Itt America apologizes for clusterfucking up the middle East completely

Itt America apologizes for clusterfucking up the middle East completely.

Please forgive us

It wasn't me

Won't apologize for being the best

Fuck you, sand people.

Lose the proxy, leaf.

You mad you dont remove kebab like us?

Itt americans prove their stupidity

Makes me rock hard with freedom

You create Kebab.

obama did it

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>Region of Earth that has been in a constant state of conflict since the dawn of recorded human history
>Blame America

answer: no

reason: we didn't fuck up the middle east, Britain and France did through decolonization. If you did not want the US in the middle east, you should have stationed troops there so we could never have gotten the chance

ITT we blame (((Israel)))

Only if the British, French, and the Russians apologize too

Ahahaha nope.
Ahahaha faggot


if secular arab nationalism could have survived, it would have. It did not.

I'm sorry we didn't get them all, we'll try harder next time

fucking retards

I'm sorry we didn't engage in saturation carpet bombing and turn the jawa homeworld into a parking lot.
It was our mistake and I hope one day we can make things right.

They should fuck up canada for their oil next.

Blame the fucking elites.

I didn't do shit.

I don't apologize to bitches.

What would happen if you stopped shipping weapons into the area?

Obama told me it was okay to leave?!?! Was he wrong?!?!

We were tricked by the jew.

We fucked up.

I'm sorry we didn't vaporize that entire section of planet earth and turn desert into glass.

And by extension, the rest of the world that is kind enough to take it in the butt before becoming visibly angry.

Seriously. In Sweden, the only people who are crude enough to speak their minds are the cretins who only point fingers thinking it explains everything...

It isn't the immigrants complete fault that their cultural background is shit. The question is, why do they need to leave their own countries THE MOMENT America/Israel (implying they are different) are involved.

If only we could tell America to fuck off like Russia tries to do, there would be no need for emigration.

US, explain JFK.
Explain Silverstein.
Explain Vietnam.
Explain Iraq.
Explain Liberia.
Explain your alliance with literal misogynists Saudi Arabia.
Explain your continued support of terrorists that will in the future, as history shows (Taliban), become unstable.
Just explain, and if you stop. You lose. If you admit that you are inhumane or cruel, you lose.
Go on...

>Blame the fucking elites.
>I didn't do shit.
yes you didnt do shit which is why the kikes won.

I'm sorry. We left survivors.

It's just a prank bro

The middle east did it to itself. We just took part in it because we need the oil.

These threads always bring out the jews.

Theyd use slav weapons like they always have my mongolian friend.

Camelfuckers got what they deserved

And what did you do, oh high and mighty nobleman?

We didn't break what was already broken, we just made it worse.

What could "I" have done? This is the first year I can actually vote.


>what happens when supply doesn't meet demand?

Obviously the demand disappears and a peaceful utopia is created

>it ain't me starts playing

USA is the homebody for the Jewish parasite working for the goal of greater Israel.

Don't give them any ideas

It's a neverending continuation of this bullshit

Don't worry, it's cheaper to just buy it from you guys

Check the Palestinians, they start using knives and rocks to kill each other.

Its pretty much sport at this point for us

Canadians are already fucking themselves over

isis was created, armed, and funded by the u.s.

the u.s. "accidentally" drops supplies

the u.s "accidentally" allows iraqi forces to give up their vehicles

the u.s "accidentally" forgets to invite kurds to war councils

the u.s. says nothing when turkey bombs kurds

isis is not muslim. hostages that are freed openly say that isis never had any qurans

and now the u.s. "accidentally" bombed syrian troops that allowed isis to try to take back a town 2 days before the u.s. and russia are supposed to start cooperation

get a clue, fucktards

The only reason arabs even developed nationalism was due to the oppression they faced by european powers. Once the latter left, their regimes turned to Russian communism which died in the early 90s. As each individual state began to experience cash flow problems, deferred maintenance occurred (notably on railways) and public owned places (like libraries and schools) became derelict.

But Mosques survived, as these countries were still mostly made up of rural peasants. Trust in them grew while trust in secular public organizations waned. This would eventually lead to the theocracy that is ISIS.

Ironically, Iran is the only one to scrape by without being a total shithole. As they turned into theocracy early, all the european powers (and Russia) turned on them so they had to fight for themselves. As a result Iran is a mostly independent state.

>why this happens





ISIS (in it's present form) was an accidental creation. If there even is a conspiracy, they were likely meant to be "shock troops" or stormtroopers for the FSA. The people who would do the dirty work (ie killing businessowners that did not pay the FSA's taxes or shooting up Syrian govt schools) that a civil war demands.

Remember, all this stuff kicked off with the "arab spring" in 2011. Back then, Obama seriously thought he could kick out all the dictators and bring US-backed democracies (or something roughly comparable) to the middle east. As a result, he put all his money on the FSA which quickly folded as it did not have the grip on people like ISIS did. Most importantly, when the time came for a no-fly zone in Syria Congress said No. The FSA's footsoldiers, knowing that they would be fucked, quickly moved over to ISIS who had much more money (through the Saudis), experience (former Iraqi generals) and shelter (basically all rural peasant homes are ISIS safehouses).

It's overall a foreign policy failure and Obama has been trying desperately to do damage control since. It's why he made the Iran deal, which made Israel very very very angry (as it guarantees a nuclear armed Iran in a decade no matter what they say).

>isis is not muslim. hostages that are freed openly say that isis never had any qurans

That's because most of ISIS is illiterate. That's how a theocracy operates: the ONLY people allowed with the holy book are Imams, who themselves know most of it by memory and probably can't read either. The catholic church straight up forbade ownership of bibles by commoners, which led to the (very violent) creation of Protestantism.

>US did what the kikes couldn't do
>Spread muslim filth onto us all
>Now we know what the jews all hate

Why didn't you listen you anti-Semitic goy!

Where the fuck is the credit for brits? We literally redrew their borders