Can I really go to prison for this?

Can I really go to prison for this?
I promise not to sell it to anyone.

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Because of bunch of kikes want their cut

Legalizing is fucking dumb, kys

your plants are suffering from either calcium deficiency, magnesium deficiency, or both. you should increase calmag dosage immediately. it is likely that your ph is out of whack as well. also led will not give you the best yield possible, look into hid or double ended lighting.

That's some healthy looking Indica there OP.

How long you been in veg?

at least you were smart enough to delete your exif file

>difficult to hold a tax monopoly
Oy vey I need my cut goyim!


literally the only reason why making weed legal across the US has been such an uphill battle is because for one, the jews want a cut of this and trust me, they know as much as anywone how profitable making weed legal is. just look at tobacco and alcohol

and two, the medical industry will no longer have a tight grip over their patients. It is more profitable to keep a patient sick and slowly recover them in increments over years than to give him something (like weed) to cure them instantly

its also why we have spent and donated billions of dollars to cancer (((research))) and still have not found a cure for it

if you black

user pls
you can almost feel the leathery texture of the leaves through the screen. rounded tips on apical nodes, necrotic edges on leaves, etc. please do not encourage poor cultivation habits

Yield? How many plants? Strain?
>giving the government more power is smart
Yeah nah

How long you've been growing bro? I could use some tips...

Pic related

Legalization is ruining Colorado, fucking homeless people and weedlmaos everywhere now.

Crime is rising rapidly, I don't know what I am going to do about the homeless camps near my house.

You should go to jail for being a shitty grower.. All the burn spots, and cupped leafs..

I am in no way related to OP, but it seems to me that new growth was cut off in an attempt to reproduce FIM and that leaf up front was burned by the light.

Why do you feel the need to escape reality?


Good goy, here's a shaving of a shekel for you.

needs to be in a container that allows water to drain from the bottom
allow the soil to dry out most of the way before watering
go very easy on nutrients until you have 2 sets of true leaves (leaves on your pic are called cotyledons)
use organic nutrients for soil applications, synthetics are for hydroponics
your plant should show its sex by week 4-5
always remember that is is possible to "love them too much"- all you need to do is provide food, water, and proper climate. the plant will do the rest

Its a free country, who cares why he wants to do it? Would you ask the same to a person that has a beer after work?

>escape reality
weed is a part of reality

Has the homeless population actually significantly increased? Source on crime statistics? How did the homeless people come up with the funds needed to migrate to Colorado in the first place? The climate there doesn't seem to be very conducive to a homeless lifestyle, how do they fare in the winter?

look closely. if it were cut, the edges would be smooth instead of jagged. also, it is difficult to cause light burn with led lights. trust me, i know a cal/mag deficiency when i see one

Maybe if you live in a lame state

Is any of that shit actually better or more economical to produce than the current materials used for those applications? If so, can you back that up with actual sources that aren't "weedlmao" websites/blogs/infographics?

Would you still say they lack a cal-mag supplement if tops were actually cut?



lel. good luck with that

leathery leaves, dark coloration resulting from increased nitrogen uptake due to cal/mag deficiency (also the beginnings of the "claw" on leaf tips that are still intact), strange leaf topography. i cant see or feel the stems, but id bet that they are brittle. ph is probably somewhere below 5.0, which indicates deficiency of some sort (i dont know this for sure either, but id bet on it)

legalization isnt ruining colorado, hobos and dumb hipsters are. these demographics are usually more spread out to the point you don't notice them but they are all concentrating in a few legal states.

>mfw weedcucks get triggered when they get their precious plants taken away

>precious plants taken away

Just another symptom of a society in decline.

It should be legal but I don't get why you'd want to smoke weed, it makes you lazy and unproductive. I also noticed when I stopped smoking weed I got annoyed by every little thing for a period

I think that it could be legal, but you should get in trouble for public usage or even being intoxicated publicly. So buy your weed freely, but don't expose it to the public. Same as with alcohol and tobacco

It will make you lazy if you're a lazy person, I've been learning python while high

And you were shit enough to look for it. Cred Forums automatically deletes all exif info now, so stop wasting your time.

>Same as with alcohol and tobacco

Are you for real nigga?

Here in my country you can drink a bottle of vodka on the street legally.


If youre fucked up, you will get more fucked up. I doubt Ill touch it in the next 10 years, due to job etc, but once Im 50 and retired, Ill smoke every day.

>Cred Forums automatically deletes all exif info now

kek, nice try faggot, I'm not revealing my location to you

>Here in my country you can drink a bottle of vodka on the street legally.

In my """free country""" you can get fined for obviously consuming alcohol in public and can go to jail for being intoxicated in public.

I guess it depends on the person, I wouldn't call myself lazy, but smoking weed definitely gives me a 'fuck it' mentality.

>banning a plant
>that literally grows out of the ground naturally

To put it into perspective, I can legally grow castor beans. Castor beans can easily be processed into ricin (using basically the same process that is used to extract soy protein from soy beans). Ricin is considered to be a chemical agent and can also be the active component of a "weapon of mass destruction". Production and possession of ricin is strictly regulated and severe penalties are levied if someone is found to be in violation of those regulations. But I can grow acres and acres of the castor plant for "ornamental purposes" if I choose to without any consequence.

That is some stupid fuckin shit

> Weed "instantly cures" things

Watching too much Family Guy eh kiddo?

>cure them instantly
great b8 m8

teach me more of this facebook bullshit

my point still stands that weed is a better option than say being under chemo for extended periods of time with no guaranteed solution that it will help

the medical industry does not want to lose all the profit it can make by keeping people sick and having the patients depend on them for more than they have to for maximum profit

It does delete exif faggot