Holy shiit. Lil Wayne red pilled as fuck


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More like Lil Gayne
Fuck this nigger

we have had this thread around 50 times in the last 2 days
sort your fucking leaf out.

This. OP has old news.

Holy fuck. It's scary how much the media wants to convince women and blacks that they are poor oppressed victims. Disgusting.

>sports discussion show
>lil wayne
>discussing BLM

where are we? where's ja?

Dude he was legend years ago.


His values are actually pretty intelligently chosen.

Notably, he always stresses that his "world" is his kids. Whenever people get political or religious towards him, his go to is always "I will always do what I need to do for my kids. And that's all that matters."

He should go through with his originally planned retirement after Carter V. It was also an intelligent plan, although it looks like he won't follow it.

lol I thought it was a MAGA hat in the thumbnail.

>admits he doesn't know enough to make an opinion
also this

what's wrong with his voice?


he has a masculine voice, something you wouldn't know about cuck.

he has a combination of ayylmao nigger voice and massive vocal fry
vocal fry isn't by itself masculine

God damn his voice is like a geiger meter, I can't understand what the fuck he's saying halfway into his sentences.

He's been smoking blunts since child.

He is quite based, he refuses to play the Media's games.


surprisingly good story teller

Then we should be glad the board agrees it deserves continuing discussion.

Wtf is wrong with his eyes

I like Lil Wayne because he literally cares only about his kids, his homies, and his fans in that order and not anything else. Attempting to rope him into politics is just stupid because he truly does not care as long as those three things are satisfied

He looks like a absolute nigger but is surprisingly tame

Lil Wayne was an honors student in high school and made a million dollar empire.

He's smarter than a lot of people. Just fried his brain with all the lean.

probably high

He's seen some shit, guy has had a rough life and put his body through A LOT.

All I see is a dumb nigger trying to sound smart.

>black man
>raising his kids

Pretty based nigger desu

There's no red pill, he's just a dumb nigger who is poorly informed on everything and doesn't give a crap about anything other than booze, drugs, bling and bitches.

0.25 basically sums up his state of mind. Doesn't know shit, can't scrape together enough brain cells to form an opinion.

There's a pepe in his throat

Dude was in honors programs and ap courses.

Cred Forums

Lil Wayne
>racism doesn't exist man. dis shit don't mattuh to dis generation.

Cred Forums
>wow lil wayne is so smart! he said race doesn't matter at all! White people aren't bad, look a single black person said it! But still, fuck niggers.

His voice just gets froggier and froggier, sounds like an old engine idling


are you not amazed when animals act like humans? If your dog shit in the toilet, i bet you would take notice.

r8 my edit

>a leaf

Your queen is doing a speech right now! Shouldn't you be somewhere...


Jesus christ, who is that nu-male cuck interviewing lil wayne?

He looks/sounds like the type of person who would do those "so sorry" white guilt marches with chains and yolks around him.

wtf i love lil wayne now

I keep forgetting lil wayne exists because hes trapped in birdman's sex dungeon


my nigga weezy

Nigga needs to quit the lean, he's looking like shit.

My cat is toilet trained.

Mods please delete the nigger thread. Holy fucking christ why is canada this shit.

>sounds like an old engine idling
too lean

I dont give a shit what someone looks like honestly as long as they aren't a retard, liberal, hillshill, etc.

Lol he probably had much higher grades than you in school. Even he knows that he sells an image, not his soul.

Where is JA
I need to hear what he has to say about current events
Where are you Ja rule?!!!!

Drugs fucked up his brain.

RZA likes Trump and watches Fox News

Not everyone is a retarded shill for >muh oppression

Kaepernick is a peabrain.

Now look at this thread disappear under all the shill shitposting.

He is basically still saying the opposite of what Cred Forums wants. He is saying we need to stop trying to divide ourselves and learn to get along, not all blacks should go back to africa.

Stop trying to speak for the majority here.

Some of us are just tired of this hideous subtle/soft racism that the media is pushing, where they're infantilizing black people and telling them how they should feel and how they should think, whilst simultaneously saying that they can't be responsible for their own actions.

Honestly, I can understand why so many of them feel oppressed.. They're literally being oppressed and held down by their leftie "allies".

He wears the "suit" because his jewish holders want him to. Now it is part of his ego, and imprinted on the minds of all young blacks as some sort of hero... Good thing his opinions aren't too jewed.

I have that same jacket. Also, damn I thought he was a lot dumber. He actually seems pretty cool.

Hmm, interesting. Doubt anyone cares but my stepfathers brother is a session musician and he's played guitar for lil wayne quite a few times. He's a busy bloke but next time I get a chance, i'll try and ask him about it and see how redpilled he really is.

He's been smoking blunts since child.

He was an absolute nigger at one point in his life. Addicted to codeine, shot himself, went to prison. Seems like he's straightened out now though.

wow, i actually like Little Wayne now

that is one fucking ugly nigger