Is it just me or is the media turning everyone gay, Cred Forums?

Is it just me or is the media turning everyone gay, Cred Forums?
>Kids shows now literally seem to have more homosex couples than hetero
>Tumblr SJW/s are glorified and make up cast
>Lets not forget they're all gay and trannies too
>DISNEY fucking shows have LGBT couples and glorifies it
>I can go on for hours

Because you're a leaf

>not sucking dick like a madman
look at this faggot


There is a concerted effort in the children's entertainment industry to indoctrinate them with leftist values.

T. Guy who works on Kid's cartoons.

Can we go back to the old days of Greece when you could go to the temple and hit up virgin prostitutes of both genders?

You never heard of mass stabbings in the Greek Forums

no it's just you.

nah your just mad cuz you saw two fags kissing and have no ISIS to join in vengeance.

It's not so much I hate fags, its that they feel entitled and that everyone should respect them no matter what, no matter how much of a shitty person they are, just because they're homosex

Just you

see It has always been that way it was just cooler back in the day.

It is not just you.
Read the "books" they push for the children this days.

> be me
> go to visit my younger brother and secretly ask from him what to bring as present to his twin 9-year old boys and 3-year old girl
> his wife says that it would be nice to bring boys some next parts to a kid "detective" book series, tells me that they already have two parts ( LasseMaja detektiivib├╝roo - "LasseMaja's Detective Agency", Martin Widmark, Sweden)
> go to bookshop, discover that the series has special stand advertising it
> something smells fishy, take a time to read book from the series they already had (Armastuse m├Áistatus -"The Love Mystery")
> in it - Mohammad buying kisses from children, homos everywhere...
> REEEEE....
> ask female clerks about it - do they know what they sell to kids, read Mohammad part to them and part of the homos too
> 2 females turn bright red, can not look at me but I drop a pedophile Prophet bomb on them anyway and ask if homos are the future of Estonian nation
> throw the book to the stand and sabotage the stand before leaving the bookstore
> have a fine talk with brother and his wife in the evening and they get the red pill about the "future" they push from the "sweden".
> boys get little Estonian flags, 10 euros both and a remark that this book is shit and mohammad lies to children and swedes are mad.

Well considering I've heard this sentence uttered before at my job, "We want to make it more apparent the parents are different races.", it's incredibly blatant when you're behind the scenes.

modern homosexuality is caused by propaganda, the less the kid is exposed to the media the less homo, there is nothing wrong with sucking dicks once and then tho

>be me

no user, go fuck off

can't tell if gay or just really lonely

OK, if you say so...
But your book is shit, Sven.

Don't you have a cheeseburger to fuck or something?

Good on you m8. And to everyone try and keep your kids away from media and get them outdoors.



Same feels. If you are gay though dont make that your life's focal point like your more mainstream fags.

I'm not going to say this again. I am a man. I have a Y chromosome. A penis. And exterior gonads. I know myself. I know my sex and gender. I know my friends. Woman was created because it is not good that we are alone. But she fucked up. Hard. And convinced us to fall as well. We're each at fault. But she fucked up initially. This might seem harsh but from reproduction on down. To social cohesion. What are women? Women are boring smelly nags who don't do anything womany anymore. Why do I want that when I can have the real thing? What the fuck does a hole do for me. Why do I need to work my whole life to support a hole. I'll make offspring with a surrogate hole just like it said in the Bible and my kids will know her. I look at married men of women and I think to myself. What a sad sack. What the fuck is this guy doing waving palm fronds and feeding WOMEN grapes and changing diapers and going shoe shopping? I have yet to meet a suitable woman who makes me feel entertained or whole. Every time they talk I can't wait to leave. We have nothing in common. Women have no idea what they're doing and they don't even care

You make me disappointed fellow countrymen. Instead of searching for a nice girl you gave up to cuckery

>not being at least bi
>current year

Absolutely laffin @ ur life pal

why would I fuck a cheeseburger?

I'd understand hot dogs, since hotdogging is a thing, but there is not a single sexual act named after a cheeseburger

How is debasing yourself for a man more cucky than doing the same for a woman. I leave everybody alone. I don't fly off handlebars. I don't automatically judge them just because vagina. But I don't trust them and this has simply been my experience. When we grow up we are taught to listen. Then we're expected to grow but be individualistic afterwards. Boys play with boys. Then all of a sudden they need to grow a Platonic vagina because Adam was a hermaphrodite. Ill marry Christ instead thanks


>watching the electric jew

no, user.

I have no idea what kind of influence from the Internet might possibly be turning the mainstream media gay, receptive to traps, and very interested in HRT. Where in the world could such influences have come from?

What do you mean, why? It's because you love gay things. Ur a fag. How is this a question?

MFW a bunch of cucks invade my thread

I can't..I just can't

>mfw people lose their shit in this thread about degeneracies in their countries
>mfw I live in a country when transsexuality is commonly considered a mental disability, and open homosexuality is frowned upon, and the only SJW political party failed to enter the parliament in 2015

Po land best land.

I'm considering becoming an invaded

Where are (((they))) getting their orders from?

Yeah because like all men. All you do is dickwave. Jump in a closet. Suck trucker dick. And know that somewhere deep inside that cavern of foreign mysteries is a voice that cries to steal your masculinity :). I feel a little bad for you but don't make shit threads if you can't deal. I hear your side quite a bit. Do any of you argue like I do? No

You're welcome friendo. Any non-degenerate people can come in anytime.

1. Nobody knows what "dickwave" means
2.The rest of your argument didn't make to much sense
Not everyone understands your Tumblr-tier bullshit
Remember, there's a world outside of tumblr!

What the fuck kind of post is this. Can somebody tell this guy what dickwaving means. Dick. A penis. Wave. Means wave. Dickwave. Means to wave your dick

The shows on cartoon network I let my kids watch are Gumball and Steven Universe. I haven't seen Clarence but my son tells me it's not bad so I might watch an episode with him to see if I approve of him watching it in my house.

I'll admit I really like Steven universe. It's original, funny, and has a decent plot.

People in the real world don't say things like that.
And everything you say is comedy so yee
>I can hear that whiny gay tone in your posts

What the fuck is this place. You talk. I blow you out. You critique style not substance. Then you cry 85 times. Go bow to the altar of Eve. Who are you the buzzword popularity guy?


my moneys on the gay one.

But you didn't "blow me out". You explained an opinion, rather shitty job at it too. And you're still using Tumblr language that none understand or cares about.
Please try again

Damn, this is one really fucked up cartoon.


Thanks anyways. Pls gib doggy biscuit to him after we each cum on it. Can't do it

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Why not use her original asshole, the nonfaggot hole? Oh well

>no ISIS to join

and that is despite their prime minister's best efforts to make local chapters feel more welcome

time to offer alternative media for children thats not boring af

Is that Melonpan? That guy is so based, he literally does not give a fuck.

If you ask the average person what % of the population is gay, they always estimate 15-30%

The actual number is ~3%

That's the impact of modern media propaganda on public perception.

51% of millennials are not zeroes on the kinsey. Inb4 that new daily bowel movement "study". I hate talking about this because everybody throws their turds at eachother. If even one man were gay. Even one. And he didn't lie like you guys do. Then he still holds the truth
>not being contrarian
>being a square cocksucker

to me even 3% seems way to high
That would imply that every 100 people I meet, 3 of them are actively gay (I.E didn't just get buttfucked/buttfuck some guy one time)

I live in California and that still doesn't seem right.

People lie. Do you know how many men who claim they're straight accost me for sex? Do you? You better believe it's not 3. It's muuuuuch higher. It's like dick sizes. Self reported. Ha. Hook you up to a boner meter and we'll see the truth. Even athletes are closet obsessants. Btw. Faggots have bigger dinks I heard

I have noticed an increase in faggotry as well.

Subversion. Loads of subversion

Maybe God puts us here because you all were such terrible stewards

>"turning" gay

whatever, David. Have fun getting AIDS from being ramrodded by Tyrone.

And you your airborne zika and super gonorrhea. Yes? Aint nobody got no aids over here m'lady

The fuck, nigga? Why would I get super gonorrhea when I am not a supreme degenerate? Zika is also harmless.

No clue, I stopped watching TV years ago. If anything made me gay, it was Cred Forums

Holy crap. None of that matters anyways. Why would i get HIV? You make assumptions. I find you degenerate. You want cabbage patch babbies and incurable crust dick you go right ahead. Charlie Sheen caught HIV from fucking 700 women

>why would I get AIDS
because you are a faggot, and AIDS is fag pregnancy. Charlie Sheen was also notorious for fucking trannies bareback. His favourite was that Cordoba and a few others.

You really can't prove anything

>x made me gay
no you were always gay
>no i wasn't always gay x turned me gay

We've mapped the entire human genome and hav'nt found any "gay" gene, plus we all know kids who were molested are a lot more likely to "turn" gay.

Yeah it wasn't the 700 women it was one or two possible traps. How fucking stupid are you. Righties are scared of everything. Catherine Zeta Jones' husband? Throat cancer from munching too much box. Peace. You just listen to morons. The good is preferable to any intimate relationship. Don't bothet replying


That horse show had an episode where cultural marxists and """liberals""" were completely BTFO'd.

Why are you watching the shit Jew media?

Why are you surprised at the Jew media for Jewing? Are you a retard?

Your country is more fucked than the Leafs, tell me, were you sucking dicks like madman in Cologne? Must've been a fun New Years

ok but what about this

>plus we all know kids who were molested are a lot more likely to "turn" gay.

So far all we can assume is that some people are "naturally" gay and some can become gay.

So if you are born gay, you admit that its abnormal?

How is this an insult. Do you touch your own dick? Hahaha what a loser

Wow it's almost like Hollywood has an agenda.

>tfw when le ebil joos produce god trump's speeches, own Cred Forums & stormfront, and controll the "redpilled" movies and books that we love.

Putin and drumpf are prolly pedos. When were they molested?
When you admit you were wrong. Difference is God given. It is good. You don't decide what's normal. And if I'm abnormal? For this planet we've MADE garbage? I'd say "great; i find this an accomplishment"

Tardeau was prolly a pedo, why else does he revere a pedophile warlord.

I hate Tories and Liberals

I only touch my dick to wash it sodomite

Haha, wow

My father in law has been saying for years that Thomas the Tank Engine has been subliminal shit for faggotry.

Going in and out of tunnels all day long.

You ever gotten a blowjob? Sodomite. You ever raped another male in prison? Sodomite. This board is not allowed to use Biblical terms. What did Christ say was the sin of Sodom? Go on!

What the fuck is a vagina a trap door? Tell him to go watch more hand egg ass slapping "end zones"

>When you admit you were wrong. Difference is God given.
How am I wrong? Abnormal is the right word to use to describe anything different from the normal. If normal sex can be described (which is it) as heterosexual procreational sex, then anything straying from that, even heterosexual anal or oral sex, would be called abnormal sexual behavior. Its not WRONG. It's just not normal.

On top of that, people claiming there is a gay gene implies that people cant change, which is wrong. Gay people have reportedly been "cured" and stop being gay. I used to be bisexual but now the idea of gay sex repulses me. It's not something they are born with, they tell them that so they think there's nothing they can do. It's another way to shift blame and claim "VICTIM" because its out of their control, when that is bullshit.

People have freewill. Sexual orientations that stray from straight sex are nothing more than fetishes with labels. We don't give people that can only get off to feet and foot porn special legal protection. Are they footosexual?

I aint readin this tampon commercial. You said there is no gene for no gay. I say a word 4 characters in length. You write a missive

We're on the downhill rush from the old /structure/, and rather than some partway point it's probably easier to just go full random. Less trying to match any demographic actuality, and less criticism about racism blah blah blah. Just complete capitulation to the end of normal structure to get any tension over with.

Pretty good idea! I use the Bible and then everybody else can pretty much shut up. All churches are corrupted. The bride of Christ. His rock. Are not buildings. They are you and I

>pretends to not read my post
>won't give an argument back because he got BTFO
nice argument leaf

Nah bud. You made a claim. I said two letters with two integers. You lose your mind. Sorry. You failed to grasp my interest

Typing out a response is losing my mind? LOL you are a fucking retarded faggot with no argument.

Enjoy your empty thread.

Yes but tell me about your grils, my man. Are they top housewife material?

>Sexual orientations that stray from straight sex are nothing more than fetishes with labels

That's dumb.


But it has lesbians user

>How am I wrong
>discusses abnormality alone
In response to this
You were wrong ABOUT THE FUCKING GENETICS YOU INITIALLY DENIED AND THAT I HAVE NOW ALREADY MENTIONED. Don't play fucken games with me boi. Especially on this topic. Own it ya bitch. Yer fucken stupid. You alwayd pretend you don't know who you are or where the fuck we are right now. Let alone fucking """""understand""""" anything. Ad hom. And shit your pants. I come here ONLY to put walls up in front of this obvious zionist cuckery. Fuck off

There is no fucking cure. You enjoy your shit thread? Fucken shit board for all i cafe