Brit/pol/ - Fresh links edition

>Nicola Sturgeon 'has abandoned 2014 referendum lies to argue for independence at any cost

>Boris: Send Migrant Boats Back To North Africa

>'I'm a non-binary 10-year-old'

>Tory Eurosceptics push for hard Brexit

>Nigel Farage asked about 'skinny dipping antics' by Marr show

>Labour shadow cabinet: 14 'would return' if Corbyn wins

>Theresa May set to trigger Article 50 by February, EU's Donald Tusk says

>Bring back Britannia to rule the waves after Brexit

>After 1,200 years, could it really be time for the penny to be dropped?

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Everyone stand.

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So did the Americans find out who bombed them or do they not care since it did it's job covering up their bombing in aid of ISIS?

This one has new links, we can't just keep having an old thread because someone keeps posting a new thread with old links 50 posts before the bump limit.


If you keep this thread splitting shit up im just going to end it all

Have a fresh link lads

Corbyn wants right to own enterprises

Posting the new links in the real thread is easier.

Stop posting then.


What did they mean by this?

I hope it was a moslem.

Do you actually think they're supporting ISIS? I don't understand the logic. Why would the US promote an ideology that, if it takes, could lock them out of ME oil forever?

Honest question desu.

99% of Americans don't.

But Obongo is a known sympathiser. he's literally the only thing stopping the US from turning IS into dust.


Not tryna thread split, this one was just posted first

Minecraft - Episode 20 - Odd Jobs

Published on Mar 27, 2012
Welcome back to Sips and Sjin's magical journey into mootopia and Beavbury, this episode we get down to what farming is really about, odd jobs.

Intro Art by Amber Haas!

You think there is a correlation between radical islam and anti-US foreign policy?

The most right-wing Islamic country is Saudi Arabia and is the staunchest US ally in the region.

That's a tripfag thread trying to promote himself fuck that.

Where are you from, lads?

Who /Yorkshire/ here?

US could wipe out ISIS in a week or two if it wanted. Yet they don't because ISIS keeps pressure on Assad, who they want gone no matter the cost.

Occasionally there's an 'accident' that helps ISIS, such as delivering them weapons or bombing their targets just before they launch an attack.

It's all a coincidence though.

>First made thread:
First made thread: >First made thread:

Is there a point you're trying to make?



Fuck off.

>different IDs

>Nicola Sturgeon 'has abandoned 2014 referendum lies to argue for independence at any cost

The absolute state of social democracy.


>different IDs


>Autists playing threadwars while complaining about threadsplitters not realising they are the ones ruining it for everyone.

Reminder anyone that cares if they are the OP came from reddit.

It's the samefag - he uses a mobile phone to support himself, this much is known.

If you use a mobile phone you'll still have the same ID

This sure is better than having one thread

You ARE the tripfag.

Remember to sage if you aren't already.

This thread is too autistic for a proper brit/pol/. Sage and try again, lads.

Which thread was both made and posted first, threadsplitter?

Faking previous posts to try and think you are something??

Anybody can get the post number and search the archives themselves and see you photoshopped it.

Why do you need the Ellipsis posters approval? . . .are you scared of him?

Today's papers.



> . . .




Bump for real thread


Why no Hatfilms?






I just can't believe it, do these dummies know what a wanker the tripfag is?

I thought summer was over.

>lets his members pick policies and shadow ministers

We are reach levels of unelectable that shouldn't even be possible.


Posting in Karen thread.

It won't be over until you fuck off. Don't forget that we know where you live.


I have this sinking feeling its going to be blamed on a patriot and linked to trump.

Either that or they are setting a precedent about the disenfranchised left feeling victimized by trumps rhetoric and TPTB are going to use this to stage offing trump.

Why are you so desperate?

Just trying to reunite Brit/pol/ after all the ((divide and conquer)) mate

I just wish we could have a comfy Brit/pol/ again.

IE so they can blame it on some poor victim that lost control and was let down by the system that was pushed over the edge by trumps hateful rhetoric.

I dont buy that the US strikes in syria were an accident at all. It seems like they really have to advance this middle east plan now to save the
Petro dollar a little longer even if that means direct proxy war with russia..

Cant have trump getting in power if he actually might sit down with putin.

What worries me though is Trump getting in and then being told just how fucked the situation actually is and basicslly doing nothing different.

Then don't post in the threadsplitting shill thread, you dense cunt.

The repeating digits at the end of this man's post confirm his statement to be correct

That other thread was posted early and they didn't even bother to change the links, the same links that were being posted the same time yesterday. Sad!

Not a fan of corbyns politics but he is a fucking cuck if he takes any of his traitorous shadow cab back, id turf them all out and get fresh blood in personally.

What do we think of Diane, lads?

then stop posting that karen trash lad. This ain't the Trump thread full of american weebshit manchildren.

What do we think of /brit/ on Cred Forums, lads?

Are they blairites?


haha no x

they're all runts

Mixed bag of leftist students (me), rorkes and retarded blairite/tory lizzie may supporters that unironically want less freedom and are possibly crypto rasheeds as well

Morning, lads.

modern liberal conservatives and corbynites mostly

so yes

Who is this?

yeah how about NO mate


Never been there, what's Cred Forums like?



>Not a fan of corbyns politics but he is a fucking cuck if he takes any of his traitorous shadow cab back

Some might be allowed back, since many of them were only convinced to join the rebellion cos the Blairite faction (which is quite small, maybe only 25-30 actual headbanging Blairites left in the PLP) made it clear "he'll 100% be resigning once we do our staged resignations, and if you don't get on board now we'll hang you out to dry and your career will be over, deselected etc" so a few of them will be.

However the Shadow cabinet he has now is better, doesn't spend it's time leaking everything they say to the papers, or briefing the Tory press. It's also an opportunity to get Corbyn's successor (which is likely to be pre 2020) trained up and with a public profile (Clive Lewis, Angela Rayner, Richard Burgon, Rebecca Long-Bailey and potentially even Emily Thornberry and Cat Smith are the names you need to watch for.)

>Source: I'm a parliamentary caseworker for a Labour shadow cabinet member

smartly dressed lad

Vile repulsive disgusting slug of a creature

Apparently that New York bombing has been confirmed as a snack attack

What will be the next big happening in British politics?

Article 50? Indyref2? Queen dying? Something else?

What's a snack? A Muslim?

I think a Trump win will positively affect British politics to be honest.

Aloha Snackbar

It'll effect the world mate

If May doesn't deliver Brexit, Queen dying, Nuclear war with Russia, etc.

Do you think he'll win, lad?

I reckon there is a better chance of it happening than anyone thought, and like I've said from the beginning, It's Trump's to win and Hilary's to lose

>What will be the next big happening in British politics?

Article 50 and the subsequent shitstorm.

Infighting in the Tory party and May's government being destroyed from within after 2017.

Oppositions don't win elections - government's lose them.

It's unquestionable at this point. My worry is that the UN will swoop in and rig the election. But at this point I can safely say he'll win in a landslide. Trump is up in states like Ohio, New mexico and some people are even saying he'll take blue states like Michigan and Virginia. It's going to be pretty hard for them to rig it, but I do think Trump will pull it off.

>Do you think he'll win, lad?

Not likely, but not impossible. She's an awful candidate.


>My worry is that the UN will swoop in and rig the election.

lol fuckin' Americans are so thick.

Hello nazi frogs, how has your Sunday been?

Mine has been fun. I found out one of my family members that I thought was blue pilled, is actually extremely deplorable. Plus the gf has gone through ice cream today like its was oxygen. She will be 1488lbs in no time.

Thanks for reading my blog. Don't forget to like, and subscribe.

Cred Forums is Cred Forums lite
less seriousness and more making fun of each other

>the gf


It's been announced in the news dumbass


This video made me really happy.


What should I have for supper, lads?

Hands down the best anime cross over of all time

R8 my dog?

He's called Clare.

Skip supper.

Start getting /fit/

A wank. Into your own mouth, good protein.

Cock lad, like you normally do

First thread >First thread
First thread >first thread
First thread>First thread

>Skip supper.


Clare? Is he trans?

All reasonable suggestions, thanks lads.

We know, lad. That thread was posted early, before the bump limit.

Now just stay in that thread and leave us alone.

I like this one because it has fresh links and not the same links from yesterday.

Cred Forums /fit/ /k/ are the only boards i read unless i accidentally click /po/ and look at some comfy origami bullshit for 5 minutes.

The people will understand once they're re-educated.

>Corbyn the cuck.

Id laugh if you were a caseworker for dianne abbot. Thanks for the insight though.

>>Labour shadow cabinet: 14 'would return' if Corbyn wins
blairites on suicide watch. they know Owen is about to get BTFO and are crawling back


Ahab the arab pissed some guy from brooklyn moved a hotdog stand on his kebab stand turf?

No, Clare is a Male name now.

Lol, been feeding dog Freddos all day and now he wont get up.

Dubzz and I cum on his head.

Cup of tea and a slice of cake or a scone or some shit.

Are you even fucking british?


Indyref2 would be suicidal since the pols are against them and the last referendum was strongly based on the price of oil.
>Usually female

You gave your dog a girl's name, lad.

And don't cum on his head, you weirdo.

>blairites on suicide watch. they know Owen is about to get BTFO and are crawling back

Id have some respect for corbyn if he tells them to fuck off.

Dont give your dog regular chocolate m8, its full of theobromine which is highly toxic to dogs, and moreso for cats.

Can all tripfags just fuck off back to R3ddit?

Cumming here. Give me five lad. I let Clare shag me wife once in a while.

I think I killed him, he wont move and I've been feeding him Caramel Freddos all day.

Its beutiful

Nah, Dogs cant handle small amounts of Caffeine, thats whats kills them.

mate don't feed your dog chocolate that stuff could kill it

full of faggots

>UK today: 20,000 marched for "open borders" and "Refugees welcome" by London. This was one of the performances.

Lads, you have to watch this.

Its theobromine m8, its one of the alkaloids found in choclate i think feeding a 100g of even milk chocolate to a dog the size of a staff is approaching a bad idea.

Giving freddos to your dog is killing it with kindness.

>Showing results forcaffeineand dogs.
Search instead forcaffeienand dogs

>Petsare more sensitive to the effects ofcaffeinethan people are. While 1-2 laps ofcoffee, tea or soda will not contain enoughcaffeineto cause poisoning in mostpets, the ingestion of moderate amounts ofcoffeegrounds, tea bags or 1-2 diet pills can easily cause death in smalldogsor cats.

>Unironically flying terrorist flags in the background whilst being degenerate.

This is the end times for sure. Do those people know the 'Free Syrian Army' would gut them on sight?

They should let them in, and put them next door to everybody who marched.

I think it's cute

>Slovakia says Europe will make Brexit ‘very painful’ for UK,Authorised=false.html?siteedition=uk&_i_location=

For EU

David Davis says we arent leaving fully. Meaning they'll keep open borders.

He said we can't do a full Brexit. Tories got what they wanted all along.


I have some background from my undergrad days in toxicology, biochemistry and cellular biology, not to mention an ex girlfriend whom i helped through uni had a background in biomed and radiography.

Trust me as little as 1/2 of an ounce of chocolate per lb of bodyweigh can be potentially serious for most dogs, even big dogs 100lb.... a small bar (relative for a human )of dark choclate could kill a small dog

A bullet.

Credible source?

You are surprised by this?

The Tory Party is the political wing of the City of London. The City wants free movement - the Tories are ever faithful to their class base, so that's what they'll get.

The backlash for this is what will bring down the Tory government.

This is also why there's such frantic efforts to get rid of Corbyn - if the Tory party implodes over the backtrack on Brexit they're preparing the ground for as we speak, then it's not some New Labour pro-City Blair type whose gonna take over, but an Actual Socialist who cannot be bought, bribed or bullied into doing what they want.

This is why the Tory leadership election was cancelled and May annointed (Tory party was being pressured "to end the uncertainty" after the pound tanked following the Brexit vote, which is why Gove and co dropped out) and why Cameron refused to invoke Article 50 straight away (let his enemies take the flak for the fallout from Brexit)

Right now every government in Europe fucking hates the Tory party and it's essential for them that the Tories suffer for what they've done, because if the Tories can get re-elected after leaving the EU, and if Britain gets out without suffering horribly, other nations will leave too, and that will be a total disaster for the interests of big capital and big business. It's going to be really messy and the press is deliberately focusing on the Labour party ridiculous infighting rather than the much more urgent and potentially devastating consequences that lie ahead.

Not allowed them over here mate you know that

I say let them go

This is Britain.


Straight from the merck vet manual.

>One ounce of milk chocolate per pound of body weight is a potentially lethal dose in dogs.

Im overstating the risk to giving a medijm-large dog a couple of freddos but you really should reconsider that idea.

Blah blah blah Tories . . .Blah blah blah Tories.

Fuck off kiddo.

Lads I'm turning into an eagle. It's getting more and more difficult to type, and I swear my desk is getting taller.



>watching Seven Ages of Britain
>great British men exploring the world, conquering land and ruling overseas territories
>sat here too lazy to want to go to my part-time job tomorrow

Where did we go so wrong?

u wot m8

You were born too late to explore the Earth, but too early to explore the galaxy.

I make my living in politics. I speak to these people on a daily basis. Wait and see for yourself - The City wants freedom of movement and unrestricted access to the EEA, the EU will refuse that in order to "make an example" of the UK, to send a message to any other state "this is what happens when you try to leave" so that other countries will be frightened into line.

See those comments by David Davis? That's him, bit by bit, preparing the ground for the capitulation. Why did May put people she despises and who are disgraced (Johnson, Fox etc) into the key Brexit positions? Cos it's a poisoned chalice.

You know nothing.

Won't the public be a mite unhappy about all that when it happens?

>I make my living in politics
No you don't.

You are just a kid on a Mongolian Basket Weaving forum.

Why do the threads keep getting split?

How can I get paid for shilling lads?

>I make my living in politics

Fucking hell, its nick clegg.


Lads, type 'american inventors' into google and post yfw

Maybe he's one of those party activists I keep hearing about, the ones who keep harassing my elderly mum and dad and telling them they're literally Hitler if they don't vote Labour.

I find it amusing that some autist has taken all my dog pics, made him trans and is threatening to cum on his head.

London is becoming a huge problem lads.

A butt-hurt ex-tripfag is trying to take control.

Can't you see that on the other thread?

But just in time for the European race wars

lol more like 200. the number for rallies like this are always vastly overstated

I'm sure they'll be lots of fun, Brit militias with their unregistered teaspoons against hordes of Muslims with machetes strapping bombs to their babies then chucking them at you.

Pls be soon, I'm running out of purpose

What's the matter goy? I don't see anything wrong

>Won't the public be a mite unhappy about all that when it happens?

yes, but that takes second place to the City. This is Britain we're talking about, a giant floating financial centre with a large angry province attached to it. The City always comes first.

We have a professional armed forces, a large police force, a compliant media, a strong centralised state and archaic political system with no written consitution. The people aren't in a position to do fuck all about it. The over 65's (rather the over 75's) will vote Tory as they always do, and cos of the way the boundary review and the gerrymandering will work to amplify our shitty First Past the Post electoral system they are confident they can get 20% of the adult population to vote for them in enough key seats to form a government, even if that involves working with other parties such as UKIP.

Only a PASOK type of implosion could really fuck them up. Labour's vote has a ceiling about 34-35% under Corbyn, basicallly their core vote, which due to how it's distributed in big cities might be enough to make them the largest party by share of the vote, but they're unlikely to be able to get a majority in the House of Commons without aid from the Scots Nats.

This is a very risky calculation they're trying to make, they're assessing potential damage and thinking how it is they go about getting the majority post Article 50 when the EU (along with the USA and other western states which are unequivocally anti-Brexit) puts the screws on us.


kek, what a legend he is!

I stick with the karen ones (for consistency, I don't really give a shit about that mascot) so I don't really know.

>No you don't.

Yes, I do. This isn't the first time I've been here either. You should pay close attention to what I'm saying cos I don't get many Sunday nights where I can shitpost with impunity from the comfort of my own home, and you don't get many people who actually work for an MP posting on here, so make the most of me whilst you can.

He is just another remoaner.

We have seen lots of them since the referendum. They tried the 'it's just an advisory vote' and ' we need a 2nd referendum' and 'it needs to be approved by the House of Commons'????

They run out of arguments so they throw doubt on Theresa May.

It's just getting boring now.

>impolying I can't knock up some zipguns from the shit in my garage
>implying going full IRA mode and carbombing everything isn't the most effective method


i think it's the same guy who was spamming those "anglo/pol" threads a few days ago

Which party do you work for?

>He is just another remoaner.

Not at all, I'm no fan of the EU and I voted leave on socialist Bennite grounds.


Scrambled Clegg, still relevant after all this time.

How long do you think Jezza can cling on for? Will there be a split à la the SDP?

if the tories back traced too much they would lose a shit tonne of votes. Why vote for a government that ignores the majority? It wold be political suicide.

>I'm a non binary 10 year old
WTF IS THIS SHIT!!!!!! That's it. I'm doing it. This world is sick piece of shit. Goodbye everyone.

You work for Dianne Abbott dont you?

>kinnock thinks there won't be another labour government in his lifetime if corbychev wins
Aww poor dab

Best PM you guys never had :^)

Ignore it, BBC is regressive crap anyway.

Just back from two weeks in Pakistan.

Pretty crazy, desu.

He was a tripfag who got ideas above his station, the oldfag tripfags blew him out as a liar and a fake but he still tries to make threads and think he is somebody special.

I have been here a long time and seen this idiot try to take over, most people laugh at him but newfags don't get it!

he was chased out of brit/pol/ and no longer posts with his trip but it's still the same fag and he screencaps any discussion about him and posts it at intervals to 'prove how popular he is'???

Why would you go to Pakistan?

Visiting family?

Are you allowed to be non religious there, lad?

Why should we believe you? I'm a leftist that voted leave but this is all rather fanciful

Touring what used to be our empire, lads.

As a tourist, of course.

Did you have to wear a headscarf?

Did you have to bribe any officials?

Did you get a tapeworm or any other sort of parasite?

why is karen so cute

No, I'm male.

No, I stayed well within the law.

No, the food was relatively clean and safe.

>Pretty crazy
Why? It should be the same as over there just without the faggots.

It's an "Islamic Republic" whatever that means

>How long do you think Jezza can cling on for?

As long as he likes. He'll step down at a time of his choosing to make way for someone more photogenic and younger to take his place, once the Blairites have been purged. Corbyn's job is to purge the Labour right, make Labour the largest political organisation in Europe (currrent membership is 866,000 and post re-election we hope to try and get it over 1 million) and then train up a successor to take over just prior to the General Election to fight the election. Corbyn has absolutely no interest in being PM, he's just the lightning rod that will take the hits for the brutal and bloody civil war currently being fought.

>Will there be a split à la the SDP

Unlikely. The political system in Britain does not favour smaller parties. There is even less scope for a wet lettuce guardian reader pro-EU bedwetters party than ever before. The centre is collapsing all over the west, trying to start a new centre party with no members and no money is like like the rats trying to jump on board a sinking ship.

There's more likely to be prolonged legal cases and battles over the rights to the name Labour in the courts. The right-wing of the party knows their days are numbered and they will do whatever they can to damage the party until they're kicked out (although most will jump before they're pushed)

Did you get a tan?

>You work for Dianne Abbott dont you?

I'm not telling you who I work for you fool, you'd be able to work out my identity pretty easily if I did.

The Pakis in Pakistan are nicer than the Pakis here. The hustle and bustle was so odd and the women were so subservient naturally.

Something of one, but I didn't spend my time there for the sake of a tan.

Do you personally support Corbyn and his strategy? I get the impression that most of the party (except the young'uns who joined specifically to vote for him) despises him.

>Did you have to wear a headscarf?
>Did you have to bribe any officials?
>Did you get a tapeworm or any other sort of parasite

Sounds like a daytrip to our fair capital city.

>I'm not telling you who I work for you fool
You don't work for anyone.

You fill out a Jobseekers chart every fornight and get your 'wages' from the DWP.

Stop being a dickhead, some of us have been here for more than a week.

Who would this photogenic Corbynite be? Clive Lewis? Richard Burgon?

I like Corbyn. I'd join labour but I'm a shy autist

>post re-election we hope to try and get it over 1 million

I used to work in London, I thought it was very nice. Mild, clement weather most of the time, nice parks, good food.

Pakis were nicer there.

>Did you get a tapeworm or any other sort of parasite

So you mean this shit ain't common in the uk? Is it just an isolated case? Dude I'm going to London next month and I don't want to accidentally fuck a tranny.

WTF Scotland? You used to be Celts that fought back the Roman Empire. Did obedience to your English masters remove your ability to think rationally for yourselves? Thank fuck we rebelled every time we could.

>You don't work for anyone.
>You fill out a Jobseekers chart every fornight and get your 'wages' from the DWP.
>Stop being a dickhead, some of us have been


I believe it is my sacred duty to help battle Japan's aging population crisis



> 75 posts away from bump limit.

Nah. Mhairi tier shitposter.

Come on now lad, Bradford market doesn't count as Pakistan

>I shall commit previous acts
What did he mean by this, fellow bongs?


I must be a spiritual Nip

It's not as wide spread as in the US but London might have a lot because it is one of the more "progressive" places here.

grevious acts*


>Do you personally support Corbyn and his strategy?

Personally he's a very nice, amiable, friendly guy. Very down to earth, very humble, not loud or obnoxious, softly spoken. First time I met him he made my tea and let me sleep on his couch. I've been involved with Labour politics since the mid-2000's and I originally began work as a caseworking for a sitting cabinet minister and they were so obnoxious and full of hubris that I celebrated when they finally quit politics and gave it up. Corbyn by contrast is a genial old hippy who unexpectedly found himself as leader of the party. He's very brave - he's been under unbelievable pressure and it would've broken me. He's not particulary dynamic and organised - that's John McDonnell's job. Jeremy defers to John in nearly everything, cos John is the de facto Leader of the British Left as the chair of the Socialist Campaign Group. Problem with John is even though he's much more dynamic and competent than Jeremy he's a real poltical stret fighter, whereas Jeremy's a very nice old chap whose quite hard to dislike (unless you're easily influenced by tabloid propaganda, in which case there's nothing I can do to help you beyond offering my condolences)

It's not his strategy it's Unite's strategy. The strategy is basically Purge the Labour Right, rebuild the party from the Grassroots up, kick out all the fucking hacks and shills, get a large membership of young people and have them organised on every estate in every ward, constituency and region in the country and swarm the Tories with sheer weight of numbers. Once we've taken full control of the party machinery we'll move against our enemies and crush them totally. Once we've done that, Corbyn can step down and someone (Clive Lewis probably) will take over in the 9-12 months before the election and we'll see how it works out. If it works - great, we're in power. If not, rinse and repeat for 2025, keep doing it 'til we win.

Remember kids, we only have to win once



Are they easy to identify at least?

If Honda releases a new model of car where 0.05% have faulty breaks they have to recall them, but countries that release people who have a 0.05% chance of blowing up aren't expected to recall them????

>First time I met him he made my tea and let me sleep on his couch.

>This happened

Just remember after you win to screw the Tories. They're doing everything they can to screw your party.

Can anybody pastebin the text from this article?


It's behind a fucking paywall.

Friendly reminder to never get virgin media for their TV service it's fucking shit

Stay away from Camden and you will be fine.


I work for a Labour MP as a caseworker. Mainly in the constituency (which is the North of England and that's all I'm saying) but I also have a parliamentary pass. I appreciate that politics and westminster might seem like a strange alien world to you, but I promise you there's hundreds of people who have jobs in politics, they're just people you've never met and have no contact with cos you're a NEET. You might see some of my friends on the Dispatches documentary about Momentum if you look closely enough (although I am not actually involved in Momentum I work for the MP and get paid from short money)

>watching TV
For what purpose!?

Good labour are the worst.

No it isn't

What's Camden isn't that a city in America? Or is it the name of some pub?

So many brit/pol/ threads, what do?

New thread

Make your own

How many fucking thread splits are there? Can we not do this.

report the faggot who keeps spamming other threads

Isn't this the saddest shit you've ever seen?

>but I promise you there's hundreds of people who have jobs in politics, they're just people you've never met and have no contact with cos you're a NEET.

It's more because 95% of people involved in politics are middle class wankers and toffs

>still haven't seen the new five pound note

It's a town in London, leftist shithole!

Thanks for new Karen


So many ((thread splitters))

Yeah it is lad.

>First time I met him he made my tea and let me sleep on his couch

Sounds a bit Jimmy Savile to me.

So you support your bum-bandit pal that wants to give Argentina the Falklands?

Give back Gibraltar to to Spanish.

Snuggle up in bed with the IRA and destroy Britain's nuclear deterant?

Brilliant . .. . . if I need your brainless opinion, I will ask for it.

You do come across as a condescending cunt, and you wonder why Labour lost so much ground in the North to UKIP over brexit. You are completely out of touch with your traditional core support.

Come in here if you want to get comfy discussing tomorrow's papers, lads.

I didn't know which thread to post them in (there's so many), so I just made my own thread.

I have many rare Karens.

Oh ok. Thanks for the tip m8. In "normal" London there are any hot blondies? Or is it full of pakis (don't mind as long they're hot)?

open it in a private window lad

>mfw Karen will never be real

>the threadsplitter got a new IP
fuck off

Protugeese = Spanish = Arab

This desu

Very nice

Let them all die. Reboot at virgin hours.

I don't understand why people buy followers it's so obvious that you've done it

Mostly pakis last time I was there.


Barely any natural blondes anywhere in Britain.



If you buy followers, you have to follow them? What's the point in that?


or there desu lad

The bright colours and such are nice, I think because of our grey skies we need to have more colour in our buildings etc. But we need white people to inhabit them.

What's wrong with this one?

They're bots that automatically follow you when you follow them

Ok then. It's a bit sad that our Oldest Ally is overrun with muslims.

Lots of blondes here lad. Most common is mousy brown though.

I think Sweden is inaccurate lad.

It's gay.

Do not want.

>It has 7 replies, stop thread splitting you fucking raghead cunt.

>Just remember after you win to screw the Tories. They're doing everything they can to screw your party.

Of course, that's the point. cut off their access to funding and they're finished, they'll not actually have the resources to carry out a full general election campaign if we get into power and pass laws targetting ultra-wealthy political donors. They don't have the members or the money from members subs to compete with us.

Ban any political donation above 1,000 per person per year, bring in voting at 16, electronic voting via twitter, whatsapp etc, re-register all the people who aren't on the electoral register, perhaps even mandatory turnout laws, and that's the end of that. Introduce PR, regional government, federalism, abolish the house of lords etc etc. There's so much we can do. In theory, we could reduce them to a rump of about 50 MP's in the home counties within a single parliament, and they'd effectively be finished as a national political party. It wouldn't mean perpetual one party state, but once we're in we'd be staying in one way or another for 30 or 40 years. It's a long-term project this, something the Blairites (who are pathologically incapable of thinking strategically in anything longer than a weekly News Cycle and still think it's the 1990's) as well as Tories have been totally unable to grasp with us.

This thread splitting shit needs to end.

Some places are not too bad, some good places in Yorkshire that have next to no Muslims.

For future shitposting.

>You do come across as a condescending cunt

Sorry did I hurt your feelings? Is the rough and tumble of political debate on Cred Forums a little bit too much for you? Perhaps another website, where you can downvote triggering opinions and nasty hurtful words, might be more suited to your delicate sensibilities.

Seriously though, were you expecting me to go easy on you or something? Don't dish it out if you can't take it back.

In here, lads.

>This thread splitting shit needs to end.
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You could look into disenfranchising elderly voters too. Maybe make them pass some sort of competence test.

Maybe it's just my area

>electronic voting via twitter, whatsapp etc,

Just fuck my democracy up

Ok thanks for the tip

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Nice dream but unlikely. Face it, Labour is losing working class support because you are throwing them under the bus for diversity and youngsters. UKIP are going to take many labour votes witch will put the tories further ahead of labour.

>Voting via twitter and whatsapp

At least make your lies a bit realistic pal

use this one


>some good places in Yorkshire that have next to no Muslims.
You lie.

Outside of London, Yorkshire and Lancashire are full of the fuckers.

They are the most infected counties in England.

Cheers laddo, didn't even think of doing that.


>You could look into disenfranchising elderly voters too

Nah, it wouldn't be necessary beyond a certain point. Tories win cos they rinse the turnout in the marginals and can better focus their large financial resources than we can.

on the flip side, we outnumber them in terms of door knocking and face-to-fac contact 20 to 1 now, something that the more intelligent Tories I work with (they do exist, I assure you) are deeply worried about (not that you'd ever see it discussed in the press)

Richer parts not too bad mate. All of Yorkshire =/= Rotherham.

>At least make your lies a bit realistic pal

Not unrealistic at all - all you need is a link via twitter to an Electoral Commision run online voting website and it's all done via them. We're using it right now to run the Labour leadership campaign. We could roll it out nationally and get youth turnout over 90%. Alongside votes at 16 and australian style turnout laws we could get it above 95% I think.

>Richer parts not too bad mate. All of Yorkshire =/= Rotherham.

Fuck that. Yorkshire is great if you're not scared of people with brown skin. Don't assume everyone else in the world shits their pants when they meet someone who looks different to them the way you do, we're not all gutless NEET racists y'know.

I never mentioned Rotherham and as far as could see Rotherham is no different to the rest of Yorkshire.

I know Northerners like to say the Mussies are 'down South' but that's a lie.

Ok there is a large concentration in London but the North is far worse, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Brum and Leicestershire are diabolical.