Alt-Right Seizes On Unlikely Manifesto To Blame Chelsea Bombing on ‘Crazed Leftist’

Conspiracists try to pin attack on ‘‘SJW who hates Trump’ even as police continue to, you know, actually investigate.

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>He didn't archive.


fucking kikes ruining everything

What kind of cuck doesn't archive shit? Seriously rethink your life.

Fox is now reporting that the NJ and NY bombs were made by the same person.
The faggot didn't mention NJ, did he?
As another user said, "FALSE FAG!"

It was probably ISIS.

I have no idea what that means. You're a testy little leaf. Someone have syrup in his vagina this afternoon?

Probably, if NJ and NY are linked, like LEOs are saying. Only muzzies target our military.

Cuck is confirmed to be from reddit or more likely the the daily beast promoting their article, don't give it clicks people.

>Kelly Weill

Why is pol always right?

God you're a dumb fucker.
The fag manifesto is probably designed to divert attention from the muzzie problem.
How is that not clear to you?
The funny thing about it is how the NYPD are taking it seriously, according to the media.
"Even as police continue to, you know, actually investigate."
Fucking retarded leaf. Such an embarrassment to the N. American people.

He's making a statement about you not archiving the fucking article for future reference as well as not giving them free clicks for ad revenue.

I'm pretty sure the non-existent "alt-right" would blame islamic terrorists.

The manifesto is obviously fake and gay. Clearly it's the work of autistic homosexuals of the alt-right. I'm trying to think of who could possibly be a candidate for writing such a trolling and counter-productive manifesto. Anyone??

A statement? Looked like an accusation, and fuck check boxes. You make me sick. Defending one of them.

>Newfag Detected

OK, buddy. Then please explain the important piece of Cred Forums history that I missed out on. Tell me, wise old one.

OP sounds like a massive faggot. Only a fag or female would be so insecure that they'd get this defensive for being criticised for not doing the fucking obvious, namely ARCHIVING THE DAMN ARTICLE SO YOU DON'T PROVIDE THESE JEWS CLICK MONEY YOU STUPID CUNT.

Good job tanking your own thread, feminine fag. Not even reading that shit.


Anyway. It'll be interesting to find the culprit. 12yo Canadian dork? Something more nefarious, designed to divert attention from the muzzies and the election?

I don't know what that means, honestly.

So we're sure it wasn't Sam Hyde?

>Good job tanking your own thread
thanks for the bump. it certainly would have tanked, if not for you, faggot

How long have you been here? Just in case you're just a random stumbling mouth breather and not a shill.

Good one, retard.

I literally saged. You really are a massive retard.

Yea, I'm not doing that, ever. Get adblock, you autist.

This thread has gone an odd direction.

people do that?
Would you archive something before you posted it as a comment as well?
No thanks.
This place feels strange today.

I'm hijacking your shitty thread and turning into a brief redpill thread on how to spot a stupid bitch online. Enjoy, lads.

OP: Stop trying to bump your own thread you blatantly obvious shill. It's so obvious you've been here for like two days.



He already told you. It's been said a couple of times now. It's so you don't give these people free clicks and ad revenue for their shitty sites.

I thought school was back in session. WTF has happened to Cred Forums?

Do you do that every time you find an interesting link to post? Would you archive this;?

Most poltards run adblock, and why do you hate capitalism? Would you like to pass a law against ads?

Investigators Exploring Possibility That Explosions in New York and New Jersey Are Linked, Police Say...
God, the level of mental illness, primarily paranoia, seeping into Cred Forums is alarming.
/x/, you wacked out fucking loons

I like how rather than just copying the link into the archive and moving on for actual discussion you get stuck on it like it's really that big a deal. The thread isn't moving because I sage all my posts and you seem to be a total retard that thinks she can bump her own thread. Do you know why it's just us? Do you know why your thread isn't getting bumped after your 50 posts?

I don't think that's the case. I've actually been trying to re-rail the thread, about the bombs and the misinfo associated with said bombing.
You have a strange hobby. Post a link to an article that moves the thread forward, with information, thoughts, quotes, facts, rumors.
Fucking dildo. Tiresome dildo.

>do you hate capitalism
No, just capitalists.
>most poltards run adblock
Doesn't matter, because they still gain revenue from clicks.
>would you like to pass a law against ads


Doubt it. If it was a Muslim, it's one of those people who watched jihadist propaganda online and decided to attach himself to their lunatic cause. ISIS probably knows nothing about most of these individuals until after the fact. If this had been an actual ISIS operative, they would've claimed credit for it already.

>>do you hate capitalism
>No, just capitalists.
OK, little fella.
That's what I thought.
Thanks for CTR.

Uh-huh. Post timestamp with hand.

I'm going Trump this election, don't worry about your boogeyman, the CTR.
Are you pretending to be retarded?

I think you're right. Probably just some lone 'Inspire' magazine subscriber. Death count was zero. Amateur hour.

>I'm going Trump this election, don't worry about your boogeyman, the CTR.
Go on.

Honestly, I love going to the Daily Beast first thing in the morning. They know what's important to me, and they tell the truth. I hate spin, so I love the Daily Beast.
I'm constantly amazed how redpilled and based the Daily Beast is. Daily Beast understands the sarcasm that is Cred Forums and really gets it. Drumpf BTFO is something we value, here at the Daily Beast