Nickelodeon - Kids Pick The President

So, Nickelodeon has it's own election propaganda and I'm trying to figure out how to cast a vote on the site.

What does Cred Forums make of this?

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>blocked outside USA

pretty disgusting
politics should not be introduced to children until they outgrow their nigger-tier brains and are capable of making decisions and thinking for themselves.

The site is going to shut down if Trump wins.

There's no fucking way in reality it's going to show a pro Trump result.


Let's help

Why isn't the Clinton picture a zombie?

>these are the questions that kids are asking

Top kek.

I'm surprised it's so fucking fair to both candidates. It honestly makes them both look great.

The kids are right though. I was a TA for a while (for hotpockets) and 8 hours seemed like nothing when you got three breaks a day.
For a child though, eight hours seems like fucking forever. It should be six and start at 9am.

I'm surprised they aren't incredibly pro-Hillary. They portray both of them in a pretty neutral light

>politics should not be introduced to children until they outgrow their nigger-tier brains and are capable of making decisions and thinking for themselves.

You do realize that's why Adults are dumb as fuck and don't participate in politics and are liberal shitters?

I'm actually surprised they kept this pretty unbiased. This is pretty good for kids to figure out whats happening in this election without them hearing the bullshit that comes from media shills

We need to be asking Hillary why she let 4 Americans die in Benghazi

>Second Amendment Rights

I was shocked at this part because I'm so used to gun rights being vilified

Ally, Krysti and Angela are on to something.

>what would you ask us

Ally seems like an annoying little shit desu

better to have a bunch of mindless indoctrinated children running around with whatever buzzwords their parents feed them, and refuse to listen to any other opinion since they were taught that opposing opinions are harmful or racist? Basically every college campus?

Post yfw Nickelodeon is the most fair and unbiased source of political news in America

Shit, this seems so unbias its unbelievable.
No fear mongering, no leftist propaganda, nothing.

What the fuck nickelodian.

>What would you ask us?

Confirmed for skeptical smart ass South Carolinian
Source: Live in SC

Kids are at school far too long. Mom's in the education system, and my Nephew just started fourth grade. He's in school from 7:30 until 4:20 now, then has at least an hour of homework. shit's insane.

The one thing that triggered me about that website was that "job creation" was only listed under Hillary, like Trump isn't the guy that's gonna be making thousands of jobs.

And adults not participating in that a bad thing? Politics should not be the big spectacle it has become

They're repenting for Dan 'Rough Rider' Schneider

What's with her ears?

>trying to figure out how to cast a vote on the site

let's figure out how to get Cred Forums approved content on that sucker


Kek have you looked at the fucking descriptions of the candidates?


Honestly one of the most fair (kid friendly) representations of both candidates on levels that children can understand. I like it.

Maybe one of Hilary's shills pissed off Viacom

I remember doing some KidsVote thing during 2008. Learned public school teachers aren't biased towards the left at all...

Oh yeah I forgot about homework. We used to do "course work" in school which was like a big homework project that went on for months. They expected hours every night, it was insane. My friend and I always used to wait until the last week and scratch up six pages worth of complete shit.

>tfw propaganda and lies are so blatant in mainstream politics we have to go to a literal cartoon childs network for a unbiased look at each candidate

That triggered me too. Trump is the jobs candidate. Hillary always says "invest in new jobs" which means government spending Keynes bullshit.

Where were you when a childrens cartoon network did a better job of presenting the presidential candidates in an unbiased light than CNN, MSNBC & Fox News?

Dumping pics for non-Americans

Ask questions here. Try to get them past the vetting process so nothing too raunchy.


>Do you like hamsters?

E...Exuse me Mrs. Clintown.. but why did 4 pepol died in bangazi?



I was honestly surprised it wasn't complete brainwashing garbage.

It's a fucking shame when kiddie shit does a better job at being fair and honest than our "unbiased" news companies, really shows the state of the world.

they dont mention that wharton is a business school for some reason.



Who care though?

Hey simi where's jimmy?

Meant to reply to this

>what would you ask us

Since when is hillary for national security?

the fucking projection LMAO

And that's it

>National Security
>By letting shitskins run wild

Seems pretty fair actually, it's refreshing.

he fell down the well

can u buy me some menthols?

This is the most unbiased coverage of the election I've ever seen.

Some propaganda from a "Kids" youtuber.

Frst lady isn't experience bro I fucked a bitch who was doctor doesn't mean I can go start giving out medical advice

That's actually really nice how unbiased they are in portraying the candidates.

Well for first graders it's all retarded shit, with extremely simple spelling words that he already knows how to spell, and doesn't need to write them down "x" amount of times a night.

I was watching him last week, and helped him with all of his home work and am just thankful that he has a GT glass once a week, they at least had logic based problems to solve on that homework.

Sure simi. Anytime.

How do I cast a vote on this shit


Seriously what the fuck is the point of this?

It's nothing new. I think they played this in 04 and 08
Really brings me back.

this is weird how unbiased this is

>trump not painted as an ebul raciss bigut
Pleasantly surprised desu

Probably just some shit off of her website
You could argue that TV host isn't either, but regardless it's not really that important
October 28 is when you can

>not listing Established Book Author side by side
Fucking why


new meme?

More time at school = more shekels for the school districts

The teacher's Union is the biggest in the country and also the most corrupt. They vie for more money and then they turn around and feed them garbage.

You can literally tell those kids: "You're at school for so long because your teacher wants more money".

thanks senpai desu

Both of these need like 5 extra hearts each.

Huh.. Gonna submit a question about the clinton foundation

Nickelodeon's podcast did an interview last week that actually talked about Cred Forums in a very positive light for a short segment.


what a joke

>Nickelodeon's podcast did an interview last week that actually talked about Cred Forums in a very positive light for a short segment.

They probably are just gonna accept mundane stuff guys
Links or I cannot believe a claim like that

Teachers are massive kikes.
>Fairly decent salary for what they ACTUALLY do.
>Complain about it constantly.
>Limited responsibility.
>Complain about it constantly.
>More holiday than any other profession.
>Complain about it constantly.
Oh yeah and they hardly ever hire men.
>No men.
>Constant complaining.
Gee I wonder what the issue is here...

>Wanna make america great again?

Damn, hopefully someone makes a thread then because i'll forget

Her idea of "national security" is "attacking Russia politically, economically and militarily until the world is destroyed in a nuclear firestorm".

I can get on board with this

Trump already more successful

This thread is proof that we are not natural fascists. We are refreshed by the unbiased nature of the website. I am quite sure that the people of any left wing forum would be angry at nickelodeon for this.

>Don't hire men
>stem shortage

I am actually becoming a teacher for US history soon. Maybe I could drop a few low key red pills just for you guys. ;^)

>Complete global annihilation.
>No security needed.
wtf im a shill4hill now!

what happened in Benghazi?


Someon e needs to ask Hillary about what happened to the money donated to the Clinton foundation meant for Haiti

>How can your whole campaign staff catch a non-contagious disease?

Trump should post a picture of a Hamster on his head, specifically to her.

>I don't just like hamsters, I Love them. In fact, I believe hamsters are the best pet and everyone should have one. Adorable!

Many people will D'AWW at the gesture and Liberals will flip the fuck out like they did with Fallon.


>"woah! Hillary has done more things than trump? Haha, I guess #imwithher!"

Quit linking your shitty video.

>not redpilling kids

>>blocked outside USA

So, you are saying that nickelodeons voting system is more secure than Americas?

Don't get too triggered by who it is, then. The part about Cred Forums starts at 18:50.


I honestly think nick is rigged, the dem always wins even in ones like bush/kerry


>god damn it

The fact they didn't put "Fascist Sympathizer" and only put the issues themselves rather than explaining them is pretty neutral



I wanted to become a teacher out of disgust for how children are educated in basically nothing these days. The atrocious spelling and grammar I see on Facebook and how people who are in career positions that pay triple my salary can't spell "because" correctly or even consistently offends me to my core.

I wanted to be a role model of sorts, until I'm told that I'm a "danger to children" because of my criminal record and how "we don't really want men" (because we're all pedos, get it?)

I decided to can it.

Instead I decided to write fiction - similar to Harry Potter - but full of subtle red pills about the dangers of immigration and how to not put pussy on the pedestal.

And because someone will ask, my criminal record is because a 16 year old girl sent me pictures of her tits and told the police I "forced" her. Basically she felt like a slut and wanted to retract the picture. When they looked at the chat logs they found absolutely no evidence but decided to charge me for the lols.

Nothing happened apart from I'm now banned from jobs that involve looking after things. Because according to the law I might rape them.

we need a six-pointed version for the six grodborgilliomsis

>Ashton is shitposting here right now



>tfw /mlp/ redpilled Nickelodeon
I have mixed feelings


It's actually sort of nice to look at

>What would you ask us?
Ally's going places. That's a really good question actually.


Teacher is a easy job that really doesn't require any skill. They do complain too much.

no its not.

Starman and Moonman

Nickelodeon voting booths where you get slimed after giving your vote when?

and star of David man

It would be extremely painful...

>Mock 2016 Election
That's not the kind of slime Nickelodeon should be showing to kids.

I think I know what Trump's favorite meme is.

>not letting them tell what they think is important to us
Yeah, it's clever. What do you think they would ask? "How is your day?" or "How do you think we should solve the illegal immigration problem?"


That was terrible, gas yourself

Its tho cop-outest of copout questions.
Only an underage b& would think otherwise

They're pretty good when you consider the top questions from left wing adults are:
>"are u raycis?"
>"what do you think about men sticking their dick into another man's ass"
>"what do you think about men dressing up as women and going to the bathroom with little girls?"

Not a bad representation of Trump surprisingly. For the poster who said you shouldn't teach children politics, they're gonna learn it either way, may as well teach them your politics instead of leaving a vacuum for the academic Jew to fill

MC D.Star smashing the niggers with a steel bar


Fucking kek

Do it. Main points:

>Judeo-Roman war turning Jews into Nomads
>Crusades only happened after hundreds of years of Muslim invasions
>Fall of Rome through mass immigration
>America's had very little Indians most dying by disease (as well as intergroup enslavement and raiding they did)
>Cortez gathered an alliance of tribes to fight the Aztec empire
>Mexico lost the West Coast after starting the fight and was paid for it (The US has held it longer).
>Islamic and SubAfrican slave trade (whites couldn't survive Africa more than a month because of disease)
>Christian ideals began the Abolitionist movement with the Quakers
>DETAILED explanation of the Russian and German Revolution (Explain Marxism)
>Circumstances of the rise of Hitler (Jewish commie government that mismanaged Germany)
>Democrats and their involvement with the KKK (MLK was Republican)
>Vietnam was lost because of Liberals (there's 90's interviews of the Cong leaders)
>Why Isreal is important in Middle East relations (Iraq was going to happen because Hussein wanted to bomb them)
>The absolute failure of Venezuela (complete with YouTube videos)

Basically anything focusing on Commies and Muslims.

I wish I had the jeb gif of him doing that woe is me head bob thing he would do when he got btfo

hoping this shows up



>Who is my real father?
First name


>What would you ask us

That's my daughter!

It seems pretty neutral, at least on this page

Do you like hamsters, Drumpf? Well, do you? I bet Hillary owns at least five hamsters!

Millennial trash pls go

It depends on the district. Here, it started at 10am and ended at 3:00pm.

A district of slackers.


The liberals will try to kill the hamster for humanizing Trump

What the fuck? I used to watch Nick as a kid, but how the fuck could they normalize Trump's hate? They're treating him like an actual political candidate and not like the bigot he is

Underrated, there are actually fair representations of both candidates without showing shit about any one. Surprising.


>This app is not available in your location

Imploding nations that fail to give her money is a matter of utmost importance to national security. You can't trust someone who won't donate to the Clinton Foundation.

She's probably like 8. Calm your tits.

>CNN smears Trump at every turn
>Nickelodeon shows him in a decent light
Cartoon networks are more unbiased than actual "news" networks



I'm really amazed that they even did a presidential thing this year considering how divisive this election is.


>It should be 6 hours and start at 9am
My school was that. 9 until 3.
Isn't that the same everywhere?


Seems pretty neutral desu

holy shit

I had 8 to 2:30

>National Security
>Hillary Clinton

oh im laffin


I think 7:45 to 2:45

I had that as well. It became like 9 to 3:45 in secondary school though.

Because they don't oversee a massive voting block. However, these are not that unbiased if you actually pay attention. Every Trump picture looks unflattering compared to Clinton's when it's actually the reverse in most cases because the lady unfortunately looks like a witch. Additionally, they seem to mostly neglect Trump's actually decent qualifications and are trying to paint him as some kind of movie star celebrity, which he's really not. Everything he does is more business-oriented than they are showing, even the TV show and media use they list was aimed more at his business to the point where his reality TV was him firing people and using the show as a way to weed out employee candidates. Nickelodeon is definitely doing a better job at being unbiased than actual news outlets but it's always going to be there a little bit when it comes to anything media related.

pol being a history teacher is horrifying. I'm not even left or right but to see you fucks ruining history for young kids would be sad


>health care access

Didn't Obamacare already pass? Or does she really want single payer?

Too bad rates are increasing a week before elections and not sooner.


I went from 8 am to3 pm in elementary.
Middle schooll was 9-4:15
High school was 8:35-3:35
Such is live in Texas.

>there are only 2 candidates


I thought the same thing

I actually kinda just want this to run itself without Cred Forums. Its going to be pretty interesting to see what kids have to say considering that kids pick the president has predicted the winner in every presidential race its existed in besides 2004's election.

>implying kids knows about the other two

9 -3 for primary
9- 4 for secondary
currently doing 8-5 at college, but only 2 days a week so it's easy af


>tfw you accidentally call mrs. clinton "mom"

>implying CTR won't be flooding the questions with "why does drumpf hate my friend paco?" and "why does trump bully girls?"

Continue running my multi billion dollar real estate empire

Retire to obscurity

>the media is so corrupt that we have to look to a childrens television network for an unbiased view of both candidates

More like
Break rocks into smaller rocks inside a prison

everything seems to be accurate. What's the problem?

All Hillary font?


>Ivy League Education

busy guy

>tfw this may happen to me one day
When do we destroy these bullshit laws, things like this shouldn't get us fucked up forever.


Public school is basically a daycare

Fucking useless. Put your kids in private and tell your wife to quit her gay ass job

What happened to that DNC staffer?



why would they teach what immigration is to elementary schoolers?

take a chill pill with the red one

thats actually pretty funny

underrated post, makes a good point

>language shouldnt be at the core of learning
Holy fuck my sides


>Ms.Clinton, do you like hamsters?
>Mr Trump, how do you propose to fix the discrepancy in scores between low income students and their middle income peers?

t. Matt Lauer

Who even writes these?

Trump dynasty confirmed


Some more questions.

Sorry for mobile posting.

Kind of the point of Carlos jokes

This post is underrated

Underated post

my fucking sides


If that were the case we wouldn't let blacks vote though

Stop bullying Jeb!.

I remember back when they did this in 2000 for Bush/Gore and it was on tv

I also remember that in that year, my elementary had an informal "election" - every student got a slip of paper, bush or gore, and you had to circle your choice. In the end, Bush won



>It should be six and start at 9am.
when I was in school it started at 9:20 and finished at 3:20, 12-12:50 was lunch break

so 5 hours 10 minutes

>If you could be in a movie what would the movie be called?
Home Alone 2

Can anyone ask them if they like turtles?

And by that age she should know what Immigration means.


Children, the only Clinton supporters

A week before the election is PERFECT. And you know Obama has to be mad as fuck that Trump talks about it all the time. He wanted to sneak that in under the radar.

Clinton would be the bitch to hate Huey

>children are the most biased, ignorant and manipulated people in the world by definition.
>all of them vote for Clinton

>8 year old niece walks in while I'm watching a video of Hillary in a coughing fit
>what are you watching uncle user?
>Hillary Clinton, I think she's going to die
>Good, she's evil and I hope Trump wins

Michael Obama BTFO

k e k

I mean pol is stereotypically all 16 anyway so that's kid enough to vote right?

>weekend at bernies

return to the planet of the lizard people

I just watched that scene, and Trump just feels really smooth in that scene. Like he has some sorta divine aura around himself.

Which one of you did this?

National Security = Americans Dying for Israel.


That's a Great Question


>mfw a little jewish kid is going to read that and asks "mom, what is a kike and why should we gas them?"

>Whats your opinion on dorky little brothers?
I really wish that came up during the 2000 eleciton



>yfw a children's network is more balance regarding candidates than actual political media

I think they know it doesn't really matter because kids can't vote.


>it's actually rather unbiased

I'm shocked. It's a sad day when CNN is lest trustworthy than fucking nickelodeon

They've been doing this shit since 1992 at least.

They did this back in 2000. My cuck friend liked Nader, I was big on Bush.

>all these retarded non-questions and shit that could be answered with a quick Google search
Damn I didn't realize how badly we needed education reform.

What did they mean by this?

audible keks

>white power
I kek'd


a lot of adults think like kids, "trump is a big meanie, do you want to vote for a big meanie?! i know i don't"

This really made me think

>If you could be in a movie what would the movie be called?

The Little Rascals


>white power

Found the underage person on this site.

Just FYI, school starts so early and ends so late to give parents the chance to get to their 8-5 jobs.

Now please, get off this site. For 18+

Now this one is REEEEAAAALLLLYYYY fucking interesting and I would love to hear an answer.

>I'm not even left or right
No, ofcourse you're not. You're a special little snowflake who has no opinions on anything.

Awful just awful

Anyone under voting age shouldn't have a political opinion, it does them no good




The genesis of a new meme


anyone else surprised they didn't shit on trump? nick is owned by (((viacom))) right?


My middle school teachers all voted for McCain. One accidentally called Obama "Osama" during class and after that refused to talk politics at all.

Moon man

Wish I could ask...
Here's some questions that might get some good answers...

>Do you like trains?

>Can you lower taxes so my mom can get me a xbox?

>Do you play any videogames?

>Should schools have free lunch?

>Do you think one day one of your children will run for president too?

Do it


Imagine being the poor fool who has to moderate these stupid questions




We're giving them some keks now.



US public school isn't about good education or the child's health, it's about indoctrination just like college.

If you're in America either put some real fucking effort into homeschooling the crap out of your kid or send them to private school abroad.


I read the candidate portion and it doesn't honestly seem too biased

lol these kids are going to get their shit kicked in in high school

Asking the real questions here


All of that was objective factual history you cunt.

What part of that was wrong? You some kind of nigger?

Meanwhile, all my little cousins claim Trump is evil, "because everyone says so."

hope (((they))) like these

State the facts, leave nothing out, show the bad on all sides, it will be much worse for muslims that way.

Columbia here SC bro
Feels good to be in this state

>Nickelodeon is better journalism than the adult mainstream media

God damnit.


"Should I take her word for it?"

Ally from SC asks a pretty smart question tbf. The rest should be fucking gassed.

You just know Hillary would deflect that question with some "funny" anecdote of when she was little to make her appear human. Then all news agencies would go "HILLARY'S ANSWER TO A KID'S QUESTION IS THE MOST HEARTWARMING THING YOU WILL SEE TODAY, CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT"

it was me, i asked about dorky kid brothers


Ah shit. I fucked up.

Who Killed Seth Rich?

This is literally not the purpose of school, and the idea that it is is degeneracy of the highest order propagated to destroy the nuclear family.

Elementary school for me was something like 8:10-2:40
Middle school was 7:45-2:15
High school was 7:10-1:40

My school days were short as fuck

>What do you think about people with another shade of skin stepping foot onto a piece of earth that doesn't belong to you


If only they'd cool it with the Spongebob reruns.

I dunno, I saw a commercial for this the other day on nick and they talked about trump. I kept waiting for them to say he is a lying bigot who wants to break up your brown friends family, but they didn't. They just said he is a business man and some other piece of trivia, I don't remember what. I was surprised

Holy shit were we in the same kindergarten class? I did the same thing

While Trump's idea of "national security" is attacking Iran for 'rude gestures'.

Kids don't get to vote, nothing is at stake. They don't want negative attention.


>12-hour time format

How did they let that one slip by? They don't have a word filter for inappropriate words?

I remember they had forums for Kids Pick The President for the 2012 election.

We laughed for like the next year afterwards.

I hope they do it again, it'll make election night a lot more fun.

This shit is fun but I'd hate to be the guy who has to filter through all this shit as my day job.


It means you're a weeaboo faggot that likes shoujo.

How can the sun be real if this planet isn't real

>If you could be in a movie, what would the movie be called?
>America: Great Again
>How to get away with treason (almost)

Because global warming is a Chinese conspiracy! Also vaccines cause autism



I physically laughed out loud at this comment


This is likely. Viacom owns Nickelodeon. This is the same company that owns MTV and Comedy Central, pushing (((narratives))) with stuff like The Daily Show and yes, everyone's favorite dindu, Franchesca Ramsey.

fuck you for getting my hopes up

Hahahaha, you should see the korean education system.

Still think american kids have it "bad"? Grow some nuts

Three good ones here
Which one of you fucks got a delegates joke through

>implying ((they)) aren't just jewing both sides

That IS the purpose of school though. Why do you think the schedules have always synced up so neatly?

Literally everyone else in the thread posted in 12 hour format as well. Go back to your cuck shed, Sven. I think some more Somalis are in your neighborhood


>dat lass

>Great question!

But seriously, there's not a single reason to divide the day into two parts unless it's a sundial.

I agree completely. I just graduated last year and high school hours for me were from 7:30 to 3:45.

You are not guaranteed an off period (most kids don't have one until senior year) and lunch is 25 minutes which includes getting from class to lunch, waiting in line, getting your food, then going back to class.

Also we were told to expect 1.5 hours of homework a night, sometimes it was more sometimes less.

I really, really feel for kids who want school to be shorter because to me it was the number one cause of my depression. Even high earning adults like my father only work 9-5, with a one hour lunch break, and they have no homework.

I don't understand why it's acceptable for kids to have 8+ hours of school and then be expected to go home and do homework. Don't forget extracurriculars. Also if you don't get enough volunteer hours in you can't graduate.

Public schooling is the number one reason why I grew to hate the federal government.

Is it the same as hillary's least favorite meme ?

The elections are enough of a farce already that we might as well accept it, I like the idea

>environmental problems

Faggot liberal parent inserting talking points into their child's mouth detected. Kids don't think about those things.


No there isn't but I'm not in charge of how time is read on clocks and image boards so i don't care. It's trivial

Thanks kind user

Do you not have AM and PM in Sweden?


It's fucked up for parents too.

You send your kid to school and in the afternoon you pick them up and ask them what they learned today. Most the time they tell you about some fucking arts and crafts they made or some movie they watched or an animal they talked about. Big waste of time.

Then you pull out their homework and you the parent have to teach the kid how to read write and do math. It's creating a job for you too because the goddamn teacher slouched on their job.

My wife told me she popped in on the kid's class once unexpectantly and the fucking teacher was yapping on her phone while the kids were all just doing "free play".

WTF is that shit?

I hope tedposting never dies, I hope it comes back again when trump wins

No, 24-hour time. Even if 12-hour time was in common use, I would have used 24-hour time anyway because it's just much less confusing.

>24 hour time
Too confusing. Please switch to metric time, it makes a lot more sense.

Yeah we used to have that all the time. I can't think of a single thing I learned in school that I use today. In fact I can't think of a particular thing I learned in school, my dad taught me most of what I know.
I feel so robbed of all my time, I feel like society is so robbed of time, it's all so nonsensical.

It's funny, what actually made me doubt the Holocaust story was how every year in English class we spent a month on it at least. English class... Hmm....

What would you ask the candidates Cred Forums?

>he doesn't use 6-hour time.

Decimal time is great, but it's just not possible for me to use that system at this point.

Day starts on 6:00AA, followed by 1:00AA-5:59AA, and then

6:00AP, followed by 1:00AP-5:59AP, and then

6:00PA, followed by 1:00PA-5:59PA, and then

6:00PP, followed by 1:00PP-5:59PP.

Has anyone watched the "videos"? I can't see it.