Trump vs hillay

Even if trump wins Ohio and Florida, he still loses. This is going to be the map this year.

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But he is ahead in the latest new mexico poll, giving him exactly 270

He's not gonna get NM, too many beaners, sadly.
Maybe NH will save us.

New Hampshire will decide the race. OP's map is correct, except Trump will win Maine CD2, and whoever wins NH wins the race.

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Mexicans who came here legally generally support his stance on illegal immigrants.

illegals can't vote.

Colorado is red retard

fuck you

Colorado too

fixed that for you

>NM and CO arent currently red
>MI and ME arent tied

>escape mexican hell hole
>be legal mexican american
>notice my area is slowly being filled with the exact same people I fled from

Trump will win 2 of these six, at a minimum


And hes going to get NH, its a no brainer at this point

Thank you for Correcting The Record.

Is Florida secure for Trump?



Maine CD2 will be red

CO or NM may go blue depending on how many liberals vote 3rd party.

Otherwise, you are correct



You guys realize according to all polling, Colorado is much closer to flipping than New Hampshire?


Likely for trump tho, atm.

Everything at this point is still up in the air until after debates

Well, he is only +1 in CO so...

I meant she*

They can't help it, brown people are retarded and can't into civilization

Have you been tested for colorblindness?

He'll win NM

New Hampshire will probably be the decider. Or New Mexico maybe. I think this is a realistic scenario.

white man's bourbon Lloyd

ME 2nd district isn't leaning Trump, it is fanatically pro Trump. Last 2 polls put him as +10 and +12%, it is starting to get high enough where it is plausible they might tip the popular vote and give him +3 EC votes instead of just 1 with the remaining vote going to hill for the 1st district.

You wish. Spics are cancer of America

There's a huge silent majority and Trump is polling at 20% with blacks at the moment, higher than any Republican candidate since Reagan. It will be a semi-landslide.

This. Salty Trumpkin tears will fuel me.

If he wins Michigan he will win Wisconsin, he has a better lead there, so I can see those two swapping on your map

actually, +4
nevada and maine's second district are red, nh is blue

Nuke Oregon and California so nobody can vote.

T. I believed Rodney's unscewed polls

Updated Styx projection. Trump is pulling ahead.


Lies, Styx said he wasnt going to make a map until after all the debates


this is why

>New England going blue

Nice meme CTRâ„¢

LBJ figured out that if you pander to high population negroid and otherwise shitskinned peoples then you will lock up any election.

I have not made a binding map, I'm making a projection based on the concept that "if everything continues as it is now this would be the result."

There's only been two polls and one was +5 so you can't say that with enough certainty yet. Wait for another poll.

Why is Pennsylvania leaning red and Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Louisiana aren't?

What poll was +12?

I STILL BLAME CALIFORNIA. I swear if California was Republican the Democrats would scream it's an unfair advantage

California is basically just 55 free points for the democrats. Bunch of illegal immigrants, pot heads, and butthurt low IQ black people. California's votes shouldn't even count.

He's winning NH and Colorado.

no too many """"""rapists"""""""

It should be divided, I hear the North is way more likely to be red than SoCal

Probably beaners, beaners, beaners, and niggers.


Fuck California. Letting butthurt beaners vote for communism is pretty much high treason in my book.
We should just disown Cali at this point to be honest family.

He's got NH in the bag, and one elector in Maine. That's 270 right there.

Also ahead in NM

California should be split into 2 states and Puerto Rico should be turned loose and be made independent of the U.S.

Reposting this in this thread.

Here is a map I made based on common sense and polling.
This race is not nearly as good for Clinton as the media has made out.
The map on the left represents recent polling. The most surprising of this is the competitiveness of Rhode Island, coupled with the Clinton stronghold she's created in New Hampshire. Trump's surge in Maine's CD2 leads me to believe that he should win it by over 5 points.
Wisconsin is incredibly close, while Pennsylvania seems to be running away to Clinton.

In the second map, this is based on the polls and common sense with states that lean heavily towards 1 party. I put NM and RI to blue, and I put NC to red.

States that are pale blue or pale red are states that can go either way, but lean slightly in the favor of one party.

At this point in time, unless either Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania flip, this election may come down to Colorado and Nevada.

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Gardens looking good mate

>NH blue

Isn't Trump doing well there?

Colorado is more likely to go blue than New Mexico

New York City should be a federal district like D.C.They already have so much federal and international bullshit there.

Tell that to the dems who are trying to steal the election.

It's cause she's got Virginia (a swing state) on lockdown because of Kaine.

Wisest VP choice in history? Yes.

Yes. Hampsters love their guns and hate taxes almost as much as being told what to do by DC liberals.

Sorry guys, but he never really stood a chance.

>mfw Trump gets 333 Electoral College votes and tells us to check his digits during the victory speach

but not quite

What do you expect a MEME candidate to do? WIN? HA!

That's so strange. I went to NH recently I really felt like I was in the south. Gunshops everywhere and I bought a Confederate flag in the grocery store.

>Virginia deep blue

good one

>Florida and NC tossups

>Texas and Indiana light red

are you even trying?

To add to this, he's never lead a single day in PA, MI, WI or VA.

To think he will win any of those states is delusional.

>What do you expect a MEME candidate to do? WIN? HA!
I didnt, but because I used to think elites could rig elections
now that brexit won, I think he can.

It's almost like higher populations -> more votes

Weird right

What elites do is try to change public opinion with media trickery. We are lucky they have not dared to rig everything, like in Russia and pretty much everywhere else.

Kaine is loved only by Richmond negros and NoVA liberals. Not many elections have been decided by a candidates VP pick. We'll see how it plays out.

Nice meme, CTR.

>like in Russia
That's the media trickery of which you were speaking.
Anyway Trump will win.

> people voting for what they want in a democracy is treason

user i am so confused

No clue why you fags keep lumping NH in with VT and MA. We are completely different states despite our *ahem* small but completely proportional and adequate stature.

Seriously, folks, we're red. We're pretty much always red except for Obama because the GOP ran a dead fish against him in 08 and 12.

>Wisest VP choice in history? Yes.
Totally, picking him as VP means she could rig the DNC

He's within the margin of error in both Oregon and Maine though even in left wing polls. How can you say that decisively?

Oh wait

>1 post by this id

And because Bush was such a shitter

Same reason Virginia went blue for Obama, the Iraq war was still fresh in everyone's minds.

>he believes the polls are entirely accurate

PA will likely stay blue thanks to Shilladelphia and Shittsburgh, and Michican has its niggers and Arabs.

But Wisconsin has a Republican governor that buttblasted everyone and survived a recall vote.

Virginia is actually very conservative outside Richmond, NoVA, and Hampton Roads. If it stays blue, it will be thanks to the niggers and spics in those areas.

> OR


That doesn't address the issue of how a state, such as New York or California, can award its entire pool of electoral votes to one candidate because of how its urban centers vote despite significant opposition majorities in the rural areas.

You do know what communism is, right?

I think this was just updated.

I saw today that hes leading in Colorado now... Turn that red and he wins by your account, however stronger campaigning in Wisconsin could also give him a better shot


HNNNGGGGG. slow and steady, trump rises.

yeah I have no idea how he is supposed to get to 270 without flipping some dark blue states...

PA and VA are a pretty effective buffer against republican presidents, Hillary basically only has to win one of those and it's over while he has to win all battleground states and flip some blue states, it's kinda hilarious how stacked the whole thing is from the start

I am a time traveller, this is an accurate image of how the election will play out

leaf pls. you forgot maine 2.

He is up in CO, NM, and many more in the latest polls. He will win. Also you completely forgot District 2 ME.

Refute this

(You can't )

Well, this pic would be a little more accurate if it was the mid 19th century.
Just subtract a few midwestern states and you have it.

Hello, I'm from the future

This is what the electoral map will look like this year

you're ignoring that Trump is actually leading in CO polls and he's tied with Hillary in MI
New Hampshire will not decide the vote. You know how Californians keep leaving their state because they're taxed to death, move to Colorado, and then try to change Colorado so it's more like California? Southern New Hampshire is just like that with all the libshits from Massachusetts.

Northern NH is conservative as hell, but they are literally few and far between

Then take it back. We won't need it when the people of Michigan get fed up of drinking lead water.

how do people get these nice pictures? I don't see a "save picture" option on 270

Rhode Island is in play, Hilldog is only up by 3 there

Why is there this media implication that Sillery is winning?

I've seen dozens of Maga hats and bumper stickers, despite the fact I live in a Minority, majority state like Arizona and New Mexico (I jump in-between due to work).

But I've seen like 1 Hillary t-shirt, overshadowed by faded Sanders and Johnson stickers.

No way that she is even close to 30% on the polla.

Click share map and then click on image url and save

thanks m8

We may see a tie this year. Thoughts?

anyone else looks at these maps and think we have a fucked up system the majority of states want one thing and instead we have to live with the fews choice?

Nebraska 3 will not go blue...

It'll only happen if Trump wins New Hampshire, and Trump'll win another state with more votes before that.

Dubs trump will win
Trips this will be result

this video is stupid

Sf and la carry the entire state. If you look at the map by district the state is entirely red except for those two concentrations of blue.