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>actually fulfills Henderson's request
I have a feeling.

God I hope this is true

For no other reason than it would be so unexpected

Also effeminate gays are so irritating, the kind of gays who won't take any shit and will blow things up to get their way sound like much more interesting people

If the gays git gud I'll become a homo myself.

what? who now?

>i hate how the group i belong to gets treated
>thats why i will shit all over my group's image

faggot logic everyone

Nah, CNNN BREAKING NEWS stating that all three event yesterday are Islamic terrorism. The LGBTQA+ angle was a Chan prank

Brievik's logic

It was some moron in the Carolinas. lmao
FBI got him. I hope he does time.

That's false flagging to cover up the real actors behind it.

Proof - pic related. If that person did it, they'd have taken credit for the NJ stuff as well.

OMFG Cred Forums here's my idea!

The bomb was meant to go off during the Marines Marathon and the Mossad Agents had their watches set to Israel time!

>gay terrorist blows up NY
>whines about muh oppression

Goddamnit Milo, you went too far this time

This is clearly a Cred Forumslock fucking around

>It's 2016
I mean come on

Fake and gay and also gay

Gay people need to be gassed. This is the last straw.

They're investigating

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Thats pretty fucking serious though. Trolling tumblr tards is one thing. Claiming responsibility for a bombing is another. You can seriously go to jail for that shit.

convincing tumblr tards to kill themselves is a good old fashioned game all can play and enjoy.

claiming responsibility for domestic terrorism is something the fucking FBI takes seriously.

If this was a Cred Forums tard, they are fucking stupid for admitting to this.

Can't just tell by when the shit was actually posted?

You are assuming he's American

I mean the entire thing reads as an aussie parody of Cred Forums

>this is will be my manifesto

fucking fag shouldve just killed himself

I'm pretty sure it's fake but my sides hurt from laughing at the idea of this being blamed on the fags.