Hmmmm really maeks you think

Apple gets fined 14 billion USD

Just a few weeks later...
Deutsche Bank gets fined, coincidentally, 14 BILLION


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It's always justa pure and simple coincidence, you'd have to be a pure conspiracy theorist to believe it. Nevermind that no one can actually explain WHY there is a fine in the first place.

>European court doesnt verdicts in favour of apple on the Samsung Galaxy controversy
>USA VW scandal happens immediately after
>EU fines apple
>US fines DB

It is financial banter m8

But why can't yuros handle the banter??

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>Deutsche Bank

they're going down, closed at -8% on Friday, should be terrible on Monday, this will be the happening we've all been waiting for, 60 trillion in derivative exposures

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What do you think is gonna happen when they fail? is Europe kill?

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More like
> US fucks over VW
> EU fucks over Apple in return
> Now murricunts like the butthurt babies they are unable to comprehend that someone stood up to their bullshit fucks over DB

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More like
>USA threatens to destroy euro economy via DB

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Because Germany is in charge of the EU

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I can't tell who is worse, the EU or Apple. If they could both be burned down that would be great.

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Though I'm more interested in proxy wars because they're easier to read

If DB falls so does your economy too.
Or are you retarded enough the 50 trillion $ derivatives are exclusively in the european market?

*retarded enough to believe

So hard to pick sides when a government extorts money from a multinational

It was easier when it was government vs government

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Eh, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the whole eurozone all had crises and none of them cause a recession in the US.

Look up US GDP based on international trade, it's hilariously small.

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Yeah sure lets assume they just have 20% in the US thats still 10 trillion.
More than fucking enough to kill a few big companies and a few middle size ones in the blink of an eye.
And no, there was never a crisis that would come close to DB collapsing(reminder outside of JP Morgan there is no other other bank that has as much derivatives as DB).

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>10 trillion

regardless, take a look at the impact of the yourpoor crisis on the US economy.

I seriously doubt we'll have much of a problem.

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It isn't a coincidence, but it isn't a fucking conspiracy

let me lay it out for you

>Come the 2008 financial crisis, the US DoJ witch hunt begins
>The vast majority of US banks manage to bargain out or bail out, the ones that don't just fail, like Lehman brothers
>European banks aren't quite so lucky, primary among them the largest bank in EU at time, Deutsche bank
>DOJ spins up a case against Deutsche, but turns out they're in pretty deep financial shit at home with looming Eurozone Crisis, so DoJ bargains with EC and backs off
>Fast forward a few years
>Ireland has been giving tax breaks to major International corporations to attract tech sector jobs to the country. they've acutally been fairly successful
> These tax breaks prevent other EU countries from attracting tech jobs as effectively (supposedly)
>Countries go whine to mother merkel and the EC
>Countries bring suit against Ireland to force them to change tax policy, and levy tax fine agaist Apple for "Unpaid taxes"
>US DoJ get revenge by reopening case against Deutsche Bank

so not a conspiracy. that's all pretty much public knowledge.

This is different from a bank having invested a metric fuckton in the US market.
If you think someone desperatly pulling several trillions out of your market dosent affect you in any way you are clearly delusions.

>10 Trillion
To be honest this number is very likely a low ballpark estimation. Its very likely that they put even more into the us market as it is generally the market to invest.


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>10 trillion
>USA gdp is almost 17 Trillion

The 2008 collpase INSIDE the USA caused a loss of ~0.3 trillion. You seriously think a collapse a continent away will be 30x the cost of one inside our country??

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Imagine JP Morgan collapsing.
Thats the ballpark DB plays in (but DB dosent really have the backup money JP has).

Reminder that DB still owns a fuckton of your rotten MBS from your 2008 crisis that they didnt trash(just like alot of other europeans banks unlike your american banks), which also softened the impact of the crisis.

>Imagine JP Morgan collapsing.
Thank god.

We had Bear Sterns, Goldman, and a half dozen others collapse and we were just fine.

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Goldman "collapsed"? eh? They seems to be still around...


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