How badly do you wish you lived in California?

How badly do you wish you lived in California?

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not at all

I used to take my vacation in CA but now I just go to mexico. Same shit but cheaper.

No guns, spics everywhere, and these girls are probably stoners and mudsharks.

No thanks.

Your point is that i would want to live somewhere because of fat shitters that are wide as your mom's cunt?

i go to long beach and 80% of the girls are landwhales in bikinis. every fucking time.

i want out of this hellhole

It doesn't matter where I go, I will always be an ugly loser

Not worth it. You can find chicks anywhere.

not one bit

you mean Spicifornia?

Oh I would love to live in spic central

I lived there all my life.

I moved out of there last month. Best decision I ever made.

Literally the worst place to live in America, other than maybe Detroit.

I thank my lucky stars I don't live in that degenerate shit hole.

jose, plz

>No guns
Wanna bet?

Tired of you fags going to SF or LA then claiming stuff like this for the whole state rofl.

I didn't know there was a beach at long beach


0 from 1-10

from where to where?

>no guns
>not building your own guns
Enjoy confiscation

25 years in socal

A white man needs winter


I'd rather live in Estonia 1992 than California.

too many of those goblin looking things that jump fences

absolutely never

Well, northern California seems nice, but SoCal is a leftist wasteland

Why do all the worst cities in America have so much pop culture produced pretending their cities are good. Are New York and California ponzi schemes?

The state is openly hostile to everyone who isn't making millions or is an attractive female. Most people shouldn't live here.

Very badly, pls take me in. You take in so much spics, you could probably find space for one simple slav ;_;

>statewide laws aren't statewide
>so what if I have to physically open my AR to reload rounds one at a time in a limited and welded capacity magazine??

It's sad seeing you try and defend your shit state. I get it. I understand. But lad, it's just not worth it.

Went to San Diego this summer. Nothing special. I live in Texas and already have my big butted half Mexican chick I'm gonna marry. No reason to go back.

>France commenting on anything being trash
Look both ways before crossing frogger

Badly. I visited LA and SD 2 years ago and I wish I didn't have to leave. SD was the most beautiful place I've ever seen and the people were friendly. Night life seemed great if you knew where to go. I would move there if they weren't in a drought and eventually going into the ocean


>he doesn't look both ways before crossing
Enjoy being run over faggot

>has a nigger president
>thinks he is superior
The whole west is the same trash, don't try to act you're any better.

I do live in California. I will be moving back to Louisiana once I've trained enough replacements to cover my workload.
These people are worthless.

I'd swap USA for this shit hole at any given time

what dose this mean

A commie paradise full of faggots, coons, and beaners, where rights even as fundamental to America as those granted by 2nd amendment have been suppressed as hard as kikery allows? I'll pass. You can sign me up for Alaska anytime, though.


excited about cold beaches, dirty liberals, and immigrants. cant wait

Go jump in a pool full of toxic waste faggot Hue

I live in CA. It is fucking filthy.

It's filled with niggers and spics, drug-filled lifestyles are popular, everything has a tax (Oakland has put a grocery tax on the ballot for this November -- A TAX ON GROCERIES to pay for nigger gibs), and worst of all, everyone is a disingenuous, sleazy, phony, fake-smiling automaton.

In New England, when something bad happens, you say "This sucks. I hate this." IN CA, you say "there is wisdom to be gained from every misfortune." In NE, if you don't like someone, you say "fuck you." IN CA, you say "it was wonderful to meet you. I really hope you stay in touch and we'll see you again soon!"

You never know what anyone actually thinks because they're all so busy acting like they're perfectly happy all the time to appear superior.

>tfw live in the Bay area.
the level of liberal stupidity here is beyond belief.

A map of where it's socially acceptable to say "hella"

I bet it was really nice like 50 years ago

That's a picture from the east coast though probably Florida.California beaches don't look like that.

I live in Los Angeles and you tools are just jealous you're too poor to afford the lifestyle.

fuck off alaska is full


I'm pretty grateful I don't live there senpai. The state is on fire half of the year. They suck water out of my state so they can ruthlessly waste it on their sand dune crop fields. Crime is so rampant that murders and thefts are just regarded as ordinary, business as usual behavior. Gangs are so out of control that every building and structure is likely to be covered in graffiti tags, if they aren't already. Nobody can afford to live there, because six figure salaries are barely enough to live comfortably there. Let's not forget that a majority of Californians aren't even American citizens, but illegals from different countries who aren't held accountable for even the most heinous crimes.

Not only do all of these things ring true, but no American citizens are allowed to exercise any rights there. There's no such thing as a legal right to bear arms in California. It's quite literally a separate commie state that only serves to dampen the positive states surrounding it with all forms of liberal garbage.

I wouldn't mind if the State broke off into the ocean and became an island.

Same but I live in the most republican area.

You've got to be kidding me...

meanwhile in calais...

I'd rather live in Newark NJ

Bay Area reporting in. This is the epicenter of cuckifornia. These people deserve the earthquake they're getting right after I move.


>one girl is attractive
>all three are sluts
This state is garbage

Not even slightly.

Born in California. Lived there until college. Worked there for 5 years after college. Don't believe everything you see in movies about California.

But you have shit tier gun laws.

Yes, thats literally all they are. You think Wall Street has value? You get to the basement and its a monkey on a computer typing random numbers.

what county?

north bay?

Actually pretty badly

I like sluts and gays, I can be friends with leftoids and I like the energy

Maybe I'll move one day

It's just that USA is fucknig horribly designed - public transport is a mess but you can't have a car either because the roads are stuffed

Anyone here live in CA ?

>visit LA for business trip
>most of the city looks like shit
>can't see mountains through the smog
>everyone is an asshole
>have to pay for paper bags at convenience stores
>everything is expensive
>gas stations everywhere that don't take credit cards
>gas is expensive as fuck
>traffic, my god the traffic

Weather sure was nice though.

I got the suck end of the deal. I grew up there. Still go back occasionally, but it's only gotten worse. San Diego is a fucking shithole these days

I live here and it's a Cultural Marxist paradise. What remains of the white populace is focused only on vacuous socializing and sexuality. There are no common values except consumerism and degeneracy.

We need to build the wall around California, not Mexico.

Southerner here, I'd rather live in New Jersey than California. At least people there aren't perpetually smug. You're like the Sweden of the US.

Gotta find the half white Mexican chicks if you're in a southern border state. I promise they're the fucking best.


I would sooner move to Iraq.

California sux major donkey dick.

I live here and I hate it.

I don't look good enough to live there, I'd be that weirdo Chads make fun of to pick up sluts

No, your entire state is a reminder that it could be worse.

half of the states in the us are shitholes anyway

Made me forget how nice Detroit is.

Especially at night :^)


Even if the laws/regulations are awesome for a free, gun-toting, white male it's just too cold for me. Maybe Montana, Wyoming, Tennessee, or Kentucky.

Then again, I'm from Texas. Montana and Wyoming are also pretty damn cold, though less so than Alaska and they still have plenty of wilderness.

California is a hella good Place

Yes, we're full.

How is the Sacramento area?

f: middle
m: left
k: right


>>can't see mountains through the smog
when did you come, 1983?

>How badly do you wish you lived

>girl 1: man chin
>girl 2. ugly liberal
>girl 3 shitskin
keep your mutant mongrels faggot.


t. Arizonan

It's where the word "Hella" is used extremely & where it isn't.

california is a beautiful and diverse state with all kinds of shit from beaches to mountain hiking etc. it is unfortunately infested with terrible people. avoid the bad people and you will have a great time. t. lived in thousand oaks and been to san diego many times. (p.s. take the boat tours while in san diego. the midway museum and the star of india are the best)

Not at all... I live in New York. You may have nicer weather in Cali, but the odds of finding a girl I'd rather take home to mom are higher in NYC (and THAT is fucking scary).

>grocery tax

holy shit.. here in TX, which has no state income tax, most of the state tax revenues come from sales taxes but even we don't get taxed on groceries here.

The ratio of QT's to men? Are the half-white mexicans a meme or reality ?

Any jerbs left?

Are rents affordable outside of San Fran?

Any white people left? if so, where ?

cali sucks ass. which is was absorbed into the ocean already or something

What did we ever do to you Dostoevsky?

The rich area of Santa Clara

Riverside fag here. I wake up every day and get to smell the wonderful smog and my disgusting spics neighbors. The traffic makes my 5 mile commute take 30 min, and the taxes are fucking ridiculous. Living here has been fucking terrible for my mental health I want to kill myself almost every day now, especially after visiting Idaho and Wyoming this summer.

Pretty bad. You think I could pass as a Mexican? Heard you're letting them all in soon, with hillary winning the elections and such

>detroit, ever good after left

meanwhile all across france

I live in north SD and it's pretty nice here tbqh don't understand all the california hate


t.missourian visiting huehue land

it's expensive but I like it. nice weather, lots of girls wearing sandals and booty shorts and yoga pants and showing their tits and tummies off, then you have the ladies that wear nice office attire showing off dem curves know what I'm sayin'? asians out here seriously don't know how to fucking drive though. I'm also legitimately terrified of our eventual happening because Los Angeles is such a juicy target and I live near by.


>copious amounts of seaweed on the beach
>dreary gray skies
>nasty looking sand

I've only been to a California beach once in my life and it looked exactly like OP's pic.

Only faggots and little kids say hella. And I guess niggers but really that's another language.

t. Californian.

I live in orange county. It's comfy desu

I live in California

I wish I didn't live here, I want to move either to New England or somewhere else where it's not a desert

You also get the same sales tax as us. I have family in Texas and if I can get my job transferred there i'm leaving Los Angeles and never looking back.

also if you like seafood walk from the main boardwalk down to the fish market restaurant. it is a big green building built over the water. best spicy tuna rolls i've ever had.

it sucks here

I already live there and it isn't that great. Even if you live in somewhere conservative like Redding or Folsom, you're still stuck with shitty weather and boring scenery. Only appealing places are Monterey and South Lake Tahoe.

California is filled with a bunch of idiots yet they're the ones with the most electoral votes. Hell no I wouldn't live there.

i lived there for 22 years I was happy to move 7 years ago, i like to visit but the place is pozzed to hell

We actually have a lot of rich white Mexicans

Not at all. We have better beaches and it's way cheaper.

t. Dominican

Those whores in your picture would have such loose pussies and as their eggs are near expiration would be borderline psychotic, definitely sociopathic

I love California but Californians are horrible, the smog is horrible, the traffic is horrible, the beaners are horrible, and the politics and gun laws are shit. Orange County for 17 years

That's all I got of her

and lose my gun rights? FUCK THAT


t. Oregonian who wants the commiefornians to get out of my fucking state

... Is this sarcasm or retardation?

ayyy me too

I don't, but a lot of stupid people here think it's great.
It's the de facto answer to go to if I don't want my people to fuck up decent states.

I Hope it blows up.

>most republican area
>all of your elected representatives are democrats

only thing i like it here is that its too expensive but i love the beach

Why in the world would I wish for that?

fuck. Well thanks anyway

So California has one of the highest state income tax rates, very high business/corporate/dividend taxes, AND a state sales tax?! How is the state constantly broke then? What the fuck are they spending all that money on?

Looks like skid row

I live in California bruh.

Hey the Dominican Republic sounds great! What countries are near it, btw.

I live in the Bay Area and it's hot, crowded, full of obese hispanic women and dangerous Prius drivers. I would much rather bail out and go live in northwest washington state or someplace that's rainy and with less people.

lmao, screencapped

Idk, the pry of Georgia im in is pretty based. 87% white as of 2010 census, good schools, home prices are reasonable, and the job market for my profession is on fire.

I moved out to the bay area to take care of my grandparents, and take some community college classes.

Thus far I haven't really seen anything abnormal or frightening. Is there something I should be aware of Cred Forums? I appear to have not gotten the message about the bad things going on in the state.


The replies to this thread is exactly why I love living in CA. Beautiful women of all colors, shapes, and sizes, access to mountaints, deserts, forests, and ocean all within 100 miles, and a melting pot of a culture where you meet all sorts of people from every walk in life. It doesn't surprise me that you mad faggots are always talking shit about this place.

Don't come here. I live in San Francisco it costs $3500 to rent a 1 bedroom house.

Guess what I live in nigger ville in San Francisco and pay $1500 to rent a 300 sq foot place that doesnt even have a full kitchen.

To go to work I have to step over passed out druggies and homeless people.

Everything smells like pee and poop.

You make $250,000 but get taxed out the ass and everything is expensive.

Stop moving out here please.

Why would I? I live in the California of United Kingdom, West Sussex!

>Only appealing places are Monterey
Nigger monterey is surrounded by spics in every direction. You travel no more then 25 miles in any direction and you are flooded with spics. Its a fucking takeover desu. These fuckers are everywhere and more keep fucking coming. Just keeps getting worse and worse.

>Everything smells like pee and poop.

No wonder fags consider it a holy land.

"I was able to observe this process with my own eyes in thousands of cases. The longer I observed the game, the more my aversion grew against the metropolis which so greedily sucked the people in only to destroy them.

When they arrived, they still belonged to their people; if they remained, they were lost to them."

Please kill me with ass smothering

>tfw you've been trying to avoid porn and masturbation for a few weeks and every picture of a girl baring even a little bit of ankle that gets posted here turns you on

>gas stations everywhere that don't take credit cards

It's not just gas stations. There's a surprising number of businesses that won't take cards, because CA taxes are such bullshit that they want to do business cash only and avoid declaring most of what income they make.

Also, OPs pic is bullshit because I don't think there are three white girls left in the state.

>fell for the silicon valley meme

Yes, I get paid a fortune with stock options, but holy hell this place is shit.

I don't. Fuck the socialist republic of cuckistan!

>The ratio of QT's to men? Are the half-white mexicans a meme or reality ?
I'm not gay but I'm sure you'll get wet if you go to any of the beaches. Some landwhales and some fit motherfuckers
>Any jerbs left?
>Are rents affordable outside of San Fran?
in some areas yes, but it's still not cheap. Bay area is pretty costly, unless you're in Oakland lol

I'm going to Cali next year and I'm going to lose my virginity

>definitely sociopathic

I live in Florida you shitstain
I would never want to move to your sorry excuse for a state

I like LA but heard it's not good.How tru is that?

I want to live there but only as a middle class resident, but the thing that spooks me away is the thought of the vast amounts of radiation that seeped into the Pacific after Fukushima, and also no guns fag land with clip limitations and all.


same. These cucks think that all of CA is like San Fran or something.

>Implying those girls are good enough to fuck in the first place
Whale impaler please go

Yup. I no-fapped for two and a half months and was watching dukes of hazard and Daisy Duke pretty much ruined my record.

i wish i never lived here T_T

Yeah no
I would rather move to France than California sir
Commiefornia is 100% shit
France is only 85% shit

Not interested

> muh exceptionalism
no such thing

I live in Los Angeles it's pretty nice. I could go to Disneyland, Six Flags, skiing, surfing, hiking, camping, all wthin an hour from now. There's such a large diversity of environment here. Literally less than an hour away from the fucking desert, the fucking snow, the fucking ocean, the fucking Sierra Nevada mountains, and everything else. Each weekend I try out a new location.

california resident, can confirm

You'd have better luck and more fun at a brothel in Nevada tbqh.

>Are New York and California ponzi schemes?
Just like Miami
In fact wealthy Jews moved down and built up Miami specifically for money laundering and to be a tourist trap
Then later it turned out to be a good containment area for cubans

nope, its still bad here. i got publically shunned in my school for admitting i like trump

about as much as i want to live in jew york


Spic here, we hate the Subhuman spics. There is a class and ideology divide between us latinos. The 3rd plus generation and white lations think completely differently than the 1st/2nd Generation anchor babies and Illegals. We tend to be more Conservative while the subhuman filth Central America sends (and some parts of Mexico) are super liberal and suck the nipple of our government, but still bitch about everything.

I'm in San Francisco

It's not that bad, you just have to make extra efforts to meet people who are either politically indifferent or conservative

last night I actually met the most conservative dude so far. He's the guy who made

He's Cred Forums incarnate

I'm good man.
Texas would be a dream though.

pure genius

Alaska is invaded by niggers russianbro
Move to New Hampshire or Wyoming
Both are based and both have a climate you are more accustomed to

because you're an idiot

but the guys in france dont bathe well

I live in Alaska, you'd have to pay me a lot of money to move down south to liberal hell.

I live in Miami, can confirm the Jewish money laundering. 80% of the boutique shops lining the beach are void of customers yet have remained open for years.


As a native Californian who has lived on the Eastern board for 7 years and returned back to the Greater LA area: it is so true.

People on the east will tell you like it is... they will tell you that you're being a faggot, willfully stupid, or genuinely a good job. Out here in SoCal people just plaster on fake smiles and personas giving the illusion of a "HAPPY PERFECT LIFE GUIYZE

I hope a 2km wide asteroid deep from the far reaches of the kuiper belt careens off its normal elliptical orbit and slams directly into downtown Los Angeles.

>not just wearing a bright red MAGA cap everywhere on campus while still pulling hipster sloots right and left

You have let our God-Emperor down...

> tfw living in LA
> tfw in one of the most red pilled cities
> Can talk shit about jews with almost every one and they'll agree
> Can talk shit about muslims all day and they'll still agree
> tfw can wander into liberal parts whenever I want to take a break

Life's a beach my nigguhs

Why not Moscow, Idaho? That's north of Lewiston, ID and is even whiter.

Me, I plan to move to Lewiston, or across the river in Clarkston Washington. They are connected cities and extremely white.

sorry, ill just confess my love for hillary to all the spics who are here illegally, gotta get their approval. half of them cant even form a proper english sentence

if anything it would bring great joy if that entire state crashed with no survivors

New England is liberal commie garbage as well
Fuck off and font be a hypocrite
Ffs your politicians lead the charge in all the left-wing enterprises that have sunken this country


t. Washingtonian who hates Seattle

I would like to go to grad school in Alaska. I think it would be a good experience. Is it as cool as the pictures portray?

Fucking Pakis and Viethmongs refusing to obey state law reeeeeeee.


I'm set to inherit property there and I'm actually going to pass on it and let my sister take it because if it's in California it may as well be property in the 9th circle of Hell.

No that's definitely in Cali
Even the shitty East coast of Florida doesn't have sand that garbage
West coast of Florida has the best sand in earth and it literally gets exported all over the world

i am very glad i live almost the entire continental united states away from california so as to avoid its diaspora of spics and liberals

NorCalfag here
>all this old money going nowhere
>cost of living is fucking disgustingly high
>no jobs outside of the city
>this means you have to commute like everyone else for 2 hours both ways plus tolls
>SJW mecca: women are fatter, uglier, and bitchier
>nothing to do socially unless you are rich
>mexicans make more money than your garbage NEET ass here
>trust fund babies ruining everything and making my generation look worse than the baby boomers
>nu-males are actually real here
>already have plans to move after I graduate

The only thing I'll miss is the taqueria food.

Holy christ the fucking degeneracy in this post is unreal. We need to nuke california or get it to break off somehow.

Best first post post

you look like a faggot


t. superior Floridian

Not for any amount of money.

Shithole. remember flying into san fran. Mission street full of mentally ill homeless blacks, coming in to land view of ponds of bright green and blue industrial sludge. Desert like absolutely mindless people. Culture of prostitutes cocaine and jogging for middle class men. Incapable of drinking more than two week beers, degenerate strip clubs and servile mexicans. Disgusting place full of shallow worthless post hippy pricks.

California sucks if you're a non-rich white person. There's no future for people like me here. Soon I'll be outta here though, and never looking back.

Less bad, I guess.

What do you think? Legal spics and illegal spics.

Texas has peaked and is entering a decline IMO. Liberals are gaining more and more ground all over the state and the Hispanic population is exploding. Texas will have more Hispanics than whites by 2025 and will begin to go Democratic in all major elections soon afterwards.

>Go to seattle
>Just a bunch of weird progressive gay people
Atleast the scenery is nice

not saying you should praise clinton, but that's like me going to the south and talking shit on the Republican party and how great obama is and not expecting to get shunned

Cuckfornia niggers BTFO

Yfw cowboys embrace diversity.

And have psychic spies from china try and steal my minds elation?
thank you very much, but no.

what? i expected worse than shunning

Californian here

fpbp, I fucking miss snow so much

Because liberals spend money on frivolous shit, constantly trying to tax/maintain/paperwork things they shouldn't.

California is the kind of place a person could sue the state for a sidewalk and win. The end result would be tons of paperwork, changes in policy at workplaces that made the shit and studies that cost money.

>Texas has peaked and is entering a decline IMO. Liberals are gaining more and more ground all over the state and the Hispanic population is exploding. Texas will have more Hispanics than whites by 2025 and will begin to go Democratic in all major elections soon afterwards.
I know alot of hispanics who like the Libertarian party.

Why isn't this a UNESCO site yet?

>So many niggers you even have to steal memes
Sad senpai

I went to school with those girls. Very dumb, inocculated feminists with surface level opinions about things. So, no, I don't wish I lived in California.


But its not it is a mordor like brown with resevoirs of industrial sludge and the architecture of a place prone to earthquakes.

A fucking vile place and the people are smug mindless vacuous dickheads. Central Spain is hot and butt fuck ugly too and you don't get anyone saying but the scenery is great.

probably name calling by obese rednecks for the most part among other things.

Texans are people with brains and individualism. Californians are not. Fuck knows why.

don't be too upset floridafriend, at least you aren't california

stop complaining already you don't even live here. Only californians can complain.

Texas is shithole
Move to Florida or Arizona
Everything you've been told about Texas is a lie and hasn't existed since the 70's
All those things do however exist in Florida and Arizona
And unlike Texas neither states are lying delusional faggots that have always been garbage and pretended to be otherwise

>Russians really interested in Alaska


>10 round mags
>bullet buttons
>no pistol grips on rifles

Terrible state for guns

I'd want to live in the land of good vibrations, conservative california girls, burger stands and soft ice cream that California was in the 60s - if its to believe to some of the rock bands.

I lived in Southern California (san Fernando valley) for 29 years. Allow me to list the pros and cons

>weather (if you like HOT)
>great food

>crumbling gun rights
>beaners everywhere
>niggers everywhere
>high taxes
>housing prices out of control
>liberal political dominance
>filthy beaches
>litter lined freeways
>purposely confusing traffic signs and parking zones meant to create massive amounts of revenue via violations
>90% of the women are massively stuck-up cunts

And I could go on and on and fucking on. For all of its faults I still love California and it will always be home. My entire family is there and I've got a lot of fond memories but moving back will never be an option. They would seriously have to unfuck their politics and mindset before becoming a desireable place to live again.

Grew up there. I don't miss it. I live in flyover country now and it's super comfy. It's also full, stay out.

Fuck off we're full

I'd prefer to live in Texas or Arizona, thank you very much.

Neither do commiefornians
They never left m90, they moved down from North Florida in the Melbourne area at the end of WW2
Idaho's gun laws are shit in comparison that's why

I would pay money to leave California.
>tfw Washington and Oregon will go full California in your lifetime
Nowhere to run.

oh boy well you sure stopped him in his tracks.

Ledo Pizza is shit senpai.

T. Virginian.

JEsus christ, those asses are horrid. I hope you're being ironic

Not at all.
t. San Francisfag

>preferring to live ovens
nigger at least say colorado or washington

Nah just gas the entire state and have it kill all the people
Send half of Arizona to populate it and import the redpilled Finns and Dutch and turn it into a god damn shining state on a hill

>t. Boulderite

I'm glad I don't. Too fuckin hot down there and I don't want to be any closer to mexico.

I grew up in small-town East TX. My high school graduating class 10 years ago was ~50% white, 35% hispanic, and 15% black with a few asians and others thrown into the mix. Now, that same school district is over 75% hispanic (grades K-12 combined, lower grades are approaching 90% hispanic) and also over 90% of the students qualify for free or reduced price school lunches. All local government offices are held by democrats and the county has begun to vote democrat in most state and national elections.

Look at South Texas, areas like Brownsville where the entire population is 98% hispanic and see how they vote, the writing is on the wall my friend. Texas will permanently go blue in the next 20 years.

You post shart.jpg every fucking day in every thread where its not even relevant. Not sure why I'm surprised by this, considering your flag and all. Ah yes, Sweden, land of the invading shitskins and home to the native swede cucks. Every morning you get to choose between arab cock or somali cock. Your """"country"""" is a joke. Every day I wake up the first thing I do is get on my knees to thank God that I wasn't born in Sweden. (as apposed to getting on my knees to suck shitskin cock like you do).



t. Minnesotan

Too bad Arizona is getting invaded by our retarded high school students

But you're a liar sir
Florida is the best state and our memes are the best there are
Go be a nigger on Cred Forums if that's how you're gunna be cuck

i respect your dubs

how's el paso and san antonio. I heard good things about those places.

You prolly a gay nigger Cuban...or at least got fucked by one

Not badly enough because I left that Shit tier state

I believe you mean THE shit, my silly Virginian neighbor

I live in Florida bro, as much as I love Arizona you're in the wrong place for me to ever want to move there. When I leave this state I'm gunna fuck off to Oregon innawoods

has anyone seen the mark dice video where he asks randoms in san diego about 9/11 and the dumb ppl don't know anything about it? Yeah no thanks California cant be topped in degeneracy.

>Be in American East
>Can't see the ocean from a road anywhere because the entire coastline has been privatized with residences, private docks, hotels, boardwalks, and for pay car lots
>meanwhile in the American West
>drive along the coastline for miles.
One thing that's good about federal ownership of land.

kek there are no white females here. the few that are left are wealthy and out of reach of any normal plebe--pic related is the new "California Girl"

Be California.
> can't own semiauto rifles
> can't carry
> get shot by Muzzie guvmint employee using semiauto rifle
Be Minnesota
> can have semiauto rifles
> can carry
> Muzzie gets stabby at the mall
> gets killed by off duty cop
And I can still be gay TrumpNow.
Fuck California.

>Brownsville has often been recognized as having one of the best pro-business climates in the United States, and the city has also been ranked among the least expensive places to live in the U.S.
sounds better than most cities imo

I'm a lonely shut-in so I think it would just make me feel worse

It's almost tolerable in a grey horrible nowhereland, if looking away from my monitor and out the window meant seeing hot girls in bikinis rollerskating along a sunny beach with palm trees I'd probably kill myself pretty quick.

Of course I probably couldn't afford a beachfront property so it might not be too bad

Degeneracy how?

They're encroaching for sure
Its okay though, Trump will nuke Moscow if they ever try it

0% badly
I was born and raised in that hellhole, right around the gay area, and I just moved to a free state last month. I'll never look back

Not at all. We have beaches in Florida but also guns.

And rights.

Flawda boy here too, not AZ. Cheers m8

Stay out of Texas
Its shit
Wyoming is perfect for Swedes that aren't cucks
If you like being a cuck move to Minnesota



I bet this one is leading those two down into the darkness.

who /lost coast/ here?

>tfw only an hour from Oregon border but confirmed to cali-cuckitude regardless

Most in Arizona see what is happening to Colorado and hate it and I don't think they'll put up with the same type of transformation
I've been wrong before though


Califaggia is so overrated. I went there for the first time a few months ago, and i really don't get what the hype is about. The only thing that's nice is the weather and scenery.

People are degeneracy defined.

t. a Yankeecuck who knows fuckall about the best state in the country

I'm pretty sure southeast Alaska is quite mild, like around Juneau.

Long life and gator tail to you brother

The one thing that IS nice about california is its like 70 all year round. Fucking christ its hot out today in florida

The coast is why I'm moving to Oregon actually
Gunna live about 30 miles from it and build my home deep in the woods

I'm British. I live in California as an Ex-Pat. I love it here.

>stay at Crowne LAX
>suppose to be nicest area in the city
>filled with homeless people everywhere
Cali is a shithole.

Still gets cold as fuck in winter and also no sun. Shits depressing

California has one of the most liberal welfare programs of any states, they still hand out money to single mothers like they did before welfare reform in the mid 90s.

It's not that great, the coast from Oregon up to Alaska is a lot better and much more biodiversity

Reading this thread would make you think California is liberal but it's actually pretty conservative. Black people are murdered in the street by cops far more than anywhere else but the media keeps very quiet about it.

Lived in California? Would be pretty cool
Lived with Californians? Sounds like literal hell on earth

If I could bring the entire population of my home state to replace the entire population of California, that'd be pretty sweet

Bay Area reporting in. It's dirty and disgusting but no where else in America would I be making six figures at 18. I miss Texas though.

michael bisping is that you?

Not at all. Judging by how cucked that state is, those three women are probably hardcore lesbians.

I don't care about the beach anymore so I'm moving to idaho which is basically less cucked Oregon.

Nigger heat is our bread and butter, it's the hottest summer on record and it's till not that hot.
Pissed off the rain is being so shitty this late in the year though
Give me back my torrential downpours god dammit

May our spirits forever drift on the winding waters of the St. John's.

But i dont. America is a 3rd world country.

Maybe in 1990, but that California is on its last legs, I don't believe you.


> How is the state constantly broke then?
All of those taxes is WHY they are broke. They're driving all the businesses that aren't artificially propped up (hollywood, silicon valley) out of the state.

I live in California I can't wait it get out.
>Burbank California.