What is the most free (as in freedom) USA state to live in?

What is the most free (as in freedom) USA state to live in?

On an island.

Not TN or KY. I can tell you that much.



You can build a full auto machine gun and the state wont do shit

Or Montana.

God tier: Montana, Alaska
Good tier: Colorado, Texas
Okay tier: Oregon, Washington
Bad tier: California
Shit tier: all the rest

God tier: Montana, Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming.
Good Tier: Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Idaho.
Okay tier: Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, (Any Appalachian State).
Bad Tier: Midwestern states.
Shit Tier: Everything else, Northeast.
Worst of the worst: California.


What does Cred Forums think of Kansas?

Alaska, although Canada is probably freer.

This is not because of the laws in the state or country, but because of the sheer size.

30 miles west of coldfoot, who the fuck is going to stop you building a machinegun?

100 miles north of Inuvik, who the fuck is going to stop you enriching uranium?

New Hampshire, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Texas in this order


I would like to live in West Virginia.

Everyone who did not say Vermont doesn't know shit about politics.

nebraska with more black people

As soon as the PFD goes away Alaska will be such a great state. It attracts too many nogs and other social leeches, a lot of them will move when it's gone. I enjoy the bonus every year, but I'll be a lot happier when all the worthless fuckers are all gone.

Just a factoid here,

The US has more land area than Canada, while Canada has more total area including water

Montana is as close to lolbertarianism in the States as it gets besides maybe Alaska. Everyone grows weed, owns guns, and the roads suck.

Kansas grows wheat. Nebraska grows corn.

alaska or texas

then again, alaska has tons of mosquitos and giant fucking bears
and texas has alot of beaners and rednecks.
pros and cons, user. pros and cons

Only because you're a nigger.

Well if you're a freak of nature then probably not. If you're a normal human, then you won't have any issues. People have a way of life there that they don't want to be changed by some Liberal Tranny-Otherkin horseshit.

Why Vermout, New Hampshire and Main are so white?

I will try this

here's the template

African Americans traditionally are attracted to big cities