So the government pretty much murdered a bunch of innocent people. Why weren't they held accountable?

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They were allowed to come out and some did. It's also speculation over who actually started the fire. If Koresh did then it wouldn't have been the government's fault that the members didn't rush out anyways and would rather live with their teen fucker psuedo messiah.

>Why weren't they held accountable?
When is the government ever held accountable?

>They were allowed to come out and some did.


want a load of bullshit

are you literally Janet Reno by any chance?


Every single time there was an escalation, the ATF were at fault.

There is also very little evidence that Koresh abused children.

bullshit faggot, they were shot at by trigger happy ATF and FBI, no one was allowed to surrender and no Koresh didn't set his fucking family, himself and friends on fire to make the government look bad you fucking retard.

Please enlighten me, that's honestly all I know.


pick one and only one

So you think a deranged cult leader wouldn't want to preserve his legacy when faced with separation?

Another fine example of Cred Forums doublethink. Imagine if this was a police incident instead.

>I stockpile gunz and shieeeet cause gubmint TYRANNY
>There is no way cops would ever shoot an innocent person. He must have done something wrong, like not obeying every word from the authority figure.

>the NSA? W-well I can look the other way

What do you think Hillary wants to do to all White Christians in America? She wants to Waco all the non-American ireedemable deplorables.

>Why weren't they held accountable?

They were held accountable

Thank you for correcting the record.

top kek

Even if Koresh was guilty of every charge the operation was so bungled and the intelligence so bad everyone involved should have been dismissed for their brutal incompetence.

Because the government doesn't have to follow the law, silly goy.

>speculation over who actually started the fire

No there's no speculation. The "enquiry" decided it was no coincidence 3 fires started simultaneously and must have been from the inside. Nothing to do with them shelling it......

The FBI blocked fire trucks from entering the site, effectively letting them all burn inside. So I'm sure the enquiry was legit

Modern "preppers" ignore history and the lessons taught. The naivety of those retards as well as those defenders of the militarized police state (and second amendment opponents) is enraging.

Came here to see this post

The primary lesson is to only allow adults into your private compound. Allowing kids gives Big Gumint free entry into your compound to search, based completely on lies about muh childrenz safety.


he wasn;t a deranged cult leader. I can tell this happened before you were born.


laughed so hard I choked on my lunch

>Branch Davidians

o u

They shot and beat the children to death before the complex collapsed instead of releasing them.

>So you think a deranged cult leader
Speaking as someone who knew many of the residents I can tell that this event happened before your time.


there are only certain things to learn from waco.

1. always make an alternate exit
2. one of the exits MUST flank the enemy

this is what im not sure about. listening to the jonestown tapes gave me nightmares for days, people are capable of insane things and i cant tell how different this was

besides the fact they would get charged with multiple felonies for "walking away" for the crime of the FBI invading their property?

not even the FBI claims he abused children anymore

"abusing children" was like the "WMDs" in Iraq

fake bullshit that tricks rubes into supporting retarded government policies.


Did you know Hillary gave the order to kill everyone? Google it.

Have you watched "The Rules of Engagement" or are you just a CTR shill. Yes Hillary asked for a quick resolution to WACO.

>one of the exits MUST flank the enemy

came here to post this

Hillary was in the White House war room with Bill and Janet Reno that day

Hillary was the one that ordered the destruction of the Branch Davidian compounds

Bill wasn't so hot on going in there like that but Hillary made the call

That or a sub pen with enough fuel to get you to Argentina.

Watch this

>They were allowed to come out and some did.

>the government pretty much murdered a bunch of innocent people

It was Hillary and Reno.

And Chuck "Black Lives Matter" Schumer helped cover it up during the house investigation.

pancreatic cancer @ 33


Because Democrats never charge themselves.

As we have seen with Hillary.

He started naming the Jew in his classing 15 floors below the Whitehouse skit.

Exactly. Bill Hicks is Alex Jones: sacredcow.com/index.php?pg=artists&sid=46

they got their revenge

>Killing cops Rambo style

it is the governments fault that the delta commandos who report directly to the president used used full automatic weapons on defenceless women and children, and also used bombs on them

Democrats don't indite democrats

Reminder that what supposedly went on at the Branch Davidian compound is nothing compared to what actually goes on in every mosque across North America.
Waco was a psyop. If you were around to observe in the nineties you'd see the long game gov't and media have been playing.

I don't know much about this ameri-bro. But isn't a hospital the wrong target?

>Why weren't they held accountable?

The fire was investigated by the texas state rangers (who did not answer to the feds) and their forensic team was made up of non-government experts from around the country.

The feds were investigated by the most anti-Fed state agency there is and they confirmed the cult members started the fire. The independent investigators and the state of texas confirmed it was mass suicide.

>The independent investigators and the state of texas confirmed it was mass suicide.

sure smells like shill in here

Call me a boot licker, but those davidians deserved what they got. they could have sent in a team with M2 flametrhowers for all i care

It's a federal building. And he parked across the street which makes the whole thing hard to believe.

FBI Building, bruv.

If it was the ATF investigation the ATM (feds investigating feds) you would have an argument. But they didn't.

Since when are Texans known for being federal boot lickers?


That's not a hospital.

The leader of the Branch Davidians walked from the compound to the town's post office alone every single day

They could have served the arrest warrant on him peacefully

They chose not to for a reason

Why were the women and children in the vault covered with wet blankets.

Why were Bradley incendiary rounds found in 2 separate corners of the compound.

0.05% was deposited to your account CTR

Basically the government thought they were going to impress the public but in reality the Waco guys were just a harmless bunch of cultists that had some guns for protection but everyone liked in the community so they government came off looking like murdering assholes for attacking a harmless bunch of religious retards.

>suicide not mentioned once
>evidence never presented by FBI
>mass removal of evidence and debris by FBI
Sure is non biased, I lived in the area. I knew people who were killed that day. I also know that you are full of shit.

Who is Clinton?

whoops, i thought he hit a hospital....
maybe i'm in the wrong universe


>I lived in the area

Then take it up with your local law enforcement. they were in charge of the crime scene.


>they were in charge of the crime scene
>The FBI comes in and takes nearly 100 tons of dirt from the area to prevent analysis of it for chemical accelerants
>local law enforcement are in charge
Are you retarded?

Can't believe this is even a thing. Koresh ordered the fire. Cult leaders usually go out with a bang, like Hitler.

>Koresh ordered the fire.

Citation needed.

What was the feeling locally? Did the people around the area think that the Branch Davidians were harmless or the bunch of crazy cultists they were portrayed in the media? Did the Fed's actions redpill anyone about the government and their abuse of power?

That happened after Paul Gray (head arson investigator for the Houston Fire departrment) and his team finished with the site.

They did find the flashbangs and tear gas canisters from the federal agents inside the building, but they were not near any of the locations where the fire was deliberately set with kerosene.it was not even possible for them to have knocked over lanterns accidentally.

>Paul C. Gray, head of the arson team, said at a news conference here today: "It is the opinion of the investigative team that the fire started in the interior of the building in at least two locations at approximately the same time. Further evidence indicates the presence of flammable liquids inside the building, which contributed to an unnaturally rapid fire spread. The team believes this fire was intentionally set by the persons inside the compound."

Pretty amazing that the Houston fire department was in on this federal conspiracy alongside the Texas rangers.

Guys I need a hand here with my theory!

Guys I need a hand here with my theory!


They were all well liked and the locals hate the federal govt. The only people who dont feel that way are the people that have moved to the area after the siege. I never heard anyone ever complain about the people who lived at Mt. Caramel.

>That happened after Paul Gray (head arson investigator for the Houston Fire departrment) and his team finished with the site.
Well, I guess my memory is a little fuzzy, I mean the FBI moved in equipment to start vitrifying the ground as soon as the fire was out. The dump trucks were carting material away within two days of the fire stopping. But youre right, that must have been after the investigation...lol

Guys I need a hand here with my theory!

>>Cred Forums89381896

the state is controlled by capitalists. never forget that, user.

>Call me a boot licker
gladly, you fucking boot licker

McVeigh was set up to end the militia movement that was greatly (dangerously, to them) strengthened by Waco, you idiot. That, and Ruby Ridge where the state showed that they can just slaughter anyone and nothing's going to happen. Why do you think it took McVeigh years, and why did he get caught like an idiot, the way these (conveniently) LONE men always do? Because it was a set-up.

>A low-velocity explosive (ANFO) from a truck sitting way outside the building did this much damage
Sure thing, 'boss'.

Here's Breivik's truck at a similar distance, by the way.

As retarded as you are Bill Hicks did an interview mentioning Waco

I'm not going to get on all four and go "baaaaah- wake up sheeple", but I'd say it's more likely, given the timing with the rise of the militia movement, and subsequent intended effect (died off completely, more or less).

He's fairly young there, huh?

They got what they deserved.

>They did find the flashbangs and tear gas canisters from the federal agents inside the building, but they were not near any of the locations where the fire was deliberately set with kerosene.it was not even possible for them to have knocked over lanterns accidentally.

The FBI had audio and surveillance devices in holes they made throughout the compound walls that allowed the gas to spread. They also lied about having used CS gas until 1999. Sure the kerosene could've made the fire worse but I don't believe they did it.

The same shit happened with Dorner. The gas canisters were in such a small confined space that the gas didn't spread out and the heat generated by the grenades is enough to cause it to ignite.

Capitalists have no real coercive power without the state.
The state in non-capitalist countries has murdered large numbers of citizens as often as not.

Off to tumblr with you now. Go on... get.

>FBI moved in equipment to start vitrifying the ground as soon as the fire was out

Bullshit. The bulldozers and other heavy equipment didn't arrive until the second week of May according to local newspapers. Every news team in America was there watching for a week afterwards because it was such a sensational story.

John Coal was an attorney representing survivors and he had previously toured the site before the teardown began on May 12th. he wanted them to delay the teardown in case mro evidence would turn up.

The Texas rangers had already finished their arson investigation at that point, or at least gathered all relevant evidence:

>On April 24, 1993, twenty-four containers of items were received by Dr. Andrew T. Armstrong from Ranger Sergeant Jim Miller and Ranger Sergeant Lane Akin of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Some containers were comprised of single items and some of multiple samples. All had been sealed and secured by the collecting officers. The items submitted are outlined in Appendix I and are identified by the laboratory number, the DPS number and other numbers when applicable. All are described and all markings are indicated. This report will refer to samples in accordance with the DPS marking, a twelve digit number where the last four places are significant.

>On April 26, 1993, thirty-six additional samples were delivered to the laboratory by Ranger Sergeant Lane Akin and on April 28, 1993, twenty-two additional samples were received from the same officer. These samples were entered into evidence and described in the same manner as previously outlined. On May 4, 1993, the laboratory received one additional sample for analysis from Sergeant Akin.

Because Clinton.

>Hold the government accountable

>Did the Fed's actions redpill anyone about the government and their abuse of power?

>Every news team in America was there watching for a week afterwards because it was such a sensational story.
They were kept 15 miles from the location. They couldnt even see it. Meanwhile we saw the equipment being moved in the very day the fire was put out.

>trusting the MSM and the FBI
You are the goodest goyim.

The Delta force were sent there when it happened. The people at Waco didn't fire at them. It was their own people inside who got trigger happy. People outside heard the gunshots and thought they were being fired upon. The government later deployed incendiaries that burned the compound down around the people inside. The person wounded was shot by her own side on accident, woman below them hit them from below while they were on a ladder.

>to end the militia movement
no, and, it didn't work, either. there's 10 times as many of us today.

>They were kept 15 miles from the location

The main media camp yes (there were mroe media people at waco than there were peole inside the compound). Their news helicopters circled it daily after the fire. it was the biggest news story i nthe world. They did not leave until people got bored of looking at burnt out rubble.

>trusting the MSM

Are local reporters and attorneys representing the branch members part of the MSM? I was not aware of that.

>no no guise, you gotta believe me, the FBI and the govt of TX despite the fact that most of the evidence went missing and the entire site was utterly scrubbed of evidence to the point of the top soil being replaced with dirt from a different place entirely!
No one save idiots will believe you.

Based Bill.

>that cheeky Nige
Ben is getting better every day

Because Democrats were in charge.

its ok when the federal government kills innocent people, user.

Timothy McVeigh had different opinions.

>it didn't work, either
Are you retarded or something? Mid 90's, the american militia movement almost died off. Classic move of overdoing it to scare people away from associating with it. It only had a swing back up when Obama's election.

>Branch davidian latter day saint adventist seven day church lutheran yahweh division break-away group
Bretty funny.

tell me, sweden, why doesnt any1 care?

>the top soil being replaced with dirt from a different place entirely!

This is normal for any large fire. The soil becomes very toxic due to contamination from heavy metals and organic compounds in the fire as the ash settles. State law dictates when this must occur. Every state has local companies that specialize in soil remediation for this reason, and they have rules dictating how many inches of soil have to be replaced.

This is currently one of the big obstacles holding up the rebuilding after the Fort Mcmurray wildfire here in canadaland. The soil has to be replaced before the homes can be rebuilt due to it's extreme toxicity. The soil has to be excavated and replaced.

As for bulldozing the site a month later, that was also state law. Most states require that a burnt out building is to be demolished within 30 or 60 days of a fire depending on local laws. The Waco fire was on April 19th an the demolition of the burnt out compound began on may 12th.


You are grasping these normal routine practices and applying a sinister motive to them. I swear truthers are just really dedicated LARP-fags or Chuuni.

>despite being a resident of Canada I am expert on TX state law from the mid 90s
>you are grasping at straws despite your eyewitness accounts that directly contradict the official timeline of events
I dont give a fuck what you say, I saw this happen with my own eyes and nothing you say or do will ever convince me that you are right and my eyes are wrong.

>Is actually from Waco

kek, these other people have no idea


>trust me guys. I'm from Waco and I was there!

I bet your dad was in Dallas the day JFK was shot, too. This is like the Cred Forums versions of saying "trust me guys my dad works for nintendo".

Even if you are from waco, you are probably only 20 years old and are just repeating stories that your uncles told you after a dozen beer.

If the government murdered them why does the only adult survivor say that Koresh ordered his followers to burn the place down?


>n-n-no, how can you believe your own eyes over my mountains of fabricated evidence!
I wonder why I dont believe you.

>I have zero evidence to back up my uncle larry's tall tales, so I will post Le greedy merchant meme

Truthers are the most reddit-tier users on Cred Forums.

I lived in Sandyhook and saw Adam Lanza kill 6 million Jews.

There's also evidence that there were shots fired from the choppers on the building. You literally cannot be more indiscriminate than shooting at a light wooden building with children inside. Especially if you later on try to prove that it was the children you went there to save in the first place.

>Most states require that a burnt out building is to be demolished within 30 or 60 days of a fire depending on local laws
I'm pretty convinced this does not apply to crime scenes.

There is evidence they were fired upon from the behind of the compound when they were trying to exit the building as it was burning.

It is confirmed that there were units (who are also seen in a video) there, aiming towards the kitchen. And there is proof that they fired their weapons in that direction.

That's a good point.

I still find it hard to believe (despite the evidence) that they would be literally shot if they calmly exited the "compound".

Not really simultaneously. As far as I know the fire started in one place (chapel?) but spread very fast. There's witnesses (survivors from the building) who saw it move extremely fast through the corridors. The fact that the building was made into a swiss cheese by tanks and the wind constantly blew through also helped.

I'm pretty sure that the fact that there were kids inside was what kept the gubmint from just brute forcing their way into arresting/killing those inside.

Please do tell more.

He has a point though.

It'd be great if you had something to prove that you're not just talking out of your ass.

>americaaa, fuck yeaaaa!

>coming again to save the motherfuckin' day yeah!

You're free to know what most of us here already know.

its true govt kills whoever stands in their way

>mffw the footage of armored vehicles starting fires with incendiary canisters

People get lost in these kinds of events. Look at the forest, not the trees.
Due to the actions of the ATF operating under an expired warrant on a lie, eighty people died needlessly and nobody was REALLY held accountable -- there was no evidence left after the siege or exonerate or convict other than what some "crazy cult people" attested to after FBI interrogation.

Why was waco even investigated in the first place?

>(((illegal weapons)))
so nothing. They violated the 2nd amendment to murder civilians.


lol, The FBI drove a tank into that building and shot mother fuckers up yo

He really is.

>we need to arrest this cult leader for stockpiling weapons
>surely we shouldn't arrest him as he goes to town
>let's drive up in a cattle trailer with like 20 agents to assault this building

who cares about some pedo fucking cult Ruby Ridge is a real fuckup.


Pick one

Look at based Jones

>tfw i cant decide who really was in the wrong
dude both sides are bad lmao


I'm sure (((they))) did a full and thorough investigation before confirming there was no case to answer


I like this one.

About that...

Listen to this youtube.com/watch?v=osu99uTgNes


Nigger there were about 80 agents present during the initial assault.

lies, lies, and more miss direction.

Watch the documentary.

>let's assault this compound with 80 men who have stockpiled auto weapons in the worst way

Hey I didn't attack your point. I only fixed your facts.

Nigga the government just bombed the Syrian army who was fighting isis. There will be no repercussions because of this. Makes you wonder who we are backing because i dont have a clue.


Nigger, I met Koresh numerous times as a kid in one the local BBQ joints. Could see the smoke from our ranch when the ATF burned that place down. Reporters were bothering all the locals for months. Everyone here knows "The Butcher" aka Reno murdered those people.

Its all good i was just correcting too