Re-colonizing Africa wouldn't be a bad idea nor as impossible as many people would think

Re-colonizing Africa wouldn't be a bad idea nor as impossible as many people would think.

>Great admiration for white countries/whiteness
>Black women would trust and follow any white man over any black man
>Still plenty of natural raw resources awaiting to be exploited

The trick to avoid the doom that fell over south africa, is quite simple: Impregnate as many black women as possible!

So why don't we form the Western Africa Cred Forumsack Company already?

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I'm a white nationalist with a black women fetish.

I'd personally repopulate the continent with mullattos.

After the chinks get done with them they'll be begging for white countries to come back but they won't have anything left to offer.

I have a slave fetish
The idea of owning a hot slave simply cksjdfndjfsnkfad

Yeah having a girl to call my little nigger while I hold her down would be p hot

especially the way their titties sag



God bless, fellas.

You're not a white nationalist then, retard.
Gas yourself now.

Thomas Jefferson was one of the founders of this nation and he loved black women.

All of you racemixing degenerates should gas yourselves.

He also said "all people are created equal." He was the down syndrome kid of the founding fathers.

Racism is old hat, my guy.

Yes he did had a entire second family

semon demon nigger got me diamonds

>People's lives
>old hat
You really should gas yourself, faggot.

Praise the lord.

People. Not niggers, obviously.

Niggers have the best butts!

Don't they and lips

>negress wears confederate colours

does that mean she supports being a sex slave for a middle-aged middle-class white man?

I like you now El Salvador.

Admit it pal, you're scared of black women because you wouldn't know how to handle one


>t. mexican intellectual
>You must be this civilized to ride the roller coaster

Is this bitch staining wood?
This pic makes no sense.

>posting at the daily niggress appreciation thread as the world's biggest interracial fuckup of a country
Feels good man

>Tfw no

Hi there!

You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of Cred Forums are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!

Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

Yeah I suppose you're right, I don't know how anyone on this board can be considered as people.


i would love to rape a ethiopian girl
once i nut inside i then whisper in her ear "heres your upgrade"

keep posting these demons


dont get me wrong

some niggresses can be tier 1 desu

>I unironically post on /po/

I even find pic related hot

Still nice
> inb4 white girls have smaller asses

You're all absolutely disgusting.
Kill yourselves

I like mine a little darker user

Nothing wrong with fucking a nigger bitch

>i would love to rape a ethiopian girl
>Ethiopians are christians

>The trick to avoid the doom that fell over south africa, is quite simple: Impregnate as many black women as possible!
No, it's to Shoah as many blacks as possible.

I see that.

kike on a stick worshipers deserve to get raped

That's a little weird, but whatever works for you.

We so>89368837▶
uld sink all of Africa and extract natural resources from bottom of ocean afterwards. It's much easier to deal with.

I kinda feel sorry for that small-ass norwegian girl. It's like a pony standing next to a pure breed mare.

>Be a white nationalist.
>Hate niggers.
>Love nigresses.
I got the downs!
I can't help loving them black girls.

> Brazil
I take it back, i forgot about monkey Brazil.

This thread is going to the "Cred Forums hypocrisy" segment of my meme folder

Same. Think I might chat one up at the train station tomorrow. She's been mirin me.

It's that kind of thread I see.

Just like their male counter parts they are animals and fuck like animals which gets whitey off.

If you wanna get good at sex get a fit nigger girl

>I got the downs!

You mean you got a dick.

m8 there was one working down the local chippy a few weeks ago. I don't normally go full-autist around girls but she just did it for me. Looked like Sheva from RE5.

>you will never go on safari and be captured by a small tribe who thinks your whiteness makes you holy and keeps you captive forcing you to impregnate every woman in the tribe with your half-white babies

It's all I want ;_;

They are just perfect

>tfw you'll never hold her hand while walking next to each other, buying bananas at the supermarket
Why even live

Black women will do anything for their white daddies.

Why are they so perfect?

in reality they will kill your half white sons and sell your half white daughters

Fuck off Muhammad. Ethiopians are more white than you'll ever be you fucking shitskin scum. I hope Germany dies in a fire. You fuckers did nothing good but hitler and in the end he just makes us look bad. The 3rd reich was a mistake and so were you.

What do I care? I just want a bunch of African snusnu.


You're the poster-country for racist owners fucking their negress slaves.

That's my wife, Bria Myles.

Any oil drillers here?

And to all of yoi 'muh racial purity' types, every mixed child is a a diluted black person. Each passing generation will become whiter and whiter.


Mulattos are still better than purebred nignogs I suppose. I'd rather just artificially inseminate rather than actually fuck them though, black chicks are just gross 2bh.

>inb4 some degenerate spams me with black chicks

just for that i will make sure to rape two of them

Nah the one I've seen is proper black, not brown and has a weird sort of French look about her, but in a good way. Nice arse and legs too.

I can't get over how black she is, pretty good desu.

Damn, it's getting THICK in here.

So Cred Forums, which shade of chocolate is your favorite ?
White chocolate for me.

Would love to make her my waifu

So much FAPPAN

Divorce rates are low just because white men desperate enough to marry a black woman are too cucked to file for divorce when their wife inevitably cheats with the BBC.

>I can't get over how black she is, pretty good desu.

They look like they'd taste like chocolate. I just want to lick every inch of their bodies.

i bet you like to dress your house animals and then fuck them

That's disgusting
This thread is disgusting and everyone here needs to placed in an oven. Niggers are disgusting. Racemixing is wrong and destroys cultures and value. Abominations are nigger brown, have disgusting hair, and are disgusting people.

Darker the better with white facial features.


not one single girl you nigger lovers have posted is even slightly attractive


You are a fucking nigger and really need to be fucking gutted. Mulattos are fucking abominations. What fucking sewer of a cunt did you slide out of nigger.

No evidence just muh dick nice man nice

Typical scumbag Muslim goes to rape. You fuckers really are animals.

Cute black girls add me on Jewbook a lot for some reason. They say I'm cute.
I talk to a South African 17 year old all the time, but the African American/Mexican 19 year old had massive titties. The SA girl is kind of a prude and won't send me any nudes but she's T H I C C as fuck.

>Any oil drillers here?
what do you think?

i've been waiting on a picture worth saving ITT

literally can't save one

nigger lovers are disgusting

Whatever fags.

Nigger pussy smells so bad. Bet none of you have fucked a nigger. I have , two different ones. Pussy smelled absolutely terrible . Fuck you faggots.

>Black women would trust and follow any white man over any black man

I'm black and you have NO idea how much shit i've talked on whites with the many black girls I know. Black girls like black men wayyyy more than whites. They just like the bullshit of some of those black guys in the hood but they still crave us more, as they should.

I'm a happy oil driller

>buying bananas at the supermarket

Fuck off chaim with your kike lies. Black women hate nigger males.

they all have man faces.

Niggers and their genes could be used for good if we simply apply some eugenics.

Kill all the boys but leave the girls and use them as cum dumpsters. Do this for a couple of generations and youve cleaned up their gene pool

*don't like

I literally can't get it up for these animals. My DNA knows better.

You should also note this.

My theory is that the
>muh dick
Rape culture that is prevalent in Africa led to women being more intelligent (they did the work, as their lazy men only fought and raped), and that their form was better because the choice was made by
>muh dick
>muh money and prestige from that family

fuck off.

I love the way women from French-African nations talk. The accent gives me an adamantium erection.

Just for that i will play the Canadian Anthem on my phone when i rape them

80 percent of darkies are obese and high blood pressure and diabetes are like the only things that kill niggers more than themselves.

>Impregnate as many black women as possible

Jesus you fucks never give this shit tactic up do you?
at least 20 a day minimum huh?

Fucking a black girl is fine
but impregnating one? raising a half-breed 90 iq chimp? Fuck off.

No they don't user. Not even close but hey I talk to dozens of black women and not 1-3, what do I know?

I can get it up for some of the black hotties, but then I remember what fauna probably lives between their legs and it quickly goes down again.

Did you read what you just wrote? You are a disgusting nigger and will burn with them.

If you have a white woman and breed mulattoes with black women, but you don't care for the mulattoes, at least you're fixing black genes a bit.

The best part about Nigress threads on Cred Forums is they draw out the autists like a light attracts moths.
>People taking Cred Forums memes seriously.
>People thinking we actually care on an individual level about race mixing.
>People actually being this autistic.

i would fuck this one. Then id leave their sub human continent and let the white genes slowly spread


The problem with your pic is the lack of hair, I don't even mind the fizzy sort of hair black women usually have but having no hair is a bit too extreme.

You don't have to raise it, just inject your genes and leave. Eventually they will be fixed.


so this is now a thread of niggers lovers? fucking hypocrites, get the fuck out

>I just want a bunch of African snusnu.
Didn't realized you were this based burgerbro.

Black women really run that extra mile that white women normally wouldn't, because they take their superiority for granted

>Re-colonizing Africa wouldn't be a bad idea nor as impossible as many people would think.
It is already colonized.
They are just allowed to pretend they run themselves. Everything of value in africa falls right into the pockets of rich white neo-liberal capitalists and jews.
All they have to do, is to make sure their vassals, aka presidents and warlords of Africa are well armed and equipped.
From there on out, they will plunder themselves and pass along the wealth to their overlords on their own.

>Did you read what you just wrote?

Whats the matter to real for you? Niggers will never be of any use due to their genetics so either kill them off for the greater good or uplift them forcefully

That chick is ugly as shit. Heres an actually hot black girl because the dudes ITT fuck w/ the nasty ones and not the top 10%.

This, absolutely this

This one looks like a fucking man

With your philosophy, the trick to avoid doom would be to wear 10-15 rubbers in Africa.

You fuck African nigresses, you gon get AIDS asshole!

Hello, Mohammed.

Have any of you really even fucked a black girl?

For one their pussies stink, badly.

Two, they have literally no emotion or empathy. FuckinG and sucking are like eating and shitting to them. There's no human connection whatsoever. It's absolutely primal and unhuman.

I've been with a few and it's like this every time.

You people make me sick. Fucking animal lovers.

I love bald black women. They can pull off the look.

You can pull off the I just shot your race mixing ass in the head look I bet. Fucking faggot.


>thinking the black girl looks better

ill admit you posted a good looking one, but even average white girls are better than 99% of the nig nogs

She's so perfect


I have also fucked a black girl and I can say what you state did not happen in my event. It was a very passionate affair and she swallowed my load so I guess I helped to feed Africa.

The only realistic way the whites could eliminate the brown hoards is to fuck them out of existence.

You aren't shooting shit you limp-wristed fag. I can't wait for the day of the rope, because your pansy ass is going to do nothing at all.



Skinny black girls are aight. "THICC" ones make me nauseas and are absolutely disgusting.

Good at least you had fun muhammad.

>Fuck off chaim with your kike lies. Black women hate nigger males

Not according to statistics. Memes aside the most common types of marriage are marriage between partners of the same race. This applies to all races, something like above 90% of marriages are same race marriages.

I'd execute you right now you nigger loving faggot.

Isn't that what they did in Argentina and Brazil?

>shit tier cumskin whore

>For one their pussies stink, badly.
>Two, they have literally no emotion or empathy.
because they DON"T like you. You're just a dildo to them. Theres no actual meaning to it. Black people don't like whites. I know this for a fact, this includes our women as well. They don't crave you, they by and large hate you. Sex is just sex. I don't care about the white girls I fuck, I just fuck them.

because you are probably an animal too

>a girl
>on Cred Forums

tits or gtfo

I'm a white Yorkshire lad you mad cunt. Enjoy your gay Hispanics.

Nothing gets my dick as hard as the thought of impregnating African goddesses.

Nah they are disgusting and their pussies smell. They are fucking animals. Every white girl I am with its fucking great. Nigger lover you will die.

Hispanic chick's are cool. Fucked an El Salvadoran chick also she was a lot of fun. Keep swimming in aids pussy muhammad.

White genes don't mean white culture.

Great bait mate, I rate it 8/8.

Half of them have herpes:

t. Virgin

Black chicks like this are hot.

A hot nigresses thread without ME ?!
the audacity !


Yet you fuck an El Salvadorian? Enjoy having Zika-infested rat-head babies.

All white people ever wanted to do was help black people but then they got mad because they weren't immediately made KANGS :(


with white genes comes white intelligence. after a few generations of whites fucking blacks their kids might be able to start the bronze age in Africa

>this thread
Cred Forums is the weirdest fucking place on the internet

that's the best you could do? do you really think yours wins?

I would date a cute black girl if given the opportunity desu


Because blacks aren'tfinished evolving from ape yet. We are. Why take an enormous leap in the ring direction?

>Bring all the blacks back to Africa.
>Build a giant wall around it (collectively paid for by every fully evolved human nation).
>Let them finish evolving or die trying.

Only blacks like Ben Carson who actually contribute to society in a morally meaningful way should be allowed to stay.

>We aren't racist, but we do need to embrace elitism.

No she DOES look better. I actually fuck with hot chicks regardless of race unlike everyone else here. My standards for attractive are very high. You dont even know what good looking white girls look like.
>pic related

Thats an actually attractive white girl. Yours is disgusting or hot for betas.

every white man deserves a black gf

And now a personal favourite of mine


Wtf is this post even

Keep thinking that while I fuck qt white chick's and you fuck aids monsters. You will die very soon.

That only works for a couple of decades.

After that the few left start to reproduce and outbreed non-mestizos.

Add in open borders and you've got a jew's dream come true.


Aren't chinks colonizing africa. Animals fucking animals, it doesn't affect us humans, so I don't give a fuck.

Rofl nice sjw cunt there you beta fuck

These posts just gave me a bad case of jungle fever,


>gauged ears and facial piercings


Black women are the achilles heel of the white man.

>Red Hair
>Green Eyes
rare genes = beauty

holy shit, that white girl is ugly.

jesus fucking christ your tastes are horrid, nigger.

Once I make enough money I'm going to organize a group of not nigger whites and chimps like you are going to burn in an oven after you've finished raping yourselves.


I didn't know that other Argies posted in here too.

They'll have no mercy compared to whites.

i would that nazi black girl

Could someone photoshop a black girl white? Preferably naked

Sweden yes, holy shit I wonder how many dicks she's broken with that ass, those hips and legs goddamn

>tfw this is easily the hottest girl posted here
>tfw it has no recognition

Where were you when Cred Forums fell for the racemixing jew?


>dyed hair
>lip piercing
>problem glasses

The ones you get yea. I unlike you can actually have the best of each race.

The difference between you and I is that if I was w/ a girl and her pussy smelled I would just leave, call another girl, and not fuck her because i'm better than that but you're a normie and settle for whatever trash is flung at your face.

obongo daughter?


she is married to a white guy, I don't think that she could be a whore. especially since she must have married at a young age (she looks young to me).

I love pol

>implying you wouldn't

"world politics should cater to my fetishes" the thread

Nope I left and never touched a nigger again. Unlike you I have standards and don't need to fuck animals. Enjoy aids you weak beta bitch.


>ugly limp wristed nigger LARPing as alpha

fuck off peabrain, nobody wants to read your shit opinions

You know how I know you're gay?

K.E.K. Lol ok, shes ugly, you got me

its a stupid idea. your land will be taken by the government of what ever country you move to eventually.

the blacks will riot when you have to much control over whats going on as far as they are concerned as they did in south africa

we are sending black people to africa why would we go with them?

How do you feel about having a disgusting chimp skull and grapefruit sized brain?

Butterface faveladas

check it out famalam

Don't project. Not everyone is used to seeing niggers everywhere all the time like you.
I don't find them attractive at all.

What a horribly brown nigger

damn, that bitch is BLACK.

Even brown women look at her and say "DAMN YOU BLACK."

Can't really say, since I have neither of those, here's some more mutts for you boy.

You get sky in Brazil?


Yup, even in favelas like pic related,

so basically the continent of africa would be repopulated by white dudes with slave girl fetishes...

i sense a new golden era upon us boys...

Haven't you ever heard the saying "you can take the girl out the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out the girl?"

People have tried this already, anyway. If they don't kill you for being white, they'll kill the kid for not being black. They even cannibalise albinos. You really don't get it, do you?

Also this is what happens when your race has too much testosterone
xhamster movies/6310021/bbw_plays_with_her_superclit_send_to_me_facebook_inbox.html

>Unlike you I have standards and don't need to fuck animals
Thats why you went back for seconds? Lol, fuck outta here.
>Enjoy aids
I wont because unlike you rotting hooker snatch doesn't quite do it for me but hey one mans trash is another mans treasure. Enjoy those disgusting black girls, consider them on the house faggot.




a little reading material for you idiots after you finish masturbating

I can't imagine how many diseases that favela whore must have.

She's not ugly, there are just so many warning signals there shouting ALART ALART DO NOT BENIS

I fucked this nasty sjw bitch once I am ashamed

She does nude modelling now , kek.


> nobody wants to read your shit opinions

Baby's first time on Cred Forums?

Back to Cred Forums you easily triggered sub human. Enjoy those nigger aids.


Fucking Yanks...


The chinese are already cucking african men.


You're so easy to fuck with you pathetic little shrimp dick animal fucking sperg.

Yes. The other white girl is a low 7, the black one is an 8.




Ya on your retarded scale because your mind is infected with Zika from all the disgusting refugee pussy you smash you big stupid faggot.

now post some local trannies

CHINKED (cont.)

Right!??? That's fuckin beautiful.


Shes more attractive than the other one, thats my point. Shes obviously hotter.

You will fuck this nasty sjw pussy right now mister

OC coming thru

I remember those whores, they got fat.

Got to admit, i had to save this from a previous thread...

Personally when it comes to white girls and i'm not too into white girls but redheads when they're top are the most attractive type of white girls. They're very exotic looking, they outshine nordic blondes(2nd) and brunettes(3rd).


Stop posting this pic. It gives me jungle fever

Sounds like a great way to get AIDS.

Don't you guys have craigslist or backpage in Romania? I judge race/women by how much they charge.

>High class girls go for at least $250 an hour.
>They advertise "White guys only" (even most black hookers).
>They do not do "quickies" or half hour sessions.

Truthfully, 99% of them are white... delusional Asians charge a flat $200 per hour, capitalizing on anime fans, advertising with pics of hot young girls claiming to be Japanese, but what you actually get coming to the door will be an older dark skinned Thai or Korean skank who obviously has had a few children already (saggy tits, scars and stretch marks under the belly button, roast beef sandwich pussy lips, etc).

>Most black hookers do quickies (15 mins) for only $40-60, half hours for $80.
>You can talk them into just about anything by offering a little extra cash (the amount won't matter, so don't offer too much). They will literally let you video it and facial them for an extra $10).
>The only white girls charging that little and offering porn style services are the junkies.

White girls will always be the best. Trust me... I've tried them all.


We know you are into animals it's ok ya prune loving bitch.

I didn't know that Kenan Thompson started HRT

Pretty impressive how you were able to type that while watching your wife getting fucked, or did rainbow dash get fed up w/ your shit?

I would accept on the condition that the people of Africa cannot move to the nation that rules over them under any circumstances.

You should get a slave isn't too hard if you have enough money.


sup tyrone

Holy shit, that's a solid 9 in my book.

You're triggering me in my safespace.

China and Spain tried out breeding the Filipinos in the Philippines: it didn't really work. Now around one third to half of the population has some Hispanic or Chinese ancestry, but the Philippines is still Third-World country with no sign of improvement.

Awww little baby trying to bantz. I will drill a hole in the roof of your mouth so when I cum in it my cum will come out your fucking nose. You little coco butter loving Drake listening cuck.

Oh mein Gott...

>The trick to avoid the doom that fell over south africa, is quite simple: Impregnate as many black women as possible!
Highest level of retardation ever. South Africa is made up of blacks, colored, and whites, also some asian. Now there are many black tribes, zulu, xsosa etc. But what about majority africans speaking colored? They dont belong to any tribe and didnt even exist before white colonisation.

As a pure white alpha nationalist such as myself I would impregnate any attractive woman of any skin color or origin.

I know some of you fags will cry because muh one white wife 2 white kids, but in reality we need to be pumping any able womb full of white seed if we are to survive. I don't give a shit if they are half-breeds because at least half won't be garbage and darkness can be bred out of them given enough generations.

amazingly pretty face


Ya that eazy E hair is so hot. Fuck is wrong with you nigger ?



Is this girl loli or legal?

>Tfw Cred Forums tried to use her to show that race mixing is bad but instead I found a new waifu

>Her face when she's our big white cock

Good one, Croatia.

>Impregnate as many black women as possible!
In 1 year the colony will collapse because everything get AIDS and because the nigger clans traded their diamonds for some Soviet ak-47s to kill the white that is stealing their women.

Anyway, you need at least the support of a government to colonize them. You dont even need to conquer it by force, follow the jewish ways.
Make a loan to any corrupt african dictator, in the contract convince them to give compensation in land If they cant pay the debts. They wouldnt pay because they suck with money and you would have a good land that nobody can complain, not even the cucks from the UN.

Its especially good If the land is big and sparsely populated, but you need to have at least natives enough to work without payment.

disgusting.....are you looking at her lower half. WTF is wrong with that

like mongloid hips or some shit

This is how I would treat my loli nigger girl

I have.

No different at all.

She didn't shave her cunt, but otherwise she was pretty great


holy fuck

Like this one Pablo ?

Shes 18 of course

Everyone has exes they regret user, if fucking her was the worst you did then you're better off than half of us

She's hideous... you're both just shilling that Cred Forums is pro pedophilia shit. Nice try though. We can barely tell that's a weave!

Bullshit . White pussy smells way better. Obviously it's all up to the girl to take care of herself but blacks have a smell all to their own. Fucking race traitor you must pay also.

Yeah that should be the rule. Unfortunately with the current mindset of westerners, the nigger movement to ruler nations would be made even easier.

I'll take your mom out to dinner, make her pick up the check, take her home, bust in her cunt, and 9 months later have you wipe my kids ass in her basement( i.e. your mancave) while you dvr doctor who you little cuck faggot.

Just look at this Cred Forums
You literally can't call yourself a straight man if you would say no to pic related

>wouldn't be a bad idea
Because civilizing Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya worked out so well.

More faveladas who would gladly ride a white cock.

fuck off nigger
we're literally dying and you want us to sort out your shit for you?
grow the fuck up
also keep your fug """"""women"""""" to yourself, a nigger 10/10 still looks like a dog next to a white/Latina/Asian 6/10 on her bad day

She's only 3% African the rest is white and Asian.

Asians are better at growing head hair than whites.

If you're attracted to this then your brain isn't developed to deal with base impulses and you are literally no different from bacteria.

Black pussy is goat

Jesus christ this guy is such a cuck. I hope someone fucks his wife, spaffs on her face and takes a photo

no, more lewd

really pretty.

seriously. Could get lose in a gaze for days

What the fuck am I reading?

She was just a hook up not an ex but ty.

We need to kill all these nigger loves by impregnating their girls and their girls after that . I am not letting this stand.
That's completely uncalled for friend.


Sorry I don't like to fuck NFL players.

Tell me you got sauce on that THICCness

On a scale of 1 to 10, what are the chances of getting killed in the process of trying to get a favela gf, as a tourist?

Have some principals you beta

This one then ?


A A A A G G H H H !

Wow... the pancake tits, begging for attention hair, crazy tattoos and facial acne didn't scare you away, bro??

kek that chick looks like shit
get rid of the piercings, gauges, and glasses and she approaches average

What is the story behind this video? Was he trying to dance with her or attack her?

I'm 国保

You don't get to bring any men.