He would've been the best president

He would've been the best president.
Why does Cred Forums want the top 1% to get richer?

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Because Tumblr, Reddit and libcucks liked him. It's not actually about politics - the day Cred Forums (and especially Cred Forums) agrees with any of the aforementioned groups is the day hell freezes over

I don't want the rich to get richer, I want the poor to get poorer, because fuck poor people.

No one likes hippies, they're terrible leaders.


pssssst, pol is anti semetic

>trusting a jew

because they have no self respect. just like liberals have no self respect.

if the democrats lose, the DNC has no one to blame but themselves

Sanders was a legit demagogue - as evidenced by the fact he now supports Hillary.
This was apparent before he was even campaigning - the shitbag actually invited the leader of the sandinistas to speak at his college to learn how to use socialism to incite zealous following in people.
He never would have helped anyone, not even his followers, it just would have been him instead of Hillary taking the kickbacks from the demoshits.

kill yourself you disgusting communist

I miss pre-Marxist America ;(

Some of his ideas are pie in the sky, and he has no experience governing outside of his little uber-liberal enclave state. His congressional career was marked by disinterest in broader issues and a series of extraordinarily niche amendments with high-minded names.

>top 1% get 17% of the total income, pay 37% of all taxes

ungrateful marxists


Anyone not from the establishment would be better than Clinton.

But yeah, I'm scared that a Trump presidency will just mean the rich get richer.

Some irrelevent senator from Vermont.

>the rich get richer

ahahah lurk moar

Hes a sellout

fuck off, I remember when vans exploded and when Cred Forums wasn't as shit as it is.

Please present arguments as how Trump will definitely help "the little man" and whack down wall street?

I never argued for Trump at all haha just that "the rich get richer" is a myth

>always talks about his political revolution
>always talks about how Hillary is corrupt and in Wall Street's pocket
>ends his revolutions by becoming Hillary's dog

He's a cuck with no conviction and no values.

Wall Street is the byproduct of crony capitalism. Socialist cocksuckers would not fix this by gaining power, as their solutions entirely focus on giving the state more power when the state was the problem all along.

Trump is focusing on a huge issue for low skilled workers in the US, which is the influx of migration and its attached welfare state. If you stop the flow of migrant workers you create more jobs in the US.

Kill your self

Or read this first:

I'm part of the 1% so I want to be richer. Fuck Bernie

Based serbian at it again

a few tweaks to his policies and he is actually electable, at least more so than the dumpster fires that are currently running.

>He would've been the best president.
By making everyone more poor just to spite the rich? No thanks.

His entire life has been a long string of failures. Why would he suddenly succeed with his most challenging venture?

They have no balls so they look for strong arms. They are poodles who smell everybody's ball bags for alpha scent. And then latch on

Bernie Sanders would've been the perfect candidate for you.

>electable socialist

Back to redd.it u go

Your idiot moron will add 25 trillion to the debt and hates nato and is probably a pedo like his boyfriends putin and booby

Trump is a commie so no worries

If he wasn't such a pushover and was pro border control I would'v voted for him over Trump.

Wall Street has inflated wealth by capitalizing on non-existing goods and speculating on stuff that would maybe happen. It's not so much an offshoot of the state than a disease that needs to be treated at this point. Most of the wealth and economy is false and isn't based on anything, the currencies are just empty and meaningless. However the rich exploit all the faults within the system and end up getting real assets such as housing, buildings etc. - as does trump.
I get the feeling that he likes money too much to turn his back on it, and will end up taking the bucks from goldmann sachs and other horrible companies.

He's more pro gun than drumpf. We're all crafting shit shows. Drumpf is an antichrist. Bernie was cheated against.

1. He was not my preferred candidate.
>idiot moron
2. This is redundant.

I'm just trying to make this a casual environment man. i only read things people can argue for themselves but I'll basically say that the "rich" and "poor" are not static groups in America and their positions are constantly changing in flesh and blood people.


And your little cuckold did nothing about it. The DNC colluded to let Hillary win the nomination and what did Bernie do? He endorsed her. Sorry that you picked someone who is a perennial loser.

> Drumpf

pls kill yourself

>implying Cred Forums rigged the primary

What if 1% works harder than 99% of the population tho?

So your solution to this is to elect a kike socialist who in turn would destory the US as in the same way socialists have destroyed our continent?


>implying it's Cred Forums's fault that Panders dropped out of the race to cuck for Shillary

>Any year
>wanting an admitted Communist as president


Because they've worked harder and risked more to become rich. A good portion of the 99% are lazy with no entrepreneurial spirit. To want wealth redistribution is to admit that you're too shitty to obtain wealth on your own.

I think you posted the wrong picture.

what do you fucks have against a strong government? The reason our med prices are so low and our health care works is because we don't let them dictate things, thanks to the fucking government.

>muh 1%

He would turn America into Brazil in less than a decade.

>what's wrong with having 'strong' government?

This is coming from a country that has been repeatedly attacked by sand niggers, but let's see why:

>socialist counties don't work
>public debt that never ends
>fiat currency
>mass migration
>poor social services
>poltical correctness
>destruction of the middle class
>subsidised and failing education
>over regulation
>high taxes
>power for feminism
>welfare state that supports single mothers
>state funded warfare
>millions dead from large governments

Lurk more you socialist cocksucker

>he unironically likes webb
good lord why tho
its 100% because of Cred Forums & memes
there is no way you can actually like him because of his policies or how he handled himself on tv
>i....i didnt....i didnt get any speaking time...
>finally gets to speak, instead of answering the question, rambles on about killing someone
>he does this EVERY TIME
seriously, guy is a retard, a grade-a retard

Also if Trump wins pol will switch on a dime using Bernie as the new Ron Paul meme


>rich get richer

which house is he tweeting from today?

>make 28k yr
>pay 21% in state/federal income tax
>"we need to raise taxes!"

Why would I even want a good job if the majority of my money went to cucks who want "free" everything?

>It's not so much an offshoot of the state
Yes it is. It all goes back to The Fed.

Doubtful. Trump is literally Cred Forumss dream candidate that isn't Hitler.