Why hasn't Taylor Swift shared her opinion of Donald Trump?

Why hasn't Taylor Swift shared her opinion of Donald Trump?

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Why are you looking to musicians for political information?

Kill yourself, retard.

She has fucked a nigger, so why would you care what she thinks? She's obviously retarded.

She doesn't want to ruin her career.

it's already ruined

Because she is with her

This, you just know Kanye West has been inside of her.


she can't reveal her true power level

Nope, Taylor is fairly racist, but with a hardon for English accents.

She is smart enough not to intervene this shitfest known as politics. And i guess she doesnt have urge to do virtual signalling.

I sense a lot of disloyalty for Queen Tay

It's dumbfucks like you that are responsible for comedy gags where they have to ask Ja Rule's opinion on 9/11 you fucking dyel virgin bitch

really kike here?

Because she supports him. Her silence = her support.

>Cred Forums respects two coalburners, Taylor and Milo
I think it's time to stop visiting here, r/the_donald has taken this place already

Too bad she wasnt smart enough to think that way before getting btfo by Kim Kardashian.

b-but she so beautiful and white, Cred Forums has to forgive her. She's the eternal waifu

hi user, hangout with ivanka

Oh fuck off, you boring shill.

At least change your fucking flag to a leaf if you want to shitpost.

I refuse to believe this.

its true

Because she don't want to divide her fanbase.

>She has fucked a nigger
Why would you go online and tell lies user?

>Swift's solipsism

Eh... I don't think it means what (((Amy Zimmerman))) think it means

It's probably Drake using a Finnish proxy

IIRC, Lena Dunham also said she's racist and talks like a Nazi barbie doll when she knows no reporters are around

something like that.

She did not screw Kanye, not sure where that rumour came from. They hate each other.

She likes the BED (Big English Dick)

lol TayTay is fucking based.



She is (or used to be) a country musician so she probably has a lot of fans who vote Republican

Some survey or other implied that people who like and approve of Taylor Swift are more likely to vote for Trump, kek

her fanbase is literally white people, in a good way


lets meme going real

How dare you sully the name of Tay-Tay, the Aryan princess?

If she's pro Trump then her career depends on her keeping her mouth shut.

If she's anti-Trump at least she's not am obnoxious vocal bimbo about it like Cher.

Musicians as well as others in the entrainment industry are entitled to opinions, but most would be better to just shut the fuck about it.

Did she really say that?

The jews will kill her

>Jewish Journal



> Why hasn't Taylor Swift shared her opinion of Donald Trump?

Because taylor swift is a plant.

(((They))) have been posting pictures of her with various quotes to try to turn her into a sort of "Alt-Right Icon" on the chans for a few months now, and they are planning on having her start "dating" a black guy, or maybe even a muslim dude, right before the election as a form of psychological attack.

Kinda sad huh?

Do we even know she's not a virgin?




She's still banking on all these wacko millennial teens. She wouldnt wanna lose that over a political statement

Nice proxy Tay

Somebody decided to put Hitler-quotes on pictures of Taylor, it caught on.

>this feminist

Good on her for not taking a side.
There is no quicker way to lose half your fans than picking a side. I can't tell you how many celebrities I used to like, but can't anymore because they are bat shit retarded and shilling for Hillary.
I wish I could separate the artist from the art, but I can't.

Drake only fucks big booty bitches.

Yes, she did.

Quick glance at who she's following on Twitter:

Amy Schumer
John Green
Emma Watson

I hope it's her social media team following these people...

> "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch faaaaaaamous"

People took that line too literal. He was just talking shit and pointing out that Taylor wouldn't have been so big if Kanye didn't make an ass out of himself



>Friends with Lena Dunham
>Spouted shit about wage gap

Her opinion literally doesn't matter. I don't know why Cred Forums has such a hardon for someone so disingenuous. Even if she's only pretending to be retarded, that's no excuse.

You gotta be shitting me Pedro! If anything she has the prettiest face to go with her hairstyle.


she living in tennesse


Maybe because her bestie is apparently the nasty Lena Dunham, who has Trump hate.

like pic related.

In a perfect world we would live in a apartheid empire ruled by Godempress Taytay

What does that have to do with anything?


>Friends with Lena Dunham
She's probably just trolling the midget

She looks like a rat. Her eyes are squinty like she's retarded. Her nose is piggy. Her lips are very thin.
If you look past the layers and layers of makeup, she's really average looking. Ok she's kinda cute, ofc would hit it, but definitely nothing to write home about.
Are there no pics of her without make up?

race baiting, racemixing hate state


there we go. Average qt. I see dozens of hotter chicks every day.


She is a product of the south and she comes here sometimes. It isn't such a stretch to think she might hold some of "alternative" to Hollywood values. She likely understands the rules of power and knows better than to reveal her power level overtly.


You dont know shit about shit. Shut the fuck up already. Im sure any girl that felt bad for you and let you have some pitty sex was 3rd rate compared to her. I'd say Taylor is 8/10.

Is there something about taylor swift's looks/genetics that terrorizes jewish people?

She's literally said nothing and they say this shit, why?



in burgerland because your chicks are ugly as sin and also fat. In Spain she'd be a 6/10 at best.


She doesn't discuss politics because she doesn't want to influence people....

I don't think she is personally with Trump at all. She has legitimately stupid "progressive" friends such as Emma Watson and that potato Lena Dunham, both of which are building their recent career on couch philosophy of feminism. Dunham would otherwise have no media presence at all. I always considered Taylor more smart than that, but I doubt she is with Trump, even if she sees Clinton's flaws. It would be smart move for her to stay silent on the matter, business-wise. An entertainer or an artist if you want shouldn't go through the disruptive and bothering process of involvement in politics, especially supporting a certain candidate.

>I love T.S.

this, i don't find her beautiful, just average, she was much prettier when she was a teen

she's with hillary.


That is heavily subjective. Taylor's attraction isn't based on her looks alone (even though she is a 10) I think she is that kind of girl that knows how to have fun while being inclusive and approachable.

ayyyy lmao

She is waiting for her time to strike.

She will unleash her full power level with her upcoming album featuring tracks such as

>White Pride World Wide
>Gas the bikes, race war now
>just 1488 things
>Jew (don't) belong with me
>Shake (the jews) off

I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if she wasn't a virgin, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was, either. Can't say that for most celebrities.

She musn't have the greatest personality, considering how many short-term relationships she is in a year. Silly bitch needs to settle with an alpha white man and breed for the white race.

I wonder why.

don't mess up all that, she obviously worrying about future society

Lol. When i said you dont know shit, i was sort of joking. Now i really know that you are clueless. We have some of the best looking women on that planet. All you mother fuckers on here know it deep down inside you your manlet body. You wish you could have a southern blonde dime with blue eyes, but she wouldnt even bat an eye to you Mr. Beta. No go ahead and tell yourself more lies to make yourself feel better. I know it hurts

She's feminazi


The Jews fear the Aryan samurai!

The media has just as much of a hard-on for Taylor as they do with Trump. Ironically enough I googled Taylor Swift earlier in the day and of course the very first thing to pop up even before the search links was article stating "WHAT IS TAYLOR SWIFT HIDING??". The article literally goes on to state how Taylor Swift donated $50k to Ascension Public Schools after the recent flooding in Louisiana and that it was all CLEARLY JUST A RUSE TO DISTRACT US FROM SOMETHING HORRIBLE OR CRIMINAL THAT SHE HAS DONE. The article then ends with a tweet of Kim K's butt. You literally cannot make this shit up.

I present to you.... (((current year))) journalism!


You severely underestimate how low-test and unsatisfactory as men those singers and actors she's trying to date can be,
This sounds really discriminatory I guess, but actors/singers are rarely in the range of likeable in personality for most women.

Then she should get with a commoner. Like me.

Call me retarded but i think her face looks like Trumps.

"Final Blow to islam"

IS that a... sexual thing?

You guys know that taylor swift is a plant, right?

You guys remember that one MTV music award thing where she had a giant picture of Baphomet behind her?

wtf I hate trump now

That article got to be something written by The Onion, its the only sensible explanation


I must have missed the memo, but why does everyone always post her here? I've never really heard that she has similar views or anything.

Anyone care to explain?

>is fat
>offered solution
>complains about solution
what the fuck

The negro on the left is signalling to the audience "Look I can fit this finger in her butthole". The negro on the right is signalling to the audience "Look I can fit these 3 fingers in her pussy".

She's our collective waifu :3

Somebody decided it was funny to put quotes by Hitler on pictures of Taylor and post them on the internet, it quickly became popular.

I guess this sort of humor is funny in Australia, so you get a pass.

I see it

ayyyyyyyy lmao

How many dicks has Taylor taken at this point? 2 dozen? 3?

She's flat and she lied about Kanye.

I wonder what those two guys thought when they saw this

She cucked calvin harris desu

Link or source?

Let's be fair, wouldn't you cuck Calvin Harris if you had the chance?

All of you guys are getting the complete wrong end of the stick.

Look at how she interacts with her fans. She engage with them. She lurks on their social media, she sends them gifts, she invites them to some of her parties.

She uses her influence to help young girls, that's where her interests lie. And she knows her influence won't last forever and she wants to use it whilst it does.

Yeah she's probably somewhat red pilled, there is *some* evidence to indicate she's been here, and that she had some sympathies with the lonely hearts but she won't be going full 1488 any time soon because it would obliterate the influence she has now, and she'd be making a poor trade in her eyes.

But wasn't she raised in the south into a conservative family? She probably does have republican values at heart.

I came a lil

That's because her career does not allow her to date an actual Conservative Alpha male that can satisfy her.

Swifty's smarter than that


>She uses her influence to help young girls, that's where her interests lie. And she knows her influence won't last forever and she wants to use it whilst it does.

What does she do exactly that helps young girls?


Helps them get over bad breakups.

I bet she has one hidden in her closet

He seems like a good guy

how can she be so smart

mm maybe like maintain conservative image ?

I'd fuck Calvin Harris if I had a chance

Literally who?


By making retarded pop songs?




>believing kanyes black supremacist lies

Cred Forums would celebrate for 3 weeks if she actually openly announces her support for Trumpu

The problem she would risk a large part of her fanbase, although a lot of them would probably follow her to the glorious Emperor

I'm telling you guys, Taylor Swift is a psyop.

do you think she will reveal her true power level and endorse the Emperor?

Taylor Swift's parents are hardcore republicans.

She was cute in this ad.

never saw a face meeting the floor in such a gracefully way


and lie on her knies

A son had Mothir, | in silk they wrapped him,
With water they sprinkled him, | Jarl he was;
Blond was his hair, | and bright his cheeks,
Grim as a snake's | were his glowing eyes.


Because she's a roastie, but her audience has been mostly white.

So taylor no longer hang out with Lena?

Even though this is the dream of a neckbeard, it's probably true and she is the perfect woman that will some day be the perfect wife and the perfect mother. Such a shame she won't reproduce with Ed Sheeran.


She volunteers to spend time with the retarded. So what?

she's super active on social media. her tumblr is notable.


She was busy braking up for the 200th time.

She looks hot in this pic.


Is she out for a emotion connection with men or just want to fuck them?

then a nigger with an English accent is good enough for her.

Because she's voting for him

She hasn't been told what her opinion is yet.

Her parents are two conservatives but their daughter is whoring herself out to men like a honeybee. I bet the money she makes is too important.

wot a perfect waifu?



REMINDER: Taylor has had premarital sex with multiple men. She is no longer wife material. He hymen was broken long ago. You would be getting the sloppy seconds of tramps who fucked the nastiest Hollywood sluts before putting their infected dicks inside of Taylor.

She is perfect and always dressed so well.

i would kill a jewzillion people to get in her pants, holy shit

you don't know, this can be just stunts

>celebrity's opinions

This. This is how it works.

Look at those dead whore eyes and tell me she's "redpilled". She has the thousand cock stare.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
"Oh yeah? Well sometimes a cigar is a big brown dick! With a fat arrogant white-collar business criminal ass hole sucking on the wet end of it."

I read some bullshit article; it went something like this



in her world, supporting trump would be carreer suicide, just like hollywood

If she would have a son with Trump, would he have the divine right to be the true Emperor of the white race?

Lol she's like "Fuck these gook sticks"

this thread is pure cringe
you people are literally on the mental level of 12 year old girls


She is making out here with Ivanka's future sister in law.

can someone explain this obsession with artists having to meddle in politics?

at least maybe she released RED tour before election

>do you think she will reveal her true power level and endorse the Emperor?

She doesn't have a power level, she works for the globalists.

Why do you think all of her songs are breakup songs?

She's a anti-relationship psyop.

Proof? Shes been blackec bro. She doesn't even hide it.

why you so dumb, bcs of swarm girl fans


>there is *some* evidence to indicate she's been here

No, there isn't. moot confirmed that the person who everyone thought was Taylor Swift could not have possibly been her as the IP wasn't coming from a location she could have been in.

She's not a Cred Forums fag and nothing suggests that she's right wing or redpilled. Other people calling her racist for perceived "microagressions" is not the same thing as her being a racist.

There's detailed stories of her and Calvin Harris reportedly having all night sex sessions together

Then why hasn't she endorsed Hillary like every other pop star whore? Her endorsement is golden.

Someone somewhat close to the entertainment industry here.

I don't know Taylor, thus I have no clue about her opinions on the election. But I'll say this about celebrities and politics in general, you should pay more attention to what they DON'T say than what they do say.

Just something to consider.

This is plausible, but ultimately speculation. Taylor Swift certainly makes a more plausible traditional woman than any of her entertainment industry peers.

Because some people don't give a shit. Stop looking for celebs to endorse people who don't care about you.

becouse she's not hypocrite person

She's been paid in shekels for a long time. There's no way she'll go against the narrative of her (((masters))). If anything I'm surprised she hasn't endorsed shillary, perhaps that'll happen nearer the election.

It doesn't work that way, you either endorse the establishment, or they get rid of you.

who is the girl 2nd from the right with the brown purse. i think i love her

i haven't liked Tay since she got btfo by Kim kardashian and kanye

i like dominant tay, and until she gets her crown back, i can't masturbate to her.

>moot confirmed
Moot saying something dosen't automatically make it true.
I want to believe.

Any number of reasons? I don't know. I'm not her friend. Maybe she's right wing and doesn't want to speak up about it because she's worried about the impact on her career. Maybe she's just not very political and doesn't care enough about it to endorse anyone. Maybe she doesn't like any of the candidates this time. Who fucking knows?

Maybe you should just this once not jump to random ass conclusions based off of your gut.

They will all be dealt with accordingly

Dasha Zhukova

It makes it true when he was specifically referencing the posts in the picture you uploaded and he was able to show that the supposedly "unique" pictures of her on Cred Forums were already able to be found on the internet before the time of the posting.

He has access to the IP information, and he said flatly that it isn't her. Choosing to believe makes you retarded just because some faggot made a dumb collage with a bunch of red circles.

When does Taylor's new album come out?

She hasn't endorsed Black Lives Matter... She's probably writing stuff that makes goyim goddess look like a kike

It doesn't work that way in Hollywood, you must endorse Hillary, unless you play a dangerous game.

>likes dominant women

Yikes. I get what you're getting at, but that's a very unfortunate way of phrasing that.

Plenty of racist women and men fuck outside their race.

Its all bs.

you know all this reminds me

Women are weird whores.

Because at this point silence on trump from a celebrity can be confirmed as support.

this. It seems like the silent mass will be with Trump

>She has fucked a nigger



Who was the nigger that forever ruined her?

> he said flatly that it isn't her.
Sure, but that does not necessarily make it true. He might be lying because her lawyer would sue him otherwise
>Choosing to believe makes you retarded just because some faggot made a dumb collage with a bunch of red circles.
I don't get why you're so emotional about this, it's a silly memethread about attributing Hitlerquotes to some blonde popstar.

no she has not, you take it back or i nuke your fuckstain country

And Wendi Deng surprisingly connection to putin

she would never fuck kanye and kanye wouldnt trade in kim for taylor./

Its just so unlikely

I hate people believing stupid, easily disprovable shit. So I'm pretty much pissed off the entire time I'm on this board. It's an addiction.

She trusted the armenian.

They are actually worse than jews, but luckily somewhat dumber

whoah who is that chick on the right?

Her handler Lena (((Dunham))) keeps a tight leash on her

Hey now, Lena Dunham only handles underaged girls.


Andreja Pejic

Let's not forget that her Wildest Dreams video is a celebration of of pre-nigger-rule South Africa with a based right-winger as her romantic interest.