If you see a black woman don't even say hello


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you don't have to tell me.

i always say hello to the skunk that skulks around my workplace's parking lot at night.

he's more amicable than any nigger.

We joke about them but in fact it's incredible to live without a brain.

I'm not American.
Even if I wanted I couldn't find any black women to say hello in the first place

>tfw not black population

>If you see a black woman don't even say hello

That's my default behavior.

>the neighborhood I live in is based as fuck and the black friends I have are really chill

feels nice senpai

Look into a mirror.
You guys do have mirrors already, right?

got anymore pics of him?

I don't speak ape anyway.

Explaining yourself is so beta.

>hello my white friend

You fucking guys can't get enough bottled Mexican piss huh.

>tfw the mexicans act like detroit nig nogs while the blacks are normal

Fuck this.

>making saying hello to a woman harassment

This is part of the (((Globalist))) agenda to depopulate the first world. They did it to Japan via porn and anime.

I don't think I'll ever see a black woman here. I won't see any blacks at all, actually.

*If you see a woman don't even say hello

Fixed that for you.

Californian black women have lost their sense of southern hospitality

PoC are sacred untouchable goddesses you racists. Stay the fuck away if you aint woke enough and don't know your place.

>Black people want white people to treat them like equals.
>White person tries to be respectful and say hi
>Black person takes offense

You can't win with black people.

Does eye contact count as rape?

Why would you even say hello to a monkey?


I will say no one on Cred Forums will get harassed for changing their hairstyle, go 'all natural' or whatever the fuck, hard to relate

i would totally greet a monkey. Wouldn't greet a nigger though.

>People now look away and ignore them
>"dem white folk be racist and shit!"

>current year
>talking to black people ever


Could it be extended to pictures?

We got it far worse, Romanian bro

Yeah! That'll teach him not to be kind towards other people!


look at this shit the fucking text it opens with shes legit insane

Argentina pls

You need to adopt this skunk.

I think this woman has schizophrenia.

>talking to black people

she's a strong black woman who don't need no man

You guys clearly don't know shit and I am disgusted by your behavior.

He should have said "Howdy Nigger!"

Then when she got out and started recording, said "what, I said howdy neighbor"

Nigger detected.

Fucking zica nigger at that

I have no idea to what you refer.

kek what a cuck

If anyone arcs up at me like that I start burning them for everything I'm worth
>don't worry about my car bitch I've got onstar so you cant steal it

except people don't start on me like that for the same reason dogs don't bark at me

skunks with their stinky organs cut off are great companions, many romantic nights

I say hello to horses like they're people when I bicycle home from work.

They look at me like I'm retarded, buy they dont claim to have been sexually harrassed.

Just mad cuz hes black and his baby has a tiny head

Who taught the backyard human language?

>say hello to nigger?

why tho?

You can win. Shoot em, gas em and rope em

>If you see a black woman don't even say hello

I usually don't.

This can't be happening in America which is a white country free of minorities and terror.

Cred Forums is it wrong I find some nigeresses qt?

I mean I wouldn't blow my load in one to make a half-nigger but still. some of them are qt.

I don't really consider black women human though, since I never even see or hear them talk.

But when I do, they're pretty chill and hungry for white dick.

Nuke us. Now.

Because you don't go outside?

RWDS can't come soon enough.

No It's because I bite them


This woman has never and will never be sexually harassed in her entire life.

>Even as a seasoned feminist men rarely catcall me anymore and this makes me feel inadequate


I had a nigress living in my apartment for a month. Honestly, the skunk may've been better. They only stink up the place if they're in danger, right? Well that nigress trashed the place, broke a door, sprayed her coconut-scented BS all over, and riddled the place with cigarettes.

Skunk bro where were you when I posted the ad?


Can't imagine why I would.

nice1 m8

>you shouldn't be here
>why the fuck you gonna say i shouldn't be here?

He could have pulled "you should be in Africa", but she would chimp out to the skies.

the fuck is her problem

No I think he meant she should be in her state sponsored Section 8 housing, not in a neighborhood where people actually pay for their homes.

Niggers only come into white neighborhoods to commit crime. See: Trayvon Martin.

If I see a black in my neighborhood I call the cops because blacks can't afford homes in my area, which means they're only here to do harm.

IF a woman and I make eye contact and I'm in a good mood, not distracted, etc I usually smile. Doesn't even matter if she's attractive. I don't say anything though. If she smiles back and we're not just passing each other going opposite directions in a hurry I might say hello.

This racist cunt is clearly mentally ill.


I actually don't mind Jehovah's witnesses black ladies, the ones i met have been quite polite and understanding. They do try to get you hooked into their program but if you politely explain your viewpoint without offense they leave quickly.

Calm down Swede, Tyrone will get mad if you trash his race publicly.

>This racist cunt is clearly mentally ill.
yeah, but that's the case with almost all sheboons

Is that Hugh Mungus?

I avoid black women anyway.

I can see why even their own men despise them.

They are some of the most toxic, entitled, nasty pieces of shit on the planet.

>saying hello to a niggress

But why ?

>People don't say hello to strangers anymore
>Around here people avoid eye contact and stare at the floor while passing someone they don't know
>I make eye contact with passerby and say hello at times but unless they are older it seems to just make them uncomfortable.
>This guy says hello
>Sheboon goes ape shit on him

Sad really.

>willingly interacting with a sheboon

why tho

Look at the text it closes with!!!!

She names the Jew!











wtf, i love skunks now

Oh lawd.

Is this their way of please fuck me?

and steal our resources

stay away from these ratchet ass hoes

>le smelly Frenchman meme

>saying hello to random people on street
are Americans autistic?

>Calls him a "white bitch"
>Falsely accuses him of calling her a "nigger"

Man, the Jews have trained these people so well. Each one is like a little Manchurian candidate, awaiting activation.

I live in a city and bike a lot. Lots of black and white people, brown and yellow. I'm white. While biking:
> White people smile at me.
> Brown and yellow don't really give much of a reaction.
> Black people frown at me.
My bike has a sound system and I play workout music when I bike so it's mostly a reaction to me doing what I do.

Oy vey!

Yes, your people sure have done a bang-up job there, Klein.

Skunks are very cute and mostly harmless. They are weasels with little heads, adorable. Once you realize they are beneficial you might end up liking possums too. If you're in America that is. They (possums) are nearly immune to rabies.

>illegally parks in the middle of the street
>records her harassing some guy and his plate
>runs away when the cops are being called
>uploads this video somewhere initially
You don't even need any surveillance cameras to record their stupidity, they do it themselves.

I say hello to everyone that I walk by, or else it's really awkward and they think you hate them.

but I guess if it's sexual harassment, I won't miss it at all, I'd rather not go to prison for being polite.


Everyone knows that when a white person says "Hi" what they really mean is "I'm gonna fuck your mouth raw, bitch".

>be black
>having a good day on campus
>say hi to someone as I walk by
>they look away from me in fear

Worst experience in saying hello to someone.

Really? Do you live in a small town/close-knit neighborhood?

I dunno senpai, I think she's just another schizo like this classic one:


nah, suburbs everywhere, pretty diverse. people here are quite nice to each other and my city has really low crime; cops are bored. weed is legal.

I walk my dogs everyday and say hello to this Indian family that walks on the same path. really nice people.

Has this woman been identified yet?


this one is probably the saddest.

>denunciado a tarinjewga lince XD

>when your own people fucked you over.
i dont know how you blacks live on.

lol I have schizophrenia and I do this shit all the time



I hope you get raped.

are they not there to just show where the curb is when they're covered in snow?

this woman has some serious issues

You really do hate Canada don't you.


It's really sad, more than anything. I've watched through that video once, and it was a challenge.

>be snowplow operator
>plow parking lot
>don't see median because crazy bitch pulled out marking sticks
>break plow

unplowed parking lots: a small price to pay for living in a feminist utopia

it's easier to say "shut the fuck up" and then ignore them

don't argue with idiots or they will confuse you with their retardedness and they win.

"feeding the trolls"

Niggers cream their pants when you call them a nigger. They want to be pumped full of that angry power.

What I'm saying is it just seems weird to me, who lives in a really populated city, to say hello to every single person I see, simply because I'll never see them again. But being in the suburbs explains it. I only say hi to people I know.

>>Southern hospitality

the fuck are you talking about?

holy shit

>this is your brain on feminism

Imagine how great this country would be if we just sent those niggers back to Africa as free men after the emancipation proclamation.

sauce ma man

I will even say hello to you (only if you are not black)



Blacks hate whites even more when we are nice to them.

I have hope and faith. The light at the end of the tunnel keeps me going in life

where do you think black people spent the first 200 years in america?

This, definitely greet westerners though.

Honestly hope someone chokes this bitch to death and smashes her skull with a hammer.

Id fucking do it myself if i didnt have kids



only if there's a few people, if there's dozens, there's no point in saying hi, that's just autism.

>live in the south
>if I actually leave my house I try to be polite
>everybody I say hello to I can't understand
>not even English at this point
>black people even worse especially the females
>always get aggressive that I can't understand
>attempt to bribe with a cigarette
>doesn't work
>just fake a smile and walk away while they babble on
>feel like a huge asshole
>they get offended

I'm done talking with people and can't wait until everything is considered offensive so I can actually stop attempting to be a nice person. I might just be retarded but seriously what the fuck?

That white feminism ideology being adopted by nigresses.

idk what you guys are talking about, i've always smiled at people and said hi to them and the people that give the biggest positive responses are black women, if you're a just half decent looking white guy and say hi to them while passing by they pump the fucking breaks and get flirty as fuck really quick and act like white loving groupies (which most black women today are becoming)

He should have put a bullet in her belly

>greeting or being nice to niggers

kek when i walk past them or enter a place where they're i don't even attempt to look at them just ignore those apes.

Does she turn the camera away so she can slap the dude?

>who does not like those awesome motherfuckers?

a little part of straya right in the US of A.

>get flirty as fuck really quick and act like white loving groupies (which most black women today are becoming)


they just see you as a walking, talking ATM. And an "upgrade" genetically.

A black girl baby-trapping a white guy is like snagging Moby Dick, pun intended.

holy shit women are fucking insane

(((white feminism)))

Why I'm I not surprised?

yea i'm pretty poor and most of them are just trying to get some white dick and say some really freaky race related shit in the bedroom and outside, talking about how amazing and nice our color contrasts are, how white is such a good color to them, how white skin is a turn on, and then weird slave racist talk when you're getting sexual.

That's a parody, surely? It's too perfect.

I wish that was me I would have had some sweet bants

Luckily they keep mostly in Limón and don't come to the central valley much.

Yes, white feminism.

>Don't fucking say hello to me!
>Alright sorry, have a nice day

she does

I never talk to niggers anyway. That bitch a thirsty rachet ho nigga ass

trump is done for

This. I live in a nice area and a bunch of niggers rented a house here. I don't know how they afford it and I don't know why the owner rented it to dindus, you're just asking for trouble. But they are always out in the street throwing a football and staring me down when I come home from work and a bunch of shit has been stolen from cars around the neighborhood, and my mountain bike was stolen.

So I lifted my truck, put big tires on it, a Trump sticker on my back window and now whenever I pass I slow down and mean mug these niggers from under my ballcap. I'm going to put my wife's bike on the porch this next weekend and wait for one of these monkeys to try and steal it, and bust out of the door with my baseball bat and go ham on some coon ass.

Will film it, if good results, I'll post the video.

You can tell America is a fucked up society by how often they resort to the police and "911" to resolve petty disputes.

This sort of thing is extremely common over there. Very sad.