What happens if he's a shitty president?

What happens if he's a shitty president?

What happens if he's not?


Then we elect another one. Except this time we don't have to worry about an army of illiterate mexicans destroying the cultural fabric of the country and making it a permanent welfare state.

It's simple. He won't.

shills gonna shill.

two terms ez bro


>What happens
The happening happens

He won't be, but idiots will protest him, dems will move to block everything he does. Cant have actual progress when you run in empty promises of progress.

At the very worst, he may be unable to keep all the big promises he has made.

Either way we don't have Clinton baiting Putin in to ww3

We will meme public perception into accepting he's the best president in U.S. history.

Impossible. Democrats have set the bar too low.

GOP holds a primary to replace him in an effort to safe the party's hold of the executive branch.

Democrats find a hispanic bernie sanders to run against trump.

We won't get tired of winning

In terms of media+public opinion, what you might hear from
A mediocre Trump presidency;
"WOW TRUMP what a fool lol. Bet you're wishing for Hillary about now..."

A mediocre Hillary presidency;
"Well, clearly this is a better than any outcome we'd have with a bigoted supremacist racist as president."

I personally don't think Trump would be a great president, though not fuck-my-country-up-senpai bad. It's gonna be a "heads I win, tails you lose" relationship with the media for him regardless.

I'm not defending Obabo but that's exactly what happened to him.

Pretty much what happened with Reagan

Cant be worse than Hillary "I admire Merkel" Clinton

Trump is going to be a great president for America and the western world.

Look at his business and his family. That is how you evaluate how great a person is.

Trump will create an army of Doers with this mess of millenials. They secretly learn for a true leader. He approaches! The fire rises!

He can't be worse than Obongo.

No, what happened to Obama was the Democrat supermajority and their shitty attitude towards the American public (Pelosi's "we won" comment after they rammed through Obamacare against every objection from Republicans is the most prominent example) causing a huge public opinion swing in just two years. The Republicans that won a majority in the House in 2010 were elected specifically to oppose anymore bullshit from Obama.

Better than hillary stealing government secrets and auctioning them off to the highest bidder via a phony charity

Nothing, you can't unreck liberals

At the very least we get non leftist supreme court justices, and eternal butthurt from the leftists for losing. Gun rights remain as does some semblance of freedom and sovereignty.

The presidency isn't a gameshow or a real estate deal

Like he wouldn't do the same fuckin thing.
All of my keks

We pretend we never supported him and call him a jew

Hes not going to run through the Bilderberg agenda that Bush Clinton Bush Obama have been running all along. Hes an outsider. He could very well take over the US and do his own crazy batshit thing but its a lower lower risk than the guaranteed bullshit Hillary has in store.

Isn't that even better?
I mean, it will pissed off even more the liberal!

It's not the true goal?

He will be. I'm just here for the ride.

Not going to happen.

My only fear is the fact that as far as the economy and financial system are concerned, we're on borrowed time. There will most likely be some sort of bubble bursting within the next decade. And if that happens during Trump's presidency, they'll all use it to say Trump was horrible and ruined the economy. Regardless of how these things are usually triggered by events that happened years earlier (for example, how clinton's policies caused the subprime mortgage crisis, which was then blamed on GWB anyway even though he had nothing to do with it. )

The liberal butthurt of him winning will make up for anything he does or doesn't do.

We had the first black President set back race relations back 50+ years. If he even does slightly less damage than that, it's a win. He isn't exactly following a stellar Commander in Chief. Expectations are low. He started planning after Romney lost. He knew Obama would leave the country in the shitter and the time would be right for him to win in 2016.

Cred Forums pretends they supported Rand Paul all along


>What happens if he's a shitty president
You mean
>What if Congress and the establishment cock block everything he wants to do

literally nothing

>no political experience
>no connections
>most politicians either hate him or think he's unfit
>Putin likes him because he'll be a weak president in a crucial time
>known for his polemic, unfitting jokes and known for autistic sperg-outs and no-goes only leaders of 3rd world countries do
>people like him because he's anti-establishment, but if elected will turn into the establishment
>will most likely have to rely on a horde of advisors while being known to regularly ignoring them
Not saying that shillory is any better but Trump only knows how to market his own name and is a political newcomer. There's also a chance republicans will further stop supporting him when things start to go south.
Trump is smart but he thinks being POTUS is the same as being the CEO of the US. I predict shitty relationships with everyone but Russia, Turkey and Israel.

Still worth it for the mass suicides of leftists his inauguration will bring.

Still worth it for the liberal tears

You'll still have a big ol wall

>an army of illiterate mexicans destroying the cultural fabric of the country

Wow you really fell for the lies. Wanna buy a bridge?

then we post
>make america great again
everytime something bad happens and laugh at the burgers

Vote in a better man

Never a woman


Trololololo xD U GOT HIM GOOD LAL EBIN JAPPA, ELEGOGGLE, totally pranked him!!!

at least globalists will be purged from out politics

Yeah, but you'll still have Poodeau.

>I predict shitty relationships with everyone but Russia, Turkey and Israel
But that is ok. They are the most serious threats and without them there is no need to worry. At all



you have never been to california have you? well it is the first state where whites became a minority.. welcome to your future

he will be

Claim to have supported Bernie.


>My political opinions are based entirely on schadenfreude

He would still be a huge improvement over the treasonous piece of shit we have now.

>Implying he's gonna win the election

We blame anything but him.

fuck off shill

More epstein flights. That's what

mass suicides or war

t. Muhammed

25 trillion more in debt. No nato. More pedophilic putins. WW3. Armageddon. Man is probably an antichrist

i just want the world to end

>suicides of war
what did he mean by this?

Marion Lepenis is a coalburner

Wat. And what do you think he meant. Fat idiot

>implying the last 24 years haven't been shitty presidents

Who gives a shit. You aint seen nothing yet. There's a reason both parties chose their respective dingleberry candidates. Memberrrr?

Problem is that those countries are only cozying up to Trump because they know he's either weak in their eyes or they think he would sell the US in a heartbeat

>not basing your political opinions entirely on schadenfreude
The country's going to burn anyway, might as well watch some liberals commit suicide before we go

then we get 3-5 arch conservative scotus picks who want to end birthright citizenship and we set the left back 80 years

Mine are based on memes.

>(you) (you) (you)
(you) (you) (you)
>(you) (you) (you)
(you) (you) (you)

kys Ahmed

>Rand Paul
Please. #I'mwithJeb!

I hate you guys more than the blacks, tbqh.

When are you going to understand that fake nonjewish nonjudean synagogue of satan zionists rob you of freedom and make you think the Muslims are behind everything. Bibi owns you. You shit your pants. The right will never succeed because they're crybabby morons. We let you participate. Let me participate. You just murder people

Get CRANED ahmed

>The Republicans that won a majority in the House in 2010 were elected specifically to oppose anymore bullshit from Obama.
He didn't do anything during his first 2 years though. Whenever I hear people complain that its the fault of the republicans that he has been such a failure I just point that out to them and they usually stfu.

>What happens if he's a shitty president?


this is the most realistic option