Ohio State Highway Trooper hit by Caucasian male on drugs

And this nigress still has shit to say.




Maybe they shouldn't be a Jew Slave and they won't get run down by Niggers. Only losers, retards and bullies become pigs.

0.6% black people that get killed by guns are killed by police. Look how mad they get at police for 0.6%. I feel sorry for whoever is killing the other 99%

>tfw I wanted to become a cop as a kid to fight bad guys

As I got older I realized it was less being Batman and more grey but still not everyone becomes a cop for the wrong reasons.

Makes you wonder why we don't actually up the death toll. Think they will notice the change?

What language is that

>everyday police kill my people
Not even 300 blacks per year and cops kill twice as many whites.

>I'm getting a lot of back lash
>some of the back lash is good

>dead as a door knob

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>wait till I get to work


Picking up her welfare check, obviously.

Guy who hit him was from my town, high as fuck too.

The media will still say BLM is a peaceful movement. One BLM supporter could kill 100 cops and they will still claim how it is a peaceful movement.

There was that one nog who got ROBO'd, he advocated for BLM on his social media accounts. But, you know, some will try saying he wasn't a part of BLM, yet say that BLM is a movement anyone can be apart of in the same breath

Oh yeah that guy. I actually wondered if he openly supported BLM and how the media was going to spin it.

Yeah he did, they try to say he was 'rejected' so that means he somehow wasn't affiliated with them even though he went to protests and openly advocated for them

>another boot-licker thread

>my people
do black people still have tribes or something?

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ameribros, spread this. the day of the rope is coming!

Good back lash

Yes team light skin, team dark skin and the uncle tom tribe.