They are beginning to see the truth

They are beginning to see the truth

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>crashing this civilization with no survivors

Cher: w-w-worshipping gods of chaos?? why didn't you say so eariler?

Cher's tweets make her sound so retarded, like she's speaking a foreign language.

I know "singers" aren't repositories of knowledge, but fuck, Cher really doesn't seem to break the 70 IQ barrier.

Cher really believes in life after love.

Due to their wealth and social isolation from the average American, they are virtually retarded.

>kek loves you

Why spreads lies? Kek is a god of chaos. The only reason He's helping us is for his own personal benefit.

What kek would do to cher if they met face to face

>that fucking grammar

Lord please don't tell me this is a human being beyond the age of 3

I will always believe in love after love.

Seriously, what's wrong with her? Does she have a mental illness or does she just have the IQ of a toddler?

Cher is ranting about Nazi frogs.

This is peak 2016 election, it can't go beyond this, right? This is too much, too far.

Please get the media talking about kek worship.

I would fuck Cher.

Everytime I read anything written by Cher, I think my mind decays a little

DO YOU BELIEVE IN KEK AFTER KEK!?! (after kek, after kek)


A sex doll has less plastic in it than this slag.

When are we going to transcribe the Oral Law of Kek into written scripture?

We need 4 goys to each write separate accounts of His Divine Memetics, detailing the magickal events that haven taken place over these last two years.

The Gospel according to Pepe
The Gospel according to Wojak
The Gospel according to Spurdo
The Gospel according to Shadilay

Thou shall not shitpost?

I think she's finally coming round


She said it, not us :^)

>mfw we are literally worshipping a demon who is bringing happenings and digits to us
>mfw I am kinda fearing for my soul buy don't care enough because I really just want to watch the world burn and start over again

>tfw teaching the ways of kek to my son

He is gonna be one schizo motherfucker


Remember the shadilay, to keep it holy

You just have to run with the Kek is a symbol of diversity and peace, and there we go

HE IS A SYMBOL OF THOSE THINGS (nationalism = peace; diversity of his followers)

Show the truth, and they'll see the lie of the media

Cause you got me, and Pepe I got you
I got you Pepe
I got you Pepe

fucking types like a dumbass 12 year old girl

If only they knew the power he wields

This. Trying to read through her timeline is harder than reading through a nigs

She has already accepted Kek as her Lord and savior. Soon Cher will be one of us.

It's drugs

She probably wasn't breaking the 100 IQ barrier to begin with, but drugs fucked her brain

>isolation from the average american
shouldnt that make you smart

absolutely underrated

Kek is a living, active god. Reading static accounts of Kek's work blinds you to the meme magic going on around you every day.

Keep it one hundred my trumpnigger

I always wondered what the Misfits skull would look like with a face

>mfw Cher blocked me for sending her a Pepe


Link? This doesn't seem real lmao

God was living and acting through Jesus as well. And still his disciples wrote down those events.

Right now, we're like the disciples, spreading the word of Kek through speech alone. But we need to sit down and put the good news of Kek to paper. To formalize and immortalize it.

This, nothing will get you jewed faster than an official doctrine

And the LORD spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me. And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs: And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneading troughs: And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants. And the LORD spake unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, Stretch forth thine hand with thy rod over the streams, over the rivers, and over the ponds, and cause frogs to come up upon the land of Egypt.

Exodus 8:2-5

Well, except the lack of it.

Nothing is easier to co-opt than that which is not formalized. How can you argue someone's false teachings are wrong if there is no official doctrine to counter them with?

No, because celebrities live in a fantasy land where common sense doesn't apply too much.

You cannot. Kek manifests as he manifests and to attempt to explain the whims of a god is impossible.

did you actually read any of the bible? everyone that wrote down what god did created 90000 conflicting accounts and stories and events and people and blah blah blah. Thats why people STILL TO THIS DAY cannot agree upon """"the word""""".

you really must be mentally retarded user

Lmao I still canĀ“t believe she is actually Cher. Memes have gone too far.

>her website is run by a company named ISIS

Without writing it down, it becomes a telephone game. Everyone is allowed to play fast and loose with the alleged teachings because there is nothing official to dispute anyone.

The issue isn't writing down the word of Kek. The issue is people ignoring it.

Damn, even basic shitlibs know that picture is fake.

Kek's will is as obvious as the sun in the sky, if you cant detect and remove (((molochworshippers))) then you don't have enough faith



White ppl baka

she compared pepe to the swastika
someone please kill me what a fucking dumb cunt

But if this is the case, what do we have to fear by writing down the good news of Kek? We know not to get jewed by the molochites

Her butthurt is her sacrifice to kek

The normies are breaking the conditioning

Light the beacons - handrubbers approaching

>full name: Cherilyn Sarkisian

the eternal {{{armenian}} strikes again

Only if cher could turn back time


she's an idiot

It's not drugs, she was simply never intelligent to begin with. Actors/actresses and other entertainers are all just high-class hookers.


she's literally being indoctrinated into kekism right now.

It will get more strange every day, i guess.

All of you frog-worshiping nonces need to find Jesus Christ and start worshiping the real God.

Ad for Clorox?

Cher is more emoji than woman now.


Someone please ask Cher to make cover of shadilay song.

jesus isn't god, he's god's song

Holy shit has she created a new dialect? What the fuck is with that typing?


Interesting. Interesting. By the way, do you have a full size picture version of that Iron Pepe? I just wish to gaze at it a bit.....

that is the whole point. memes obfuscate and prevent criticism because the express or implied meaning or meanings requires the individual that experiences it to make a personal attempt to understand the meaning either through logic or critical thinking.

memes are the best form of writing user; because they force the reader / witness-er to make a claim to explain the meaning. this inadvertently forces people to make claims counter intuitive to their own personal beliefs (or puts them in a position where they have to look like fucking retards to explain a concept they dont understand) -- like Kek / Pepe.

Lmfao, I'm sending this meme of her to her right now.

but we are user


>This is peak 2016 election, it can't go beyond this, right? This is too much, too far.

We haven't even begun to approach peak 2016 election.

Strap yourself in.

Hello Cred Forums/Alt right.
I'm somebody from what you would call the Regressive Left.

I would like to know what the connection between Pepe and Kek is? Are they the same thing?


Kek has no teachings, he is a chaos God

Kek can only provide us prophecies

Are you sure we're worshiping the same God of CHAOS YOU FUCK ?

You cannot understand Kek's nature, you will have to rely upon the teachings if his children to gain any insight.

Take a look at pic related.

Kek, if this post ends in dubs, I will purchase a mega millions ticket with the numbers in my post Id excluding the first one unless there is a 0. I will assume your dubs mean I have your blessings to win.

>When nobody here literally believes in Kek as an actual religion.

Kek is just a meme.


pepe is an avatar of kek.

kek has existed since before 'god'. pepe is one of three, a god of darkness and chaos. but that doesn't make him evil, just chaotic. and he's only of darkness because he came before the light.

kek can be seen throughout high points in history, he was present in ancient egypt and nazi germany.

The memes are cooking, m8.
There will be rare, medium-rare, medium and well-done ones stuffed through global digestive consciousness non-stop.
The weak will perish.

hes retarded and does not possess the cognitive function to critically think. dont waste your time on him good user =]

Yeah. I'm a pretty accomplished musician, have my degree in piano performance. Sometimes my younger students ask me why I'm not famous when I tell them that I used to play in bands. I tell them that there's lots of talented people that aren't famous and lots of famous people that aren't talented. Just reading how illiterate she is you have to realize that she probably has a borderline retarded IQ


Top kek.

Is she the next to die?


you mean suppository of knowledge?

also i wonder if any of these frogposters ever thought in their life they'd be talking to Cher, let along talking to Cher about nazi frogs and chaos gods.

Pepe unleash your love for Cher and you rdistain for Hillary.

Have you ever gone to a teachers conference and encountered Flea?

You heard it from me. I think Cher is going to kill herself and blame Pepe (Kek) thats the way it seems to be heading.

Are happy Cred Forums we are not only meme Trump to the presidency, Hillary to the hospital but Cher to suicide.

Are you happy?

Plant your feet in the soil and gaze upon the Sun, heathen.

Wtf? Wtf did you post?
That has to a fake.

she is now


Pepe is the Avatar of Kek.
Wojak is the Avatar of Kek.
Bane is the Avatar of Kek.

There is no "alt-right".
There is "the manosphere"
There is "stormfront"
There are "neo-reactionaries"
There are "anonymous image boards"
There are "conspiracy websites"
Radio shows, gun communities...there's like 30 sub-cultures being called "Alt-Right".

Just as fake as this:

No. I'm on the East Coast. When I taught public school sometimes we'd have master classes through the PMEA and NAfME but they were a more educated caliber of musicians. Why do you ask? Is Flea really smart or really retarded?

fuck bro, why'd you post that?
just awful
wish I never saw it
pls don't do that
not appropriate

That is one stoned nigger.

this is fake too

Do you believe in Kek after love?

Surprisingly similar

She is actually really fucking retarded.

>not appropriate
You can leave now.
It's up to you to decide what you do and do not digest in the digital world, and especially on the chans.

You can head back to whatever shithole website you came from you miserable piece of trash.

Probably Jenkem.

oh shit

Written Scripture is a blasphemy!


You should listen to this.

this is pure gold, keep it up dude
you're doings kek's work may he bless you

Sad that this is what will inherit the earth when whites are gone. Even if we gave them all of our technology and let them to themselves; when we came back in a thousand years they wouldn't have advanced their civilization beyond the stone age.

Why are you people so rude?

I can't even tell what's going on there, but what does it have to do with harambe?

>tfw you'll never reveal the secret teachings of KEK

Kek speaks

So meme magic really really isn't real user?

Don't you see what we've done?

THE NINE DIVINES ARE BORING.Kek? He's never boring.

Checked for Kek

>normies praising kek


Harabme was executed for his role in smuggling Jenkem into the Zoo. The gentleman being stoned snitched on Harambe and is getting his just desserts. You should start at the beginning of this thread if you find yourself lost.

There is a woman being stoned who has a miscarriage and she and her fetus are doused in lighter fluid and set on fire. The entire town cheers as this happens.

As for why we are so rude?
You don't get to tell anyone what to do, think, or how to act on this website. Once you make this leap, you become immune to emotional manipulation and the programming of the media.

There is no such thing as "appropriate" here. You decide what you click on or respond to, nobody else. This is absolutely vital, you will grow as a person.


>also i wonder if any of these frogposters ever thought in their life they'd be talking to Cher, let along talking to Cher about nazi frogs and chaos gods.

they don't deserve our respect, thoses 'popstars' are nothing but fucking minstrel while we are the savior of the white race, owners of rare pepes and we woke up an ancient egyptian Chaos God... they will soon, richs usurers and strong wymyn, jews and niggers, they will all fear Cred Forums. i tell you.


>and into thine ovens

OY VEY!!!!!!

So, you're saying we should team up with the Jews to kill the nogs?



checking the check

I guess.


dude i love that song

TIL humanity truly has no future. Kek has spoken

>being a SJW shitlib

Enlighten me, why would you want to flood the country your ancestors built with millions of literal niggers?

God is not boring! REEEEEE!


this is a good post

fuck you guys for not recognizing it

Where was this? Brazil?

She was taken out of school at like 16

Checked For Kek.

Wherever they make Jenkem out of poopoo and peepee.

underrated post
i laughed

I can't stop laughing about this whole thing. God bless memes

>There is a woman being stoned who has a miscarriage and she and her fetus are doused in lighter fluid and set on fire. The entire town cheers as this happens.
So why are you posting this now? Because they are black?

You might not know this, but white people have done equally terrible things throughout history.

This, it's a coalition.

Trump: The only candidate nazis and jews can agree on.

>You might not know this, but white people have done equally terrible things throughout history.

So that justifies it? White people did it 1000 years ago, so it's okay today?

also, good vid. best current year ever

My problem is that you are drawing attention to bad things some black people might have done to dehumanize them.

This was filmed on a cellphone.
This is modern black society.

Show me a video of an entire town of whites cheering on the stoning and immolation of a wowan and her baby filmed using a cellphone and you might have a point. Even the most wartorn nations, like in the Baltics, don;t have this kind of savagery.

Besides, I didn't post this "because they are black", I posted it because it is interesting. It is not my fault that people who happened to be black engaged in subhuman behavior.

We've finally organized in the same "progressive stack"/intersectionality way the Left did and was so successful with the past 50 years.

Funny how Christian threads basically stopped when Kek worship was discovered, and conservative Christians have been moved to the back of the conservatism bus IRL.

It's not a good post because the "Dumb american" meme can almost entirely be attributed to blacks. They pull the average down quite a bit despite only being 13% of the population.

>might have

you are the one processing the information as dehumanizing blacks.

That's just how older women use social media.


>tfw you guys used to be vikings
What went wrong?

Kek has spoken. TELL HIM NOTHING!

Someone send her this one

slick edit

mind if i save it???

>Even the most wartorn nations, like in the Baltics, don;t have this kind of savagery.
I'm sure the Russian army is doing even worse in Ukraine as we speak. Of course someone is going to say that Russians are not white, but that's a very poor deflection.
And what about americans in Iraq? Do you remember that 10 year-old girl who was raped and murdered together with her family by WHITE american soldiers? I wonder how many of such cases there really were.

You're the first person to put it into this context, that i have seen anyway.

And you are right.

Did I go too far?

do whatever you want with it

you cant quote cher that bitch is crazy

Stop bullying Cher anons

too big welfare state has created too many pussys. leftist retards think that taxes needs to be higher even though it's at 51 percent!! they cant even get along with each other, so they get nothing done. absolutely cucked bunch of faggots

Jesus Christ that's where it came from

She can turn her computer off anytime she feels like it user.


>It's at 51%
It's at 40% unless you are rich. In the US it's 30%.

>Asking to save pepes
>Not just saving them
>Not posting them on krautchan and claiming that you made them



It's true. There are too many shitskins on this planet.

>even worse
You keep mentioning warring nations.

Show me an instance where a white community in say, Belarus, stone a woman until she miscarried and then lit her one fire. Keep in mind the woman was part of the community and everyone present knew her. This is in broad daylight in the biggest public park. Show me an instance of this.

You're getting hung up on skin color for some reason. Even if they were white they would be savages, they'd kill their own and they'd kill outsiders just the same. They are barely above wild animals because they seek out people to do violence towards, very few animals kill for sport.

No joke:
There are DOGS who are better human beings than the vast majority of Africans.

I think Mac Miller's next.

spoken like a true goyim.


Wow a Jew coming out against Trump. Is this going to be the start of a new trend?

>Implying that only interacting with Hollywood liberals makes you smart

>When are we going to transcribe the Oral Law of Kek into written scripture?

True goyim? I'm sorry I don't understand neo-conservative internet lingo.

This pleases me

Spoken like a true neo-cohen.

By "Average American" I meant someone who has to do their own laundry, wash their own dishes, pay their own bills, go to work in the morning, etc.

These Hollywood Liberals live in a fantasy land, as someone else said. They lose all touch with reality. Look at the shit that comes out of their mouths. They know nothing about life and the world, but because they eat at the best restaurants and are invited on talk shows, they think they know things and see things others don't. They think they are "higher" and more aware, when it is just the opposite.

Their lives are controlled bubbles of wealth and yes-men and personal assistants and agents. They know nothing.

As much as I hate to say it (cultural Christian here), I think largely jettisoning the stodgy conservatism and master/slave jew mentality inherent in Christianity is what allowed space for it to happen.

Being that it's so broken from traditional conservatism and yet still focused on individual liberty but with the good of the State in mind (minus the histrionic authoritarianism the Left exhibits now), you could probably just as accurately call it the alt-left. As I said, we're consciously or unconsciously calling plays straight out of their playbook.

All I know is, like you said, it's very undefined and all we know is we're all in this together. It's got to be the weirdest thing to happen in politics in a very long time.

>I'm sure the Russian army is doing even worse in Ukraine as we speak
Does there even happen anything?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

just keep lurking. you are at level 2. see you at the bottom.

it's ok if you can't handle a real woman. I really don't think you're strong enough

So you people a basically nazis? Good to know.

africa dominus asberus donme askaba, arun dohme uun dereis ruk



>Even the most wartorn nations, like in the Baltics
it's been over 60 years since the partisans and the fighting died off lmoa
not too sure about Estonia, though
time is wonky there

Fucking this. I will never understand why people think unregulated capitalism is redpilled.

It's a blank check for the jews already in charge to rob us all blind.

At this point I think Pic related describes the situation perfectly

They say we're dumb and we don't know
We won't find out 'bout the Zogs and co
Well I don't know if all that's true
'Cause Pepe got me, and Pepe I got you


I got you Pepe
I got you Pepe

They say memes won't pay the rent
But these are dank, our time has all been spent
I guess that's so, we don't have a plot
But at least I'm sure of all the gets we got


I got you Pepe
I got you Pepe

I spread Ebola in the spring
I got my new Ehrenring
And when I'm sad, he's a clown
And if I get scared, he's always around
Don't let them say you're just a frog
'Cause I don't care, with you I found my god
Then put your webbed hand in mine
There ain't no CTR shitpost we can't hide
I got you, Pepe
I got you, Pepe
I got you, Pepe

>be away for one week
>come back
>see cher of all people getting memed on

Honestly not sure what to think. 2016 has been an all-around bizarre year.


ancap, commies, nazis, you name it. this is the place for discussion of radical ideas. deal with it, or gtfo. if you want to complain about the language go back to normiebook

I hope you know Jenkem is a Cred Forums meme that went too far. It was a way to get retards to huff fermented shit and piss

>you people
Everyone here is different and nobody here cares about other people's ideologies.


The Ogdoad were gods in Egypt with Ra and Thoth.

Do you know who they were ? Probably not.

>"Why should I understand something new if I can just label it with an old name and prevent cognitive dissonance?"




Send her more frogs guys

I really want the MSM to pick up a story about the online cult of youths worshiping a frog god.