This is Trump's campaign office and staff

this is Trump's campaign office and staff.

Notice anything?

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they are all not looking at the camera, what do I win?


What do you think?

yea, no beta faggots in sight

get fucked maple nigger

they're all quintessentially american

most of them are overweight.

surprisingly not as overweight as most liberals are.

Distinctive lack of shit in thier pants, how unamerican

Normal people.

they're all very shy

Fat white people

hard working people, and bernie sanders in the background counting shekels for the trump campaing

>we stole your kosher pony, DNC

They're all fat.

So much freedom in such a small place

I didn't know democracy was capable of being this concentrated

Is that Bernie in the back?

They all look like your standard yank. Why are they all so obese anyway?


The government's going to be up their ass when they learn their office isn't diverse enough

people are fat, but at least aren't gigantic numale faggots like those working for illary

Fat white people.
Just like everyone at his events.

blonde hair

They all appear busy. Where are the bean bag chairs for lounging? Does Drumpf even give them breaks?

White people haha, amirite

give up? it looks like shart in mart HQ

>White or Caucasian (including White Hispanic) 57.6%
>The median age was 33 years.
they're all grossly over the median age and all part of the white half (LMFAO) of the population. your implication that somehow Orlando, FL is 100% populated by old white people is completely wrong.

They look like typical Floridians

>notice anything.
They are all adults who have life experience as opposed to feminists and pajama boys?

They're all overweight.

I think the answer OP is looking for is that there seems to be significantly more women in this photo than there were in this the pic of Hillary's staff of nu-male cucks that has recently been making rounds, though I can't say for sure given that OP is A FUCKING LEAF.

They're all working?


People are employed based on merit rather than the color of their skin or their genitals?

>this the pic of Hillary's staff of nu-male cucks
do you have that? I'd like to see it

doesn't look like a half built floor anymore at least




It's a campaign office, not a Wal-Mart. Do you evben know how to be American?

that's america

I can't believe how ameritards are falling for the memes and actually voting for this manbaby.
Fucking retards


All I notice is that they are all overweight, but most of america is, so there's really nothing special.

average working americans, hard at work instead of a bunch of millennials posting blogs from apple devices and smiling for the photos?

I don't even see that many chairs

>hard working people
>all fat

That's everywhere.

>check the flag
>it's sweden

An office full of people who love their country :)

the average american isn't a 50+ year old white person. wake up.

What is Burnie doing in the back there?

Don't you have a cuckshed to go to, Sweden?

>poortugal talking about fat people
you're literally the fattest country in europe

Didn't bother to save it, but I believe it was from a Business Insider article on her "cramped tech offices" or something.

They are actually working unlike the hillarys campaign


Everyone is too busy working to give a fuck about the photo?

Thanks for Correcting the Record™ Sven

That's not correct, fat hispanic women don't vote.

Is Estonia in the bottom of fat???


yeah you're right, they are 35-40 year old white people who believe working hard is the way to get ahead.

hard at work does not equal manual laborer

They're all working, unlike Hillarys staff.

>it doesn't count because muh fee fees!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what is norway spelled like in german?

these are normal overweight boomers working in a small local campaign office

you can bet youre ass his new york headquarters have young top tier alpha males and amazing women.

there is a black dude in the back.

adults with families as opposed to nu-male manchildren.

>they're all grossly over the median age

Most young people aren't involved in politics. Politics are mostly run by older people. That's just a statistical fact.

>all part of the white half (LMFAO) of the population

Except for this black person you refused to notice.

>much fee fees
but hispanic women literally don't vote

Nobody has a pear taped on to their head.

that's a shadow, mang. the guy in the rear on the right looks equally dark in the same lighting

They're literally all overweight


t. Commiefornia

Why would there be a huge shadow casting on her face in a completely lit office, with a light directly over her?

Fucking leaves are the worst.

white and overweight?

no blacks!!!! das racis

...standing at the exact same depth relative to the camera as the man on the left who i thought was black as well before opening the image

Come on, man. Don't be like this. It's unproductive

the right*


Fat and pasty?

They're big guys


What are you even complaining about kek?

Not enough tiny dicked Canadians sucking off dogs in the picture?

Kek, never seen that tweet before.

at first glance i thought this was a shart in mart thread

Let me correct the record.

OMG all those evil white people! Shame on Trump!

But it's true - Trump is polling 82% among "white+obese."

It has more people than Hillary's campaign office in fucking Brooklyn.

>Ye olde correspondence and briefings shoppe

>Greece 91.1% overweigt or obese
Sweet Jesus, Greece. You shouldn't EAT all the stuff we sent you.

the all be fat

theyre all working

All fat, old and white.