to ignore the cringe gave up around this time because all hell broke loose and horsefags spread literally everywhere. It was posted as reaction images before this, but by this time a lot of bandwagoners no longer had anything to discuss in their own threads.

This is what made it get posted in every fucking thread, though it had gone putrid well before. How is a full year of television "a short time?" You haven't explained this. Your argument does not make sense. Why won't you explain anything? Where are your fact? What are the events that took place? What is the timeframe? Why don't you know any of this?

At the very least it tells you that the person made the decision to get a tattoo in a culture that judges people based on tattoos.
If they get it on their face, neck or hands, then it tells you that the person is the kind of person who'd get tattoo's, in a culture that judges tattoos, and ensure they are always visible for everyone to see.

The first one shows poor decision making and judgement.
The second one shows really poor decision making, really poor judgement, likes drama, thrives on conflict, is stubborn as fuck, not a team player and most likely is incapable of integrating - which is bad for business.

A standard is not defined by its exceptions.

Do you ever grow tired of obsessing over my superior nation, burgerbro?

"Man I didn't pass the interview again, I can't figure out why..."

Do you have this pic without the stupid text?

>stitched up earhole

For what fucking purpose?

You're implying the brony fandom somehow consisted of oldfags, despite being a brand new show? You really are more retarded than I thought. Also, the term brony appeared almost immediately.

>How is a full year of television "a short time?"
8 months is an extremely short time for a children's show for young girls to establish a large enough fanbase that adult males actually organize a convention.

>The first summer of no episodes on Cred Forums was essentially its undoing.
You actually think this period lasted until summer? I'm absolutely stumped. I still don't get what your obsession with defending this show is. Why do you try to make it out like there were these casual, normal fans, when no one but autists would watch this shit from the start? You can't normalize this shit no matter how hard you try.
Also, here are some insights into the "fandom" from January 2011, three months after the show started. Yeah, just a normal bunch of cartoon loving normies, right?

I'm going to have to fall back on my earlier comment about this whole spiel being about you trying to justify being a fan of this steaming pile of dogshit, while still trying to distance yourself from the fandom. Too bad, it's not going to work, no matter how much you try to rewrite history. You're a brony.

shouldnt have been a degenerate faggot


Burgers live for their echochambers.

>"expressing" yourself physically

Only chicks do that. You millennial faggots ruined tattoos. Back in my day only badass men had them but now every bitch shopping at Whole Foods have them.

The meth addict can still sign up to the armed forces. Tats Mcgee can't as their is a maximum requirement for tattoos when joining (CAF has same rules).

I can't trust someone entirely who would willingly throw away their chance to serve and defend their nation from Invading forces.

I'm not waiting an hour for another reply. You lied through your teeth, failed to explain or justify inconsistencies in your narrative, and even your mild attempts at evidence were some weird irrelevant shit that did nothing to refute what I was saying.

You've admitting you have no idea what I'm even arguing, and you don't really seem to have an argument either. You hate them, so you're just trying your hardest to insult me for lurking on Cred Forums and actually being there.

I read the first line of your reply and it didn't make any sense or address my point even slightly. It really seems like you don't understand how the passage of time works or how events can happen in an order and be labelled as such.

I didn't bother with the rest.

>i wanto to look scary and edgy
>people are so prejudiced
the sad thing is they're probably just retarded nice guys who hate themselves unconditionally and that will never stop no matter how much they change themselves

Great argument there, bud. I'm the only one who's actually posted links that point to what actually happened back then because, guess what, those articles were written when it happened. Bronies were cancer from the start, and you're no exception.

This 100%. Stereotyping is a heuristic, a mental shortcut, that works. The only time stereotypes aren't good is when they are applied in non-statistically significant scenarios.



My sister who is addicted to meth has tattoos. Her friend that got her into meth has tattoos. This is anecdotal garbage. Yours aren't even real examples.


Kek, this cop here, we can literally decipher a criminal's history based on his stupid, shitty tattoos. Saying "I'm a criminal, here's my gang affiliations and my neighborhood".

ignorant shit