First post election poll in Russia out

United Russia - 44,5% (down from 49%)
LDPR - 15.3% (up by 4%)
Commies - 14,9% (down by 5%)
Just Russia - 8.1%
5% less? Why don't you like Vlad? He is sad now. United Russia should have gotten 60%.

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Commies BTFO by based Zhirik.


Putin je nas bog



The West gets very suspicious when we overwhelmingly support our beloved president, you see.

So some of us have to pretend not to like him and vote for parties other than united Russia. That's OK though, all the other parties support Putin as well.

My sarcasm detector is giving me an error

President Poklonskaya when?

>JUST Russia


Vladimir Putin has SEX WITH MEN

anyone have a JUST for putin ?

Pls don't give those idiots over half a percent.


The Z.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The most based and the most awesome politician ever.
The guy that threatened NATO with solar weapons.

If by "sex" you mean "date" and by "men" you mean "destiny", then yes.

Glad to see LDPR doing well and the commies getting fucked. Nothing's even going to change though. UR will win either way

This. He's like more based version of Putin

The last Levada Center poll before the Kremlin shut them down recently showed UR at 31% (while Putin himself still getting 50%+)

This is a Zhirinovsky appreciation thread now.

Pity he sold his ass to the government long ago. When he was an actual opposition i even liked him.

stop shilling on every thread you see, faggot

Also congrats to based Zhirik

A politician that should've been a stand-up comedian and his troup.

Sadly he *is* the actual opposition.
Commies are a non-factor since 1996.

you really believe he ever was an actual opposition? he's a fucking jew

I like you today, The Ukraine.

>JUST Russia

>Russia's Communist Party and Fair Russia obtained 14.9 and 8.1 percent respectively, the poll showed.
>commies got fucking 15%
I thought you guys had learned your lesson already.

Watched the first of these to video's. The speakers seems like a based man who speaks honestly and forth right. The biggest thing I noticed was the face of the globalists in the audience. Sorry Russian senpai, your country has many of the same issues as we do but what do I know. Maybe we can MAGA and make both America and Russia great again.

> ruined the economy and banned the internet
> still gets 44,5%

Legit as fuck election.

>Commies - 14,9% (down by 5%)
Who the FUCK is voting for them?

You apparently have no idea how bad all the non-United Russia parties are.

Communists :)
btw they got 16,71 now

>ruined the economy and banned the internet
What's your excuse for being so uninformed?

Where do the communists live?

Are they openly communist or do they hide it like UKIP supporters do over here?

Do they live in a certain part of the country?

Are they all young?

Looks like French/Austrian elections;

I don't drink vodka all day so I can think clearly you fucking mongol.

wow. after the crimea fiasco and all the sanctions he only got down by 5%? i guess the sjews lied.

Bad as in, all the leaders are put in Jail by Great Putin? Like in America how the third party is "bad" because there are tens of millions of dollars put against them every year? That's called being a slave. Welcome to 1984

>Are they all young?

Dunno about Russia, but all the socialists/communists here are old farts remembering the "good old days" where they had high-paying government jobs + gibs on top of that while doing sweet fuck-all

They can live anywhere & can be of any age.
Not like England+Wales - Scotland+N.Ireland at brexit vote

I would guess Commie voters are old people who miss the Soviet Union.
Whenever I see a KPRF gathering, it's all grandmas and grandpas wearing Red Army insignia and carrying Lenin pictures.

Tako je Đuro.

>The Ukraine

>Bad as in, all the leaders are put in Jail by Great Putin?

Bad as in their leaders, all put together, don't break the 100 IQ mark.

What's wrong with the Ukraine? I thought you liked it.

>think clearly
so with the ruined economy and banned internet you came up by yourself? k

>one of the oldest tengry population in europe calling someone a mongol

I was talking to a Croatian about their election last week.

He said the same thing.

I wish our youth was like the Balkans.

It's mostly old people who lived during the few good years of communism, but got their pension lowered after it fell.

They will die out eventually.

No, lately they are becoming yonger. I see yong faces at their meetings & billboards

less actual commies and more people who just want to return to the glory days of the USSR perhaps?

I assume it is mostly the old fucks who are dying of age now. They don't take too fondly to the -91 change where they got jewed by the oligarchs.

These elections aren't even legit, so why does Cred Forums care?

>LDPR - 15.3% (up by 4%)


What are LDPR and Just Russia? Are there any liberal western style parties in Russia?

He's happy actually. They want to feel themselves that they are a pert of smth, that they mean smth in this world...

>These elections aren't even legit, so why does Cred Forums care?
I know, right?

The old fucks still think Yugoslavia was prosperous because socialism is a great ideology and not because Tito kept the gravy train going with bribe money given to him both by the US and the Soviets.

Politics is like sports to me.

I used to be obsessed with sports and I replaced it with politics five years ago when I found Cred Forums.

No regrets desu

Why do you actually care about Crimea & usraine & elections in Russia?

People who understands.

Putin's party will have like 65-70 % in duma, because they have now 178/198 (89%) (total 225) places in electoral district voting and 45% in federal voting

Apparently you drink dog piss.

Btw, congrats, Vlad!

LDPR means "Liberal-Democratic" but it's not desu =)

LDPR - clown's party
Just Russia - United Russia's puppet

>The LDPR has supported the restoration of Russia with its "natural borders" (which the party believes include Belarus, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics). It sees the unification of Russia and Belarus as a first step in the restoration. The LDPR regards the United States and the Western civilization as the main external threat to Russia.


Well, there are edgy commie kids here, too. But it's mostly grandpas.
There's probably more young Russian commies because you have a big commie party so they seem more numerous, and here they're all scattered around circle-jerking Facebook groups and 10-people organizations.

LDPR is the absolutely glorious nationalist party (ironically called Liberal Democratic Party of Russia).
Just Russia is a center-left social democratic party (I think they're nationalist, too).
Liberal progressive parties would be Yabloko and PARNAS (and possibly some even smaller ones), but they couldn't get enough votes to enter the parliament even if they all united.

This guy knows what's up


>"Liberal-Democratic" but it's not desu =)
I think germans are familiar with that concept, with that little contradiction of mama Merkel's party being called "christian democratic union"

Remember Austrian elections?

Worst. Zionist. Country. EVER! Next to Israel itself and of course the big fatty on top of which my nation lies

Just a reminder, the only european-style liberal opposition party (Parnas) cucked themselves into oblivion and alienated 99% of the entire electorate by wanting to return crimea to ukraine.

That's how smart the anti-putin opposition is.

They need a reorganisation.
Btw is there a clear pro-Russian party in Serbia?

And what's about election fraud? Is it a western meme or really a big issue in Russia?

When's Putin going to stop raspberrying little boys and poisoning opposition? It surprises me nothing that Drumpf sucks his clit

>Btw is there a clear pro-Russian party in Serbia?

Several, but only one is the Parliament. The party in power is of the "EU, Russia, America - we're friends with everyone!" variety.

>that little contradiction of mama Merkel's party being called "christian democratic union"

tfw americans can be this retarded with no consequences because no one actually votes like this ther

Serbian Radical Party is and was the pro-Russian party since 1991.
They got an alliance with Just Russia, openly support Putin, the Eurasian Union, ODKB, and Šešelj, the party president, is a long-time friend of Zhirinovsky.

Ironically, the more conservative and even partially uncucked bavarian version of the christian democratic union is called christian SOCIAL union.

They had too otherwise they wouldn't get any more funds from the embassy, you've to understand them.

>right wing
>lefties put refugees in places

They go down consistently because their electorate is dying out.

WOW, you've just read my fucking mind!

We don't have the social democrats and the christian democrats in italy since the early 90s, why it's still a thing in germany?

>Just Russia - 8.1%

yep, it's true. But, they are clowns anyway, relax

>translated from russian
>it's ok because no matter how many votes go to other parties, the results will be rigged to make Putin win anyway

what about natasha???

was she elected?


81123Why do (You) guys just don't get a girlfriend.

>dat picture

Please tell me all about your infalible brand of communism your """"""Professor"""""" told you all about.

>still believing the csu is even partially uncucked meme

they are as cucked as cdu. good cop bad cop scheme,

memehofer and his shitheads have no credibility

This time several serious frauds have been registrated but generally the elections are clear.
It's a heavy meme and heritage of the "glorious democratic" 90-s that elections are not fair. But they become more fair each time.



Inache bit' ne moglo
Kak je zaebala eta partia aaaaa

>"EU, Russia, America - we're friends with everyone!"
Jesus Christ!!!

I'm 5'9.
I can't have a gf.

I'll always have Farage though.
Maybe that's better.

Why don't you just become first world country?

They can get a couple of places in electoral district voting. Yabloko (Apple in english) have one (of 450) on this moment

American imperialism keeps our IQ down

>LDPR - 15.3% (up by 4%)

Yeah sure


>Last time the commies weren't one of the two biggest parties was 1993

And people told me not to get excited about this election

Real translation: the other parties are a myth. All the large ones are Putin's puppets. It doesn't matter what puppet you support, it's only job is just rubberstaping Putin's decisions. There is no need to rig elections.


all me desu

Good. At least we got some political contacts

We really are in a fucked up position. No politician can openly come out as anti-Russian and hope to get a decent percentage, but at the same time, if we turn too much against US/EU, they'll rape us hard.

But i do have one, pic related
I looked up the LDPR expecting them to be western europhile cucks and apparently they're Imperialist Ultranationalists.

The hell it does. US/Brazil relations are great, and that in spite of the BRICS stuff.

You'd be pretty excited at the 2005 elections in Poland too

>pic related, red are the commies (not in parliament now)

Well, to be fair, they didn't have a corruption scandal that resulted in parties being shut down.

Which party Cred Forums root for?

>still mad about the 7-1 goalocaust

i-i am sorry ronaldina

Yes, they have an ironic name, don't they?

I hope they don't win though.


This mofo again

>And what's about election fraud? Is it a western meme or really a big issue in Russia?
If these elections were 100% perfect:
United Russia still woud've gotten a majority
Commies and LDPR would've had 40+% of UR votes each.
Just Russia would've had it's 8%
The rest of the parties are mostly irrelevant sans those who pass 3% barrier to get the state funding.

Frauds are there mostly there because of the regional elites pushing for certain candidates.

sheit manfaam ukraine where the grass is green war is real and the girls are prett-ae

Old memes

surprise motherfucker

That's because this time there were TWO communist parties. Together their votes make up the second largest party.

>LDPR 16,25% now
This was proposed by their leader

take your pick

Yes, we understand that. I hope we'll find the way to help you. But for now you should do anything what the west tells you so not to be raped und simply survive.
Our kultural & orthodox connections are the priority now.

What is LDPRs relationship with United Russia and perhaps more specifically Putin and the people close to Putin? Russia needs a nice soft landing once Putin dies otherwise the ((West)) can easily exploit it all.

But they did.

Okay I already like them

stara koka dobra juha

Come on Plen dont tell me you dont want to be ruled by based Pootin

Too late for you. Should have done it earlier

this would arouse me greatly

It's still fresh in my memory. I was watching national pride of the whole country being raped real time.

>At night our scientists will change the graviational angle of the earth
>24 hours and your whole country will be under water of the Atlantic-Pacific Oceans!!
Jesus christ

He пo кaнoнy,y КБ нe дoлжнo быть глaз

wew, romania or moldavia should get more on the south-west of odessa

I'm naturalised Russian and I voted ParNaS. Parnas Party - used to be classic liberal party that advocated strict visa system with coloured countries. After party praimerise this May: even more anti-immigrant politicians make a third of a party, every fifth party candidate is open nationalist, the rest are pro-gun, pro-freedom, anti-immigrant classic liberals. Led by nationalist Maltsev who named the Jew being behind European multiracial society and Jewish mafia in Russian medicine. They support legalising handguns, free speech, free party registration, Russian nationalism, harsh visas with coloured countries, people's militias, small taxes, THE WALL and deadly fire against illegals trying to cross. Their mascot is THE BULL.

Communists get a fair share, how do you feel about it ruskies?

was prokuror nyasha elected?

>wants to sink Australia
NOOOOOOO, where would the bantz come from then?

>with Angela Merkel and Roland Koch emerging as the most powerful German conservative politicians
Germany YES!


>tfw no decent paleoconservative/paleolibertarian party in style of Pat Buchanan/Ron Paul/Larry McDonald and you have to pick between ER and liberashkas

I'm ready to fucking die now

I did not understand what you wrote

you're a cuck who voted for a party whose leader is Misha 2%, a famous corrupt piece of shit. You probably wasn't Russian when he was stealing from the budget in the early 00s

Not enough.

>What is LDPRs relationship with United Russia and perhaps more specifically Putin and the people close to Putin?
Party that has no chances at the president elections but represents slightly different interests.
LDPR is essentially a one-man party that offers little more than it's populist and charismatic leader, half-Russian, half-Polish Jew russian nationalist.

By the way the man who served the pollonium tea is an LDPR deputy in Duma.


Putin really doesn't seem like that bad of a leader as far as Russia is concerned

I mean, does Russia really have better politicians? I doubt it

Feel free to inform me Russia on who you think would be better and why

Yes, United Russia won.
At least everything will be done for her to win :)))

Would they use the same system as the USSR did?

Does this mean that United Russia rule outright now? Or do they have to form a coalition with another party to get over 50%?


>Feel free to inform me Russia on who you think would be better and why
There's a couple but all of them are United Russia members anyway.

United Russia is a shining example of moral values somehow?


Guess it's impossible at the currnent moment. Times changed

>Or do they have to form a coalition with another party to get over 50%?
Just Russia is a puppet party.
Commies are mostly puppets too.


Can you tell me which Russian politician is the Major Weeaboo you guys were telling us about a while back?

If I recall, some Russian politician loves Japan and owns a collection of authentic Japanese samurai armor and swords worth millions.

What party does that politician belong too?

Has Putin won yet?

So what is your logic? If someone is corrupt it is okay to vote for someone who is corrupt too? Are you a literal retard?

thanks for the info

sleep tight, winter friend

>Has Putin won yet?
Putin is going to win in 2 years.
Now it's time for his buddies to get some sweet cushy seats.

you mean lunatic blood thirsty faggot like most of serbs?


Its Natalia

Parnas party offers nationalism, handguns, THE WALL with Asia and armed peoples militia. Suits my culture. If proven corrupt Kasyanov is just a puppet comparing to Putin in scale of theft. Majority of Russian nationalists endorsed ParNaS, all our Afrikaner community voted ParNaS. We know what's up with coloureds. Pretoria is more White than Moscow.

lol no, he's just a clown, don't take him seriously


Isn't she a traitor and a single mother?

I'm 5'9 and have a gf, come to Mexico britbro and you will be taller than most

sorry for butchered russian (aka croatian/serbian) tovarish

it was: old hen good soup

You can drop your shilling already, the election has passed.


How did you know about her?

cuck my life in to pieces

she has a husband

Defense minister, Shoigu.

He пoнял,нo пoнял

Well everybody knows her, but mostly from the mummy poster user

Nope, it's only federal voting statistic (225 Duma's places of 450 in total).
All annother places - it's electoral district voting. In this voting United russia have 187/208 (but it's not a final result, cause calculation is'n endet) places on this moment. It's like 89%.
I think it's like 70% of all places.

>Defense Minister Shogun


No need for shilling in rigged elections. Voting for Parnas was following my consciousness and values. I'm afraid to many in Russia those words might be unfamiliar. Can't blame you. Communism is a tough thing for morality.

That's Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defence.
But he's a Mongol, so he doesn't count as a weeb.

I thought you were joking because I thought you typed Shogun at first but for a weeaboo, he looks really normal.

I seen sword collectors before and they all have neck beards.

In fact, a lot of real life blacksmiths and sword collectors like growing beards.

What's each party strongholds ?


We're not Gb or whatever in GU - no strongholds for any party

20% of votes counted, United Russia is now at 50.0%. They are really going all out of with The rigging, aren't they.

How is United Russia STILL so strong?

>inb4 rigged elections

No MAIDAN in Moscow - bad times coming for you?))))

do you trust putin?

How is Erdoğan STILL alive??????

where did u make this graph user?

Дa ты пpocтo дypaк дyтый, гoлocyeшь зa пpoдaжнoe гoвнo. Hи pыбa, ни мяco, ни фaшня, ни либepaлы, пpocтo кyчкa пpoтecтyнoв. Хoтят пoдcecть к гocкopмyшкe зacчeт нaцикoв и пpoзaпaдных caмoнeнaвиcтникoв в дyхe пoкoйнoй Hoвoдвopcкoй. Eщe и c Зaпaдa пoдaчкy oтхвaтить нaдeютcя зa бeзyмныe идeи. He ПAPHAC этo, a гoлoдный пapacь.

Only idiots do. that would be about sixty percent of Russia

LDPR is strong in the Far East though. Why is that?

I shamelessly took it from wikipedia.

He пapacь, a ПoHoC

Their political program is basically just: "WE SUPPORT OUR BASED LORD AND SAVIOR PUTIN" and he's hugely popular so why wouldn't it be?

This is a beautiful clusterfuck

Haвaльный в пpeзидeнты

Yep. Listen to this man. Nothing to fear.

Плюcyю. Я зa Пapтию Pocтa гoлocoвaл вooбщe. Bpoдe и нe пeтyхи-либepaшки пoeхaвшиe, нo и нe пapтия цapя. Дa и пpoгpaммa интepecнaя

Also United Russia swear to REMOVE OIL domination from budget and make Russia greed again (in ~2011)

WAT You think they return USSR? It's like to think that businessman burn all their money and property. And they are NOT communists. Another social-democrats, who cannot into marxism.
In 90-s Zuganov won in president race, but surrender rule to Eltsin

Dat elections (like most elections in the world) is rival between influentil humans (businessmen, clericals etc) for more power.
Wanna greed country? Make you own serious business and lobby that you need. Or try to create enclave.

United Russia is traditionally strong there.
I guess Crimea will vote good for LDPR this time but in general there no any specific places for parties.

Okay so it's basically controlled opposition. Or perhaps less crudely put, a small opposition party whose interests anyways aligns with the ruling party.

Haм нe нyжны хoхлы y влacти
Зaбиpaй cвoeгo чepнигoвcкoгo пидapaca взaд

>commies having 15%

I forget some times that they used to be the USSR. Now I just see them as Vladtopia, which is not necessarily a bad thing

Calling it "The Ukraine" is a misconception, it's just Ukraine.

Bahahaha the way he fondles the girl "18 years old, See Russian girl. Nato soldiers will be drowning in their own sperm masturbating in that barracks to this!"


Where did you get art About Russia and the Crimea

LDPR seems pretty good. I'm glad nationalism is rising.hopefully they are not anti Finn or Baltic.

He's probably even more protected than Putin. He lives in an isolated palace and goes anywhere with thousands of guards. He isn't man enough to walk into streets.

I don't know the reasons why he's super popular though. Inform me pls.

20,43% of votes.

Ur - 50.01
LDPR - 15,6
KPRF - 15,2
Fair Russia - 6,4

PoRnos - 0,64

>hopefully they are not anti Finn or Baltic
Man, they're literally calling for the restoration of the imperial Russia (in borders at least if not political system).

Spoiler: they are.

Remember, Putin just set up a huge paramillitary "National Guard" and reshuffled governorships.

Alex jones says that this is a symptom of far right dissent being taken care of by Putin, that Putin appears friends with this guy, but behind the scenes the far right is scheming


Yes, and I know why you so worried :))))

It is called "The Ukraine" because Ukraine beans boarderland. "The boarderland"

This is because Ukraine isn't really a country, but is a boarderland region of Russia and Poland-Lithuania

Mainly old people vote commies because they are nostalgic of simpler times when the state gave houses for a bit of slavery

>yfw you realize that a religious nutjob had the best platform
We need an actual nationalist libertarian party.

Not in the least, if I had to choose better tsar than mutti or commies.

>the most based explanation I've ever heard

Whelp, I guess the whatever meager opposition we had wouldn't be able to pass or block anything even theoretically now.

Putin say that Crimea is Russian territory because it was so long time ago. Finland, baltic and even part of Sweden actualy also once were part of Russia.
So may be he will decide to reunite with core Russian lands and also protect opressed russian citizens in said countries.

Whoever "wins" of those two it doesn't matter, Russia will remain opposed to the globalist zionist world order and that's a good thing. With Putin things seem to be moving towards a positive direction in the long term, with LDPR I don't know, perhaps they'll rapidly rape the jews to death, hopefully so if they "win".

Actually they're anti-anyone who's not russian (except maybe serbian friends).

Do you think anyone of high level of intelligence or consciousness opposes the notion of Russia literally militarily conquering our countries?

We're literally being poisoned and dying due to the active, intended actions of our states.



>Okay so it's basically controlled opposition.
Just Russia are complete puppets.
Commies are jsut tools to mop up elderly voters and to be loud about non-issues.
LDPR voters are younger. Soem vote for shits and giggles, some because that's an established party that's not *completely* inept or unappealing to the demographic.

Out of all of them commes are the worst. They support almost everything that United Russia throws into the parliament. And, for fuck's sake, they're trying to be orthodox christians at the same time.

This is some mad English skills.

Can't get behind that then. I was hoping they were going to claim some durkas to their south. The Finns and Baltics are too based for me to be againstAtleast they have the potential to be pro yank if we put trump into power. Hopefully they won't be so anti western as nationalists claw to power more and more all the time.

In Soviet Russia commies will gas the kikes.

A c Kpымoм шo?

Hahaha, i was right

Except now it's actually sovereign state.
"The Ukraine" is a term from the USSR era.


Well, this program is something I would actually vote for. Though it doesn't really match to what he actually does.

Commies in Russia are just a nostalgia party that old people vote for and Putin loves that because it means he never has to worry about rigging 15 - 20% of the electorate.

Come back to the Commonwealth and we can destroy Russia together

But it's still The Ukraine. The Levant isn't any less Levant just because it has new borders and names.

>sovereign state
>not US puppet

>the ukraine

top kek


Yes, it's pizdec

I don't know what else did you expect. We don't need anymore durkas. Balts are rightful clay of the Russian Empire which nationalists seek to restore.

>Alex jones says that this is a symptom of far right dissent being taken care of by Putin
National Guard is there to weaken the Police that would absorb some government agenceis, mainly drug control agency and to bring some clarity to our retarded law enforcement system.
It's honestly one of the better decisions as of late. Regular police functions stay with the police and for the general public safety during events, spetsnaz shit and OH FUCK moments there's National Guard.

Everyday I think it is more and more likely I'll die in Minsk or Riga fighting in WWIII.

Eh, your gimmick is not funny desu.

Why are commies still allowed a political party in Russia? Shouldn't they be in prison?

I guess it makes sense, wanting to re conquer everybody to your immediate west seems pretty extreme to me. You should have Ukraine and Belarus no doubt, but I consider the balts and Finland sovereignty to be legitimate where the other 2 are faux countries meant to weaken post cold war russia

Do have any idea how many members of KGB got comfy places in the government and business?

>blevada center


Good. Good. Gonna hang a few liberahs tomorrow

Why they must be in prison? They are not criminals in Russia. It's just a part of our history

Do any of you Russians actually believe this election means anything?
And yes I know our elections don't mean shit too.

>posting polls literally funded by the US DOD

>it was tactical withdrawal
>we didn't get BTFO

And so the story of yet another day in Russia ends

Refer to:

56% of Russians support the restoration of Soviet Union.

Mid-term polls are always lower for the incumbent.

Go imperial instead of that faggoty please.

That poll included people who were undecided or didn't answer the question

>this election means anything


Russia never had easily defendable natural borders. We didn't have comfy shores or mountain ranges between us and enemies. Russia had to expand to cover that weakness.

Supporting the restoration of the USSR and supporting the current Communist Party.

However, Gennady Zyuganov should have won the election in 1996 and it was stolen from him by Yeltsin-supporting oligarchs.
I have no affiliation with Ukraine.

...and people who said they didn't plan to go voting

Bad work of american agents - not a single pro-western party got 5% to survive.
Bad work, Murrika. Enlarge the sponsorship of your agents.


The right diagram only has 99% total in it anyway.

I assume 1% were shot on the spot.

Your shit muddy roads and sub zero winters are pretty good natural defenses.

What happens when Putin retires or dies? Someone just the same waiting to take his place?

>However, Gennady Zyuganov should have won the election in 1996 and it was stolen from him by Yeltsin-supporting oligarchs.


So... Russian elections do work?

Shoigu or, maybe, Rogozin

72,7% now

Everyone, but Parnas is controlled opposition in this elections
>Putin against zionism

Nope, our armies had to deal with this shit too. Also mongols didn't give a fuck about any of those.
Was your country ever attacked by mongols?

gg putin

Yes, the Warsaw pack will be soon restored. Prepare to be liberated once again in the nearest years

It was Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky who met at Davos and made sure, along with other oligarchs, that Yeltsin would win.

Stop saying this. Russians want the level of power and prestige SU had but not they staze itself back.

Mongoloid of fat corrupt mobster? Give us Natalia, she has a good record and will solve the shitskin problem. She has Emperor portrait instead of Putins(almost all other politicians have his portrait) in her office. And look around, that's how Russian Natioanlist decorate their habitat, monarchist in Russia = Russian ethnic chauvinist and her actions prove that. The only share thing about her is joining "United Russia", but it's probably to get Presidentship on its ticket and purge the party later.

She banned main tatar organisation "Mejlis" as soon as she could, jailed ethnics as much as she could; (((hired professionals))) tried to kill her, failed and ended up beating her badly, so half of her face now moves weirdly; she jailed (((Ruvim Aronov))) and destroyed murderous jewish-tatar clan "Bashmaki".

Anyone explain what the fuck this all means? Man why can't you have a two party system like legit developed civilizations.

She ordered icon of Imperial General who purged killed drowes of moslem hill niggers with all their families and helped to purge """native""" kyrgyz from conquered lands to China. She will literally bring them to heel.
Poklonskaya 2018!

Russia has one-party system as all proper ex-Commie shitholes do

Trump and Sanders are fucking your (((developed))) two-party system right now.

Cause legit developed demokratic civilizations have a multiparty system. Not a 2-party one as in some totalitarian banana republiks

>We're literally being poisoned and dying due to the active, intended actions of our states.

No, that's the defense strategy, Russia won't want to conquer new Somalia. Your feminist foreign policy is genius.

>an why can't you have a two party system like legit developed civilizations.
Russians don't want anything else and the country is much better off than the 1990s, which is the litmus test for whether or not the president is doing a good job.

Not all countries deserve or need democracy and such.

Whoa, calm down commiebro, I'm just sassin ya, no need to get dirty.

Israel is also against Zionism. They're the good jews.

>United Russia

National Guard was before Putin (it's renamed Internal Forces with some other things)
>russian zionist will remain opposed to the other zionist and that's a good thing.
Wanna some "1984" with eternal war?
You want to be conquered by Russia? You don't receive anything. May be new pro-russian goverment and those who will gain money for restoration of sodomised cities like it was in Chechnyan.
Most members of United Russia were in Communistic Party and start their criminal way back in USSR time
Nope. Not so many old farts + new generation who believes that they are communists. Old farts mostly like Putin because he mokked terrorists in waterclosets, end Chechen War, save from NATO, America and fascists, and just make Russia greet again.

Most people cannot into politics so that's why United Russia is strong and America divided between Democrats and Republicans.

How many monarchists/traditionalists are there in Russia?
I thought being a "nationalist" in Russia means sucking commie dick and wanting the (((USSR))) back.

shut up and post more natalia

So it is all irrelevant and Czar Putin stays in power?

All right, in fact, it wasn't supposed to be personal.

No one answered his question. Did Natalia get elected?

>sassmaster can give sass but can't take sass

Read what Zionism is, retard
Monarchism in Russia means Russian chauvinism, so many. Almost all ethnic Russians want racial domination and like a third is down for an Emperor. Being a Monarchist means opposing commies. Most are neutral on WWII, some support Russians on German side, very few a "regular Russian soldier in Red Army TM".

>Not so many old farts + new generation

There is nothing mutually exclusive about it.

Most people are both pro-Empire and pro-USSR.

>How many monarchists/traditionalists are there in Russia?
Not so much, but i know one. He's philosophy teacher in my university. He looks like Captain Price (wear same beard and a hat) and sometimes he singing "god save the tsar". True story

comfy af

I actually like Russia and I can remember when it was still the evil empire in the cold war. Putin wants to keep Assad in power, and thats a great thing imo. Ruthless secular dictators are the only thing that seem to keep the savage mudslimes in check. Wish we still had khaddafi and saddam.

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Taкиe блядь нeoбyчaeмыe paбы.

Russian sass is stronk like bear on wodka.

>Monarchism in Russia means Russian chauvinism, so many. Almost all ethnic Russians want racial domination and like a third is down for an Emperor. Being a Monarchist means opposing commies. Most are neutral on WWII, some support Russians on German side, very few a "regular Russian soldier in Red Army TM".
This is pure nonsense btw. Probably some Parnas supporter creatively nursing his butthurt.

>shitty two party system with fptp




Some nationalists want slitghly reformed USSR, some back to Monorchism, others current Russia with different policies. Maybe there is someone else.

Пpипepлocь блять гoвнo из пapaши. Пиздyй нaзaд в cвoй зaгoн


Иcтepикoй пopaшникa yдoвлeтвopeн.

Well it's the truth. Is Parnas a new boogeyman for shillcucks?

Same here, Oldies vote for Socialists aswell because "muh socialist party" They have missed the fact that they have changed since the 50/60s.

Let's see at younglings from United Russia

Пpeдлaгaю кoллeктивнo пocмeятьcя нaд нищими yнтepмeньшaми, кoтopыe зapaбaтывaют ceбя нa хлeб шиля зa плeшивoгo кapликa


You went to so much trouble, creating that thread just to take this screenshot, and still no one cares.

Yeah, that's the only correct option. May be the West and Russia also should be the only security guarantee for dictators against islamist mobs so they don't try to take some liberties.

B-b-but this was promised by Stefan "cuck" löfvén...

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>United Russia
You should just say Putin

кaк этничecкий нeмeц тeбe cкaжy, чтo тaкиe yнтepмeньши кaк ты нaм нeнyжны. мы нe yвaжaeм людeй бeз чyвcтвoв caмoдocтoинcтвa. Дaжe rapefugees welcome yшлeпки пo-cвoeмy гopды (((гyмaнитapным хapaктepoм Гepмaнии))). Хoть и oтpывoк из дepьмoпpoпoгaнды, нo нaшe oтнoшeниe к вaм иллюcтpиpyeт oтличнo

>Edinaya Babushki

Pyccкaя cвинья, тeбe aдpecoвaнo

Oh those lectoral promissions!

Yeah wish we could just cooperate. There's more important things to think about than our long drawn out political ideology argument. Like "radical" Islam spreading like a cancer.


>кaк я хoчy yeхaть oтcюдa
Maмкa нe пycкaeт?