Woman Claims Sexual Harassment after Random Man Says “Hello”

Welcome to liberalism 2016. Literally nothing worst than a black feminist.


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I just want her to drop dead.
Why cant all liberals just drop dead and die in agony?
I cannot name one good thing liberals have done, they have just caused annoyance and distress among the public.
Fuck them.

stop sexually harassing me by posting on my thread.

A petite black Mail woman told me "hello" as we crossed paths the other day. Does that mean she's DTF?

that's more about mental health

You don't get to create threads while I'm browsing this board. I got your ID bitch.

>You will never tie her down and saw her cunt off.

Black people wonder why everyone tries to avoid them.

And I thought Hugh Mungus what! was bad.

The guy seems like a bro who says hello to people in the neighborhood because he's friendly.

Have you ever seen what a .44 Magnum will do to a woman's pussy? Now that you should see. What a .44 Magnum will do to a woman's pussy that you should see?


If that man had shot her dead...

And I was on the jury for his trial...

I would vote to acquit.


Can we make this take off like Hugh Mungus did? Someone send this to someone prominent.

It would be great for us if it did.

Stop sexually harassing the copy-paste buttons

You laugh until you're the guy the cops wind up talking to so they can say they did something.

He's gross. I don't blame her.

>be american
>try to stop being an autismo
>say hello to people for a change
>get arrested for sexual harassment
>feel good to have freedom

nah he's hugh mungus

She wasted valuable police time. Then will complain that police don't care about blacks.

I can't wait until we start slaughtering these people.

>I'm not prejudiced

and there goes my sympathy

He has to defend himself, dickwad.

And yet you are still worth less than he is as a person

>Claims she will call the cops in her foul-mouthed tirade
>Then mocks the man for saying he will call the cops
The cognitive dissonance is outstanding 9.5/10

>She was mocking him for telling her to call the cops at the end of the video
>after she said she would call the cops
>she actually called the cops

I would slap the fuck outta that bitch the 2nd time she calls me bitch

Project much?

Show us your face, kike.




Shit like this makes me want to be Dylan 2.0

Your post is pretty good, but two keks is the best I can do.

This woman has never and will never be sexually harassed in her entire life.

Must suck to be a Fat Sassy Independent Black Woman™

>be American
>say hello
>get yelled at by niggers and have the police called on you

attributing her tirade to black culture is like calling that youtube gangstalker lady a feminist


Wow a ghetto sheboon on her period chimps out over nothing. I'm shocked

WOT ????

in what world is it sexual harassment to say hello to someone walking down the street, let alone impolite?

Jesus fucking Christ

what is with 2nd gen pakistani women? why doesnt their ultra-patriarchal culture and upbringing insulate them against feminism?

>saying hello to non whites



monkey see monkey do

You know you think its funny but any time a woman calls the cops or you call the cops & theres only a woman there you're going to get fucked 9 times out of 10 the police will arrest you
they take the womans side EVERY FUCKING TIME
and in court too
women are fucking scary because they have so much power, they can send you to jail so easily
they have so many ways to send you there

Videos like this make me legitimately afraid to talk to women. If I say hi to a qt in a library, is she going to call the cops on me?

Good thing this one was dumb enough to record it and release it

Just like the hugh mongous wot lady

Nigger bitches, not even once.

>Nice white boys scared to talk to women due to feminist state sponsored backlash
>The only guys willing to confront women have no standards and nothing to lose

Where have all of the good men gone? You white boys need to man up and get divorce raped.

>I can't wait until we start slaughtering these people.
Right. I'm sure the next genocide will be the good kind. It hasn't happened yet but it's got to happen some time, right?

No fucking way she earned that car. It's either her boyfriend, babydady or she blew the right guy to be in a rap video.

>You called me a nigga too while you at it
what the hell?
I'd be devastated if this happened to me

>all liberal people in the us can't make the difference between neighborhood chat and sexual harassment and would approve of this chimp's behavior
I don't think liberal means what you think it means
It would be like saying all republicans are racist low iq hicks

>Have i said anything to you
>Bye beetch

And blacks wonder why they're hated

Of course, she doesn't own it. She took out a loan with 12% APR from a "Buy Now, Pay Later!" used car lot. It will be repoed in 2 months guaranteed.

> rest of Cred Forums unironically believes this

I know, I get it, secure a future for the white race, ra ra ra. But the fact remains that if I try to be anything more than absolutely professional towards a member of the opposite sex except in designated degeneracy gathering places, I run the risk of being publicly verbally abused/shamed, up to and including jail time, loss of respect at work, or loss of social status.

One time I got up to offer a lady my seat on the transit- she glared and me and said no. Given that kind of reception, why would I continue to try to be chivalrous?

can anyone find any internet comments on this video in support of the chimp? i need some fresh rage

All I could do watching that video was laugh. Its fucking hilarious.

Saw this earlier. I got the feeling she was trying to make a scene so she can play poor innocent victim and get those Internet sympathy dollars.

But no one is going to buy this shit.

Death is release from this hell, give her another 100 years here to think about her behavior and the value of civility.

The scariest thing above these videos is that the people release them on the Internet with the belief that everyone will be on their side.

I'm calling the cops...

>Lets show the world we're not all ghetto trash by being ghetto trash

Death to niggers.

Pretending this is an ordinary feminist or libtard is retarded. The woman's behavior is completely insane.

he seemed like a nice guy. almost child-like .

this made me upset.

They obviously aren't ordinary but they didn't turn into this on their own and there are few consequences for trying to destroy someone's life like this. The Hugh Mungus lady had an entire group of people backing her up online.

Race. War. When?

>think about her behavior
>and the value of civility
You have to be capable of self-awareness to think about your behavior and the value of civility.

If only his name was Heywood Jablome...

never break protocol

> mfw I live in a 99.99% white conservative country.



Never having to say you're sorry.

>Can't even say hello to people

Liberalism was a mistake


How are those No-Go zones working out Pierre?

actually you should watch the video, He said hello because she got out of her car and went up to him aggressively and started filming like she was gunna draw a gun on him but drew a phone.

>she stopped her car in the middle of the road and went up to him then he said hello.


the trifecta of obnoxious idiocy

why don't you post the picture right after that where dog man hits the kid and barks at him.

How do we redpill him Cred Forums?

Freedom was a mistake

by pointing out she parked in the middle of the fucking road she wasn't walking anywhere the dude was working and she came up to him.

>Gustav Einarsson

fucking swedes, gas them all

Plz go
If you're to the left of Trump you don't belong here.

jesus fuck


Soon, that's gonna be the counter to feminism.

obvious bait


When she called him a white piece of shit he had every right to restrain her and have her arrested for racial assault.

>they think it's a smile

>"You called me a nigga too while you at it"
>Nowhere in the video does he call her a "nigga"
You can't fucking say "hello" to people anymore. I don't even want to watch the world burn anymore. We just flat out don't deserve this planet given what we've done to it. When can we terraform a new planet to live on so we can start over?

I don't even bother interacting with women anymore.

Last time I did something kind for one was hold the door open, since you know, fuck being polite right? Anyway

>walking to uni library
>open door
>see girl walking behind me
>hold door open
>she gives me this look and says "that wasn't necessary"

Fucking rude cunts.

It's not illegal rape just undocumented consent


kill all niggers

>we should have picked our own damn cotton

every time

Every day my hatred for my fellow man grows.

That nigger is hundreds of years old?

Yep. I was on university public transport and a half black girl with a perfect 10/10 bubble butt was standing in front of me, and I offered her seat.

She said "no?" in a confused tone so I sat back down and stared at her ass with a marijuana induced smirk on my face.

Last time I ever do anything nice for women in public.

>fellow man

this is beyond liberal this is legitimate deluded psychotic narcissistic behavior. She should be fined for harassing that guy at minimum and for being a public nuisance.

>let me park car in the middle of the street to yell at this guy and take down his plate number so I can go waste the police depts time with my nonsense, wherewhich I will cause another scene because cops know better than to take my crackho ass seriously.

>stick and stones...
>stick and stone...
>stick and stones...

>not retorting with "neither was that snide remark"

Literally a beta cuck manlet dicklet faggot. Kys.

underrated post. I hope she posts a follow up where she goes to the police with "hello" mans plate and they laugh in her face then slam her on the ground when she wont leave.

No she didn't say he called her that, she meant "Why don't you just call me a nigger too?" but doesn't speak well enough for it to be easily understood.

She desperately wants him to say it because then it doesn't matter what started everything he will be wrong to anyone who sees the video.

SJWs need to go.

Good lord they've raped the human psyche.

I don't get it.

After you realize she's crazy just stop talking to her, take her plates, find out where she lives and when time is right administer a beating that will leave her handicapped for the remainder of her stupid life

>Hace 27 minutos
Get out of there, Rodriguez!

>black feminist
>throwing the insult "bitch" around like confetti


where is sexual harassment illegal though?


why is your youtube in spanish if you have an american flag???

I had a crush on a coworker so I sat next to her at lunch and tried to have a conversation.

I got fired the next day.

>being unattractive

Dude.. you got sexually harassed. Call the police!

pic made me cringe

dubs say you do it

>crush on a coworker
Who told you this was a good idea
I mean it's 2016 people!!!

Anybody have any idea what city of California this happened in?

>girl says hello to me
>she wants to fuck
Wasn't this a meme like 5 years ago on Cred Forums? Praise kek.

i can't help it

yeah, i know

probably the south, judging by the the beaner architecture

>i can't help it
If you aren't at least /fit/ then you have no excuse.

I can't believe people are so sheltered that this surprises them. This is how the majority of black women are, the stereotype pushed on tv that they are just colored white women is extremely misleading. Black women in the U.S. have the biggest victim complex in the world.

>he's on Cred Forums
>he hasn't taken the glorious pill yet

How new are you?

Why is saying nigger bad but saying 20 bitch is not?

>Get fit
>still have terrible cringe personality
just go on /fit/ to see what happens when

Fucking yappy nappy headed cunt. I wish he wouldhave gave something to really call the cops about. Like a fucking kick to the head. Her voice and her shit disturbing attitude actually ruined my day for fucksakes.

Can anyone make out which state the license plate is from?

Just curious where this happened.

>you can become fit overnight
>getting healthy for others instead of for yourself
nice try, chink

>posting that ugly subhuman
you're giving australia a run for its money

i've given up completely, i don't need an excuse.

women don't know what they want, they dont want your seat and have to owe you anything even gratitude, but you have to pick up the dinner check, pay for movie ticket, have the car to pick her up in, then get stuck working to pay her credit cards after her Dad (another male) forks the bill for a wedding and a fancy dress she will wear once.

He's lucky she wasn't a fingol.

Wtf? Every fucking day in the south you say hello, good morning, how are you, etc if you make eye contact. What is this cunt's problem?

Get this NIGGER

Back To Fucking Africa!!

t. amerifat

>i've given up completely, i don't need an excuse.
again Defeatists please go and stay gone.

Is it ok to hit black women in the face?

>Defeatists please go and stay gone.
make me, sheepfucker

I'm already fit you cuck
telling borderline /r9k/ robots that getting fit will fix all their problems is disingenuous

Why is it always a race thing with blackies?

And do negro women believe they can actually look good? She referred to herself as "cute"

No, not unless you want to be arrested for cruelty to animals.

that's so hot

He kinda sperged out, though its understandable. Brand new ride and almost getting run off a damn bridge cause some idiot wasn't paying attention, probably texting? Yeah I'd be hot under the collar too.

assuming she doesn't crash it and report it stolen first, which is ridiculous, come on, user

not chad get mad



dumb piece of shit is gonna find himself followed one of these nights in a secluded park or subway, then the dindus will redpill him themselves. Nature finds a way.

Good grief!

>furries will defend this

fuck you disgusting pedophile child rapist get the fuck off my board before we lynch you

kek he got you guuuuuud

Pretty sure it's a crime to file police reports for non-crimes.

I thought it was a joke and he said something else before, but no, he literally said hello and nothing else.
What's your favorite flavor of bleach anons?

>go to other people's countries
>live on welfare
>be unable to answer hi

this is why i dont go outside anymore. next time you see me in public ill be at the polls voting for trump

Why the fuck would you offer your seat to a non disabled, non pregnant, non old woman?

tbqh famalam most genocides are unrecorded or occurred so long ago they're mostly forgotten. so yes most genocides are regarded neutrally or inadvertently good because they lead to the power structures of the present.

>American flag
>ONR Pepe

the crown of king weighs heavily upon Michael Jackson's brow


I had similar experiences working retail, then I saw this commercial. Fine, it's no skin off my teeth if black people don't want me to try and help them or even say hi.

What is wrong with people today,Cred Forums?

Should we shut down the internet?

He's kinda cute

I'd blush and let him feel my biceps if he wanted, or help him with whatever he's doing ^^*

Why I believe liberals are retarded

>Assuming her ancestors were even here during the slave trades
>By default, have to assume that MY ancestors enslaved HER ancestors
>mfw MY ancestors immigrated to the US in the 1910's and couldn't have enslaved HER ancestors.

What do?


There's a book by an FBI profiler talking about body language, and in it he talks about how pursed lips are a sign of distrust and discomfort.


It made me laugh heartily.


lmao whenever a cunt thinks she's so goddamn attractive that anything a man says to her has some kind of underlying sexual aspect

fuck no bitch
go peel a banana with your feet

This is just a small side effect of a nigger infestation.

It is. It's a waste of resources and time on the police's part. There could be a rape, murder or theft in-progress which was hindered by that autist's claim of "sexual harassment".

Yes! I knew my fear of women was justified.
I mean, this has never happened to me before, but it certainly could!

just a guess but it looks like manhattan beach. though i've no idea what a nig like this would be doing in that area.

California go figure


No dude companies are actually hiring niggers now to prove they arent racist.

Productivity at all time lows

Liberals flourish because they go unopposed. That cucky attitude does nothing but enable them.

Suffrage was a mistake

top kek comment

He's fuckin italian american what a stupid fucking nigger.

With a gun

On the other hand I bet if a black guy started yelling "hey baby you got dat ass" at her she would love it.


Why do nigs think recording this shit will verify their perceived innocence?

Beaner detected


White is a huge umbrella and meaningless. If you're not black, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Islander, you're white. Brown skins like non-white Hispanics, Middle Easterners, and Mediteraneans are all considered white.

Americans have became stupid useless cunts, how they allow that fucking nigger threats you, why do you have guns if you dont have the balls to use them.

"Anything ludicrous or thought to be impossible will be possible by liberals"

I can't remember who said that, but it rings true each day. We make jokes and memes about since events yet we are seeing them come true. It won't be long until the:

>Feminist zone 23, insert daily estrogen pill

meme comes real too.

Jesus, whats wrong with american womens

This. The anglo here knows about non-whites considering he is one himself.

the lady more or less was a fat black cunt. Skinny black women actually do enjoy compliments.

You tell me John, go for a walk in the hood and tell me how it was

She took her time to stop, probably reverse, park her car, get out a video, and proceeded to berate some random guy for a couple minutes while filming his license plate and home address.

>>be American
>>say hello
>>get yelled at by niggers and have the police called on you

>>cops arrive and shoot niggers on the spot

>>high five cops and go home


can someone explain how this video came to be uploaded? did the women upload it herself somewhere?



>a yank unironically tries to take the piss out of how non-white someone else's country is


>Busta Rhymes Championship

>i cud cawl da cops on yo ass
>why you cawl da cawps on my ass? fuggin wimbs



Can't even finish it. Seriously

Proer tip:

Americans have freedom of Speech

You got no dubs, but you have the IT'S 2015 get, so le current year man supports your plan.

Dubs says kek agrees

first time i watched this i was hangover as shit and i couldt believe it i thought it must be for sure trolling but no this is real hahahahhah

>be canadian
>kill terrorists

This is some serious paranoia shit right here. People approach me with the same question whether I'm in my house clothes or dressed up, especially in high-end stores.

How are you all so fucking retarded that you can't tell its bait. Jesus's christ you people are dumb

>It's illegal to purchase steroids to improve your physique.
>It's perfectly legal to have a doctor willing to cut your spinal cord.


There is no redpilling the Eternal Scando.

I'll take shit from France, but until you stop your little "sexual emergency" problem, you shut your wurst-hole, Hans.

holy balls i would burn down the auditorium if the judges handed it to these spastic morons

We don't have this problem here, nobody greets strangers especially on a street or on a bus or anywhere that is not home or work environment

Doxxing this bitch would benefit us greatly.


Why the hell would you say hello to strangers on the street? Americans are such wierdo.

Kek, leaf banter. A true rarity

She needs to die

>be nice to nigger
>get shamed and humiliated
>avoid nigger
>get shamed and humiliated

how do we not play this game?


>being nice to women



not when women do it.

yeah idk what the objective of making the original video was but it does illustrate the 'chip on their shoulder' people have about race

Not defending her behaviour but there's definitely more to this. Why was she out of her car and filming?

The Rwandan genocide was good, in fact any massacres involving niggers is good. Death of whites: bad, death of blacks: good. It's not complicated.

lmao. Implying I wouldn't be punished for calling you a nigger and pointing out that you, as the disgusting, brown turd that you are, should be flushed down the toilet like other shits.

what should I see?

this is the next hugh mungus

Fuck you and your self-pity and all the bullshit escapist fantasy worlds you hide in

I don't hold doors at college because of this. I always did back home, and sometimes I still do hold it if they're close enough. But you get so much shit for being chivalrous towards women, or even kind in general now. I thank people who hold it for me though. I always say thank you. That's something that I don't want to see disappear.

that's satire, has to be

>not punching every cum dumpster above the age of 16 until she's blind
muslims warned you, now women work for them

These people yammer on about 'white fragility' and shit like that but they're the most insecure and paranoid people ever

In this situation you just have to pull out your own cell and start recording and call the cops, but don't say anything to the aggressor

Wake me up

Just for that, someone should actually rape her.