And you want to veto our Brexit deal if you can't come and work over here?

Cool, we'll just murder more of you.


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Heheh good kuffar! Focus on the Poles whilst we take your children into our cars and houses.

>we'll just murder more of you.
you are just a basement dweller who is scared to go outside, so stop pretending as if you did anything

Don't worry shitskin, you and the nigs are just as focused on in my little borough of england.

I have already accepted my fate.

No sir, we never would do any of that.

>Be a britfag
>Your nation is crowded with shitskins
>Your capital city's major is a fucking muslim
>So what do you do?
>Kill whites.

You fucking eternal anglos are a disgrace.

>assuming op is white himself

Good, scare them back to Poland, those traitorous faggots.

Ex mouthy and violent little shit with a substantial criminal record that converted in to a basement dweller actually.

Grew up around a security firm and boxing club owned by gangsters, a pikey site, 95% of my peers being chavvy, a drug dealer father that spent more than 15 years in prison collectively and his friends, literally seen two men murdered and the attempted murder of atleast half a dozen more.

I can garantee I've seen and been involved in more shit than you ould ever dream of, you're the only one whos sheltered here little tadpole.

>tfw you live in the part of essex that the real violent east end londoners immigrated to.

Thankfully I'm almost a member of civilised society now, congratulate me fuck nugget.

i keep hearing polish people getting beat up often in the u.k, what have they done to be worst than mudslims?

>being polish
>not being a white skinned nigger

Pick one.

>to Poland
no those diaspora shits would migrate to the netherlands or germany instead, also
>implying we need them


>insert i graduated top of my class in navy seals meme

I can't be, we was all happy to fight one on one like real gentleman, mostly.

>at least 5 mill potential terrorists in the country
>get a hard on 99% working immigrants

Race diving cunts are out in force today.
Fuck off most poles are based.

At this stage if a Pole went on a killing spree in Britain targeting ethnic Brits it would be justified.

tfw live in Liverpool

shush now

This, these fucking retards will get whats coming to them

>When the EU threatens to flood Poland It's bad
>But when Poland does it to England It's good

No shit undereducated working class chavs don't like Poles.

>chavs and slavs
Kek, what's the difference? They even look the same.


Yeah, but I am an advocate of speaking the native language of a country while living in it and in public. Doing otherwise is to hate a key part of the culture and excluding yourself from society, and while he obviously didn't deserve to die over it, if you're speaking a foreign language often (as Poles OFTEN do) then you can kindly fuck off home.

>inb4 b-but Brits in Spain!!!!!!!
Yes I hate them for not speaking Spanish too.

In Poland UK is already labeled as Island of Hatred.

But know this !

"No one would have believed in the last years of EU membership that this island was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than Kipers and yet as mortal as they that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this island about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter. It is possible that the infusoria under the microscope do the same. No one gave a thought to the older countries of Visegrad as sources of danger, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea of them being a threat as impossible or improbable. It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days. At most UKIP men fancied there might be other nationalists in Europe perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welcome a missionary enterprise. Yet across the gulf of English Channel, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this island with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us"

But mate, im sure if we go together to Spain we would speak perfect British among ourselves.

>830k in 12 years
>absolute most work
>most at some point go back
>crime stats per 100k is very low compared to all the shitskins
I can't really see that flooding you, did you by chance mistake it with african/arab/indian invasion, at least 10 times in sheer volume, negative in employment and economic prospects?

Fair enough, i did work for a few months in england, barely used my native, was pretty fun for a while.

>In Poland UK is already labeled as Island of Hatred.

What an honour!

Too afraid to attack pakis who rape your girls? Nation of brainless pussies.

See, this is the problem, Poles are completely and hilariously unaware of their hypocrisy.

You live like rats in studio apartments while work for


You keep spouting that meme, it's not true.

Pakis have been killed, beaten, their mosques set on fire etc. But you keep pushing this line that they aren't being attacked?

Why do you keep doing that? Despite the fact that these constant threads about Eastern Eurotrash keep being made?

but Britain is the primary country of the world

we earned that right in blood and fire

What race were the attackers? Sounds like something the Ahmeds would do.

To add, why the fuck is Russia talking about killing whites when it armed niggers in Rhodesia that slaughtered thousands of whites?

Fuck off Ivan, go suck Putins little Jew cock.

Truly the pride of England.

They armed them, but what doomed Rhodesia was the united cuckdom disarming them.

>They armed them, but what doomed Rhodesia was the united cuckdom disarming them.
HAH, no. We just said "not getting involved".

Also Ireland, you want to talk about killing whites? You bombed a bunch of Scots in Northern Ireland, don't preach in this thread. Thanks.

How did brit kongs can stab a person? With this? Can it conflict damage?



>Implying gangs of Pakis don't attack all whites, especially those drinking.

What the effing christ is that?

This. You probally even had the pakis do the dirty work for you Anglo scum. Meanwhile you were too busy sipping tea and choking on Ahmed's unwashed cock. Death to England!!! Viva Quebec!!!!

They are white christian males

>In Poland UK is already labeled as Island of Hatred.


>with smashed bottle
all you had to do was read the link

Because there's a difference between getting flooded with Poles and with Somalians.

>thinks he a big boy now seeing a couple of murders and hanging around with gangsters

You can stop projecting your insecurity and low self esteem, Tyrone. We know you had a shitty childhood and that you cry in your sleep every time thinking about it.

Poles are worse, you've never been around poles.


Not when it comes to jobs.

the truth is only the worst thrash run away to england

kill this seba's

You people would be so much better off if you had access to real weapons.

Now are they going to bake glass bottles illegal now? You can take them from stores and use it to hit other people.




117 lines, some are from 2014. "List of attacks". You are a fucking joke

Its the yorkshire pudding, no?

Please save us from the muslims.


with a spoon

I did experience what you describe for a while, except for 3 quid an hour, there are agencies that do bring poles to england and they are to blame for that mostly, in requirements its always "communicative english required", which in fact turns into just about nothing more often than not. Those shitters couldn't even ask properly for directions let alone look for a better apartment, job or rent. So they live in shitty apartments rented for then, myself i just found something better which wasn't too hard.
As to 3 quid an hour i have no idea where did you get that from, minimum always.
Still, you worry about fucking romanians not poles, the majority of newcomers are them.

>be brit
>too afraid to attack muslims because racism
>attack polaks
>the people who prevented the first muslim invasion of europe
>one of the only uncucked europeans not afraid to resist islam and sjw bullshit

Anglos are literally the cancer of the white race.

We're not flooded with Somalians tho.


>nearly 1 million Poles flood into your country in under ten years
>Not expecting tensions or anger from the public over it

You serious? How about we flood Luxemjew with 20 million Brits in under a year, see how you put up with that.



By the way, for all you uneducated fucktards, the Brits have had problems with the Poles over here way before the muslim epidemic, infact, see the way we all look at mudslimes now?

That get them out at all fucking costs attitude?

That's been the sentiment towards the Polish for 10 years at minimum, all these British cucks saying "Poles are based, race traitor etc" are basically the equivalent of whiney remainers screaming "muh union" while the rest of us see them as the scum bags they are.

I 'll even point out, it's not polish people in general desu, some seem cool, it's the skanky fucking underclass that our benefit hand out culture attracts, that's the raging pissheads in kappa tracksuits sitting on walls all day getting smashed, contributing nothing to society but being an optional avenue to buy some mediocre bud.

Remember this you treacherous limey cucks that live on this island and have the cheek to call yourself British, our benefits attract the worst from all over, including Poland.

Get it through your fucking heads and stop white knighting them.

>As to 3 quid an hour i have no idea where did you get that from, minimum always.

Huge "restaurant" chain was recently caught hiring Polish workers en masse for £2/hour, all paid under-the-table.

>He picks a handful of "minor incidents".




Everyone is a target, now fuck off.

In Ireland more Poles arrived proportionally (we are now the second biggest nationality there) without any tensions

>meanwhile their 15 years old sisters are on the paki cock carousel.

But I guess we should give a round of applause when a bunch of drunken chavs stand up to their peaceful fellow europeans.

Muds are the ones doing the killing.

>117 lines
>picks 3 that are outliers
>insinuates it isn't a list of attacks

Russians really are down syndrome personified.

>nearly 1 million Poles flood into your country in under ten years
That's ironic, because it's nothing compared to Ukrainians flooding to Poland, who are not even hated here right now.

toughest post i've seen all day.

Pakis get it way worse than Poles and have been for decades. And the Poles we get mostly aren't the based nationalist Poles. They all stayed at home to build their nation. No, it's rapists and coalburners. Poles are not anglos and they will kill our race just as surely as pakis will, unless they are stopped from invading.

>Lieutenant Grzegorz Prusak, Head of Fugitives at Warsaw Police HQ, said: “There are a lot of Polish fugitives in the UK. They are organised gangs involved in protection rackets, extortion, financial crime, drugs, murder, stealing, guns and other dangerous weapons. No doubt about it, Polish organised crime is a big problem for the British.”

Why isn't Poland ending us their best?

What a bunch of fucking retards.

Out of all the people they could stab, they stab a dumb polock?

I don't know about Britbongistan, but Polskis here tend to be the chillest of immigrants.

They take care of their shit and work hard. Every time I've been in a polock's house, shit is clean.

I don't believe this.
It is easy to get minimum wage job in UK or even above.
You can earn more than that in Poland even(if you include the cost of living), and today it is easy to get job in our country.

Highly skeptical of the story.

>who are not even hated here

They think the Polish scum we have here are Gods chosen angels of the lord and light.

They're not, most of them get drunk and hurl abuse at our citizens, some have even killed/robbed our citizens but that's all acceptable, but Brits give them a stabbing or beating and "HURRR DURRR OH NO NO NO!".

Why do people ITT think we haven't had an attack by Muslims since Lee Rigby? Because Muslims have been fucking beaten into submission.

Whereas France? They have weekly attacks because they would rather riot over 1 euros being deducted from their monthly wage packet.

Red faced, alcoholic, scummy, loud mouthed Poles that act like filth deserve to be beaten/stabbed.

Simple as that, this country was once known in Eastern Europe as "Treasure Island" because of the benefits system.

Not anymore you fucking leeches, there was a thread on here with a Pole boasting about coming to the UK and getting benefits.

I hope it was him that got stabbed.

>killing white people instead of mudlism

>the people who prevented the first muslim invasion of europe
>american education

I have no idea who in the right mind would ever work for 2 or 3 per hour, i would just laugh off those morons on the spot since they can genuinely get more here.

It's quite a lot below a million in 12 years, you had several times this in just a few last years with combined middle eastern/african/indian trash.

is this kind of edge legal in Bongistan?

>>Why do people ITT think we haven't had an attack by Muslims since Lee Rigby? Because Muslims have been fucking beaten into submission.
>Whereas France? They have weekly attacks because they would rather riot over 1 euros being deducted from their monthly wage packet.

>Pakis that low
>Realise it's because they're classed as British
Fuck labour.

Without it your list would be like 50 lines, spaces included. List of paki rape gangs will be longer. Joke island, joke nation.

>edgy meme as a proof

Why don't you go after Muslims pussy?

No, it was banned by the 1997 dangerous weapons act.

funny how you cucked faggots aren't willing to do this to niggers or sand niggers.

They are not

>prevented first invasion of muslims

Remember when the greeks people were white?
Remember when Germany had national pride?
Remember when Japan was full of Samurais and not anime watching virgins?
Remember when America was more than 65% white?

Countries and people change.

How about you riot over the fact your citizens get blown up and shot to death in mass attacks by Muslims instead of rioting over an increase in working hours?

Just wait until they start ghettoising areas, the resentment will hit your people harder than it did during the troubles.

>decade long paki rape gangs are ok
>anti white muslim major of capitol is ok
>attacks poles instead

at least when we did it we did it for the clay

Watch out, we've got an 'ard man over here


Poles are the biggest minority ausing crime in the UK. Why should we defend them?

i wanna fuck her mouthanus

you anglos are fucked up, blacks have higher status than poles in your retarded country, enjoy your race war degenerates

What happens in my country doesn't make what happens in yours any less absurd.

Sorry bro but your people are the true cancer in this day and age because your grandparents took in the kikes and enabled them on a global scale with their propaganda that fucked over the young minds of the west

Also all the shit you rightfully make fun of with germans comes from your propaganda and laws you set up post WW2

Have fun.

I'd update it, but it's not mine, there's been a lot more, stabbings, beatings etc. I don't see you fuckers beating or killing Muslims. Why don't you go do that instead of projecting. Faggot.

HAH! Considering we have conservatives in power and benefits are cut for everyone?

Nah. Don't think so.


>he thinks there are no rape gangs in France
My sides.

Were they normal Brits or tanned ones?

Dead Poles -- could it be a good thing?

I say yes.

Tbh blacks are all in London and Birmingham whereas Poles are everywhere.

For example in my city only 2% are non-white, 6% are Eastern Europeans, 2% are other types of Brit, 90% are English. So of course if there was going to be ethnic tension here it would most likely be against Eastern Europeans, because there are far more of them.

Everyone has to go back, white or not. Polish criminals are no different from any other criminals.

Don't be a nigger. If you're posting on Cred Forums you're supposed to be anti-nigger, but you seem to have just given yourself to it unabashedly.

He should know better than to speak his gutter language in the UK.

Hey man, I hate Poles as much as the next guy but could you at least kill some Pakis while you're at it.

France had a case of rape attacks only last week though.

You can hate slavs and niggers at the same time.

>conflict damage

American education.

Don't worry, more Poles are immigrating to Germany than Britain now :^)


So instead of killing the dirty muslims that are killing and raping, you kill the white, hardworking christian? wtf?

>Have to go back

Nobody to blame but themselves.

Oh uh, the Isle of Pakistan awakens :^)

>telling who is white and who is not

t. that Russian shill who lives in Luxembourg.



So now that we've established Muslims are also being killed and attack, this meme of "herp too cowardly to attack Muslims" can be dropped right now.

Scummy Poles and muslims are both targets. Even the Polish ITT are saying their trash comes here.

So stop defending them and you should start praising England for you know actually killing Muslims. Encouraging it even, instead all you do is discourage more attacks.

Especially considering some of the countries posting the "coward" bullshit are countries that have had numerous muslim attacks on their own soil and have literally done nothing.

I'm looking at you America! When are you going to go mosque burning over what happened at Fort Hood?

Oh wait no, you won't do anything, you'll just keep on projecting.


>I hate Poles as much as the next guy

We all do. It's what makes us human.

This. Blacks and muslims can easily be identified from afar and avoided. But you can be walking along in some random village and see a nice white couple, then you get close and recoil in horror as you hear them gibbering in their monkey language. Sneaky fucking crypto-poles.

So do Brits hate the Polish just as much as the sand niggers?



since I'm unambiguously a shitskin I can provide an outsider perspective

Because Poles commit more crime and cause more problems, our blacks aren't anywhere near as bad as the ones in the USA.

Please, we all know that America is 100% white.

>220000 romanians
>760 jailed

>830k poles
>573 jailed

>151k lithuanians
>386 jailed

>500k pakis
>176 jailed
>can't jail because muh racism
>decade old rape gangs and groomings

Nvm, i'm out, this is just pure shilling by this point.


Kill yourself you fucking loser.

Liverpool, kek.

Even the ice cream men want to be murderers here.


I was there when that happened btw, sold drugs for the owner from the old piccadilly whip ice cream vans for a couple of years, was a laugh.

Now shush.

Once again I have to link people because they don't know how to read.

Now people need to stop posting this and they will by the time I'm done.

There will be hourly reminders all day, every day on here until it is ensconced into your tiny little brains.

>Don't murder the ones molesting your children
>murder fucking toliet-scurbbers

i guess it's a natural occurence but considering the madness we have now in europe everyone is on their own and i'm not sorry for v4 veto on britain's leave terms

Don't forget about the No-Go Zones, where police can't intervene.

>830k poles
>573 jailed

Great, so 829.427 Poles are still on the run in the UK.

If you're talking about the rape in front of the Eiffel tower those were algerians living in Germany.
I guess they'll go ficki ficki once they're back there.

Brits why are you such savages?

You sound like a retard

Do you live somewhere in Upper-Sheepshagton-On-Wherever?

Niggers, Pakis and Chinks are teeming in all your major cities, and Mudslimes are literally buying up your schools.

You have no idea, man, you should try to move out of your parent's house and see for yourself.

Maybe even snatch a job from them damn Poles, eh?

why are english people going after polacks and not muzlamix??????

Why do Brits hate the poles so much? I'd rather the hate the sand monkeys since they are literally society destroyers.

Fuck, I see you attack on all fronts! Muslims are running away in fear! All tickets to middle east and africa are sold out! Dont forget to wipe sperm off your face when you finish fapping on this list of these glorious victories.

Yeah keep on "murdering" the poles who are just there to work instead of mudslimes who come there live on benefits and ruin your country britbong.
Go on, I'll just sit here and watch your country fall while some poles are working on my field.

Yeah I hate those slav ghettos that have sprung up in Essex, I live pretty close to one. Poles have really shit up my town and peddle drugs at the local coffee shop.

I don't suppose you'd be so good as to take back these wonderful specimens of upstanding aryan warriors who will defend the white race, woud you? We'll manage without them somehow.

For the same reason you backstabbed nazi germany. You rather fight whites than shitskins

Lithuanian here. I'm fluent in English and shieet. Should I be scared? I dindu nuffin, I swear!

V4 were going to do that anyway, eastern Europeans are like Jews who want to hurt western European countries and prevent nationalism in them, while being nationalistic in their one countries. Orban for instance campaigned against brexit.

They did it in France though.

I live in East Yorkshire. Picture related.

>dat image

Seems I need to turn these into "minutely reminders" instead.

> i'm not sorry for v4 veto on britain's leave terms

You will be.

whenever population relevant stats are given in anything but per capita basis you can be sure that it's done purposely to mislead.


I always think britflags like this, violent, lower class, chavs. Never upper or middle class.

I doubt a posh would browse here anyways

Nigel farage contributes to this atmosphere of bigotry in the united kingdom. he should be ashamed.

I'm not a time traveler, I had nothing to do with WW2 as far as i remember.

Exactly, now you go bomb some Muslims in your own country and we can praise you!

Seems you both need a minutely reminder.

>those portions

How fat are you Britcucks?

Depends, do you want to be British or do you live in a slav community with slavic local stores, where everyone speaks their fucking shitty slav languages? If it's the former, few if any Brits have a problem with you, the problem is that the vast majority of slavs are in the latter category, they actually integrate less than pakis and other muslims do. It's crazy.

>I'm not a time traveler,

lmao low test

Chavs gonna chav.

Better run for the hills m8.

We're coming for you.

There are more of them:

Polish immigrants make up the largest population of foreign born immigrants in the UK at around 800,000. (More than any other race including pakis etc)

And this only happenend recently after Poland joined the EU so it was sudden

Sensibly chuckled, thank you tanned german.

Nearest biggest white scapegoat, political correctness in western countries is a no joke.

ard as fuck

do you know danny dyer you nutter, fucking bricklayer.


That is a Sunday Roast, it is something you eat on a Sunday only, normal meals are much smaller unless you are actually obese.


>Sensibly chuckled, thank you tanned german.

It was my honor.

You're a slav m8

>I dindu nuffin, I swear!
Tell that to ya mum


>it's the skanky fucking underclass that our benefit hand out culture attracts
See, this is the root of this problem. Throw out the Poles and new immigrants will arrive. Or your poor class will become the new "Poles".
It's the way socialism works. Rich and educated people don't have the reason to leave their countries in the first place so what you get is often white trash.

I like poles and eastern European immigrants :( far more better than mudslimes


I do love me some pasta at half eight


Post of the day


Good job.
remember that polacks scum far more worse than mudslims

why is this happening to poles of all people

176 jailed in 6 months. The rest of them are already in jail. Muslims are 5%+ of the population but make up 15% of the prison population.

It backs up his point about Polish being the second most spoken language, many news sites report it.

Which site would you like the same news from? Daily Mail? Telegraph? Ask and ye shall receive.

>Muslims are 5%+
They're about 4.7% of the population, which makes it even worse.

>Brits acting like niggers to other withes and not attacking kekbab
The tables have turned

go after sandniggers first, then polish or whatever you want, you fucking retards

And how many muslims are outside that should be inside or rather deported? Start with rotherham

Read the damned thread lad. That's just my personal experience but this is being seen up and down the country, EU migration was far more of a factor in the leave vote than non-EU.

Stop being a faggot white knight and realize that slavs are killing our country just as much as anyone non-white is. Being white doesn't make them any less bad for our society. Talk to any working class lad or anyone down your local pub, you'll hear similar things.

>USA isn't a white nation
>We're the strongest, most influential nation in the world

What's your excuse, Eurocuckold? You guys are a colony of a colored nation. I guess KANGZ really are the master race.

Have you ever been around Poles?

I'm not talking about one or two. I mean who community of them. They are the absolute worst. Thry think they're God's gift to the island when most are working £2/hr jobs from shitty restaurants and factories then complain how everyone is against them. They have this weird sense of righteousness that makes them believe we owe the country to them.

And they stink. Like really strong urine.

Where were you when Theresa May was called out on her bluff and BTFO?
Bitch doesn't even have a plan LMAO.
All EU countries hold the same view: freedom of movement or no free access to the single market. Britain doesn't even have a position yet! The government still hasn't decided what the preferred outcome is and are selling people the lie that we can keep the market access while requiring visas from EU workers.

>“What would you say if you were in their position? Even if it is the fifth-biggest economy in the world — I understand their financial importance — this will still be very painful for the UK,” he said. “They are bluffing. If you were in their position you would say the same. ‘It will all be fine, it will be fantastic, you will see’.”
>“No, no, no, no,” he said, wagging his finger.
>European leaders would not “send Britain to hell as soon as possible”, Mr Fico said. “We are patient. We are fine because we know what we want,” he added. “The question is whether Britons know what they want? That is the mystery. Is it an issue of unpreparedness? Or tactics? It seems to me like unpreparedness. They are still in shock.”

People that've never had a fight in their life really are useless in the upcoming race war, we don't have guns so sort your fucking life out and get used to the feeling of having a broken nose.

Seem like you're projecting insecurities here bud, don't worry if you're as skinny as a pipe cleaner and as moist as a damp rag, man made natural selection will eventually take you.

Let's drop this notion that having a punch up outside the pub/inn whenever possible hasn't been an anglo tradition for centuries.

Or that teenagers having fights every week isn't a normal thing.

Let'd drop the notion that just by mentioning the word gangster I seem to think they're cool, I don't, nice people to pesonally know but clearly degenerate, doesn't change the fact that I grew up around them, they were prominent enough to have the most screen time talking in the Range Rover murder documentary (BBC?), one of the most notorious gangland murders in modern British history, look them up, "The Blundells".

Kek, Sweden calling anyone Tyrone.


Attacking fellow whites and ignoring the overtly criminal niggers and Pakis. I fucking hate my country

Top kek.

Europeans are worse than niggers when it comes to WE WUZ. You guys are the slave of a non-white nation and you know it. So much for you guys being the master race.

It's pretty rude not to speak the native language when in public desu.

Pick up and go and live in polish ghetto and see how civilized they are then lad.

You are a gay

Some new War of the Worlds pasta right there

>fellow whites

Whites live in 1st world nations, not in 3rd world shitholes. Nice try, Jacek lmao

Hmm...well memed...Mr....Molotov.

If minorities are mistakenly being classified as white by the US criminal justice system, does that mean that the white crime rate is actually lower than reported in statistics, and higher for minorities?


Enjoying those rapefugees?


i'm seriously at the point of hating anglos if i ever see one of you fuckers in warsaw's old town i will bash yer 'ead in


They're there to undercut British workers and drive down wages, and leech wealth out of the country in the form of remittances sent home. It must stop.

You sound like a Mongolian.

How does that image you posted look in widescreen?

no you dont basement dweller, you should get a room with

>Enjoying those rapefugees?

Are you? :^)

Telford is a fucking shit hole. There aren't many Ahmeds there or in Shropshire in general, so the degenerates have to make do with Bartosz and friends.

>le below 50% white European may may youtube.com/watch?v=PtIi8QR5Mzs

Looks like we need to send military bydło this time


Make a topic about it, this topic is about you, so act like a man and take responsibility.

Let's put the scenario this way.

You have niggers and you have Mexicans coming into your country daily right. Mexicans work hard but there numbers are massive and a load of them commit crime. Niggers population isn't so big but they cause a lot of crime (proportionate to their number). Would you rather have one or the other or neither?

See I would rather have neither, I'd rather have a message sent to both groups that you fucking speak English, you fucking learn to assimilate and behave. If that means in your scenario that a Mexican gets stabbed (despite that Mexican being lighter skinned) do you really think there's a problem with that?

A group of El Taco's in a gang together speaking Mexican in your town? Throwing their alcohol can on the floor? Kicking things, shouting etc?

Because that's how some of the Polish act here and they deserve a fucking hiding. Simple as that really.

I actually spoke to a Polish girl at uni who said the only cashier that was every friendly to her at the supermarket was a young poo


All these things "described" by Europeans. Actually fucking built by Americans.

Throwing a "plane" 300 meters isn't flying either you Frenchfucks.

Stop referring to traitors that left Poland because of gibs as Poles, they are just gutter scum with no spine. You can kill them all if you wish.


>I'd rather have a message sent to both groups that you fucking speak English

You should include Americans in that too :^)

Triggered? :^)

Why aren't you doing this with Muslims as well?

Look polish shouldn't be in Britain either but when the fuck are you gonna start killing some muzzie rats?

I'd say for the amount of polish you killed you should be burning down a mosque full of rats. Bonus points if they die with their asses still in the air

All non-Brits GET THE FUCK OUT


Please be bait, no one can this stupid.

This is the future of the UK. Violent uneducated retards.

We are pretty good with improvised weapons senpai. The SAS can kill someone with a rolled up newspaper.

We'll be fighting with sticks and rocks if we have to.

I know several Polish lads, white, hard working, hate goatfuckers and are hilariously racist, what's not to like?

Who you rather have a a neighbour, a hard working pole or a backwards muslim/isis supporter

I love spam. youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE

Europeans hate Jews and love Muslims. Top kek.

If being white is so great and the USA is so shitskined, why are we the world's sole superpower? Why are you guys literally our colony?

hans hates on poles while muhammed is in his room fucking his wife

right now, but they are acting so retarded that's it's only matter of time before we reopen work camps for them.

No, people are making claims ITT that no pakis get attacked, they are getting attacked and have been attacked. Worse than Poles and they deserve it.

So this myth that pakis aren't being attacked? It dies in this thread. It dies immediately, so no I'm not making a new thread, I'm doing it here because the same people that post here lurk these threads constantly, posting the same shit over and over again.

You keep posting Khan? Khan is a faggot enabling cunt with no power, London has two mayors you idiot.


>You live like rats in studio apartments while work for

Pępę will save us

There is nothing wrong with appreciating a good penis :^)

>implying germany isn't a 3rd world shithole. Your average city is much more dangerous than the worst district of our worst city. Also enjoy your thought police.
We don't want them to come back. I think we need to build a wall on our western border.



show me an aggressive Polish community

I'm a Brit


t. Ahmed Baghdadi

I'd rather have an Englishman. An impossibility in 2016 it seems.

>my life was shit
>look it was soooo shit much more shit than yours
>you jelly?

Neither. My neighbours are all English.

>show me an aggressive Polish community

The Guild of Toilet Scrubbers Extraordinaire? :^)

Violence? I wouldn't expect anything more from a Pole.

>A huge amount of foreigners move into your country lower your wages,living standard and increase the crime rate
>some people get pissed off
>wahh wahh we dindu nuffin
Fucking white niggers.

Pay reparations nao

Or else

do ya want me to dwell your basement cheescuck?

Fucking roach detected.

>Doesn't even deny that his countrymen love Muslims

Your Ahmed is showing.

>Heheh good kuffar! Focus on the Poles whilst we take your children into our cars and houses.

Ugh I know right. Every punch, stab or bullet Britcucks waste on poles and slavs could have been used on niggers and mudslimes. This is a fucking travesty.

I'll take Grzegorz and his family over a herd of goat fuckers all day.

>My neighbours are all English.

Then your neighborhood counts about 5 teeth in total :^)

>17 posts by this ID

Did you get cucked by a Pole?

>I think we need to build a wall on our western border


death to eu diaspora

yeah knife to the throat isn't nigger tier

Everybody needs to go back

>Poles in England back to Poland
>Brits in Spain back to Britain
>Mexicans in USA back to Mexico
>Albertans in British Columbia back to Alberta

And most importantly

>Muslims in western countries need to fuck off back to the desert

this is so great; truly, the future of the empire is bright

>polish aphrodisiac
Why so cruel, I though you were past that phase

Because you killed the one guy who could have stoped them and cut their power and nation wrecking influence, WHEN you were still 90% white European.

>not anymore

>be polish
>be bullied by every single european country that ever existed


Germans have worse teeth than Brits though.

Hey guys, remember how there Germany insisted on putting a moratorium on freedom of movement right after Poland joined the EU because we feared they'd flood us?

But the moment 1 million muslims knocked on our doors we let them all in no questions asked?


Ahahahahahaha you are sperging, mate.

Spazztastic :-)

>Because you killed the one guy who could have stoped them and cut their power and nation wrecking influence,

We didn't. The USSR did, you retard.

And we declared war on Japan--Hitler declared war on us soon after. You don't even know your own history.

By using that as an insult, you insinuate that YOU'RE educated, so humour me.

Why is violence a bad thing, and in your mind, inherently tied to being uneducated?

Especially in the climate we live in where our superior culture is being eroded from the inside out?

How else will we stop it if the government refuses to cooperate?

Second question, what about the post gave you the "uneducated" conclusion, all I did was relay a brief blurb containing fractions of my life relevant to the conversation at hand?

Typos maybe? Everyone deals with that sometimes.

Not once did I mention my level of education or put forth an opinion that could be criticised as logically unfounded.

Oh, maybe you just Jedi Mind Tricked me and I bit the bait, congratulations.

It's just bantz, Jacek

We do you fucking leaf.

>Gherkins with a sunday roast
Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my country?

For what?


Killed an Italian woman in the UK (LOL)


There's more if you want, other Eastern Europeans do this shit too.

And we're not allowed to attack you back? Wrong..

>12 year olds


MIT (UK) top kek

>It's the gay German left winger
just fuck off.

What's funny is how easily we're divided

top kek, I will remember that the next time memorial day comes up

It is a good sign, unless Germans have developed the ability to grow new teeth at will to replenish all your decayed ones.

I see I've humiliated you before :^)

Long story involving muslims, pm me.

You have to go back Thomasz Beresinski.

not for invaders

There's a lot of Poles where I live, they have integrated perfectly.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that you are a slimey little Paki playing divide and conquer.

Poles help Nationalist Action fight Antifa and other left wing degenerates.

>The Polish arrived. Never in my life have I witnessed an entrance like that. We were stood on the steps and saw a black mass from the left hand side running round a corner, they were letting off smoke bombs to cover their advance. I looked at someone and said "That's the fucking Polish lads" Next thing I know the reds are running at them whilst we was pinned up on the steps. The Poles threw 2 flash bangs and then 2 flares and then just charged at the reds. About 50 Polish steaming into and splitting easily 250 reds like skittles will stick with me forever. It was beautiful.

Poles are our allies. You are a child raping little inbred paki cunt who needs his nose bitten off

poles will be avenged see you soon brits

>taking the bait on Cred Forums

Oh shit nigger what are you doing?

Turn your proxy off Thomasz.

For some reasons all your 12 year olds end up on the Jeremy Kyle show flashing their beautiful, beautiful smiles.

Now go brush your teeth :^)

>I'd rather have an Englishman.
Lefty cuck who would call police reading your racist tweet would be great

No you're just cringeworthy

go away you don't belong here degenerate

>What's funny is how easily we're divided

YOU left US :(


No, you're just a faggot and an annoyance.

It is not even 9 o'clock, I brush them before I go to bed.

>Implying you're getting in.

Thanks for my (You) :^)

wouldn't an immigrant be more likely?

My life was fine, unorthodox but I enjoyed every minute.

Had a pretty caring Anglo-Aryan mother while she was there.

In what life as a 15 year old kid is any of this shit not seen as "cool" by your peers (it's stupid but we're all stupid as teenagers), maybe you just ran with the goth circle and couldn't handle the fist banter?


wew lad we joined as a trade agreement

How the fuck do you distinguish a pole from a normal british man?

Poles dress like it is still the 1990s for some reason.

>Anglo-Aryan mother

A mono-toothed harpy with terrible breath? :^)


Another foul Brexiteer extremist terror attack. When will this madness end?

Shhh, Ahmed, do not tell the kuffar.

Let him sperg more.

Can't we just be friends? There were some good times too!

They wear tracksuits and don't speak English.

They should all be outside the country and the Poles with them. This is anglo land for anglo people. There's nothing for you here.

See I can spot Eastern Europeans from a mile off.

Poles are scum though, barely better than Muslims. I never saw an immigrant Pole who is not a criminal in one way or another.

>world's sole superpower

China is pretty close to your GDP right now

Waltham Forest is the home of the Unite Against Fascism group.

Newham and Caliphate Haramlets need to be nuked.

Poles in britain should go to germany. It's a lost cause anyway. We don't want them here. Maybe they will even become useful and kill some shitskins or roaches.

not an argument

are you being retarded on purpose? you better not be

> there are British criminals
> so I can kill random British citizens
> "I attack back"

I know you Germans are and were as peaceful as lambs

>stabbed in the neck
>with a bottle
>because they can't own knives

Will Brits attack Muslims ??

I know you guys like to meme, but unless you pay exact attention you usually don't notice the difference. During my studies I decided to not tell anyone and everyone assumed I was Dutch (ambiguous first name) and treated me as such. Only when I told them they all suddenly started to notice that I look Polish

t. born & raised in NL

lmao noice :^)

Put Enfield and Haringey in, too.

Maybe they are nostalgic? The 90s kids were objectively more happy.

Definitely, if the EU collapses

What the hell is a Luxem(((bourg)))


Don't speak English, wear tracksuits, hang outside building sites drunk.

I could go on.

A Pole talking sense.

And no one will pay you any attention, they'll just keep spouting the same shit over and over and over because it makes them feel better about the sorry state of their own nations.

>I know you Germans are and were as peaceful as lambs

We are and always have been an enlightened and peaceful people :^)

Weren't the 1990s shit in Poland?

yeah I still remember that


You don't get the point do you? Your precious little "dindu nuffin wronk" Poles are not all innocent, you deserve a good beating now and again to teach you some fucking respect.

Consider my pic related

Read the thread fuck face.

Poles are worse than blacks in every way, but muslims are worse than polacks

When you're alpha as fuck like me you just eat the fisherman alive.

Shit lad, my testosterone has evolved.

Show something what can be respected first.

You do not have anything left.