American education

>American education
They literally don't know that. They needs sighs everywhere to remind them.

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That's nothing to do with american education and everything to do with america's love of suing the shit out of each other


No. low IQs are the problem

This. If there's a way to make money, people will jump on it

Bingo. To quote the Eagles:
>The more I think about it, Old Billy was right
>Let's kill all the lawyers, kill 'em tonight

If there's ever a warning label on something that means some dipshit before you couldn't figure it out on his own.

It's a sign of just how large the Federal Govt is
This labeling is mandated by DOT
There are probably 25 pages in the federal register devoted to just this tiny regulation

Now multiply that by 50,000

Coffee cups have to say "caution contents may be hot" because some chick burned herself and sued. She knew it was hot because who the fuck wouldn't, she just saw a way to get easy money.


Same reason why peanut butter says

>may contain peanuts


Actually that case is largely misrepresented. That was like a 70 year old grandma that ordered coffee at mcdonalds and was literally given BOILING coffee. It spilt on her legs and melted her vagina. I would post a picture for you but I'd rather not re-scar my mind with melted grandma vagina, you can find it with a quick google search though.


That's because of lawsuits idiot. A whole separate problem.

There's even a fat opera/Broadway singer turned rockstar from the 80s named Meatloaf who wrote a song about it to remind the ones who can't read!

not bad as far as ballads go desu

She knew it was hot but still placed it between her legs while driving.

at least we drive on the correct side of the rode

>implying it matters
How can mirrors be real if eyes aren't real?

Completely irrelevant to the case. Mcdonalds was found to be negligent for serving egregiously hot coffee, not because it spilled on her, learn2law please.

This right here. Class action lawyers are the most despicable subspecies of kike.

American education

we live in a country where other people are liable for our stupidity, so you have things like this.

How would putting "caution: contents may be hot" address a case of negligence on McDonald's part? I'm not doubting what you say about the court case, but the result seems to be addressing customer stupidity, not servers.

Honestly I don't think it would. If there were to be a similar case that happens within a few years and if the coffee was literally boiling enough to cause 3rd degree burns to someone I'm 99% sure they could still sue the shit out of mcdonalds and win.

It makes it harder to successfully sue. That's really it

*sighs redditly*
Le sigh.

Also same reason that most hand sanitizer brands claim they destroy 99.9% of bacteria

It says that because side mirrors aren't flat, they're convex, which causes things to look smaller while giving a larger view. It's not exactly obvious.

yeah right

>get a job at mc donalds
>take fries out of deep frier by hand
>get burned af
>file lawsuit because there was no sign saying you shouldnt do it
>get rich

Wow! look how cool you look! faggot


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>Red bull gives you wings©
>oh sweet I'll drink one then jump from this roof
>break legs during fall
>better sue redbull


In france we admire class action in the US, it was really the thing that was missing in our law system.
Though its only for consumers here.

Say that to my face punk.

that isn't entirely stupid. If there is a bottleneck ahead it makes sense to close the lane. Also people are retarded and can't handle two lanes.

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the old lady won the case because they were serving coffee absurdly hot, almost literally boiling, because it was "what customers enjoyed"

they lowered the serving temperature on top of putting a warning on their cups. it's not exactly a clear-cut, black and white case of simple customer retardation

She originally just asked Mcdonalds to pay her medical bills and they offered her a pittance like $500. It's part of the reason she was awarded so much by the judge.

>they lowered the serving temperature
That makes sense as a measure taken as a result of this case, not complaining about that. That said, if customers did indeed like their coffee boiling hot upon service (if say, they planned to travel a while before actually drinking it) it does suck for them having that option taken away.

No because a customer can literally say "please boil the shit out of my coffee." and Mcdonalds can choose to oblige without the fear of being sued for negligence. The issue arrises when mcdonalds boils the piss out of everyones coffee because some people like it that way.

Right, so they should (if there is demand) offer a choice. I don't assume that such a choice is offered.

I don't get it, why are britbongs so critical of america? Don't you have something else to do?

It's because America is the easiest first world country to insult

>Mass shooting every few weeks
>Full of idiots like clock boy, the pro abortion guy
>Ridiculously high murder/rape rates
>Ridiculously high medical bills
>Trump isn't exactly like the British politicians

>They literally don't know that.
Object appear further only in specific type of mirror...

It's because the UK is the easiest first world country to insult

>Mass raping every few weeks
>Full of idiots like every chav ever, that ugly-ass cunt who bitches about everything, police who don't report immigrant crimes for fear of being labeled 'racist'
>ridiculously high rape rates
>ridiculously high compensations for immigrants
>British politicians aren't exactly like Trump

tl;dr every place sucks, but britain and US should be friends