If Trump throws out the Muslims, the first amendment goes out the window with them. What do you think will go next...

If Trump throws out the Muslims, the first amendment goes out the window with them. What do you think will go next? That's right: your firearms.

If he can pull them out of my cold dead ASS!

Trump has never stated he wants to throw out muslims. He has said that he will stop muslims from high risk areas from entering. There is nothing wrong with that statement. We don't owe anyone anything.

Shill thread meant to slide the board.

Trump never said he'd throw out all Muslims in this country.

sage and hide.

Amendments only apply to citizens not foreign invading death cult armies

>throws out

keeps out. 1st amendment doesn't apply to aliens

Nopers. You're fucking retarded and wrong.

Trump can ban all muslims from immigrating into the country. PEriod. Deal with it. The president can make whatever decisions regarding aliens entering into the country so desired.

If it hurts your feelings, remember we're a nation of laws and you should kill yourself if you don't like it.

Nowhere has Trump said he's going to kick muslims out of the country.

Just remember the guys who wrote the first and second owned niggers and genocided Indians.
I'm sure the would be fine with banning all non white as well.

You've really got to step back and analyze your life if someone from kazakhstan is more informed about your own country.

Really gets me noggin joggin.

Muslims and other untermensch were only allowed to become citizens by the acts of traitors. Their citizenship is not valid, and they are not lawful citizens of the United States under the eyes of God.

The Constitution does not apply to non-US citizens or people not in the US. We can stop whoever the fuck from entering based on any criteria we want.

informed individuals

random tards

Wow CTR using democratic tactics and accusing the opposition of everything the democrats are guilty of.

Except they want to bring in a new voter-base/population-replacement with Muslims and destroy the first and second amendments

Constitution only applies to american citizens

>migrant jihadi goat rapists can fuck right off.


the president already has the right to incarcerate or remove any group which plans to overthrow the government or constitution

since the quran says "fight until religion is only for allah" it is perfectly legitimate to remove them all, and this applies to gommies and kikes too

free speach is fine, but sedition and treson are not


>8 U.S. Code ยง 1182
>Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

>itt: op tries to convince a forum full of malay conch-divers that a far right candidate will take away guns.
o i am laffin.

on an unrelated note i just beat the captcha by clicking random images, took less than a minute. fucking useless.

your lord and savior obama has done what trump wants to do.

Islam isn't a religion. It's a political ideology with religious window dressing

stopping people from wartorn countries from entering the nation does not violate the 1st amendment

Trump wouldn't be preventing anyone from exercising their religion.
He just noticed a bad trend among the followers of said ideology and temporarily stopped them from entering the country.
The ones already there would not be affected at all.
Truth is, america needs to shut its borders once in a while to allow the influx of immigrants to integrate into the culture before letting any new ones in.
By not doing so you get what you have today.
People from all over the world coming there and hating your guts.

>end muslim immigration into USA
>islam labeled a hate group a la KKK
>put property tax on mosque, if anyone complains get some jews to talk about the holocaust and how they're scared because of the mudslime anti-semites oy vey
>muslims move north to canada where they can rape and murder with impunity
>mourn for Europe after Paris declares itself a caliphate

Islam isn't a religion, its a cult

well said

Actually he can they aren't citizens thus they do not have that right.

>libs can't majority anymore

What happens if most people are openly saying it?

Trump has never said anything about throwing anyone out besides people here illegally, so no, that won't happen faggot OP

Trump isn't actually going to do many of the things he says. That's what's funny.

>when Khazakhstan knows more about the constitution than Americans

That's still "a law respecting an establishment of religion". If he based the ban ONLY on region and not on religion, that would be fine.

Still hypocritical though.

That's true of basically all religions. Haven't you ever heard people saying we should have laws based on "Christian values"?

If you get to arbitrarily define what is and isn't a religion, then the laws against religious discrimination become meaningless. If making cakes for gays is against the Christian religion, then it should be perfectly legitimate to say that paying taxes is against your religion.

Simple, declare Islam a dangerous cult, get around freedom of religion, kick them out and keep them out

So blowing up buildings, bombing innocent civilians, and beheading journalists is now considered the free exercise of religion? YOU are what's wrong with this country, douchebag

>still hypocritical though

In what way? US Presidents have always had the ability to ban any kind of immigrant from entering the country for any reason.

A private company should be able to discriminate against potential customers if it doesn't have majority market share.

The vast majority of Muslim immigrants haven't personally done any of those things though.

Because the Constitution isn't just a law, it describes our national values. If we're unwilling to practice these values in general, we're being hypocritical.

>misinterpreting the first amendment so hard

KYS Ortiz

We're very willing to practice these values, and do, but never have for our foreign enemies, let alone aliens in general.

Hence why you can have terrorists sitting in guantanamo without due process who can be imprisoned indefinitely.

That's not constitutional, now is it? Good thing then, that the constitution doesn't apply to them.

Stopping certain religions from entering the country technically isn't against the first Amendment: It doesn't violate the Establishment Clause or the Freedom of Exercise Clause; it's just a dick move.

And I consider guantanamo to be hypocritical as well. Your argument seems to be "we've been doing bad things all along, why should we stop"?

The Cohen Act, I suppose.

>And I consider guantanamo to be hypocritical as well
Good for you.

During WWII, do you think anyone would have complained if we did not permit the Japanese free entry into our country? Or the soviets during the cold war?

Is that being hypocritical? If you think it is, I think you're being very naive or just plain disingenuous.