/sg/ Syria General - JUST Assad my shit up fam edition

Everything you need to know

>Newest Interviews w/ Assad

>Live hohol with ticker
>Interactive military map
>Timeline map of Syria

>Fan maps

>Latakia Sept 9
>S. Aleppo Sept 8
>N. Aleppo 4 September
>N. Hama August 31
>East Ghouta 2 September

Developments Sept. 18
>Syrian Minister of Defense: "It is only because of Russian Air Force support [that] the Daesh offensive was stopped"
>Obama apologised for “unintentional loss of life” in attack on SAA, despite U.S. arming of groups that kill Syrian soldiers
>Russia convenes urgent UN Security Council meeting after US coalition strikes on Syrian army
>The ceasefire seems down, fighting is coming
>US used an ECM/jamming jet to cover it's attack on Dir Al Zor airport, making sure Syrian radars didn't see them coming

New SyrianGirlpartisan - youtu.be/aHdknYHZAE4
American commandos 'forced to run away' from US-backed Syrian rebels after they threaten to kill them - twitter.com/LinaArabii/status/776766275242582016

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Assad is a mess.

2nd for dead dogs


Obama is a waste

Assad is a waste.

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as the US, is in fact, the jews, or as I've taken to calling it, jews plus US.

The US for instance has a central bank that is privately owned by the jews. The central bank prints money and the US borrows it at interest. The US has to ask the jews for money if it wants to do anything. This is one of the main ways the jews control the US.

Russia's economy is largely based on oil so the jews had the US crash the oil market. Russia is currently hurting but still surviving. The jews want to run an oil pipeline through Syria to bypass Russia and crash their economy... to force them under their control like the US is under their control. Iran, China etc etc all of these people are future targets of the jews and why the US calls them "evil" just like how Germany was supposedly "evil" because Hitler wanted to create a new German economy.

[So it should be no surprise at all that the US and Israel back ISIS in Syria, they have no considerations for what is right or wrong, morality. The jew and it’s owned states are consumed with a blind, satanic thirst for money and control.]

That's very basically where we are, the jew controlled world vs the independent world

Halloween soon

death in a fresh river stream, almost too nice, shame she got raped in her gunshot wounds


>T*rks and k*kes circlejerking thread
Both will be erradicated from mother earth.

Will you dress up as a sexy maid for us?



Lmao held out for so long only to get BTFO by Aussie airplanes truly the masters of bantz

I wonder why did our XIX century ancestors respect your country?
How it's possible that Ataturk made me hate you?

only if you post your boipucci


No, it's more about the fact that over a billion people want to visit the promised land without becoming a slave or being beheaded.

Justice boner video
>that soldier's accent


I have so much more respect for Aussie posters on /sg/ now. God bless you chaps.

you're going to polish all of our bars afterwards

hahaha he fell for the "hot kurd woman" meme. Same shit with the "female [J]IDF" meme. Adorable.


post your harry brown boipucci

Hey /sg/ i was thinking of making a music video representing '/sg/'.

Something like this: youtube.com/watch?v=V0lMrFMYKv8

Now pick related is i am mass gathering memes from /sg/ and am in middle of the collecting.

Now this is where I ask you to help contribute:

I have yet to find aproporiate song, so i am asking you to suggest what song i can use.
Since rhitam and melody of the song will decide the edits. You can post as many songs as you want.

I will chose one of course i feel like, because i am editing so i must feel emotion while doing it.

Also i will see to update and inform from time to time about progress.

man I hate turks

kys faggots
dead kanadian fags just for you

>Giving you refuge
>Giving you gold
Two reasons from the top of my head.

> one little bombing run and Assad is toast

You guys are retarded, Assad is unmossadable, Obama will pay for this poor strategy.

We will save you bro.

Apparently United Russia got BTFO, is this the end of Jewtin?


Give me the reasons from the bottom.
One thing I respect Ottoman Empire for is honorable mentioning where are polish diplomats when Poland was a non-country.

Explain now turkroach what does this mean


It means:

You whore mom's smelly hairy pussy


>smug billpenn face.jpg

How did PARNAS did.

Turkey has accumulated a lot of GBPs with the right people.

>شاهد|خبير إسرائيلي:القادة الأمنيين والسياسيين في #إسرائيل يتمنون رئيساً جبان مثل #بشار_الأسد لسوريا لحفظ أمن إسرائيل

>Military and political leaders in Israel want a leader like Bashar al-Assad, to keep the peace in the Golan Heights


wtf I love Assad now

you'll have to earn it
tho giving you cock and an ass pic would be two favors at once

>Seni bu askerlere kurban yaparım fahişe
>That accent

"I would sacrifice you for these soldiers whore"
Well said

spread love not hate



I never got the mossad the assad meme. Israelis are based.

wtf i hate israel now

If you say you love Assad we won't stop supporting him jew.
I'm 30km from Aushwitz wanna smoke some dank Zyklon-B?

>to keep the peace in the Golan Heights
So it's finally time for you jews to pack your things and gtfo of Golan heights?


mfw you will never be an Ottoman Sultan buying a slave woman from Russia. Why even live famalaman.

What accent is this and where I'm turkey is he from

What's happening in Libya?

What about Netanyahu opinion ?

Probably He is a kurd village guard
Kurd accent

SyAAF has hit Admor - Sukhna - DeirEzzor and RuAF is striking 1070 projects and probably al-Ameria
US broke the truce!

How is this guy swimming in pussy is he rich or something? Or is it just his cult like charisma?

What are they saying? Are they going to fuck her?

spread those ass cheeks

What is a Leppo?

He is rich yeah. I think the foreign girls are just for show, he just pays them to sit there and stare as if they are enchanted by Adnan Oktar. The Turks that are in the background though, I think brainwashed by his cult yes.

get on your knees and make roaches happy like the dirty feminine fag boi you're ;3

The kikes are at it again

racial slur in Australia for someone from Leppanon

>did you just say "illegal immigrant"

>kikes think reverse psychology works on us

>Are they going to fuck her?

mfw the Turks = Barbarians propoganda takes its hold.

Masallah Ataturk was a great man for this monument and it's kind words to the fallen enemy soldiers even though they wanted to kill Turkish soldiers and conquer the country. He was a good lad with a good heart.

This gurl looks like Natalia randytaylor69 and Rooney Mara combined

basically an average slavshit prostitute

AAA - Assyrian Alawite Alliance


the armenian genocide is acknowledged as genocide by the EU

Israel vs Saudi Arabia

Though one fampai.

Can't find any information online.. What's up with these guys?

+Get out there pal, Get Out ! Get things under control S... Get out there. Get under control.
-Are you happy!
+Fucked cocsockers!
[lots of unidentified speech, probably Kurdish]
+Bro, open space,
-Secure the area
+Search everywhere, they can get in any place
-Is there anybody else ?
+Bro, just search the area, why are you ask her, are you idiot?
-I'll fuck your all ancestors
+Bro, search her very well
+I would sacrifice you for these soldiers whore
-Are there any grenade?
+No grenade
-Tell me are there any grenade, yes or no. where's your weapon? I think this is woman
+Open its shirt
-What am I going to do if she's woman?
+Fuck the woman, open her shirt
+Yeah, she is woman

What do most Syrian refugees think of Assad?

Someone is wathing the elections in Russia?


When is Putin gonna step down?

what do you mean with "glass"

SSNP Claims SAA & Allies advancing on Kawkab.

why in english?

Heat the silica in the area to the point of turning to glass..

>Iran got 2 votes

LMAO can someone explain this meme to me? I am fairly new here.


Today was the election to the Duma (Russian Parliament)

I was very surprised that the Communists have lost so much.

Video allegedly shows the advance of Turkish/FSA forces in Çobanbey area - #Turkey #Syria -

oh, haha, clever

Dabiq soon fucking kaffirs.

Not real, I made it up. However, they do have an alliance. Assyrian make up 7% of Syria and a huge part of the SAA. To put that in perspective, Alawites are only 11% of Syria. Christian militias in Kurdish heavily populated regions in the North have their own armies like Sootoro loyal to Assad.

It's really a trade-off. Assad protects Christians and Christians protect Assad.

white people will become a minority in europe and america by 2050.

IDK... It is about the Australian soldiers that died in Turkey. And there are still yearly visitors of these soldiers grandsons etc so I guess it is a message to them? Vallahi Ataturk was an intelligent man with a good heart.

Are you happy with the results?

t. mehmet

So, another minority group fighting for security in an uncertain set of circumstances..?

Well, that's counting on the up and coming generations of whites to continue on the path of estrogen treatment...

>and final fight with "Rome" will take place in Dabiq, according to DAESH ideology. In this case, Rome is a synonym for Europe/USA/Russia and/or Turkey - I'm not kidding you. DAESH members believe that Turks are
descendants of Byzanz (East Rome) therefore they do not consider us as "real" Moslems.

They are the one who started the "revolution" then flee'd the country.

>let's ceaesfire
>constant attacks from syrian rebels
>israel bombardment
>US bombardment
>turkey and us ground forces actively invading
>oy vey they dropped a barrell bomb
why are the syrians so commited to war and destruction familamilia?

>we wuz romenz n shit
lol, Turks sure crack me up!

if you take dabiq and nothing happens isis will be BTFO for eternity

Are you Muslim?

And israel will be nuked by then LOL

But we are Romans? IDK what the hell you talking about dude.

Stop asking difficult questions dude WTF?

to add toIt's also our jobs to give white nationalists a nation.. This nazi flavored nationalism stuff is a joke.

American hegemony is cancer and it's the greatest tool for the globalists

Yes I'am

I don't think it's difficult.

yeah i dont get why saudi has more votes, if usa is gone so will saudi

Fuck, I thought ours was the devlet-i ali (Stat-e holy)

>turks actually believe this
oh boy...


Think about it if all of Europe and America becomes Islamic then what will say they will not nuke israel.

jews welcome refugees and refugees in 40 years will welcome israel death did the super kikes think this thru at all?

According to Daech, Turkey is kafir (secular state), so the prophecy about Constantinople being conquerer by muslim is not down yet...and they will be one to take the city.


Look at this finnish loser trying to be of any relevance.


> Are you happy with the results?
Putin's party won a majority, allows them to change the constitution without the approval of the other parties.

and Israel, and canada and europe!
Yoohoo fuck USA


this guy is so surreal. always amazes me how fucked up turks in general. its like a lunatic house.

>2 voters think Turkey is worse than USA, Israel or Saudi Arabia

I would be lying if I said I wasn't hurt by this.

Wait, I thought they did NOT win the majority.

Are you Georgian?

Quick question,where does he live? I mean not specific location,but is he in some fortified compound and thus be vulnerable to airstrikes/bombs or does he move about the cunt

>"Bayanın amına koyayım." -Komutan

Why has /sg/ turned into a turkish circle jerk..


Nice pic fampai, saved.

Vallahi I thought Finnishbro was a bro but I might have to reconsider lowering your fampai tier if you go on shitting on 100% integrated Diaspora such as my self.


Every time I look at /sg/, I just shake my head and laugh. You severely damaged losers are literally the rednecks of the internet. You know, that sub-group of Cred Forums kids who obsess over syria and watch RT? You probably don't know since all of you dumb losers are far too busy blasting SAA songs while shouting KILL ALL FSA.

Fuck /sg/, I'm muslim and I've had it up to here with /sg/ matter of fact the whole board period. You guys ruin people lives, are fucking racist to the extreme, betas, fucking trap lovers, circlejerking, pedos and most of all assholes. I can't believe I spent 5 years on this sub-board, just watching you faggot ass winrs being pathetic, islamophobic, little maggots behind a keyboard typing edgy shit up.

It's people like you that gives us Cred Forumsacks a bad reputation and perspective. you just wont understand that we are the true victims and that not all muslims are violent. BUT FUCK IT, I'M DONE, FUCK THIS SHITTY WEBSITE AND ALL YOUR JIDF SHILLS. Why don't you all just go die, fucking end your life you faggot ass winr. DIE

Enjoy the darkness and depression accompanying it! Just kill yourself, that should help you get through.

plm nuj


Ik ben een trotse Rotterdammer.

> Wait, I thought they did NOT win the majority.
But they did, as the results.

The system of single-member districts allowed the opposition parties to take 4/450 seats in parliament .


Don't be mad terrorist

you'd rather be jerking us all instead faggot?


But will not let them win, right senpai?
Sieg Rail, Cho cho!

wat voor mix ben jij, makker?

>A fucking roach

Educate yourselves.

>After the conquest of Constantinople, Mehmed claimed the title "Caesar" of the Roman Empire (Qayser-i Rûm), based on the assertion that Constantinople had been the seat and capital of the Roman Empire since 330 AD, and whoever possessed the Imperial capital was the ruler of the Empire.[12] The contemporary scholar George of Trebizond supported his claim.[13][14] The claim was recognized by the Eastern Orthodox Church, but not by the Catholic Church and most of, if not all, Western Europe. Gennadius Scholarius, a staunch antagonist of the West because of the Sack of Constantinople committed by the Western Catholics led by Latins and theological controversies between the two Churches, had been enthroned the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople-New Rome with all the ceremonial elements and ethnarch (or milletbashi) status by the Sultan himself in 1454, and in turn Gennadius II recognized Mehmed the Conqueror as successor to the throne.[15][16][17] Mehmed also had a blood lineage to the Byzantine Imperial family: his predecessor, Sultan Orhan I, had married a Byzantine princess, and Mehmed claimed descent from John Tzelepes Komnenos.[18]

>Dat trigger discipline at 1:12

Man, try and learn something from these lords of shit. Look at them and laugh, as they wallow in the mud. Learn why a pig is happy in the mud, but don't let him splash his filth onto you.

this is how i imagine ottoman when

Why does all of Turkey's neighbours hate them? Is Turkey the world's most unlikable country?

Stay fat, inbred cunt

I'm would never even want to be a bro of """""""""100% integrated Diaspora""""""""", turkish diaspora never integrates in european countries. Maybe come back when you have dropped islam OR have suicide bombed bunch of communists/other degenerates.

How accurate is this? Kinda depressing.

Because all its neighbours received a good amount of dicking from them. Turkey is like Chad, and his neighbours are some bitches he fucked in the past.

You can't even debate my comment because of how true it is in any context. Thanks for proving me right.

Iran and Lebanon fucking hate Turkey, what the fuck are you thinking?

Masallah brother, we are trying to become a good person like you. Thank you for posting and sharing your opinion. May Allah watch over you.

Aight that is pretty cool fampai. 100% Diaspora Turk here trying to shitpost in /sg/. Live in Utrecht da geksteeee etc.

Dutch news are reporting they didn't win the majority or maybe they need to update their title idk.

But I am not muslim? But that wouldn't matter, you would slide the blame on my race or culture now LMAO. It's ok famalaman you a good lad.


>muh PR

Cry more leaf faggot



Turkey is like the kid at school who isn't taking anything from bitches all around him. He's big and known for beating you up. Everyone's intimidated and USA and Russia both try sucking his dick to become friends. Canada is the kissass of USA.

i'll let you have this little victory - not because you won - just because it's the only one you will have in your miserable life.

You have to go back.

Canada is socialist America. I hate when Canadians deny this. Our economy is literally ~70% dependant on the US.

I'm just getting started, son..

Utrecht is als Rotterdam maar zonder haven.
Dat is waarom wij beter blijven ;)

P.S. ook diaspora

After pretty much every migrant getting shit over in the Netherlands. We Turks finally have gotten the spotlight after the Moroccans. It is alright bro, just like how you all got out of this mess, so shall we. DESU lots of Turks get angry but they should not. They should not care at all thus making these racists even more frustrated.

I personally do not even want to go into conversation with people cause they get their info from NU.nl and somehow magically have their own opinion about a situation they have NO CLUE about. I just tell them, not today you don't and move on.

we are bitch of america thats why i want race war in america so it spreads here

So, realistically, what consequences can the US attack on syrian forces bring?

I'll follow the laws, thats it. I don't want to be a cuck european like you. Go shove your "intergration" up to your ass while a nigger fucks your wife.

USA please don't! Do not bring logic into /sg/ REEEEEE WE MIGHT HAVE TO GO TO BED SOON THEN CAUSE NO FUN!!!!

kek syria and iraq are no-n countries, goergia is our and Russian vassal
Bulgaria? no none cares
Greece? they hate
arm*nia? they hate
Iran? I don't think they hate

Turkey is the strongest country in middle east.

zero zilch nada nihil

Leave Joo that is my ancestral homeland of my Arab tribe.

Buddy, just because I don't sit on my knees all day sucking Wilders dick doesn't mean I'm not a dutch patriot.

Oh, I'm just here on reconnaissance. You will know who I am when you see me.

kek really. Does Daesh not know the Turks invaded Anatolia and removed Greek?

LOL. Yeah, it's quite ridiculous how some Canadian cities are 50% + Indian or Asian. BTW, do you want to exterminate my people? 10 000 in Canda.


>calling me son

Boy, call me son all you want. This is the only chance you'll get without having someone phone the police over you. I can keep ripping you apart if you want, just gimme a call.

Bro did you know about Ottoman when?'s copypasta? He posted this unironically a month ago

>I fought against 4 k*rd in highschool and won
Eventually all the retards in class realised that you can't just act like a retard and expect to be treated nice, so they started stfu. At that point i was 13 years old. Suddenly one of the retards starts crying because he has to sit next to me. The teacher asks why and to her horror she finds out i have been mentally bullying the entire class. If anyone wants to start shit with me i ask about their divorced parents, or their lack of intelligence, or whatever else i can find out about them. Nobody dares standing up or do shit to me.

I was a Roman (15%)

Parents are from Aleppo
>inb4 What is Aleppo

Filthy parasite. Get back to your roach land you fucking disgusting sub human.

Boy, you need a father...

>>I fought against 4 k*rd in highschool and won

Holy shit that is based!

>Fuck /sg/, I'm musli


Assad is the only hope for Syria at this moment.

I hate to say it myself knowing the rule of the Assads from the 70s

Holy fuck is this /turkroach/ general? So much diaspora cancer

>But I am not muslim?
Oh really? Good I guess.

>But that wouldn't matter, you would slide the blame on my race or culture now LMAO.
Of course I would blame it on your culture, Turkish culture compared to continental European countries' is very different. The fact that you are taught (falsely that is) from little age in your schools that finns, hungarians etc. are related to you obviously helps you integrate here without you turning into stuck ups. Same kind of "bond", or whatever you call it, doesn't exist between europeans and turks though. Maybe that's why you act like you own half the europe.

I hate T*rks


I don't even want to take those tests cause knowing Turkish DNA, I might have random fucking 5% DNA from Iceland or something. Those tests would not tell me shit.

don't worry, you've got it all under control.
The turks have dominated the business and programming industry in the netherlands and with DENK popping up you can be guaranteed save stay.

Probably, and then no one will protect you anymore, in the end the jews's agenda is what will get them slaughtered.

ever noticed how bugs prefer to shit on leaves?it's so explanatory :D

Masallah brother, keep fighting the good fight. Do not let them take away your nationalism and pride.

Syria = Kurd's hate you + Non-Muslim groups hate you + Non-Sunni Arabs hate you

Iraq = Everyone literally hates you except Turkmen (I wonder why)

Bulgarian's personally hate you, not politically mainly due to historical reasons

Iran hates you due to proxy war and Saudi supporters

Keep in mind if a war broke out it would be Iran + Iraq + Syria + Lebanon + K*rds vs Turkey


The only cities that matter in canada are montreal, toronto, vancouver and calgary, and no i don't want to exterminate you.

you need some time alone, alcohol, bad memories and a nice rope

Explain user?

I'm actually a PhD student in genetics. 15% is significant. Once you get to 1% it's probably within error.

23andMe doesn't test T*rk. It lumps them with Middle East.

However from a different one I took I have T*rk :( like a lot

Turkey is one of the strongest countries but you guys have been pussi-bois lately


Saudi Arabia is just waiting for someone to do the heavy lifting against Iran, a new Saddam you can say.


>Iran + Iraq + Syria + Lebanon + K*rds vs Turkey
And we will win

mashallah brother, we will support you in euro civil war inshallah

oh, the other thing i don't understand is that why and how can you be nationalist and love your country&nation if you don't even live in your country despite having the chance to do so? I really wonder what kind of mental gymnastics you have to perform in order to make that work: "i love my country but dont want to live there"

bastard nasrani

>Implying that I'm another degenerate who cannot take bad memories and learn it as I learn from the pigs...

Just fuck off already, kiddo.

I fought against 4 t*rk in highschool and won
Eventually all the retards in class realised that you can't just act like a roach and expect to be treated nice, so they started stfu. At that point i was 13 years old. Suddenly one of the retards starts crying because he has to sit next to me. The teacher asks why and to her horror she finds out i have been mentally bullying the entire class. If anyone wants to start shit with me i ask about their mongol ancestry, or their lack of a real nation, or whatever else i can find out about them. Nobody dares standing up or do shit to me.

Turkey + NATO

or potentially

Turkey + BRICS

and you will cry

lmao fat delusional retard

Revenge for all the roachposting a month ago. Though luck buddy, got to just take it in.

Yup, pretty much. If the other parties did not take a Anti-Turk stance because they want to gobble Dutch voters cause Dutch people hate people that do not integrate, and to steal PVV voters. I decided there is no choice but to vote for Denk. None other parties fit my narrative and speak for me anyway.

We are doing good Masallah.

I just meant that Turks are way too mixed people so I would not know what to do with it. It could give me 15% Arab 15% Greek 15% Iranian 15% Kurd 15% Armenian and so on. What do I do with that test? It would be cool to know if my parents come from more of the East or more of the West though but honestly I do not care even that much cause a Turk is a Turk.


Fucking Eastern Anatolians are a cancer. Everyone in the West plus the Kurds (East Anatolians that hate themselves) fucking despise them.

Bringing North Africans and Middle Eastern Arabs into the Ottoman Empire was the worst thing that ever happened.

All they do is take from the west and don't produce anything but braindead children from all the sister fucking. If only goats could be impregnated by you savages, your children would be smarter and actually useful.

Example: Ottoman

Did you rip it out of that pastebin during BSE?

Not that there is anything wrong. I whole heartedly agree. All my coworkers and family and friends are scared shitless that this attack happened. If anything this will help oust the globalists out of power and restore free independent leadership in America with Trump. He wants to audit the Fed. The Jews are about to die.

what about Windsor, Ontario :'(

It used to be one of Canada's fastest growing cities and if it continued to grow at the rate it was (Before car companies went to shit) it would be 600k+ people. Apparently, it is now one of the best job markets in Canada, employment is growing fast and small businesses are growing at rates of 1000%.



Don't become a jew toy, stay true to your origins just like said

>Iran + Iraq + Syria + Lebanon + K*rds vs Turkey
The only challenge would be Iran and their army is 1/3 of ours. The others might as well not exist.

yeah but its not an economic powerhouse, i think it will relatively low action in the case of a civil war

>What do I do with that test?
Just interesting. Also you get to know your direct maternal and paternal lines. Some Neanderthal in there.

I'm a scientist so I'm interested in finding out. I also did some disease association stuff too that 23andMe will not do for American customers.

You can actually do a lot more with the test but yeah you have to look up how to do it.

Never again. Sunni's are too weak in Iraq now. If Iraq splits it will be annexed by Iran in the south and Kurds in the North.

Actually, Its all about television, full of bulshit
Our people are ignorant, they don't have much brain and that telly shit is melting their brain even more and you know what they're happy with that. They've got napoleon complex, have a kind of weird idea thay they know everything, but actually knows no shit. Even formal education won't show any effect on this matter because culture is the real target and it takes decades to heal a mentally ill culture. Aside from that, since the foundation of republic, our people have always treated education with incredulity and seen it as a product of satan. Wtf but true. Erdogan knew these of course, promoted idiocracy, undermined critical thinking and always played his hand on these ignorants because they were many and he were feeding them by saying you are this or you are that, god, something holy. And they fucking love it. Cultural stupidity is like an disease spreading too quickly to everywhere. There are even rumors about him, you know, about him having no university degree. It's been covered recently, might be true.

Just write "hüloğ" on Youtube, you'll get what I mean


Because they are parasitic leeches who live a life of delusion. They all are most likely built like that Onur faggot.

Refer to this

Can you at least stop shitposting and try to act civilized? You probably wouldn't even make for useful compost.

One day we will cut you niggers off and watch you starve. You're the reason the empire died

Iran + Iraq + Syria + Lebanon + K*rds vs Turkey = Iran + trash + shit + shit + fart vs Turkey

Have I triggered you, user?

Yes I know that. I'm just saying if Iran fights anyone, Turkey or any other country, Saudi Arabia will jump on that opportunity to finance and arm that war.

This is without counting Turkmen and Sunni groups across Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, and a to a smaller extent Iran as well, that would fight alongside Turkey in such a war. The Iraqi/Syrian militaries would be kept busy fighting their own citizens.

The original post you replied to had a bad werd in it too.. How quickly you forget..

>"i love my country but dont want to live there"

First of all, I am born in the Netherlands and have lived here all my life. I study here and I work here, all my friends also live here and we share a history and a similar ''Dutch'' culture.

The thing with me is that I do not consider Netherlands only for the Dutch people and that people should strive to become Dutch. Netherlands is an open field with shit loads of different ethnicity and cultures. As long as you respect and follow the law, make sure your way of living is compatible with others then it is ok. If I wanna hang a Turkish flag in my room and eat Turkish food while listening to Turkish music? That is what I will do and I will enjoy the freedom. I will not become someone just because you want me to be.

I never implied Turkey > Netherlands. It is just a very different situation for us that you don't understand or do not want to understand.

listen, we don't care what you say, if we stay in our countries, you hate us and want to bomb us, if we go to your countries, you hate us and want to expel us so you can bomb us over there.

fuck you bitch, this is a clash of cultures, we are coming

Realistically, how strong is Turkey? I mean the coup was destroyed by a bunch of cops.

I'am a big guy

>listen, we don't care what you say, if we stay in our countries, you hate us and want to bomb us,

No I'd prefer if you stayed in your country you turd coloured rat.

>fuck you bitch, this is a clash of cultures, we are coming

Anytime, any place vermin.

Not as quick as your inevitable heart attack :)

Hmm, that does sound a bit interesting but I would have to indeed look deeper to really get the whole idea of the test other than ''YOU ARE 100% GERMAN CONGRATZ''. Aren't there other websites that do these tests, even National Geographic I think? Which one shows the most advanced and more disease related shit?

Assyrian diaspora is very strong in Canada and Sweden.
Can you tell me why?

Saudi Arabia is a pretty weak country militarily. They are losing against Yemeni. I think they have all of the weapons but not the brains or man power.

Nope , it's fresh pasta

You cant argue the merit of my comments, but you want to put a face onto a person you have not ever seen. Slashing through the dark like a scared child.

The delusion is amazing. Have a good life.

Sure, their influence is political and logistic. They can rally Iraqi/Syrian Sunnis to fight alongside Turkey. They certainly won't open a second front.

Bro, the coup was just a fucking mess. Half of the troops did not even know what they were doing. And most would not shoot their own civilians like WTF why would they? And if you could see the amount of people on the streets you would also understand why the coup failed.

People meme cops could even defeat the TSK etc but they do not know the whole situation of it.

>I do not consider Netherlands only for the Dutch people and that people should strive to become Dutch.

You are nothing but a tool for globalist kikes.

All this nationalistic pride and yet you can't live in your own nation and try and better it while being a role model for those around you. No you have to be a pariah in Europe.

Since you are a Euro I think 23andMe can still do the health report.

But any test will do really you need the raw data. Then impute it with this dna.land/

It will "fill in" regions the test missed (only looks at

Not so different than Burgers with thour televangelist shit.

United Russia now from 44% to 50%. 20% of votes counted.

fuck off, leave and never come back

You're not "dutch" and you can never be "dutch"

Arrogant mudslime

he can always be a swede tho :^)



Stop shitting up my country, you do not belong here. And we don't want you.

Just know the real Dutch citizens wI'll never truly accept you. It is only a matter of time. Don't get too comfortable.

Alright thanks for the post bro! I will definantly look into it.

turk cant into context

>The thing with me is that I do not consider Netherlands only for the Dutch people
You do realize how selfish that sounds? People like you, globalist-kike puppets, are the reason I'm happy kurds are messing with you big time and that their numbers are growing compared to yours. And in 15 years there's a person like you who argues that swedish people don't have right for their own country because Sweden is "an open field with shit loads of different ethnicities and cultures". It's ludicrous that you don't even realize that your country (Turkey) is being destroyed silently while you are happy destroying european countries. Israel has truly has won: Shema Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai eHad.

Afwan habibi

The Netherlands will either become an Afro-Islamic hellhole, or a white ethnostate.

Fuck Syria

We should remove all Syrian scum and replace it with Israel.

It would become a much more peaceful and productive place.

No he can't, only mentally ill people think this.

Being Swedish or Dutch is genetics, it's like being a furry or saying you are a car because you were born in a garage.

It's sick.

>law abiding non-dutch citizen
>not ok and selfish
>an insurgency, killing citizens
>somewhat ok
You deserve that, what you wish upon others.



I can cherrypick old battles too

are you arguing all kurds are terrorists? should I report to Stasi for racism?

>Turkniggers are still butthurt about the crusades

>Just know the real Dutch citizens wI'll never truly accept you.

This is exactly my point. And then people ask me WHY DO YOU NOT JUST INTEGRATE?

Because I know Dutch people, luckely most normies do not care enough to hate or love but the ones who do are 100% racist to the core. The notion of even being slightly different annoys them. Even if I would dye my hair blonde, drink alcohol and eat bear at a camping I would not be considered Dutch so hence why I love the country so much but hate the Dutch people living in it with this attitude.

> It is only a matter of time. Don't get too comfortable.


Dude, my grandpa and father came here almost 40-50 years ago. My grandpa is about to die and nothing has happened, my father is getting too old and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. What makes you so sure something will happen to me?


I really love these kind of posts cause I realize there are people so frustrated that they feel they as a Dutch person have no control of their country anymore that I giggle IRL. There won't ever be something like this happening cause Dutch people are way too Individualistic/egoist/nihilist that even the notion of Dutch pride/nationalism is just funny.

Very good country, bad culture though. You guys should have never gave up on Christianity to keep this unity amongst you all that you guys once had.



I am not Arabic but I appreciate the expression. Have a nice day.

Not in Canada but it is strong in the US and Sweden.

The first Assyrian's arrived in the US shortly after the Armenian-Assyrian-Greek genocide in the 1920's. They settled in mostly California. Many of those Assyrian's are race mixed and generally the wealthiest out of all of us (some billionaires) because they've been there so long. Then came the Assyrian's in Chicago in the 30's. I have no clue how they got there. Finally in the 80's-00's Assyrians migrated to Michigan. This was because of the Iraq wars and the Kurd's continuously stealing our land. We probably number in the hundreds of thousands in Michigan alone. I'm confident we number over a million in the US. They don't count people born there and we're considered white-caucasian in their statistics.

Sweden had 200k+ because it was the only country accepting middle eastern Christian's at the time of the Iraq wars. My Dad's side lived in Sweden since the 80's and now they're all successful/rich. My father since he was 14 lived outside of Iraq, first 4 years in Italy then he moved to Canada.

But I am acting civilized, you obese piece of shit. How is teaching people history not civilized? Go SHART yourself in some MART.

I'm not muslim. and only 1/2 arabic :^)

no way onur was born in 1989. that's a different guy

based roaches

>What makes you so sure something will happen to me?
look at where you're posting nigger

We're sick of your shit, and once the older soft cunts die, then we will fucking kill you all.

Pack it up, your family has leeched on mother Europa's milk too long.

>You guys should have never gave up on Christianity to keep this unity amongst you all that you guys once had.

Look up 'Verzuiling' on wikipedia

Even back when the Dutch used to be very religious they were divided. Catholics and Protestants would live divided like niggers and whites in Apartheid South-Africa.

They cant even unite under god LOL

>Turk in Netherlands wants to live and work in the country, abiding its laws.
>Kurd in Turkey wants to split some part of the country.


>HOMS, SYRIA (3:05 A.M.) - The last jihadist rebels have agreed to the Syrian Arab Army's (SAA) terms of surrender in the Al-Wa'er District of Homs City after a turbulent few weeks that resulted in several violent skirmishes.

>According to a Syrian government source in Homs City, the jihadist rebels of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Jabhat Al-Nusra) have agreed to hand over the Al-Wa'er District in exchange for transportation to the Idlib Governorate.

>The source added that approximately 250 militants from Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham will be leaving Al-Wa'er; this includes some of their family members that do not want to remain inside the district.

>However, in the past, the jihadist rebels have made the same promise to the Syrian government and each time they have reneged on leaving Al-Wa'er.


>he thinks im 25
>he thinks i would live in i*mir
Keep guessing m8


Forget about Iraq + Armenia + Georgia + Syria + Lebanon + K*rds + Greece + Bulgaria
These are low tier shits

Iran might be a problem though, they're renewing their gear, others as well. Even that little shitty Armenia has Iskander missiles.

We should do that too. We need more missiles, warheads, warships, new tanks, jetfighters, new SOF units, Counter-guerilla units. We nee more.

I'm not arguing with racists, have a nice night.

How does this sound selfish? I respect everyone and their heritage or culture as long as they are not racist towards others and bothers other people.

Why do you get so mad that you go MUH KURDS FU UP!!! Chill down dude, I have NOTHING against the Kurds. But I reallly really do hate the terrorists, who wouldn't other than memers like you who wanna see the downfall of a country.

You guys chose it to make the Netherlands and other countries to become an open field, we are only making use of it. And I am grateful that they did cause I have a very high quality of life and am enjoying my life as do other people I know. It really is the racist natives that die off stress hormones cause they feel like they are entitled to more stuff than other people. Wake the fuck up and realize it is your own people and culture that paved the way to this. If you finally accept and live your life, you might not be as depressed as you are now.

Not all at the same time kid, you're MUH SULTANS period is over by 100+ years

Wtf? I love hasbara now.

Nationalism is rising faster then ever and you filthy parasite have done nothing but add fuel to the fire on a monthly basis. You better pray to your moon god that you have an escape plan.

why are you so attached to your race? why not just be catholic?

Iranian airforce and navy is fucking joke. They lost all in iraq iran war
Iran is only good at urban warfare


It was a defensive war, I don't know if it matters or whatsoever.

you have to go back

Finns aren't dutch, this is the other thing brown people usually don't understand: even though all the brownies are the same not all europeans are the same.

Kurds are growing faster that turks in Turkey, that's not my problem, it's your's. 10-20 after Europe has fallen Turkey starts to crumble as well, and then it's too late to cry about whitey being oppressive etc.

the whites destroyed out caliphate, stole our resources and are killing us, its like if i go to your house and break everything, then complain if you come to live in mine

>Wake the fuck up and realize it is your own people and culture that paved the way to this.

No, it was deluded brainwashed boomer generation that did this, I'm telling you that we're gona fucking kill you soon, it's time to go back and use what we gave you to make the middle east better

I'm serious, go home, why is it so hard to accept that everyone hates you and your kind, we don't want you here. Everyone is too nice to say it to your face but we hate you.


I am not a Muslim and 100% Turk raised under glorious Islamic culture hence why I respect people of this religion. Which country is your Arabic side from btw?

>We're sick of your shit, and once the older soft cunts die, then we will fucking kill you all.

Huh? If anything, it is the older people who are the most racist and harbor the most hate towards us. All the young Dutch people are totally normies and only care about their own life. Yes some bother the occasional shit they get slung at by street rats but if you honestly think they turn into Stormweenies, you really need to get rid of this delusion.

> leeched on mother Europa's milk
I pay for everything like everyone else, I study here and work for this country(even have a government job), pay my taxes yet I am a leecher right?

Aight famalaman.

I am catholic. My father is part of the Chaldean Catholic church. I'm not that attached to my race. I'm probably going to marry outside my own and have children who will not carry any of their heritage simply thinking they're white. IDK really care anymore. My people are going extinct only to bee remembered in history books.

Is there any video or article that can give me a nice run down of what has happened to syria?

I'm pretty interested in learning about it.

Matter of fact I'm Syrian.

Much appreciated.

go home and find out for yourself nigger

Iran has no literally Armoured forces other than old Soviet junk, hell they don't even have any attack helicopters their only land force strategy is to force an invader into urban and geurilla warfare and use human wave tactics... They have pretty fanatical soldiers thanks to their Islamic shiiites though.

Iran has noAir Force. there are just so few left after the Iraq-Iran War.

Their Navy is a joke.

that's not a nice way to talk to your brothers, Ali

Based Swede

>How accurate is this? Kinda depressing.
Living next to Turkey isn't nice dude

I'm sorry to tell you but /sg/ isn't Syria general anymore, it's shitty general.

Go syriagenerals.wordpress.com there's everything you need to know and you can also leave comments. /sg/ is lost cause after +100 reddit/int raids.

Great meme faggot.

Honestly mate go fix that shit hole of a country.

Massive welfare state, massive influx of 3rd world immigration, and feminists.

Get raped.

Don't let the nasheed bang your 72 virgins on the way out, faggot.


how can i (legally) support assad?

best post in /sg/ i've seen in a while

Have the Kurds been BTFO? What will happen to them now?


>Syrian calliing anyone else country a shit hole

thx m8 for the explanation, very interesting.
where in Italy, if I can ask? do you know which italian city has the most Assyrian diaspora?
Maybe Rome or Milan or Venice?

Watch Schindler's List and in your head replace Hitler with Assad, and the Jews with the Syrian population.

Huh, did not know that. I am sad though cause most Dutch people look like broken people forming this identity and culture that America feeds us through TV with a mix of their own old culture. Religion played a big part of beeing a community and having similarity amongst people but even that RIPPED.

Alright buddy, good luck with this genocide of yours in the ''near'' future. Make sure not to get too depressed about the current situation cause it is going to be all good any time now.

I do not care if Turkey becomes 50% Kurdish or not. If they see them selves as Turks and continue on the legacy I give no fuck. Turkey is already way too fucking mixed but Ataturks Turkification process made sure most people just became Turks, no matter where your grandparents are from originally. So a already there are people living in Turkey that are maybe not the ''original'' Turks but they consider them 100% Turk and live their live as a 100% Turk. Why should I care if he is a bit darker skinned or has blue eyes.