Alex is so correct lately!

Alex Jones used to talk about robots taking over the world and bullshit like that, but NOW he's making so much sense! Just watch this video!!!

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he still does...however the amount of correct calls he makes is ridiculous

Alex Jones is being pushed to talk about White people's rights because of the Alt-Right!

True, but why does he keep wiping his mouth with that cloth, I've literally noticed this for like the 100th time now. Is he ill, or is it a side effect of his drugs? Also, his mouth area is so red compared to the rest of his face, it's like an irritation or rash. What's going on with Alex?

inb4 I'm a shill.

He's swiping off the sweat off of his upper lip - he's fat.

> laugh at Alex Jones for his Bohemian Grove video for years
> Colin Powell email leak warns that "Bohemian Grove" will never support Trump

>Jewish wife
>jewish kids

Fuck Alex (((Jones)))

Alex Jones has been talking about white rights for way longer than that.

David duke redpilled alex jones hard.

Bohemian grove is real it's just exaggerated

Sage Alex Jones threads though, if we wanted his news, we would just go to $$$infowars$$$

being BEARCORE in a fucking suit is hot as hell

Duke exposed Alex (((Jones)))


long time coming. He wasn't the first to predict this.

Pic related, he said it would happen ten years ago.

For all has flaws, we need him. Conversion happens in stages. He's stage one.

>You're all crazy CONSPIRACY theorists
>ok, ok, but it's not as bad as it seems

Go on

yeah, he got the new world order stuff down; but until he addresses the real controllers he a lightweight.

I hate to admit but I've found myself going to his YT page and watching some of his videos where a year or so ago I would've laughed at the thought.

Jones was right all along...what have we done?

That's why Shillary attacked him directly, she fears this man.

I'll admit this but he is misleading those that follow him like a cult leader

Every person I have met IRL that is a huge (((Jones))) supporter sounds like a raving lunatic

I know that this is such a progressivist thing to say, but he's making progress in the RIGHT direction. I think that once a few European countries get far-right governments (which would very likely happen in the next [at most] 10-20 years), he will then start pointing them (those countries) as states with good governments who kick out foreign (((elite))) elements. And if the fire keeps spreading in Europe, then he might go full Nazi shitlord.

Just go to infowars if you want to hear his fake voice


Is that Alex Jones?!

>alex jones
kike controlled opposition ziofaggot.

Hes controlled opposition. He will never explain the truth about nazism.


I love that pic

Look at all these paid shills. Yep folks, Alex was right, the Globalists, MSM and Clinton Foundation have started their attack on him. Of course they won't silence him, they'll pay a bunch of shills to call him a controlled jew instead.

(((Alex Jones, drudge report, order order, infowars, Brietbart, Milo etc ))) can all fuck off

Wrecking pol with it's shilling and pushing this alt-right bullshit


(((They're))) trying to use us as a recruiting base to buy collateral irl

Absolute wankers

Are they rigging the election in favour of Glorious Leader Vladimir Putin, the Saviour of the White Race?

what hte fuck happened? I thought super male vitality was supposed to be good for you

Yes, after taking some of his own supplements.

Thirty seconds in and he's already full of shit distorting the ad.

It's not a burka.
She's not promoting to convert.
No one cares.

She's not promoting to convert (at least officially), but she's promoting (((tolerance))) by WEARING A BURKA!

Shame on you, German KEK! It's people like you that allowed German girls to get raped on New Year's Eve in Cologne!

If Jones was right he would have been dead for over a decade now.


why do you think they let jones go on and get pretty famous yet put someone like weev in prison? because he doesn't name the jew and is stupid generally.

Not even close to a burka you moron. Oh and fuck you.

He is tapping into alt-right audience

It's because the US seems to have weak and shitty libel laws because of muh free speech and he's a retarded, lying lunatic with a changing boogey man for the past decades.

>sage alex jones thread
>implying selling products is a bad thing
>literally every news outlet shills other people's products
>but its a problem when someone shills their own
fuck right off m8

They don't give a shit about free speech, they abuse the 1st Amendment. Freedom of the press is supposed to be so this kind of shit ISN'T happening in the media. Also we used to have better laws about propaganda and libel.


Fuck off PJW. You're a shit

Go back to wherever you are from, if Alex Jones wasn't a lying lunatic there would be NO mainstream voice for new conspiracies (Such as the CTR conspiracy to implant Hillary Clinton)

I never said dont watch him and give him shekels for water filters

Hes just a jew puppet controlled opposition at his core though


Hes controlled opposition just like Fox News, just hes more redpilled but also more retarded

>payed by german goverment

lol no, it's a private broadcaster trying to be with "it"

here, have her nudes

He mentions jews he just doesn't think its only jews running shit behind the scenes. Also if he did it would be a lot harder to convince the average blue pilled normie about everything else he's talking about. Also he'd be dead by now.

It's a matter of being pragmatic.

Watch this
He does as much damage as good by turning his listeners into retarded lunatics rather than calm intelligent truth seekers

his products are trash though. he even says it in the ads he does all the time. selenium is in mustard seeds. so put real mustard on your shit all the time.

If by anything he's controlled by his desire to keep his job and to fleece his gullible literally dumb as dirt followers.

>Sam Hyde
you know its gonna be a good one

I used to think alex jones was a loon but hes got a lot of stuff right lately.

Yeah but the products every network shills are trash. No one forces people to buy them. That's capitalism m8

I used to follow him too until I realized what he was really doing

Whatever, just keep watching him and after a few months you'll remember me telling you this

I'll say I told you so, but you have to analyze him objectively and you will see he is definitely deep controlled opposition.

>implying it is not human nature to be a radical lunatic, but to seek logic

at least they're asking questions. infowars has more views than CNN at this point, so whether or not he doesn't mention the jews (which i'm sure i've seen him do, i mean, soros is a jew.)

I don't follow him, I watch from time to time mostly for Roger Stone interviews. If he's controlled opposition why would Trump go on his show?

He specifically misdirects the blame at "NAZI GLOBALISTS" instead of jews

That's dangerous if he gets an audience because the gas chambers will be filled with white people instead of jews

Our freedoms allow the people to be mislead by the likes of Alex Jones, and allows our people the right to make up their own weak and paranoid minds as to which false prophets they'll put their trust.

America: love it even as its burning from abuse by its suicidal citizenry or leave it.

The thing is the transhumanism thing wasn't bullshit, it's just stranger to you because they keep it in the secret societies instead of pushing it so openly like this. Alex is a bit paranoid and crazy, but all of his shit is based on real information. Just take his speculation with a grain of salt, focus on the facts behind the story.

Trump goes on Bill O Reilly's too

Trump is just playing the game to win, you gotta have fake friends in politics to win

he really let himself go

dude's only in his 40's

I don't think he is more correct as of late, I think some of the things he's been claiming for years are coming true so people are starting to take him seriously.

The Bill Hicks conspiracy theory and his age makes more sense than his actual age but idgaf about wether thats true or not

>implying there will be gas chambers

so you're saying that by extension farrage calling out (((bankers))) or (((goldman sachs))) and (((soros))) is the same thing because he didn't explicitly say "it was da jooz"

he doesn't mention george soros being a jew he definately hates soros.

both of them, alex and farrage.

It's a business. He realized at some point that he can make more money by discussing legitimate stories, rather than wild conspiracy nonsense.

Nigel is british, all I know is he is funny and did brexit. Good for him, idk enough to have a strong opinion.

I was kidding about the gas chambers, it was a figure of speach meaning he blames nazis instead of jews

Its a good tactic: expose everything the jews do and then have the nazis (who have no MSM voice) take the blame

>that image

really went balls out on that one

>alex jones is a jew because he doesn't directly call out the jews
>alex calls out and warns us of their plans

let me fucking process this for a second

>what is the definition of controlled opposition?

>growing logarithmically
>doubling every year

I'm not even tinfoil. But when AJ is more sane than your "reputable" media, you know you are fucked


Regardless, he's now done irreparable harm to globalism. The controlled opposition narrative falls apart here.

That pic. Can you imagine how great that would be?

Trump is also control opposition. His buddy Roger Stone goes to Alex Jones Show frequently. Cred Forums is supporting a puppet.


Is my favorite quote in the history of the world.

>Selling products to support a company is a bad thing.

I'll bet you think a 15$ minimum wage is a good thing.

How the fuck are those close to the same thing?