Why are Drumpf supporters so delusional?

Drumpf doesn't stand a chance all the polls point to a Hillary win she may even flip Arizona and Georgia and you think Donald Drumpf stands a chance????



Golly gee you sure convinced me, consider my record corrected xD

Trump is up in the polls, and the debates haven't even started yet.

Also, even if Trump doesn't win, we still need to support him and get his policies into the mainstream. Are you suggested we should just roll-over and let the Clinton Dynasty have total control?

Keep supporting a woman who supports globalist free trade, /leftypol/, LMAO.

found OP

>all nu-males except first image of second row

Gee, I wonder why

Thanks for Correcting The Record !

You're losing now CTR. Now we're America, Kikes hahahah.

>Make donald drumpf again
these bottomfeeder liberals are so fucking unfunny it kills me

You know that image isn't contradictory right?

calling it now:
this thread will reach 300 replies


Coordinated terror attacks yesterday.
Foreign virus spreading through Florida and elsewhere, which could have been prevented through border controls.
Race riots every month or so.

These are the reasons people are going to vote for Trump.

well that's why you always sage ctr threads don't know how many of these aspies forget

I feel an incredible amount of schadenfruede thinking about these """""guys""""" reactions when Don wins

>economic migrants
>good for anything but stagnating wages
Just look at Germany, you idiot.



Why are liberals so fucking terrible at meme warfare?

well alot of it is that they just got so used to using forced normie memes though the msm. they have no experience with true memetics

They merely adopted the memes

I thought that you were supposed to use false statements when making these strawman images, OP.

everything that redneck is saying is true

>flip Arizona
Only if there is some serious rigging shenanigans, mate.

we were born in it

Have leftists always been unfunny? I suppose when what you are allowed to say is so heavily moderated it stifles creativity somewhat.

The only opposition in AZ was paid by Soros. You need a form of identification to vote here so illegals blown the fuck out eternally every election.