It's the biggest issue on this board since Brexit. Now, let's see if Cred Forums supports a rangeban of the worst posters in history.

Please take note Hiro, if we vote to ban Canadians, we ask that you respect the democratic wishes of all of Cred Forums

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I've had them filtered for months now tbqh. I really wish they were. they are essentially sub human and wouldn't degrade the quality in the slightest by being gone

absolutely, we need a final solution to the leaf problem

Id say yes. I actually liked Canadians before I spoke to them on here


pls this gookmoot


Check 'em

We need to redpill Canada, not rangeban them.

Do it japmoot

Remember the 88888888 post.


Go right ahead. I'm still not sure which proxy I'll use though. Maybe American? They shitpost a ton but theyre a majority so nobody cares, eh

>implying that they'll listen


6 months.

no, their VPN's and proxies would sully the reputation of other countries, let them keep their leaf of shame

Rangeban? I say shoah those motherfuckers.

Goddamn leafs ruin everything.

>implying you have a Cred Forums pass
Cmon Chang......

with us leafs, this board would be flavorless.

A chewing gum with no taste.

This lad is right.

This guy gets it.

Our dumbass SJW types see enlightening you by ironic shit posting as a comfy crusade they can feel good about while sitting around at home not really doing anything.

They won't stop. They can't stop. You might as well be able to immediately recognize and dismiss them.

I'm just a humble white Canadian who believes in personal liberty and the free market. Please don't lump all Canadians together just because chinks, pajeets and edgy liberal teens have spoiled it for everyone.


4.5% of our population. Stick with Trudeau if you want to bother us

You don't need a Cred Forums pass, just find one the mods haven't banned yet.

, never forget

If no ban, atleast a flag filter

It's true. By this board's own admission there are wise leafs.
I like it here. I don't want to go.

Censorship is for poofters

thats a bad idea

can't take the heat, get off the street

Yes rangeban us because we are creating memes against the Clinton Foundation that are circulating most social medias.

Leave this thread and participate in /cfg/


theres literally 5 libcuck leafs that make us leafbros look like a bunch of fucking faggots

we have to many chinks most of them hate america

We mustn't ban them because this means that all the CTR has to do to get a country banned is shitpost enough.

No. Fuck off to your safe space achmed.

i don't care, just put quebec flags for us who hate chinks , anglos and trudeau

Except that's what the roo fuckers are for.

We should ban Ireland instead.


please do I need to get off this weeaboo site

No. I think Canadian posters can be hilarious


fucking come on Cred Forums we can't censor a country because of a shitty get and shitposts. Cred Forums and Cred Forums is one of the last bastions of FREE SPEECH on the internet.


Just get rid of the flags which are the #1 cause of shitposting on this board.

i trhink estonia postered greatest of all on \poerz that come hear ok the grieatst

yeah you wish you could ban me faggot... well iv got news for you cuck, it aint happening. We run this joint and there isnt anything you, or some bogan, shart, bong, poo, kike or nippon can do about it. So you might as well just get used to us right now because we arnt going anywhere. Have I made myself clear? Just accept it right now and move on with your pathetic life or risk staying in the anger stage forever!

>waaaaaaaah why can't I have my safe space like on tumblr

I'm going to kick your ass, you little insecure faggots

says the 60% subhuman



Nothing brings me more joy than knowing I can fill other posters with such emotion and pation and hatred just by them seeing my flag. It's so pleasing to induce such rage by doing nothing.

You can't stop thinking about Canadians. Your whole day is consumed with us once you see one shot post.
You spend countless hours making threads about banning us. But you can never ban the IDEA of Canada.

And because of that, we have already won.

Ban them please

Just fucking ban them already.
Kek will it

All these butthurt Canacuck.

Yes, let's ban Canada instead of
>England and the Eternal Anglocuck
>Israel, because reasons
>Verizon customers

Clearly me and my bantz are the biggest threat to this board and need to be dealt with, just like how your country deals with those nasty vile white people instead of the poor innocent Muslims "rapists" seduced by the toothless slag you call "women".

no u

Leafs > Bongs

censorship is a leftist thing you communist faggot

Where were you when kek bestowed this board to Canada? >888888888 Where were you when you when Canada became the most relevant country on /pol and won the culture war.

No por que mi familia vivien Toronto

And you guys don't even reside in the same universe as the Aussies.

We aren't censoring you, we just want to deport you from /pol

If you ban us, we win

>not taking into account a group of people in discussion

Sorry, guys, are you being triggered too hard?

>Clearly me and my bantz are the biggest threat to this board and need to be dealt with,

Even when you're not leaf post, you're leaf posting. Its unreal.

A leaf

Latvia approves of this ban

How does it feel that when these leafs are banished, even if they were to use proxies, almost none work?

just ban the plastic french in quebec

Same desu.

There are Redpilled Canadians. It's just that we as a people have such a high relative internet usage per capita that you're getting a lot more Normies, teenagers, recent immigrants and Torontonians muddying the waters.

Nuke Toronto and the GTA and the rest of Canada is pretty damned excellent.

Ahahahah how the fuck is shitposting leaf real ahahahah like nigga just walk away from the screen like nigga just close your eyes ahah

Can't you just ban Vancouver, southern Ontario, and the entire province of Quebec?


no ai gf 4 u.


Downvoted and reported

The weak should fear the leaf

deep down secretly the other nations love us, they jsut want us to grow up a bit so they bully us like on a school playground.

its just to try and help the leaf autists in our midst (chinese living in canada)

most white canadians not from toronto/vancouver are extremely based. get them drunk and they will talk about the jews and niggers...

Do it, fucking maplecucks piss me off, I need somewhere to escape

Just ban all obvious shitposters. Which would clean this board up and take care of most of the leafs anyway.

I fucking hate people from Canadia. They wish they could be proud patriots like me and my American bros. Fuck leafs.

Yes rangeban Canada. Can we actually get a petition started for this?

I'm unsure what happened. Before and a bit after trudeau there was lots of "canada needs to start it's own version of trump" threads but now it's gone away.

I'm not unconvinced that it isn't simply india using a bunch of proxies to try and make leafs the new pharia after being mercilessly POO IN LOO'd away from here. Notice how indian posting almost completely disappeared when leafposting started to become a thing?

They say a lot of stupid shit, but this is a free speech board.

Leaves can stay, but that doesn't mean we can't attach a stigma to their shit posts.

As a non-shitposting leaf, how about we meet halfway? I propose that the province of Ontario gets rangebanned and we see if things improve.

we can't just ban people we don't agree with, if you want that, go back to your alien guy echo chamber website

the canadian race must be purged from this planet

The leafposting is real

leafs are 100% the biggest shitposters, certainly.
Still vote no though, because I have seen some good canadian posters that shouldnt be punished for the sins of others.

but seriously?
the solution to brits and others who spend too much time here (accumulating cancer) is to go and put that energy and shitposting into something more productive:
starting a TRS podcast for your own nation

I'm a good leaf though, I follow the teachings of the founding fathers and wish I was American instead of having cuck ancestors staying loyal to parasites.

>wish I was American

You're a fucking traitorous cuck, is what you are

Shadowban all Canadians so they post all they want, but never get their precious (you)s.

Suck my dick redcoat.

Fun fact the first canadians was ruled by kings who was black. Tarquinius superbus the last black king of canada was overthrown by the whiteys who ruled canada for a couple of centuries. Until sulla the great black general overthrew the whiteys and exterminated them in the social war. Now blacks was running canada again and a whitey wasnt seen in the region again until it was sacked by alaric and the whiteys eventually killed or sent the black canadians to baltimore. Julius caesar was a black canadian

>implying you can stop us

Literally leftist logic

>why aren't you taking people from the middle East into account when voting, America?




>we can't just ban muslims we don't agree with

Yes we can

Range ban these dubs, cuck

can't even get double, check this cucknada

Canadian's are unbelievably cucked. All you get on Cred Forums is a small minority of white Canadians from based Canada the rest are chink/pooinloo shitposters from the GTA.

You can tell them apart pretty easily if you try. But we all get lumped in together with GTA fags who are literally unpaid, unironic liberal shills

>Waaaah I dont like X, BAN IT!!

Where were you when Cred Forums became the libcuck sissy?

pls be my ai gf


Participate in /cfg/. We welcome leafs and other posters.

West Sussex reporting in.

Ban them.

export them sure, censor them? literally the same thing they do

Must've taken a lot of practice to suck yourself off like that

I was keeping them in this post, newfag

CTR are trying to rangeban Canadians because of /cfg/

Go here and participate

What's GTA? Greater Toronto Area?

yes its like london except more white but about as cucked


Literally every Canadian that I personally know has a diagnosed mental disorder and/or is trans. Get em out.

Don't be hatin

>this faggot hangs out with trannies

get wiped shart

ban canada for ever, not even australia is that shitposter

We are the ONLY fucking people who stand up to your Cabal of hooknoses. You're nothing without antizionism. The fuck is the point of this place if we're not even antizionist anymore. Fuck you. You're all spineless traitors. Japanese men like Based new moot understands this. Weak twats!!! I can smell you from here!!! You're all on your periods and all you do is hang off jizzrael's clit

Know what's much, much worse than canadians?

Faggots who make threads solely on how (somewhat ironically) canadians is making Cred Forums worse.

If there were no flags to check where a poster is from, you'd probably never know it was a canadian. If however canadians are big enough faggots to still be recognizably faggoty, they still fall fall below your level of faggotry.

You are the one who deserves the ban which you want imposed on others.


not nearly far enough

only radical methods can solve this problem conclusively



Build a wall between Cred Forums and Canada

More like report the degenerates from pol


I live in Brampton. It's not that bad

we run this board now
KEK speaks through us and there isn't a fucking thing you bent dick losers can do about it


Space farts and prison bars. This is not a place for grown men. It's a sandbox for Israeli maymays.


If you like pictures of leafs getting blown, you should scroll through your moms phone sometime

cucknadians should be banned from not just this board from from real life as in dead and gone. they worse than mexicunts.

No, it's because of your shitposting.

Stop shilling your thread, it's good, but stop shilling.



Not a Cred Forums issue.

don't forget to sage

MODS! Ban this clown.

The answer is obvious

Most of Cred Forums supports a ban.

Out, leaf.

You're not stealing our gets again.


We can't, we won't, and never will. So suck my bag.

All these mart sharters and mohammedans.

Fuck off back to plebbit you filthy faggots or take your shit to Cred Forums.

Americans attribute nothing to this board just look at the catalog. Literal sub human filth.


>implying this shitdump is democratic

jejs get spooned bong cuck

If you range ban us, we win.

If you make fun of us, we win.

We leafs are the chosen ones by kek. It has been proven so shut the fuck up everyone.

>Cred Forums is still triggered
Think I should move to Canada if just seeing my very flag would make you faggots cry to your safe spaces

That was kek telling us to ban you. Only leafs would mess up gets like that.

Do you fucking faggots actually think the mods give a single fuck?

Canadians are here to stay, Australians have lost the shitposting war.


It depends. Toronto especially, and Vancouver-area IPs should all be range-banned. Most of the rest of the country can stay to some capacity.

>implying i wont just use a proxy to make yall hate some other country


Can't fucking stand them now

no, i enjoy you fags getting butthurt over them

Man up, faggot.

This isn't Britainistan where you can ban stuff because it's not sanctioned by sharia law, Nigel Al-Britaini

The most hilarious thing would be banning Canadians for a day.

Sadly, this is something moot would do, not Hiro.

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

يجب أن تسرب دم الكافر على شفرة من الإسلام، إن شاء الله


This guy gets it. I do apologize for my fellow countrymen who do shitpost on here and are generally unfunny but Cred Forums is about free speech and not censorship.

I would be in favour of mods banning obvious unfunny annoying shitpost's by Canadians though.

>all these assblasted maple niggers

They literally can't help themselves from being cancerous sacks of shit. I almost feel bad for them.

here you go guise





this should help settle the differences

so much butthurt lmfao... we are not even trying

Literally all the hate in the this thread is coming from other countries you fucking moron.

No, mods should just do their job and delete shitty contrarian spam posts that are only there to ruin a thread and collect (you)s.

I won't deny that Canadian posts are really shit lately but it's a somewhat recent thing, maybe it'll pass.
For now, it's at least easy to ignore anyone with their flag.



>canucks getting rekt this hard

so much for the idea of banning canucks.

Yes. They are pathetic posters

bite me

you will never ban us with out us pol is nothing keep talking shit about the greatest country on earth though see where that gets you

the leaf marches on ........

This thread makes my asshole hurt

Fuck off reddit. This isn't about your feelings. Just because a lot of leafs have been faggots in recent weeks doesn't mean every single one deserves to be banned. This isn't faceberg.


This guy knows. We're not all from Ontario op. You fucking fagget.

>3 votes
mmmm kay

I admit that im a leaf however I'm red pilled so I always shitpost for our cause


Slide thread


Leaf, take off the proxy. We can smell you mapleniggers a mile away.


Build a firewall and make the leafs pay for it.

Make Cred Forums great again.

>insecure faggots

not that i agree with OP but just a reminder that this is your prime minister

YES!!! BAN ALL THE LEAFS. "pls be my ai gf" was the last straw

Keep in mind if you rangeban or filter anyone on thos site, you are no better than those safespace faggot leftists. Good day.

Do it. We're rubbish.

YES Ban the cunts, except for the 2 or 3 that are making the anti-clinton memes.


why ban canadians? we make the most thought provoking posts here.

if anything ban those damn yanks. not even civilized enough to shit in a toilet yet they spam memes about indians poo and loo.

govt. run by a nig and making fun of sweden, or making fun of london for having muslim mayor.

why does usa get these special priveldges? is it because you guys grew up watching hollywood movies?

have you guys even been to the usa?

most people there are on unemployment and mobility scooters, u cant walk 5 feet without seeing a fastfood chain.




That's a pretty good argument for us not being insecure faggots -- We still post on Cred Forums even with his majesty the queen in charge.

i know i am a Brazilian and people normally ignore our posts but, if you start banning countries you will just give (((them))) a tool to shut us down, we have become too powerful, we have become a threat, and if we give them weapons they will gladly use them against us, so i say fight the battle today and don't retreat or else we might lose the war

take it easy fellas

says the fucking leaf

when did americans become such pussies? Was it because of the 8 years of obama or part of the acceptance of 8 years of hillary?

it's because of the major gets

See this is the shit I'm talking about. Leafs are fucking worthless. This leaf is probably a grown man and is making lame mom jokes. Canada is such shit

So the default reason people have been getting butthurt on Cred Forums for the last 13 years.

If only we could retroactively see how many of this shitty stolen gets of yore had a leaf or a southern cross attached to them.

I unironically prefer Mexicans to Canadians and I'm being dead serious

>Le 60%
Of course you do

Try living here. It's not the fucking snow that'll make you leave. It's the white trash living on welfare.

If you ban us, we win.

t pablo

My point really was just that you are faggots, sorry for the misquote and I'm glad you can admit it. Acceptance is the first step.

>Leafcucks get rangebanned
>They start using American proxies
>The US becomes the new Canada
You gotta think ahead tbqhwyfam

Am I an honorary leaf?

>Thinking white trash are even close to the worst thing in Canada

Actually fuck it

>white trash
>bad thing

They all get banned on November 9th after Trump wins.

Some leafs are green,
just like Pepe....

I am Canadian. I make good posts. please dont ban me.

We are not all faggots.

you're a leaf, harry

Say no to eh!


I don't wanna be, plus I'm in Quebec, so I don't REALLY live in Canada (not implying I want to be Quebecois either, I wanna be American)

Personally i'll go germany and roleplay as an immigrant



If you need a safe space OP, go back to fucking Tumblr.

I support the complete ban of Canadians, if you ban me from posting I also want to be banned from lurking.

>Make shart in mart thread

>Americans go spastic and mass report the thread so it gets pruned and deleted

>Make this thread all of a sudden it will reach bump limit

You Amerisharts are fucking pathetic.

Please do it



Canadians should be shot


I don't why 99% of Canadians shit post, but it sucks when you try to make a good political thread and nobody takes leafs seriously.

*Know why.

Are Canadians that bad?

The overwhelming majority of shitposters are American. Just like the overwhelming majority of SJWs, feminists, and evil globalist kikes are American. They always get to blame it on people in x state for some reason. Plus some 23% of our population hates anglos and americans and would cut off their leg to divide us.


Canada is best ally. They may be kind of weird at times but at least they're not Spicxico


we are not resorting to tumblr/reddit tactics

fuck off.

the day pol starts discriminating posters no matter their opinion is the day I leave.

thx :)