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>implying the world is round
>implying gravity exists
>implying evolution happened

Seriously though, this comic is typical of kike revisionism, portraying progressive science as inherently more useful just because it's modern.

>Believing Earth is flat.
The medieval ages called. They want their thinking back.

>OP makes a great post and a rock solid argument (he doesn't)

Looks like REIDF is out in full force today

Everyone knew the earth was round for millennia. Galileo was famous for promoting heliocentricism. And he got in trouble for teaching it as fact, despite having agreed in court not to do so until he had more comprehensive evidence. He did not come up with heliocentricism, nor was it considered an unlikely or "dangerous" idea, Copernicus was lauded for his expansion in the field, and Galileo would have shared in that glory if he hadn't been a lying, uncooperative fuckface.

Newton's laws were never really controversial, they were literally just mathematical representations of measurable phenomena.

Young earth creationism had no rational refutation of the idea of macroevolution and natural selection, there's was metaphysical and by definition unprovable. Also, darwin worked for and published his work while studying at a catholic college.

The elephant in the room of anthropogenic climate change theory, that global temperatures have barely risen in two decades despite rapidly increasing atmospheric CO2, has not be adequately addressed.

>still believing this meme

>Cred Forums BTFO!

>responding to a bait thread with an essay

>proven beyond doubt to be real

Fuck off sliders! Find the Jews in the New York bombing.

Tell me English man did the Muslims made you this retarded or did you use to go to public schools?

bait thread, bait response, bait bait bait baity bait bait

It's amazing how little these supposedly enlightened "free-thinkers" know about the history of science. Myth of the flat earth, inventing nonexistent controversy about gravity, incorrectly supposing that evolution was always well-supported (What does this guy think biologists have been up to the past 150 years? Sitting around, agreeing about how right they are?)

This comic shows us nothing but the smug arrogance overflowing from the artist's tiny, ignorant mind.

>because it's 2016 the post

>so eager to post a retarded comment he just skims the greentext

Please die immediately.

Except none of that happened. Lol. People knew the earth was round a long time ago. Most people agreed with Newton. Nothing in the bible is against evevlution and that theory hasn't even been proven. Shitty strawman at best.

>Believing that people in the middle ages believed Earth was flat
>Still memeing the late 18th century version of IT'S CURRENT YEAR

Thanks user.

>barely risen
They have demonstrably risen. There was a discrepancy between the prediction of models and the observed results. Scientists believe that the culprit might be melting polar ice sheets chilling the ocean and slowing average temperature acceleration. That's the beauty of science: as more data is gathered models and experiments can be fine tuned.


>Le Earth is flat maymay
Literally no Europeans ever belived this

> Cred Forums BTFO!

Excuse me, but hasn't Correct the Record been posting flat earth bullshit on Cred Forums for like, 5 months now?

Blaming bad weather on things you don't like is a trick so old that it predates the book.
>Shaman say fire make sky angry.

>They have demonstrably risen.

Statistical significance is not the same thing as practical significance.

>Scientists believe that the culprit might be melting polar ice sheets chilling the ocean and slowing average temperature acceleration.

This, on the other hand, has not been proven at all, it's just speculation, and doesn't make a lot of sense, given that air temperatures are also nearly stagnant.

The models failed because they assumed that the CO2 greenhouse affect would also cause a water vapor content of the atmosphere to increase, and this didn't happen, at least to any appreciable degree.

Additionally, no macromodel seems to address the fact that there's only a limited amount of spacebound IR which falls within CO2's absorption spectra. Meaning that even the theoretical effect of CO2 on redirection of spacebound radiation has a hard limit, and the relationship between CO2 atmospheric composition and temperature must be logarithmic, not linear or hyperlinear, as most models suggest.

Global warming is real, but the most direct correlation as its cause over the history of the earth is sun activity, not co2 from humans.