Pepe drawthread #2

Since pepe is now the global symbol of white supremacy and neo-nazism, Cred Forums is calling all drawfags to create new rare pepes to further spread the message of the red pill.
create and post your rare pepes for all to see and share

Also rate my latest rare pepe

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fairly solid pepe, why would hitler be punching someone though?


I believe you asked me to save this a few days ago


Common sense Alien Pepe.


Wasn't Hitler involved in several brawls and street fights in the early years of the party?

No he was a gud boy, dindu nuffin.





i dont have any ┼╝abas more



What does Cred Forums think about this abomination in a sexy straightjacket?



How do you guys make your own Pepes? When I try it just looks awful.

I make my own pepes even of my waifus. Practice makes perfect.


I don't get it.

It's super easy. :DDD

Editing pre-existing memes is very easy.

For Pepe's art style, it would appear that a broad "brush" (cursor) done with smooth motions looks better. is a better programme (free) than MS paint, which is a meme in its own right for the shitty drawing it forces on 99% of people.


moar pepes

just made this.

little big, whoops. oh well, here's another.

Rare pepe i just drew

use wisely

I love it!




just drew this one by hand

not bad

just sketched this one up in a minute or so

>mfw I've seen a little pepe hiding in the grass in my yard, an hour ago

I wanted to do more but I got lazy.

Can you do a Nigel Farage edition of the punching pepe?

Can someone who's good with photoshop put Hillary/Soros/et al in this one?


I'll try. Kind of weird when one is a drawing and the people are real.

Best I could do

If you're the one who actually drew that, do more in the future with that design on the chair. It's extremely aesthetic

/r/ all Pepes with the MAGA hat


very nice, lad.


Love it. It's a great appreciation of Kek's power.

Make it the same color as pol background

>ben garrison pepe ftw

Very super rare to even see this series on this board

Requesting Chepe, consort of Pepe


got some OC



Holy fuck someone needs to make a JoeysWorldTour pepe (and a ReviewBrah one as well)


here is the rarest pepe of them all

I drew this one in ms paint. Took about an hour. Turned out ok



>tfw Kek has been present in supermarkets and paki shops across the UK for decades


What a time to be alive


Not Pepe but here's some OC. I call him wochad.

Hey you was at Cred Forums last night
Good to see you family



LOL fukken harambe


Nice execution

Thanks. It was super fun . If you any good shows I will make pepes of them.


'nother OC. hope ya'll enjoy.

> is a better programme (free) than MS paint, which is a meme in its own right for the shitty drawing it forces on 99% of people.

Someone make a multi-cultural pepe.

1. Replace Pharao with Obongo
2. Wait
3. inb4 WE
4. profit?

just made, hope become super rare.

Still requesting a Mussolini Pepe

wheres the big pepe dick


i already posted the original to twitter, sorry. not rare anymore

how's this?

It took me 3 hours in mspaint I had to start over twice


Pic of Kek's wife Keket, who is depicted as a snake in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Pepita?