Do people deserve kindness and/or respect?

I hear shit like this all the time

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Initially yes, not if they don't reciprocate.

Respect/Kindness is a 2 way street. Those who exhibit it, receive it back from me. The "teaching" part is bullshit and anything that acts like a faggot is treated like one.

>respecting fat people
Yeah because I should totally respect someone who doesn't even have the dignity to respect himself and put in the effort to be in a diet that doesn't consist of 200 burgers a goddamn day.

I think people deserve kindness, but respect must be earned

Unless you're a guest on Jimmy Fallon. Then you can go fuck yourself.

NO. Why the fuck would I give kindness to normalfag asshole cunts taking up space on earth just to bitch on twitter 24/7? I am only kind to nice people and those types of people are very rare.

It's not hard to be kind, often easier than being cruel which also can take a part out of you.

Respect is different. It must be earned.

fuck this fat fuck.

he could eat 3000 calories a day and still lose weight. he's not even trying

You earn respect from me, I don't just give it away.

As for kindness: fuck you, deal with it.

literally only sheltered privileged people can say this.

Treat everyone with kindness/respect unless they don't deserve it

No one deserves anything.

But, I will treat people with kindness because I learned manners growing up. Respect is earned.

No the word respect shouldn't be used in this context because respect is something you earn. What they call respect I would refer to as normal human decency. Someone who actually achieves something important or stands by their convictions in a way that takes courage, that sort of thing earns my respect.

Yeah, the answer is yes. Even the guy that needs killed, for the betterment of the world, deserves the respect of only for the sack of the the dignity of the person killing him.
If you do not treat people with respect and what kindness you can afford you hurt yourself.
>Be polite, be professional and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Nobody deserves anything.

Respect must be earned. Kindness to people you like,benevolent indifference to everyone else.

He has money, he can get WLS but instead is trying to do DDP yoga. Loll. What a dumb fat shit.

>all people deserve respect and kindness except people i deam to be unkind
>then force

Boogie is a scam artist using his poor life choices and eating habits to get fattybucks from gullible retards. He deserves to be bullied to death quite frankly.

usually what people mean by this is "I am a huge piece of shit and I don't want anyone to remind me that I have to get my shit together so I don't drag everyone around me to hell, therefore no one should criticize anyone ever."

he's too fat to do weight loss surgery. he'll literally die on the operating room table.

he has to lose 100 pounds before the surgery to improve his health and to prove he can stick to a diet

The correct answer is:

>treat me with respect
>i treat you with respect


>treat me with kindess
>i treat you with kindess

Except with niggers and mudslimes

It's more lefty self appointed righteousness.

They only pay penance to the agenda and will allocate themselves chaos to achieve it.

I'll treat people how they treat me, and I'll treat others how I wish to be treated

>this deserves respect and or kindness

You treat people as well as they'll let you.
If someone is being pleasant then there's no reason to be a cunt to them.
If someone is being a cunt no one expects you to stand there and be polite.
Golden rule.

How you doing today judge?

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Still wishing Douglas had beaten that smarmy bastards ass to a pulp.

>All people deserve kindness and respect.
No. Respect and kindness are earned. The former from glory, prestige, and honorable acts and the latter from civic/public virtues such as humility, truthfulness, and a sense of dignity.

>And those who can't currently provide it need to *be* taught how to do so :)
I'm inclined to agree that we ought to train our citizens how to be moral and righteous. However, the smug smiley face makes me think he means punishing those who don't agree with his personal sense of kindness and respect. If that is the case, then he is being neither kind, humble, or dignified and doesn't deserve the gift of kindness.

The entitled brats who demand kindness from everyone deserve a kick to the teeth not a pat on the back.