Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...

Now it looks as though they're here to stay

Is this supposed to be an argument?

really sad
on the bright side, this redpills normies

Yeah. Bernie was a sellout fraud and his thus want of his supporters have abandoned the kike.

Jeb Sanders

I want to feel bad for Bernie, but he brought this on himself. He gave up and endorsed the antithesis of his movement. I guess I'm happy that his rabid fanbase didn't end up falling for the move at least.

I might understand if he was threatened with the suicide by multiple gunshots to the back treatment, but I don't really think he is important enough to bother with that.

post em


Why even hold it in such a small area?


please clap

HIS WIFE was threatened if he does not play ball to support shilliary

Now that i think about it, didn't his rallies attract a shit ton of people as well?
How did he lose to Hillary?

Yeah, that cuck could have backed Johnson or Stein and possibly pushed them in to the debates.

Bullshit saying that it would hurt Clinton because he's probably whined about third parties not getting attention, he is Independent, and his supporters are most likely going third party.

cause they knew no one would show up.

He only got white supporters. Reddit was complaining that majority of blacks were voting for Clinton, even after all Sanders has done for them.

because lots of super delegate, even though not require to pledge or vote for hillary first, most pledge their vote to her, which makes her pass the magic number required for nomination first

Any proof of that? If so I do legitimately feel for the guy. Didn't agree with any of his policies but he didn't seem like a bad guy.

DNC was actively sabotaging his campaign behind the scenes, plus he never got strong support from blacks or hispanics.




>even after all Sanders has done for them.

Like keeping them out of his own Vermont

Bernie fucked his supporters over, why the hell would they show up for him now?

How far behind is turd sandwich in the polls btw?

Bernie is a complete failure at life. He hardly worked at all before he was 40, his first wife left him, and he lived in a dirt shack for years. For years he wrote shitty articles for $50 apiece. Even with his six-figure salary, he's still in credit card debt, and his idiot wife drove a school into bankruptcy.

Pic related is his "resume."

because blacks aren't very smart user, they voted for Obama

>not with a bang but a whimper

The DNC would have ruined his career if he hadn't endorsed Clinton. Give the guy a break.

Ruined his career for the whole few years he probably has left? He's not even a democrat anyway. He's a sellout.


that's the same size crowd hill is getting

Bernie was a one hit wonder, there was only a handful of demographics he could appeal to, hose numbers were either to small to begin with or voter participation rates so low that they don't matter. Basically only some radical elderly Jews and radical 20- something college kids. He had 15 minutes of fame after twenty something lackluster, un-noteworthy years in the Senate. For a brief few months he flew into the sky with millions of supporters but was quickly crushed by the DNC and lack of any broad appeal.After decades of being a nobody, he flew towards the sun for a brief moment, but alas flew to close and burned up and fell down back into obscurity.
Press F to pay respects to the failed, irrelevant Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

replace that with an economics 101 textbook, kek

Everyone knows he is going to Shill for Hillary and they hate her

T-b-h, he did not have much of a choice. He saw how those Democrats with damning evidence against Hilldog mysteriously shot themselves and cut themselves into little tiny pieces and then threw themselves into separate black garbage bags and he soon got the message what would happen to him should he not endorse her.

And its clearly effective against Sanders. Proof he was never going to be able to do anything about corruption anyway.

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