Today is the regional elections in Berlin Germany. We had the entrée a few weeks ago with AFD BTFOing CDU and today we're hoping to do it again. Long live the AFD!

>Can we win?
Not a chance
>Can we come second…?
Very unlikely

The point is to get a high score, every point above 5% is a giant FUCK YOU to merkel, and could serve as the catalyst to removing her from next year's presidential elections. Results are expected at 8pm tonight German time.


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>removing her from next year's presidential elections

Lmao, you're a funny guy. Keep dreaming.

I think none of the parties we have are good enough to lead germany but I still vote AfD because we need opposition.

Old Thread

nice job updating the the OP text, faggot

>presidential elections

>this minimum effort OP

Muslim here, with a message for you Islamophobic people.

The West created this mess.

It was you who divided up the land.

It was you who put in the puppet governments.

It was you who built the oil wells on Muslim holy lands.

It was you who allowed the Jews to exterminate and enslave the Palestinians.

It was you who played geopolitical games with Iraq and Iran during their war.

It was you who gave Saddam chemical weapons.

It was you who caused the Ayatollah to come into power in Iran.

It was you who created the Mujaheddin, Osama Bin Laden, and Al Qaeda.

It was you who killed 1 million children with your economic sanctions on Iraq.

It was you who, with your gluttonous oil consumption, gave power to Saudi Arabia and turned a blind eye to their funding of Wahhabi extremism.

It was you who abused the Arab world so much that they felt they had to attack your soil on 9/11.

It was you who started an endless massacre across all of Afghanistan in retaliation against a small group that lived there.

It was you who invaded Iraq unprovoked, destroyed it's infrastructure, massacred it's people, and left it in shambles in your wake.

It was you who covertly ignited civil wars in Libya and Syria because it suited your geopolitical interests, only to let the bloodbaths stagnate when your goals failed.


Fuck off subhuman

Gott mit uns!

>were dumb and kill ourselves reee fucking americans


Is there a website where I can see the progress of the election voting?

There was a website last time, is it too soon for that?

>> AFD stayed under their polling numbers


>complains in old thread that nobody makes a new one
>complains about the OP

mei liab


>polled at 14%
>got 14.1%

I know, it says sth about presidentials in op tho. Sure its meant to be bundestag

AFD is still good


gott mit uns

Kek, wants frauke


>tfw its true


they are going to push us till we grab our spears again.

No more spears.

Yuuuuuge win, as I said.

Also they polled above 14% in plenty of polls.

i'm gonna do an old muslim lady for you tonight

She won't be found.

stfu 2/10 copy pasta man

disappointed, but it is still good.


Do these numbers include the fake postal ballots or not?

I'm holding out hope for 15.5% which lets me round up to 16%. Then from 16% I can round up to "nearly" 20%. See how that works?

Berlin is full of turks and purple haired leftists
14 is huge

And they will still come with "hah look 86% didn't voted for these ebul nazis"

>mfw afd has 14.88% in the end

Gott mit uns

>i will have revenge by BLOWING MYSELF UP, acting like an ungrateful little shit who refuses to integrate, AXEING PEOPLE QUESTIONS IN TRAINS, not bothering to learn the language and living on welfare etc etc etc. that will show them ARABIC SUPERIORITY

Portrayed as evil nastys indicates they must be doing something right.

Do you guys think the mess can still be realistically fixed?

>was election assistent today
>counted the AfD votes
>exactly 88 votes
>shout 88 for AfD
>nobody laughs

Can a German bro please explain how fucking postal ballots are counted?

In Austria, they count them "separately" and they let the antifa participate in the "counting".

>tfw the election is stolen with muh postal ballots

In the UK, there is a rigorous chain of custody. Then, postal ballots are mixed in with the ohptherordinary votes and counted in front of everyone.

>tfw Brexit prevails and Britbongs vote to leave the EU

Well, the NPD are called Nazis, too. But Afd people or people "helping" the Afd like billboard posters or hosts are assaulted by the red SA. THAT means they are doing it right.

top kek

>chris chan

holy fuck is he still alive?


no he died after his hodenpiercing got infected.

>AfD at 11.5% at 18h exit poll
>now already at 14%
How does this happen exactly? These 18h polls are usually pretty accurate, were people too shy to admit they're voting for AfD or something?

>were people too shy to admit they're voting for AfD or something?


Praise Kek.

The NPD banned a woman from the party because she did porn with a BBC kek

When is CDU renaming itself to MDU or IDU?

yes but this will change

this so much.

shows that not all young people are brainwashed marxists. we are just a silent minority because you'd get lynched if you publicly say that you support the afd or trump.

>Long live the AFD!

Fuck your shit party.

15% is about UKIP's average and look at the way they influenced the political landscape.

Good luck germanbros.

Gott mit uns

Afd only got 6% with young people in this berlin elections, cucked?

why cant they win?

what did they achieve?

>Who are you voting for?
Hey mate just kidding. I'm voting CDU!
>Oh! Oh right! Good for you

In Germany they are also counted seperately.
You can apply as election helper. There are some failsafes for the counting and you have to vote if a vote is invalid. That's why it is important to have enough of "our" guys in the counting offices. Haven't seen any antifa guys near my office today. Most are average german civil servants desu.



The average nationalist could take on 20 average leftists with ease.

Germany has invaded none of your countries, the nation was built by Germans against the threat of Bolshevism from fucking ruins after WW2

What has your people ever done? Except fucking goats. If it weren't for white Europeans, you would have neither electricity, nor the internet or any type of technology. So be thankful and stay in your countries YOU DIRTY GOAT FUCKERS

There would have been no EU referendum without the threat of the Conservative party bleeding voters to UKIP.

Can any Germanbros explain the german parties to me? The pirate party supporting piracy is the extent of my German Political knowledge.

What you morons don't get is that the AfD is a meme party whose leaders and candidates just want to suck money out of the tax payers for comfortable political seats. They also make Merkel's next term inevitable.

jesus christ who is that? She looks just like me.

I keep telling you faggots that the silent vote in this election was worth at least 5 points. It's sometimes 25-30% of the AfD's overall support.

That's fucking massive. Just imagine if these people were able to speak openly with each other.

You did good kid

>The pirate party supporting piracy
the only thing they support are bronies and transgender toilets.

They used to, but now Pirates are yet another left party.

They achieved Brexit lad.


>not knowing that the C stands for Cucked now

>Just imagine if these people were able to speak openly with each other.

But they can..


Oh congratulations on electing the Hitler woman soon.
Holy shit some people never learn from History and always want to be in the wrong side of History, are you fucking History pervs or something?

what part of Germany are you lads from?

Vienna (tfw 50% Turks and Germans).

NRW but I'm currently stuck in Thuringia for studying

>But they can..
no they can't

if they do they'd get sent to Auschwitz... to remind them of their historic responsibility by making them visit the Museum


>the silent vote
>can speak openly

Pick one

Let me guess...
...you are not white :)

>A fucking blue cricket ball

Thanks for correcting the record.

Kek, nah m8 people can actually say that they are supporting the AFD.

Who do you think can possible be chancellor in 2017 based on a majority seats coalition? Gabriel?

that's still better than nothing and a lot considering how cucked young people are nowadays. i would've expected it to be like under 1% honestly.

i really hope that this marks the beginning of the end for cultural and social marxism in europe. we are still a minority, but as refugees and muslims will inevitably keep killing and raping, people will wake up and we will grow.

North north germany

>Greens 15.2%
>AfD 14.1

More votes than the greens in Berlin would have been quite glorious.

Do you fantasize about ordering a death squad to cleanse the campus with extreme prejudice? I used to at Uni.


>What you morons don't get is that the AfD is a meme party whose leaders and candidates just want to suck money out of the tax payers for comfortable political seats.
I meant that part, m8

Still a massive result, bearing in mind that there are loads of hipster fags in Berlin who vote green.

I'm actually glad that I studied in the east. People are quite weird at first, but you really get used to it. Living costs are cheap as fuck here and the cities are not as ugly as I imagined. In fact, I look onto the Saale right from my commie block and have a giant forest to take walks in right across the street.

>this flag

never forget 7-1



Still butt hurt over that 7-0 game. haha

I got up late to vote, sorry

Eh, it's not that bad around here but I'm studying CS, so I don't really get in touch with the ulta-lefty crowd

ᴳᴼᵀᵀ ᴹᴵᵀ ᵁᴺˢ


Lets not forget we are talking about Berlin, big cities are always ultra leftist


kek is with us.




It's OK to be clumsy when you're cute :3c


So progressive *_*

>that image
>those dubs

what about austria

>unironically voting afd



Don't give up yet. Dare to dream.

AfD will win. You just have to believe.


once such a proud and great nation...

now they are promoting sandnigger food

Stay cozy Pepe

Oh please. Most of their shit proposals won't fly in parliament, they don't propose anything practical or not unconstitutional when they're not being politically incompetent or destroying themselves like in BaWü with their Antisemites. Their only topic of refugees is slowly dying too. And it's not like any of the practical shit they propose which isn't outright unconsitutional isn't already being molded or has been turnt into law by now by the major parties.

They're a shit racist party with ass backwards policies led by crypto nazis and elitists fleecing their gullible retarded voters and enjoying the protest vote and those cast by misinformed and loser voters.

I hope it dies off once refugees are handled properly and their coming numbers have dwindled.

Without Vienna less than 1%.

>try to report post
>it's already gone
based mods

Every single party is shit, user. CDU is literal cancer, SPD is CDU with SJW flavor, Greens are SPD's little bastard child, Lefties used to be somewhat based but also went full SJW, FDP is neoliberal coorporate shills and AfD is neoliberal coorporate shills with some right-winger pandering mixed in.

Who the fuck are we supposed to vote for?

anuddashoah incoming


What's wrong with deporting all them? Just somewhere in middle east or africa.

You're supposed to vote for the FDP you moron.

You mean apart from being unconstitutional and in breach of a row of agreements about human rights?

>Who the fuck are we supposed to vote for?

For your future, vote for AfD

Living in any country you choose and getting welfare there is not a human right, by no definition.

> falling for shitty b8

Sad thing is that it's probably what I'm gonna do next year, simply because they seem like the least cancerous option right now

Sometimes I don't know which Germans are just baiting and which are unironically supreme cucks.




>voting for literal aids and leukemia

good goy schwesterwelle, pls

Which is not what I said you imbecile.


> le no borders meme
> everyone has a right to suck on the german taxpayers' tit

those aren't human right mate

How do you even survive up in serbia shitposting all day? They don't have neetbux up there do they?

Fuck off you retarded homophobe.


What kind of tomb did you guys open to get cursed?
>Genscher dead
>Westerwelle dead
>whole party dead
>party values long dead
>stealing votes from pirates in Berlin
Literally stealing lollipops from children, kek.

Lindner is barking like a big dog, but every speech feels like the same old "we are not Afd because..." and "if they do that classical liberal thing, we won't do it to distinguish ourselves from them" as if there are enough parties in Germany who hold classical liberal values in the first place.

You imbecile

Why do you dumb fucks try distorting what the issue is?

Jetzt ist nicht die Zeit waehlerisch zu sein. Das Parteiprogramm ist zwar zurzeit noch neoliberal, die meisten Mitglieder sind es aber nicht. AfD zu waehlen ist die einzige Moeglichkeit den politischen Diskurs wieder mehr nach rechts zu ruecken.

Is the Asian guy still with them?


>Berlin gets rot-rot-grün government coalition
Watch how this city go down the toilet faster than Detroit, post-automarket collapse.


I can't tell if your posts are bait or not

If not, it's interesting to me that people like you exist.

Sweden is ahead of Germany when it comes to the rapefugee situation. Just look at public opinion in Sweden... things are changing. They used to bitch and moan about "unconstitutional" policies here, too, but nowadays advocates of mass immigration are mostly silent (sans the Media, of course, but they have an outspoken subversive agenda whereas people like you actually believe your own bullshit)

I'm not mad or anything, just surprised to see a legitimate down syndrome poster on the internet


Germany YES


Quality book, Kamerad.

Yeah, all that 20th century shit explains 1,400 years of Jihads. Fuck you, retard shitskin.

Köstliche linke Tränen.


It is called the "shy tori" in england.

Basically people were polled and they would say that they voted labour, but actually they voted for the toris. So toris always got more percent than previously polled.

Well done, Krautbro

>Genscher dead
>Westerwelle dead
Rösler alive and nervously sweating.

Maybe they put back the gold coin and ended the curse by now like in Pirates of the Carribean, who knows? They definitely take their votes, so why not their gold, eh?

Der "politische Diskurs" in Deutschland besteht zur Zeit daraus, dass beide "Seiten" einander vorwerfen, Extremisten zu sein und sich gegenseitig die Schuld dafür geben, dass das Land den Bach runtergeht. Mir wär's ehrlich gesagt am liebsten, wenn das ganze wieder mehr in die Mitte rücken würde, weil ich dieses Rumgeheule von Rechten und Linken nicht mehr hören kann

Toll paid.

The solution is to literally stop giving them money and they will disappear on their own. Easy, isn't it? Right now we continue giving them welfare, even when they don't have any right to stay.

Please do friend

gott mit uns


They will not go away they will start terror

Congrats Germbros

lol-... I AM from BERLIN and you fucking Rightwingers will never get my FUCKING vote.... PfG FTW!!!

These fuckers really deserve to burn.
>muh ponies
>muh twitter shitstorms!

And now be knows what real niggers are like. Not that sanitized version the media tries to sell to us.

Ach, Du hast auch Gesundheitsforschung gewählt? Gut so.

they used to suport a modern copyright, net neutrality and so on, but went full 1000000% degenerate.

They put the absolutely worst degenerates (pic related) into positions of power and went full retard.
Like a-trillion-different-genders, everything is sexist/racist and writing "bomber harris do it again"-on-your-tits retarded.

They had this one guy in a talk show. He was wearing several scarfs, no shoes and was asking his guys on his smartphone the whole time. Literally never worked an hour in his life and wanted to increase wellfare.

Due to a myriad of social laws and our first constitutional,article. Good luck getting rid of that with a shit party like the AfD or any party.

The major parties are doing what they can to restrict unqualified refugee immigration. The AfD just spouts impractical fantasies based on their shit racism.

I'm sure that with prominent media outlets describing the AfD with such colorful artwork that legions of AfD supporters are more than willing to talk about their support for the AfD at work, at school, on social media, and in public places.

Kek, thats really all we are trying to do at this point tbqh

Get people to vote for us by simple being less awful than the other options.

Lindner literally went "THEY HAVE TO GO BACK" some days ago, was pretty darn good.

>muh ponies
care to explain? I don't know shit about them, except they're fucking pirates

>The major parties are doing what they can to restrict unqualified refugee immigration.

Afd has well over half the support of SPD.

I'd call that worth celebrating.

found the cuckling

pic related

they want ali's minority dick so bad and call it democracy

They actually watched My Little Pony during their assemblies. I wish I was making this shit up


Westerwelle was one of the greatest Vice Chancellors in our history, if you want to deny that just because he was homosexual (not even a faggot) then go right ahead.

It just makes you look stupid as fuck

Polls will be rigged. Screen capture this

>Lindner literally went "THEY HAVE TO GO BACK" some days ago, was pretty darn good.
Well, that's the way to do it.

It worked well with the Pirates back in the day. Take away their "contents" and the voters with them. Text book insecurity to scare away voters from voting new parties.

For some reason our government does not want to do that now with the AfD... maybe it was you guys after all who kicked the Pirates out back then? Since they started undermining your classy liberal position?

Sounds like the swedish Pirate Party.

Started out as a voice to sanitize copyrights and fight against mass-surveillance, with people from a broad political spectrum.

Then they took a sharp turn left, which put them in the same bin as the Greens, Communists and Feminazis.

Stupid shill
Die Mitte ist dafuer verantwortlich, dass nichts gegen die niedrigen Geburtenraten unternommen wird, ausser noch mehr Feminismus, der dafuer ja verantwortlich ist.
Die Mitte ist auch dafuer verantwortlich, dass unkontrollierte Einwanderung das Land ueberfremdet.

Wir brauchen Extremismus. Extremismus ist nur ein Wort was benutzt wird, um ungewollte Meinungen zu unterdruecken.

Solche Leute wie Sie sind der Grund warum ich am Ende hier bleiben werde, und das wuerde ich nur sehr ungerne tun.

I'm pretty sure one committed German Nationalist stepped in history could easily take on 8 Berlin degenerates

Sure they will be, like every fucking election

Tell me exactly what points they are making are unconstitutional? What parts of the constitution are infringed? If you can't elaborate, you are nothing more than a fucking idiot who is brainlessly parroting shit the media says.

Cite sources, retard.

Gott mit uns!

Halt die Fresse und geh sterben.

Warum bist du nicht heim ins Reich gekommen, sondern nach Negerland geflüchtet?

>Die Linke
So basically 30% of Germans think that the current government is not marxist enough?

Fuck you haji, your death cult started by a murderous pedophile is a bane on humanity's existence

>greatest vice chancellors in our history
>a faggot

wew lad

the maggots feast on the faggot right as we speak.

they all go by their canadian credo

Yep. Germany's still just as cucked as ever.

>The major parties are doing what they can to restrict unqualified refugee immigration

You are a literal retard if you believe this. There are tons of studies by the Bertelsmann Stiftung that claim that we need more refugees or our industry will collapse and everyone dies and there will be no more bier and sauerkraut.

Germany literally has a MLP partie, that's kinda sad

Meine Firma hat mich hierher geschickt. In eineinhalb Jahren wuerde ich automatisch zurueckkommen. Ich koennte aber auch leicht hier bleiben. Meine Freundin hier ist aber bereit nach Deutschland mitzukommen.

You don't actually know anything about German politics. CDU and FDP would both count as "moderates" and neither party is pro-feminism. The refugee bullshit was basically Merkel's fault alone, her party (and herself even) always used to stand for controlled migration. She even got massively critisized for making that refugee girl cry because she told her she would have to go back.

Germany isn't the same as the US, we don't have cucks like Gary Johnson calling for open borders while calling themselves """libertarian""".

It is Berlin...

You second world countries really need to stop your negativity and be happy about us slowly uncucking ourselves.

nach wahlbezirken


Man, I lived in Germany until 2 years ago. I know how they used to be. But today they all talk the same shit about the "offene Gesellschaft" and thereby implying that immigration is good. The government until 2013 was all right, but what has happened just showed again and again their incompetence.

>Implying implications youtube.com/watch?v=PtIi8QR5Mzs youtube.com/watch?v=Uo-UXZ-1ups

Remember that Berlin was a stronghold of degeneracy the last time as well...

Good job krauts. Get rid of the puppet.

Only lefty parties talk like that and they've always been like this. CDU/CSU + FDP are pretty much the same as they used to be (I'd even say CSU went further to the right), Merkel is just trying to save her ass by trying to justify her retarded actions form a year ago, which is bringing her whole party down and pushing people to the AfD. Things should go back to normal once Merkel is gone.


how can a guy that is so old be so cucked

Any updates to the 14.1 figure?

my district

pls kill me

alter wo is das denn?

Many shitskins in this area or just typical middle class lefties?

Kraut/pol/? Neat.

Kreuzberg :(

mostly Turks and Hipsters

the fuck is wrong with your people, Hans?

des hätts beim hitler ned gem...

Hauptmann Müller, wir brauchen den Hubschrauber zur Notevakuierung!

ich plädiere für die einrichtung eines ghettos!

Es gibt für alles eine Lösung!

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

Urgh mein Beileid, wieso wohnt man da bitte freiwillig?

wer isn der glatzkopf?
I schau koa fern mehr

Haben die doch schon es fehlt da nur ne gescheite Mauer

ist jetzt nicht dein ernst

Gott mit uns!

US right wing youtuber

Stefan Molyneux

i bin auch nie auf pol oder so 2mal im monat
hab gehofft hillary-hassbilder zu finden dann fiel mir die wahl ein...

Gott mit uns you niggers

Is there a live stream?


yes join in


That's a nice image.


u male or female?

You deserve death, seriously your kind should be beheaded in the streets

So what is she another German or a real American or what?

Berlin now has a red-red-green coalition government - the most ultra leftist government possible - for the next 5 years

>muh AfD 13% HOORAY

Delusional faggots
Organized mass civil disobedience is the only way to put an end to this


get in here

Got mit uns

Bumping for freedom and retention of the chat room link. theupdate.info/

I hope you're not blaming the AfD for Berlin's new "commie-commie-tree hugger" government.

The 14.1% -- or whatever the (("adjusted")) number ends up being -- is just a means to an end.

Today's election was not about securing another CDU-SPD coalition. It was about drawing a line in the sand.

Mission accomplished or BTFO.

The based German voters in my old stomping ground of Köpernick voted for the AfD.

Praise KöpErnicK
Praise Kek


that idiot just does not understand that berlin was always a shithole under social leftist faggotery and now the cucks from cdu also got BTFO in one strike

czech'd and rek't

Exactly. Until AfD becomes a majority party, it needs to content itself with destroying the coalition dreams of the CDU.

The idea over the short term is to keep gaining ground politically while also accepting fatalistically that it will be totally shut out from power. This will swell the ranks of disgruntled ordinary Germans who will then become future AfD supporters. When the various Red-Green coalitions start to melt down or these cucks start to set up refugee centers on every street corner, the AfD can rightly say it had NO part in the the ensuing madness.

Today, the AfD is a force of entropy, not unity.