Only 7.0% multiracial - why are you so racist, Burgers?

Why can't you intermix more, have more whites sleep with Asians and more Hispanics fuck blacks and more blacks marry whites?

Also, where are the Jews in this one?

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Jews are considered """"""""""white""""""""""



>Jews are considered """"""""""white""""""""""
How does this make any sense? Then why are Hispanics not white? Why are Asians not white?

>a mexican

Why are blacks losing ground too? They breed like rabbits

imagine that inside these "40%" there will be a fuckton of arabs, north africans, jews, turks and persians as well as mulattoes and hispanics identifying as white

>current year blacks not realizing they're going to get BTFO as well


Same shit.

>Why are blacks losing ground too?
There is an ocean between America and Africa. There is no ocean between Hispanicland and America.

lol multicultural, good safe word

Europe, please use us as an example of how quickly it can go down. You may be able to say "muh 90% white" for now, but it only takes a few short decades.

Im moving to Europestan

It's not so much that their population is falling, more that the mexishit population is exploding.

im not too worried about america

1. hispanics are a mixture of european and native american
2. their 'african'-americans are a mulatto 'race'
3. finally all these childless neets and tumblarinas will have children at some point

hispanic is not a similar term to "white" or "black", burgers are really autistic about "race"

What the fuck is HPI? I'm guessing AIAN is natives.

>What the fuck is HPI?
Hawaiian Pacific Islanders.

AIAN is American Indian and Alaska Natives

I wonder what America will actually look like in 2050 after the great Trump purges of 2017

i wish we could trade our blacks for asians

we don't take anyone though
you either need a master's degree or you need to have a supremely dark skin tone with a cute little dick to suck

else we're not taking

winners don't have to learn the lover's language

>asian and black populations staying pretty much the same

future looks bright amigos

Why can't they just say Spamgobblers and Injuns like everyone else?

Now campare those by age group. Many newborns are multiracial in the US

I'm moving to alaska

>Now campare those by age group
It says "adolescents"

Growth in Asian needs to cancel out the decline in white or else this country is fucked. GDP/cap is directly correlated to a country's average IQ, and the growing Hispanic population is actively decreasing this number

>tfw we are actively seeking out policies that will drive us further to the left (and therefore down)

But don't you like your Hispanics?

The USA is not a conventional country. It is a military-industrial led plutocracy.

>Blacks => 14% -> 13%











I wish you would trade your blacks for whites.



I'm whiter than the white guy in the OP's picture yet I would be represented by that disgusting low class mestizo piece of shit if I lived in the USA.

Do you think Trump will just repaint all the non-whites?


Im white yet not white

This is what the average American will look like in 2050, and it's beautiful.

Half moors arent white though thats a shitbton of andalusian populace.

Spics are multiracial. So its is solid 38%.

As long as it's not blacks. Hispanics aren't great but they at least have some potential not to be dumbfuck violent criminals.

Info graphic is optimistic... that's the projection before the policies of open borders and cowering to the Islamic invasion...

>that top guy

Mixing needs to be banned.


Im unironically whiter thsn the 25% euro fezmoors in andalysia


hispanic/mestizo is still white. By 2100 there will be enough interbreeding that it will just be one "white" race that basically looks like snookie. nigs will still be nigs.



>2050 40%
>2250 10%

Except when there's more benefit from not being considered white.

Arap+spenian=83% of dna
Am i still beans for 8% native?

They abort literally half of pregnancies and die en masse in endemic warfare in the hood.

Abortions + crime counters it



They are killing each other

Have to go back, Fernando.


They needs ads to encourage more immigrants, just like sweden
#DetNyaLandet #TheNewCountry

>White hispanic
No such thing, beaner boy.


if there are more mexicans in the US than blacks, why is everything about blacks? i mean looking at that chart blacks are actually way overrepresented in films and the sort.

White Hispanics are considered white by themselves and the population at large. Only polls that want to show the white percentage shrinking and retarded posters at Cred Forums who only consider one 96 year old man in Iceland to be white don't count them.

>white jews

Fuck off you anti colonist injun faggot


Niggers are more prompt to be victimized. Also, long history in the usa

Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

>long history
History that is taught by kikes

They're shooting each other faster than they're multiplying, which is impressive.

Where do you think those multiracial babies are coming from?

Also separate the Middle easterners and North Africans from White.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaj andalusia is 48% moor south barbossas are 55% i can literally make them whiter aaaassaaaaj

Technically, if you extrapolate out to 2250, the USA becomes 95% White since all of the ultra-high fertility cults in the USA are White. The population would probably be a mix of mostly Amish, Hassidic Jews, Hutterites, Russian Old Believers, and Fundamentalist Mormons.

>not genocide

Good thing I have my masters ;)

>gook growing faster than spics
>niggers getting out numbered

If spics and chinks made a temporary alliance to destroy the niggers, that would be optimal.

I've become convinced of this too--that average IQ is directly responsible for the prosperity of a country and its quality of life (based on intelligence testing, GDP and quality of life in various countries compared to their ethnic makeup, and because scientist agree that generally intelligence is closely related to success, social functioning, etc.).

But how can we keep nice countries from turning into shit, given that so many people have swallowed the "everyone is equal" dogma? Will it just be a slow, arduous process, with lots of societal decay, until people understand the importance and heritability of intelligence, or are nice countries doomed?

Blacks occupy the lowest socioeconomic position, so the media feel they have to do more to present them in the kindest way possible.

They more and more present blacks as intelligent and law-abiding and avoid doing the opposite. Why do you think that is? Their agenda is "everyone is the same" and the reality that blacks are dysfunctional and not intelligent contradicts that, so they want to portray them in the opposite light.

Hispanics don't need as much of a PR campaign.

>Black population shrinks
At least we can look forward to that

Persians are ok. They contribute the most out of all the pseudo white minorities.


Honestly, I figure the country will have declined to Brazil-tier standards by then

Isn't Brazil something like 40% white today? Well, that will be us in 2050 then.

You'll have walled off areas where the rich whites, Jews, and Asians will live. Then the rest of the brown hordes will live in substandard housing. The middle class will continue declining and you'll have a group of haves and a much larger group of have nots. Similar to how Latin America is today.

We don't live in magic dirt, and voting Republican won't save us, just stall the inevitable.

And all those manual labor jobs that mestizos do today will likely be done by robots then. So what the fuck will they be doing with all their spare time. I expect a huge increase in crime.

Because despite the memes, people still prefer their own kind. It has always been like this, and will always be like this.

really makes you think

>ethnicity: white
I cringe everytime I see this shit. White doesn't mean anything. There are like 20 ethnicities in that 54%.

nothing is funnier than Spanish race-salt and pretend superiority over their colonial offspring - no one clings harder to being white than the Spanish, even though you're the only part of yurope to have been conquered by Muslims

Bengali Brahmins are 75% R1a btw, does that make pic related white too, dumbass?

Ethnicity: white means American.


Scary stuff. You think there's anything decent middle-class people can do to stop the nightmare?

I think your chart illustrates why we should clamp down on border controls and rev up the deportation train, because this is fucking reversible.

Whites are no more Americans than blacks. You mean European. American ethnicity means native Americans.

there's no way the asian population will be that low
america's IT companies are importing indians faster than shit off a shiny street

america won't exist in 2250 user
well i guess there will be a land mass where america is now
not sure there'll be any americans on it tho

>Turkish demographers

>importing indians

it's cheaper to export IT jobs

LOL, America es blanco, kek not anymore.

Also fuck off cuck, kill yourself

>projections that don't account for THE WALL

It's funny that not only does Finland have human capital on par with Asian countries, they underperform their human capital just like Asian countries as well. The fins are Asian meme is real

Well, first things first, we have to stop the bleeding immediately. Get the wall built and cut immigration to pre-1965 levels. Whatever immigration we do take should be skills based, which would cut out a lot of the mestizos and lower caste Asians.

Then I would say offer some sort of credit so that middle class people can make their money go further. Trump talked about child care savings accounts, I think that is a good step.

We need to enable middle class whites to start making babies again instead of having to subsidize negros and mestizos.

That's just a start. And there's no guarantee that those things would pass. You know Democrats are going to do all that they can to keep the borders open and immigration flowing.

But we have to give it a try, and Trump is our best bet.

Asians have a low birth rate and a third of Asian American women race mix with white men. So they are largely contributing to the "multiracial" category as well. So all their growth is coming from immigration.

No sorry, Native American Indians aren't "white" and neither are halfbreed mongrels

k anons whatever you say
i suspect you haven't worked in a large IT organisation in silicon valley or RTP or somewhere like that. try visiting a company like e.g. Qualcomm. did you know san diego has several cricket leagues, not just teams, where practically all the players are IT staff from companies in the san diego area? pic related, one of the teams of new americans who play in one of the leagues.

>Asians have a low birth rate
ah, this is the typical american geography education at work again. you think "asia" is just the places your cartoon porn comes from.

No, our government definition of Asia includes anyone from the continent.

I know there are different races in Asia but that's just how our government categorizes them.

Mudslimes are less than 1% of the population and are projected to remain as such. They're not the problem for us like with you.