Americans people are too fat to fight WW3

>A full 71 percent of youths and young adults 17 to 24 do not qualify to serve in the military “due to problems with obesity, education, drug abuse, or crime.” That’s one of the main findings of the 2016 Citizen-Readiness Index, a report released Tuesday by the Washington, D.C.–based youth development nonprofit Council for a Strong America.
>“Obesity is one of the major issues we see and plays a role in 31 percent of disqualifications,” Kelli Bland, the chief of public affairs at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, told TakePart. “If the obesity issue in America increases in the coming years, it could have a detrimental impact on our national security because we may not have enough young people willing and qualified to serve in the armed forces.”

In the meantime:
>I’m Not Too Fat. I’m Not Too Old. I’m Enough.

Thoughts ?

>want to join the army
>dropped out of high school
>they reject my application
Fuck those faggots, why do I need a diploma so I can shoot some stupid sand niggers?

Waaaa I'm retarded and people won't give me free shit

You don't. Get a plane ticket to the desert and you can buy an AK for about $30 American on the street.

>dropped out of high school
nigga are you serious?

at least get your GED if you hated being in school because of your autism so much.

>A full 71 percent of youths and young adults 17 to 24 do not qualify to serve in the military

so lower the standards again.

Problem solved. They were taking convicts for Iraq

ship them off anyway.

they'll fit after a few weeks of boot camp and lugging around gear.

We got drones, you third world pansy.

School is for sheeple.
Enjoy your leftist propaganda.

I'm a real man, I don't need no teacher with a 2 digit IQ and a 5 digit income to tell me what I need to know.

Public schools should be militarized. It would solve so many problems. Have uniforms, pt, teach kids loyalty to the state, and you fix obesity and decrease the percentage of cuck faggots.

There's a lot more to military service than just picking up a gun and shooting the first brown person you see, but here's some food for thought just in case Infantry is all you qualify for:

You've proven once that you can't handle when the going gets tough by dropping out of high school. How are you supposed to hold it together in a firefight when you're not just trying to survive, your squad mates are counting on you to have their backs?

We already have the 2nd largest military in the world, with much more equipment than any other military could even dream of. We have a logistical advantage to protect us from foreign invaders. Plus the population owns as many guns as there are people in the US.
If WW3 started, the US would be the only country who's actually ready to fight. It's the rest of the world that would be scrambling to catch up. They've built militaries for small regional conflicts like Syria or Ukraine. They're not ready for total war

It sucks having a hip impingement at 21 but at least I won't get drafted to fight for the Jew.

So all those morons in the American military who keep bombing the wrong targets, civilians and committing friendly fire actually went to school?

American """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""education"""""""""""""""""""""""""

I don't see how dropping out of high school has to do with shooting up some nigger skin.

Unless you're implying the military is me sitting in a shitty desk for all hours of the day being forced to learn nonsensical gibberish.

>Implying it's the Americans doing that and not the natives.
Enemy combatants kill far more civilians than any formal military. When you put on a suicide vest and walk into a crowded place, you're not worried about preventing civilian casualties. They'll kill their own people without blinking an eye in order to further their cause.
Not to mention it's the people were attempting to train who are fucking up.

Also, he literally said he didn't go to school, so why are you blaming the schools for how dumb he is? That's like blaming the gym for how weak you are.

That's mostly what it is. Do you think it's nonstop action like in the movies? Do you think you're qualified just because you can move your finger to pull a trigger?

You don't have to be a genius to make it into the military, you just have to not be retarded. Any retard can kill a terrorist, but not everyone can join the army

>people who dropped out of high school are retarded
Kill yourself, degenerate.

If they don't want capable people then fuck them, I'll stick to neeting it up.

just get your GED you fucking retard

It's nothing to be concerned about since Americans can afford to buy someone else's military to do their fighting for them and then use autonomous machines to clean up the rest all while enjoying a cheese covered snack in the process.


>I'm not retarded for dropping out, because I have a plan!
>So what if my plan doesnt work because I dropped out, that doesn't mean I'm retarded!
You're not retarded because you dropped out. There are plenty of successful dropouts. You're retarded for failing to see the problem with your current situation

It's not a problem because the US military is already the 2nd largest military in the world right under china. Even if war were declared, it's not like we'd need a draft. The US is miles ahead of the game. Hell, were so ready to fight in war that were coming close to starting them

>what is taqqia
come and test us frenchie

So send the fatties to pre-enlistment fitness semesters (ghoulags) where they produce war material until they have a satisfactory BMI until they can enlist.

Get in shape burgers. The third world laughs at you.

We do it the commie way and send waves of meatsheilds. Overwhelm them by sheer numbers. For the good of humnaity sacrifices must be made.

A total war conflict would be a meat grinder just like WW2 if not worse.
Nothing says your air supremacy wouldn't be nullified by a gamechanger anti-air technology or an electronic weapon.

I don't share the opinion that the boot on the grounds are as obsolete as a lot of people make it to be.

I guess Canada is a third world country now that they've imported so many (((refugees))).


You can't seriously be this retarded. You will not get far in life without a high school diploma.

Do I live in some weird bubble or something or are all the fat people down south? I rarely see anyone that's fat as long as I stay away from Walmart

oh, how the mighty have fallen

>fit people enlist USA, die
>USA occupied

Citizens don't need to run. They don't even need to lift their arms. 300000k+ people, .8 guns/capita... them's scary odds OP. Only way to win against that is total annihilation. Have fun ruling a smouldering crater, totally worth it/10

fuck that, put this guy on the front lines.

You know how many bullets he could take before they found a vital organ!

i was deemed unfit serve due to my left arm being trapped in a conveyor belt when i worked in construction im underweight.

>(((they))) poison Americans with unhealthy food
>nameless narratives pushing unhealthy lifestyles
>Gets butthurt when they realize that there won't be enough able bodies to die in a third world shitholes for ZOG

Why are kikes so fucking dumb?

Forget it he's a waste of space neet.

>Bomb Cities, Liberals BTFO
>Bomb woods, hit nothing

Reminder fatties are worse than niggers and you don't deserve to live.

Most of that shit isn't necessary. Military gear is always garbage. Just ask /out/ about ultralighting.