Mike Pence said he be a Dick Cheney as a VP

I really hope Trump doesn't die, or let this idiot control his policies.

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So we have either president Markel or Vice President Vader
I was really starting to like you Pence.

Can a POTUS remove or replace his VP?

Bump, more people really need to see this shit

that's cute, never gonna happen
mike pence wont be doing jack shit for the next 8 years

can someone please murder Pence so that we can finally get webb?

He litterly said he would use his political experience to help the relatively politically inexperienced Trump get shit done in congress.

You know the job of a fucking vice president.

Do people actually read articles linked?

You realize Mike Pence is a anti-TPP supporting globalist, right? What the fuck do you think he's going to do with that (((POLITICAL EXPERIENCE)))?

You realize Pence will do whatever Trump says because Trump is the alpha you fucking retard?

>Trump is the alpha
>Gets bullied into making Pence his VP
>He is an alpha
top fucking kek


>I'm perfectly okay with having Dick Cheney as a VP

Yes but who will Pence '''''accidentally''''' shoot in the face?


You say this like it's a bad thing

Lol who does he have to pick from that's recent?

Bush Senior?

Cheney is the best option desu.

>Cheney is the best option

you are literally fucking retarded

> not liking based Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney

Most based vice president of the last 4 administrations

Of course that would make Trump into Bush.

Sounds right to me.

>Not banging with Joe "Grope Train" Biden
Disgusting pleb


Cheney is king of the neo-cons along with Rummy. They're the key shitheads behind PNAC and 9/11 ffs.

Well he doesn't stand a chance of making any difference - no one will be able to control Trump let alone Mike "literally who" Pence. Unlike Cheney who was W's puppetmaster.

Pence is a fucking retard, I've never even heard of him before he was made VP.