Its happening

its happening

The shitskin world is undergoing its own world war currently. Why are we participating?

We give them tools to exterminate themselves faster


>may allah forgive me for uttering this word, an albanian
10/10 where is this from

Bcoz u're a shitskin country


can some roach explain the hatred for albanians
or is it just a meme

This is hilarious. Link to video, please?


Pic related

And this

so dumb

Someone is going to have to explain to this poor leaf who is this and why should i care

It's a fake. Mudslims generally like Albania because they think it's a muslim country but in reality less than 5% are religious and there is a lot of degeneracy there. Women are gold digger whores and everyone eats pork and drinks alcohol.

Same reason we didn't get in the second world until it was nearly over. Because no one has murdered enough Americans. Took several destroyers worth of people to get us full war mode.


why does a muslim hate muslims

Why the fuck is Al Jazeera widely considered a respectable and non-partisan news source?

Shit they caught us out lads.

It's true; we kidnap millions of Turkish people each year and devour them live at the table on Christmas whilst gargling and hissing the name of the Queen through the sinew, blood and raw flesh in our stuffed mouths.

It'll keep them busy I guess, and then we'll have lots of Albanian refugees FOR A FUCKING CHANGE

You sound fun at christmas, can I join you?

1. Pork is God damned delicious
2. That knock off cognac is God damned delicious

i heard its getting more popular as a tourist destination, being super cheap and being on the adriatic coast
they are still european hence the alc and pork lol

he looks like that fagget jew youtuber with the tranny looking "wife" queers post on here

roaches are too crunchy for me

Sticking to tradition i see.

Based Serb post.