Do you think this negro cares about the well being of fellow americans?


I don't this man faced bitch or her shit family give a fuck about this country or the people that live in it.

She really has her fathers bitch face.

Nah she is one of those spoiled ass people who would not even dare look at a second class peasant like ourselves.

Of course not, she's an Obama

She's an anti white ape

what is she thinking about?

So what do you think is the reason your fellow americans voted for that negro ? Suicide wish?

True but just like her father she doesn't really give a fuck about niggers either.

She's 18 and black. All she care about is dicks.

Didn't know the truth about him, still trusted the TV at the time.

>R.I.P. Harambe
> I
> P

I was 19 when I first heard "Yes We can". I watched 2 min rally from him I knew it was a anti-white set up

How come a brazilian that barely understood english in 2008 could be more aware of things than a person living inside the hurricane?

Because there's neurotoxins in our vaccines and fluoride in our tap water?

Before vaccine advocates jump in, the concept of vaccines may be solid, but the regulations and big pharma behind them aren't.

he's black? he was anything but an old white guy? they're stupid dipshits? had a good jump shot? take your pick.

There are. lots of dirty chemicals in everything, including water.

America has a 1-party system where they run shitty candidates on one side on purpose. Dukakis and Carter, McCain and Romney.

But why?

That is true also but the true answer I guess relies on the fact americans see anti-americans as their friends.

people that hate united states are treated as rock stars at least since the hollywood boom in the 1930s.

All this nigger cares about is smoking marijuana and where the closest KFC is

This fucking guy with corpses lining his river gets it but pinko Americans have no clue

The most anti-american democrat that ever run for the republican party and people actually thought he was a republican

hope... he sold himself as what the us needed at that point in time, the same thing donnie trump is doing.

>needed at that point in time
There is a huge difference between a well known NY businessman and a literally nobody which only accomplishment was giving lectures to a pro-black/anti-american organization in chicago early 90s.

>youll never streach her pussy while smoking a joint with her
why even live pol

She has her father, Michelle's face

literally another bastard child

Which one?

Teenagers have enough problems worrying about their own well being

Why are mediocre, wage-slave white men afraid of college educated black women?

Because they got horrible grades in college and are now cause large scale economic inefficiencies.