Minnesota mall stabbing

>minnesota mall stabbing
>man shouts allah snackbar and guts 8 people
>police chief: "lol not terrorism"
>ISIS claims responsibility

>NYC bombing
>TEN MINUTES after first detonation
>mayor de blasio: "lol we're ruling out terrorism"

>"c'mon, explosions happen all the time"
>"you know, maybe the pressure cooker found with duct tape and wires hanging out of it, hooked up to a cell phone isn't connected to the first explosion at all! m-maybe someone just threw it away"

Why are they so desperate?

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>stabber yells allah ackbar and asks ppl if theyre muslim

I remember when they were curbing our rights and freedom "to prevent terrorism." Now they're curbing our rights and freedom while telling us there's no terrorist attacks.

>there is no connection to terror at this time
>literally five seconds later, in the same report (from international broadcast)
>police found explosive device

It is literally impossible for trump to lose now.

>Why are they so desperate?

Because every terrorist attack make like 100000 more people vote for Trump.

Reminder, we have had MORE terrorist attacks in America under Obama than Bush

There are a lot of Somalians in Minnesota. That state is literally Sweden 2.0

>why are they so desperate
Because they can sense their end is near.

This is why people hate De Blasio

at least in your country they actually admit they found the pressure cooker, in certain other countries they'll just cover it up.

he also, confirmed by Hillary, spoke with Hillary in between the first explosion and his announcement

gee, I wonder why

>suicide bomber blows himself up ins Ansbach
>German police: we need to investigate, if it wasn't just a suicide accident and if he actually tried to kill someone

None of those events are Islam related

Islam is a region of peace and tolerance, terrorism has no religion.


No but in all seriousness, you're right.


Oh shit did weedman finally change our flag







>>mayor de blasio: "lol we're ruling out terrorism"
Sauce on this? From what I heard, he just advised against jumping to conclusions - and claiming without information that something ISN'T a terrorist attack, is just as much jumping to conclusions as claiming without information that something IS a terrorist attack.

These days jumping to conclusions means following Trump's rhetoric and assuming something is terrorist related.

"Explosive device" doesn't imply terrorism, retard. Unless you're going to claim that any bombing attack is terrorism.

This is a disturbing trend and the media should be called out for such irresponsible callous behavior. Already standard practice in Europe where every stabbing and shooting by some mudslime shit is branded as "mental illness with no ties to terrorism". See it in Canada too.

To put a stop to this, there needs to be a hack on msm internal emails up to corporate levels. I'm betting that there will be connections to Dems, liberal PACs and other leftist government elements to refrain from using muslim/islam labels on anything terror-related. This needs to be wikileaked for everyone to see and make them aware of just how far the rabbit hole goes.

>one explosion, 29 people injured
>second bomb found a few blocks away

What do you think it is?

Have all the cities of the leaf finally formed a conglomerate country of cuckoldry?

it's just an intentional detonation!


>this is what Hillary supporters actually believe



so its for shits a giggles then?

>found the pressure cooker
Holy shit! I've got pressure cooker in my cabinet!
Am I a terrorist, without knowing it?
When are we going to ban assault cookery?

Didn't Hillary say that it was a 'bombing' when interviewed by a reporter ? ( using term reporter loosely)

FOX was just reporting the NJ and NY bombs are linked.

For being the center of an incredibly holy site for nearly 2 billion people, that city looks like SHIT.

>Norfolk Island
>Shitposting Evolved
>Taking shitposting to new levels

That retard Cuomo said something just as retarded

>A bombing is terrorism, but it's not liked to international terrorism.

it was a moderate explosion

same reason they cover up all the rapes by refugees


So the new jersey bombs were to disrupt some track event right?

What was New York targeting? I laughed when the guy said "We don't understand the target or the significance of it. It's by a pile of dumpsters on a random sidewalk."

Real version

>"lol we're ruling out terrorism"

The ONLY reason they're "ruling out" terrorism is ISIS claimed responsibility in the Minnesota Mall Stabbing.

It's kind of like they're forgetting the APPREHENDED the man in the Minnesota mall, and the bombers in New York are still at large and DON'T WANT TO GIVE CLUES TO THEIR CAPTURE!


>Officials said they did not know of any motive — political or social.


Fuck our mainstream media and our fucking elected politicians.

when a bomb has no specific target, then the purpose of the bomb is to scare the population (read "terrorize)

therefore, when a bomb goes off in a random crowd, it is logical to assume that it is an act of terrorism

I mean, what other purpose would that bomb have?

it was a run for injured marines... who were probably injured by IEDs.. and have PTSD... its like pottery

>>What was New York targeting?

Possibly just meant to go off when a lot of people were walking around. NYC is a busy place. It was near a subway station too.

that tower is so ugly, somebody should crash a plane into it


Well, the 2nd amendment crowd loves to say that if guns were banned, criminals would kill with bombs instead. So, does that mean that if a country banned guns, all violent criminals would be classified as terrorist.

If by "not linked", he meant "there is not yet substantial evidence of a link", he'd kind of have a point. Just because a terrorist attack occurs, doesn't mean it's part of an international terrorist movement.

*peaceful explosion

yeah its new york, everything is near a subway station

terrorism is usually for a political ideology, if I'm just fucking angry and make a nail bomb, I don't think that's terrorism, its still a pretty awful act, but its not furthering any agenda

At least for me, I can see why people are reluctant to use terms immediately after any terrorist event because no one knows what the fuck just happened

You're couuntry is fucking cucked with muzies


>At least for me, I can see why people are reluctant to use terms immediately after any terrorist event because no one knows what the fuck just happened

The Mayor of New York City went on record saying IT'S NOT INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM i.e. not ISIS inspired.

What's Norfolk Island like? looks like a temperate paradise

The Mayor went up and said this while the FBI and investigators still say they don't know ANY motive, but they somehow know it wasn't international terrorism.

wtf is the point of all types of leaders pushing this agenda? whats the end game?

if they go on record saying its not something, it probably is that something

>Well, the 2nd amendment crowd loves to say that if guns were banned, criminals would kill with bombs instead.
What? Literally nobody says that. If guns are banned criminals will still kill with guns because they're criminals and they don't give a shit about the ban.

whether the motive is personal or political, it's still terrorism

>"us cucked with muzzies"

0/10 baguette

Media is shilling Gary Johnson now in a last ditch effort to split the right. This is Trump's election

downplaying the impact, deflating potential media coverage, so they don't actually have to do any work, thus protecting their reelection

>Want to visit the middle-east of the stories, which I heard growing up.
>olive toned women dancing in their silk dresses adorned with gold and jewels
>Visiting the Bazaar filled with spices and all things of exotic nature
>Want to marvel in the architectural beauty of thousands of years of civilization

The reality
>Whole fucking middle-east has turned into a literal shit hole, where I'd most likely be beheaded for not believing in some Dunegod.

>Most leftist propably still believe in the same Middle-East I used to believe as a child.

Fucking Islam ruining all the nice things for me.

This, when a fucking Somali retard is stabbing people yelling in sandnigger everyone who witnessed it knows it was terror related. They just try to ignore it until it falls out of the news cycle.

Like my pic related.

no, the definition requires that it has a political motive


wasn't like that 8 years ago. I went there a lot as a kid to shop. Not a nigger, muslim or minority in sight.

Went 3 years ago, holy fuck. muslims with foodstamps everywhere. Typical fat nigger women in muslim wear

>no, the definition requires that it has a political motive

>Mr. Cuomo cautioned that it was early in the investigation and said that whether it was an act of terrorism depended on how the word was defined: “A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism,” he said.

Can there be a revolution yet?

Thought that was a fag looking dude till I read the name.


>Are you a boy or a girl?
>Dr. Oak.png

He said there's no LINK, as in no evidence yet pointing in that direction.

If guns were banned (i.e. a total ban on civilian ownership), anyone who sold guns to civilians would automatically be a criminal themselves. The market for guns would tend to dry up, as gun dealers would demand very high prices to justify the risk.

No, that isn't automatically "terror related". Some random Muslim/Arab going on a killing spree isn't necessarily terrorism, if they're just killing women/gays for being his culture's definition of degeneracy, it's not terrorism unless there's anything pointing to connections with some larger movement.



Pretty much any bombing is a terroristic attack. It doesn't necessarily mean it's caused by Muslims/IS (although let's be honest it usually is!)

>Attacks in America
>Terrorist group: "We claim responsibility"
>Media/Politicians: "Motives are unclear"
>Terrorist group: "WE ARE TELLING YOU WE DID IT"
>Media/Politicians: "No evidence of terrorism"
>Media/Politicians: "Nope, no terrorism here"


Daily reminder that christian churches brought the somalis to minesota
Islam is the number 1 enemy of the white civilization but christianity comes second

Wonder how christian churches in Somalia are faring?


>no, that isn't automatically "terror related"

user, he was shouting allah ackbar and asking people if they were muslim before stabbing them to death

then ISIS claimed responsibility and the FBI was still reluctant to make any connection whatsoever

to say it isn't terror related is as outlandish as claiming the pulse shooting is the result of oppressive Christian culture


just because a politician uses a term doesn't mean they use it right

especially if they are jewish or italian


Is the pressure cooker in your cabinet stuffed with nitrogen, rat poison and ball bearings and wired to a cell phone?


same shit where I live, the biggest threat to my city is the Lutheran Social Services.

Omar "put a mag in every fag" Mateen


Shinigami quads

>Burgers will justify this

>Well, the 2nd amendment crowd loves to say that if guns were banned, criminals would kill with bombs instead. So, does that mean that if a country banned guns, all violent criminals would be classified as terrorist.

lol wut?

Wheres that flag even from

>for me

You mispelled for 5.4 billion people

the point is just to show to Mr.60% that in his english version there is no mention of islamic terror while in our french version there is

This is true.


Is there any other ways to cause it to explode? I want to know, just so that I wont accidentally create an explosive device.

Hope fully it wont be something that I'd be able to buy from a hardware or convenience store.

Hey a funny post by Canada

I laughed

It's actually below 50% white European youtube.com/watch?v=PtIi8QR5Mzs

The rest are North Africans and the like

>in his english version there is no mention of islamic terror

>Attack Type
>Mass shooting, islamic terror, hostage-taking

Because in their country it's "Unclear motive" while in ours it's "Joined ISIS after coming out of the closet"

Also those pics

Of course it's fucking ISIS.

Now if we could only figure out how they've been getting into the country... Perhaps some sort of forced waves of immigration...

wow i hate muslims now we should eliminate them all

I thought your only problem were mexicans. And niggers. When did mudslimes started pouring in?


Any bombing IS terrorism. Even if it's another state actor, for example if the explosive devices were from a Russian agent.

bombing civilians main purpose is to create terror and spread fear and doubt. I don't see how a bombing in a populated area doesn't count as terrorism.

Are you asserting its a common crime?

Terrorism need a political reason.

Killing people for the sake of killing them isn't enough.


Where the fuck do these literally who countries keep coming from?

>island off of Straya

This must be a special species of shitposter

Makes sense why all my biker friends are moving from Minnesota now, it's basically becoming yanky afganistan.

>((certain other countries))

it's a proxy dumbo

When you fuckers shipped them over to us.

lol if Trump wasn't running for Prez and Shillary had it in the bag there would be calls to invade Syria and stop le ISIS

Trump is the only reason theyre going into Merkel-mode to prevent him from getting even more votes

Ok muhammed

Don't blame us, blame germany for the idea

When will Cred Forums wake the fuck up?

What are you even talking about, frog?

isis was created, armed, and funded by the u.s.

the james foley beheading was a hoax, his "mom" was a crisis actor at other false flag events

the u.s. "accidentally" drops supplies to isis

the u.s "accidentally" allows iraqi forces to give up their vehicles

the u.s "accidentally" forgets to invite kurds to war councils

the u.s. says nothing when turkey bombs kurds

isis is not muslim. hostages that are freed openly say that isis never had any qurans

and now the u.s. "accidentally" bombed syrian troops that allowed isis to try to take back a town 2 days before the u.s. and russia are supposed to start cooperation

get a clue. they want people to blame ISIS to distract from the u.s. helping isis. the u.s. government and its corporate masters want ISIS to win

there's also vandalism. maybe the building owner pissed someone off

Obama's been bringing in Syrians and Somalians as well.

They don't give a fuck anymore.

the refugees from syria started going to europe because the u.s. started the war there, you fucking idiot.

To be fair, fuck all of you guys.

t. Ameritard

Yeah, could have shot em up as they crossed your borders.

>thanks obama

maybe 500 refugees have come from syria. shut the fuck up.

I don't know what kind of argument you're making, retard, but fwiw your pressure cooker has a blowoff valve. If that malfunctions or if you tampered with it, it will explode.

Why do they hate trees so much?

here, let me reiterate.

you fucking idiot.

sorry but you kinda deserve it for killing all native americans

Just mirroring your rhetoric buddy.

Pretty accurate, they are too fucking retarded to align the sights properly.

>maybe 500 refugees have come from syria.


>The U.S. accepted more than 2,300 Syrian refugees in June alone, sending the fiscal year total soaring past the 5,000 mark and putting the government on track to surpass President Obama’s goal of 10,000 by the end of September

0.73 seconds on Google proves you are either an idiot or a shill.

Captcha: AVENUE Isis

that's not my rhetoric at all. as it so happens, we both have the same borders, so...

There's been thousands you clueless shit.

my bad.

guess what.

those refugees were still created by a war started by the u.s.

So nothing, plank out of your own eye as it's presented.

and all of them because of a war the u.s. started

theyre evolving

ISIS claiming responsibility is really the only thing that points to it being "terror related". The rest just points to it being Muslim related.

He "joined ISIS and al-quaeda". Which is utterly nonsensical.

No one is making them come here, retard.

jet fuel can't melt steel beams


dude weed

>Shinigami quads



narcisissm doesn't care about everybody else

Uhhh what's that image prove?

I have direct line to McCain, let me know.

Now what are we going to do about it?


We /bred/ them out according Molyneux's sources - the net Native American DNA has held constant, it's just mixed into whites now.


Monty Python related

In Japanese, the words for 4 and death are both "Shi"

Shinigami are like Shinto Grim Reapers

sadly, true

I doubt it's just one guy if they can put bombs in NY and NJ

>a war started by the u.s.
>[citation needed]

ISIS and the Syrian government caused them to flee, not the US.

Are you saying I should feel bad for them? How about you go fuck yourself first, you virtue-signalling globalist.

Their shithole countries wouldn't be so bad if they would stay put and fight instead of fleeing like cowards.

>stay put and fight instead of fleeing like cowards.
And there's a good chance they'd just be killed, and accomplish literally nothing. It's no more effective than jumping in front of an 18-wheeler. Sometimes you need to put away your fantasies and accept that you can't just take a gun and mow down millions of soldiers of an oppressive regime. Sometimes running away is the only sane option.

Especially - do you expect mothers, children, babies to take up arms and fight their oppressors? If the father is killed in battle, their family will be slaughtered. He will be ensuring the death of his family. But if he flees with his family, they will be spared.