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Haiti got fucked by the Clintons.

And the Rodhams.

Doing God's work Poland


CTR sliding with dick pics what's happening

have some bumps

lots of bumps

lets max this thread out 2016 times!

leafs unite!

This is it!





>You will be the richest man in Haiti
I can see why he would turn down such a shitty offer
what is that like 500 dollars or something


Why are you so afraid of women, trumplets?


I really hope Trump actually brings this up during the debate, it will make the Clintons look like literal monsters. Remember, Haiti is the country where they eat dirt cookies out of poverty

we need to meme it first

Not having Milo coming out of a closet....

Holy shit this is sliding fast. Why bother CTR? As long as the video exists, the info can be continually circulated.


Can I get a tl;dr? I can't stand to listen to people with bad accents like that. I can't focus. Is he legit? Does he have any proof?

Because they destroy civilizations

he is a fucking former PRESIDENT of haiti

I think you just did.

He is the president of the senate

dont know what that means but I doubt it means he is the elected president of the country

there's a vice video that i thought was good:

Bill Richardson was sent by Bill Clinton to buy off Haitain Politicians

He refuses, and a week later Bill Clinton revokes his Visa and has him arrested

During 2010 Haitian Earthquake Clinton Foundation stole aid money meant for Haiti

>what are they saying?

all is nice and good, but tell me honestly a guy like trump wouldn't have done similar shit to make bigger his bank account had he had the chance.

He is faaaaaaar too white to be from Haiti

Sauce: I live among Haitians.

This man will convenient commit (((suicide))) with 8 gunshots to the head.

>Committing a crime is ok because someone else MIGHT have thought about doing the same

what a stupid way to think

Well he's openly gay for a while now, isn't he?

They have to keep their distance because Hilary can no longer control her thirst for fresh young souls, just being around her is enough for her to pull them into herself.

I hope this is really true, which it probably is.
Might be what Wikileaks has been threatening to drop

nah, I'm not judging in terms of right or wrong; I'm just saying most likely trump would've taken the same chances to make money.

you dont know this and are basing it off your own personal opinion

not to mention it has nothing to do with anything, its a arbitrary post, which makes you look like a stupid faggot

Thanks for the video Poland.

stupid enough to get your stupid ass replying to it. Your feelings must be hurt.


I liked how he got Harambe in there.


Keep this shit bumped bros

Watch WeAreChange video on Haiti



He asked Trump to ask Hillary to publish the audits of stolen money from Haiti during the debates. Let's hear him do that.

What is hillary going to say if trump brings this up?
How will she EVER agree to stand on stage with him?

No, he wouldn't have. He doesn't have a need to jump in during a catastrophe and take millions in donations to keep for himself.


Kind lady deserves mercy



So this is what's being slid huh?

Some shit like "hurr you didn't release your tax audit".

Ditto. There's so much to bring up during the debates, but I hope he squeezes it in. Just for that guy.

He was head of Haitis Senate, American educated. There's a good chance he knows what he's talking about.

How do we meme this?

#clintonrobbedhaiti ?

where is alex jones when we need him?

Global rule 2

CTR sliding with bullshit greenscreen conspiracy theory

Holy shit. It was tough at first because it was hard to understand the guy initially, but jesus christ this is really a huge deal.
The Clintons fucking stealing the money sent to Haiti after their earthquake

It's tricky because of Trump's taxes.
It depends on how he words it.

Matthew 22:15
>Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words.

Don't worry. Funds will dry up and their leaders will abandon them.

They'll get what they deserve for pushing evil on people.


In all seriousness, how can libruls get so low as to support a woman who has stolen billions from the people of Haiti. No morals or ethics AT ALL.

It's in the Clinton cash documentary book as well. They explain the paper trail a bit along with broken promises and unfulfilled obligations.

Those definitely are shill/troll threads. It's pretty fucking gross.


Also relevant:

MSM was actually covering this but had their reporters walk out early when things started going to well for Trump. See this stream:

Same thing they pulled at the Detroit church.

Wow, just wow.

When you think it just can't be shittier..

And I've seen some. Makes me ponder a little about some Bush foundation and their skeletons in closets..

And the media has been totally SILENT on this

>yfw this has been known by trump all along
>yfw haiti president senate made deal with Trump to make a statement on camera like this month's or years ago

watch this before he kicks the bucket

Because she didn't say mean thing about a washed up fat dyke actress once.
Or at least not on camera.

Their priorities are fucked.

>deserves mercy
I just got done watching an episode of z nation

Awesome post, thanks OP.

I remember when the Haitian Earthquake happened (In 2010), and all of the charities were asking for money for relief for haiti.

And the charities stole most of the money.

I was investigating the red cross at that time (sort of an amature investigation/journalism thing), and their board members were mostly CEO's of large multinational corporations.

Pretty much none of the money actually went to Haiti.

I'm not surprised at all to learn that the Clinton were involved in similar charity fraud in Haiti, and even earlier than 2010.

Although, I'm sure that all of the people who donated to the clintons charity organization would be exceptionally mad to learn that clintons charity organization is fake as fuck, and basically a wealth extraction scheme to further their political agenda.

I would wager that if we were to get back all of the money that the clintons have stolen, they would be absolutely broke.

>that look on her face

God, is she ever awake?

Spread this around. We gotta get the word out. I hope this is 100% real. Who was president of Haiti during that time?


It's fake, the guy wasn't President during the Clinton Admin, if at all.

It's all true. That's the sad part. The fraud is documented and not even hidden (I'm sure there is PLENTY of nefarious stuff they ARE HIDING with regards to some of the Clinton Foundation & Co.'s dealings in Haiti), but the fact of the matter is that:

>They (Clintons) got so many people in government and the media to become co-conspirators in their various frauds that EVERYONE is covering it up because they are ALL DIRTY in some respect.

This is truly a watershed moment for the word right now.

I don't claim Trump is some sort of angel... I know for a fact that he has gamed the system in ways that are questionable when it comes to legality... such as using bankruptcy laws to not pay for materials and stuff of that nature on failed building projects, etc.

But that is just the way it goes nowadays. I can't find one instance where he was actively profiting off of suffering or where his actions would start wars and get tens of thousands of innocent people killed for profit.

Huge difference.

Anyone who doesn't vote for Trump is an objectively awful person.

So what's this thread about exactly?

She can't even stand without propping herself up.

The white Haitian talking? He didn't say he was president.


fuck off shill

Literally who is he then? We can't be spreading around false stories.

He was President of the Senate under Aristede in the 90's

former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq

I hope so too. I wonder how black people would react.

he said pretty clearly that he was a senator in Haiti

They are starting to realize clintons modus operandi is to kill liabilities and those that know too much Ie their closest allies.

>These people are starting to realize when it goes to court its their heads on the chopping block for taking clintons money and not in a legal way but an assisted suicide kind of way.

The title of the video says otherwise and the guy wasn't speaking very clearly.

The first words said in the video are I was on the Senate in 1984 when bill clinton ect

No? Go tell that to the green screen thread. He was president of Senate. Bernard Sansaricq



>He doesn't have a need

The only "need" cf foundation had was most likely making their associates and themselves richer.

your hearing aid is fake

Is this gonna be it? Will this finally destroy her campaign?


I seriously hope he brings this up in the debates. The media can try their best to cover this up but if Trump mentions this in the debate, the mainstream will look into it and see past the lies.

Bernard Sansaricq, he was President of the Senate from Feb '94-Oct '94

I want to believe, but to be honest Hillary could eat a baby live on air and her supporters would find a way to justify it

Can you not read?
Title is accurate.
You can skulk away now.

Why is this board so fucking pozzed?

Why post this material here, and not somewhere it could actually make a difference? Why preach to the converted?

You're all such brainless spastics.

Every controversy she's involved in is another blow to her campaign. Bring them up as often as possible with as much evidence and victim testimonies as you can.

Just watch this shit man

It has been known for years now that Hillary and the CFG sold out haiti for self profit, and she got her brother in to it too.

Go tweet about it, faggot. I did.

If you have a social media account then that means you need to take initiative.
Many who frequent this place don't.
We dig through info and try to keep it visible to the people here who are on our side but need ammo.

I tried watching this move 3 times and I simply cannot because of the absolute retarded way the film is narrated and edited. It's a pile of crap with a sufficiently powerful message. But I won't watch it.

what is this about

Poor guy, he'll be dead within the week.


Where else are we supposed to post it, on reddit? I'm pretty sure I've already seen it over there but it's useless unless bigger media outlets pick it up.

He says he has proof. I guess he signed his death-warrant.

Someone get the big boys ln this please, breitbart for starters


Someone post the /cfg/ shit about Haiti.

when alex jones and breitbart start talking about it its really fucking HAPPENING

Death will come before proof, she will guarantee it. She's got a perfect track record so far

God bless that Haitian man

Bump for fresh info

blocked in Sweden

Somebody post this to reddit, make it go viral.

interesting stuff..



He was president of the Senate. I don't know how you call this office in burgerland. Like speaker of the House.

Same in Poland but I'm watching with a proxy. This is a good video.

meanwile shills are talking about fucking greenscreen crap

If you're on pol you should be pushing this shit out to the normies via kike media through your multiple accounts. Also, trolling.
If you don't troll you'll never become an uber argument master.


This greenscreen shit is really something else, it was debunked right when people started talking about it, yet some retards won't stop pushing it. It's just blatant shitposting at this point

not surprised , just sad

President of the Senate here is the vice president, right now that's Joe Biden.


Yep. She's a powerful opponent, but she's not invincible.

Keep chipping away at her. Keep helping people to understand that she is a god damn catastrophe waiting to happen.

There are white Haitians?

Yeah. White Jamaicans too. Were all over the place.

this and that clinton cash movie are so fucked

i'd be willing to overlook a little skimming off of the top, but those poor fucks got outright swindled

You forgot about the taxpayers and people that gave money. This is why I never give a cent to charity. I'm sure there are some out there doing good work but I just cant trust them.


inb4 he dies in a plane accident by next week

This is only the tip of the iceberg..
Everyone is involved

Posted this same thing yesterday and got 0 replies...

time to invade poland

blocked in Germany

This deserve more attention.



Also here's the full event for anyone interested, these people have seriously been through some shit.

I also like the guy who complained that MSM was not covering it at all.

Praise Lord Kek

Meme magick is real


Trump is making me less racist. Anyone else feel the same way?

He's managing to unite all of us, every one in this country, against the corrupt elites that have divided us for so long.

Nice fucking digits friend

The strange thing about Trump is that while MSM proceeds to paint him as a racist bigot hater, his campaign doesn't give me this vibe at all anymore. Watching his rallies, he seems to be all about unity, love for the country and hope for a better future now while Hillary's campaign spends their time shitting on everyone who dares to disagree with them, calling them racists, sexists, deplorables, children, Putin shills, pretty much any buzzword they can come up with. There's an incredible amount of negativity surrounding them and I don't think it will work out well for the election.

Is it just me or does her left hand look very swollen here?

Swollen? It looks fucking dead.

It's like some small window into her true form. Some rotting witch.

Kek is everywhere, praised be

#HillaryHatesHaiti !!!

wtf I unironically hate Hillary now.

>4 posts by this ID
Really reconstructs your thought patterns.


dey see me robbin
dey haitin

truly the greatest timeline.

Hope I don't get "accidentally" shot this week.


Former Haitian President of Senate is speaking out to tell the truth about Clinton Foundation at a Trump event! The former president said that Clinton was trying to buy him. She tried to appeal to him (bribe him).

She defrauded the people of Haiti. He spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti. A week later the embassy called him and told him that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him. He came and told him to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make him the richest man in Haiti. He told him he is a principled man and he will not sell out. He just challenged Trump to ask Hillary Clinton to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010. He is explaining it very detailed.



Conspiratorial. Fuck off

This is good to see.

best post of the day, very enlightening

thx Polskbro


>id zOg


Now - post this in the #Emmys hashtag on Twitter. Just link the shit and mention how they robbed poor blacks in Haiti.

>Haiti is the country where they eat dirt cookies out of poverty
Thats a meme. Not the dirt cookies, but that they'd eat it out of poverty. It's full of minerals and stuff, besides, cultures here around ate earth too. So that's nothing new/foreign.

Focus on the Foundation. We were told that that is the way to take down Hillary.


Why are we having this thread again?

>We were told that that is the way to take down Hillary.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure her health episodes do a much better job at this.

...unless your talking about "P" for prison, not president. Yeah, then have a closer look at her foundation and lock her up already.



>Wikileaks is going to reveal their biggest leak right before the debate
>Haiti is opening up on Clinton corruption
This is going to be a big week. Hold onto your butts.

Of course they eat it out of poverty, nobody chooses dirt over food, food has minerals and stuff and doesn't taste like DIRT



This IS about the Foundation


you found a shorter vid. nice.

You guys didn't know that the hatians hate their guts? Pretty low energy desu.

>Wikileaks is going to reveal their biggest leak
>Says increasingly less relevant Whistleblowers for the 9th time this month
Man that Guccifer 2.0 leak was cuhrazayeeee

Fuck CTR this thread will never die.

Have you even tried a dirt cookie? Ever?
Plus, they also put margerine in it and stuff. Mmmhhhhh

Justice bump


Poor guy, he sounds positively suicidal. Keep him away from trains and silenced pistols. Would be a shame if he decided to end it all with a bullet to the back of the head from 5 metres.

Link. What is this about?

I can't wait for the debate.

I want Trump to drop that

Yea I've heard about this.

evening, emperor palpatine

Next time a lib says trump hates blacks, show them this video.

Trump's economic policies will make America Haiti Again anyways. Hillary wants a wall but doesn't say as much so clearly. Trump brags about it and according to other Repubes, tells the NYT he doesn't want one

thanks for reposting this.

they take anything they can. pic related (it's kinda true... probably.)

Holy shit dude this is an ice cream shop called dairy twirl in my hometown of Lebanon New Hampshire

What the fuck

I sure hope politifact jumps up to this and proves everything this man says is "pants on fire" :^)

CTR shills will be in the front of the line on The Day of The Rope™

i think it takes many years for officials to become this corrupt. trump probably still has a little respect for the office. besides, he probably doesn't have the network of government lackies and controlled agents that the clintons do, so he would probably be exposed right away.

term limits on everything.

Dude anybody with half a brain knew the haiti thing was a jump-the-shark scam



she was really scared of bernie, huh?


Trump seems like the last chance to keep our country one piece, while Clinton means inevitable balkanization.

Does anybody have a full res of that clinton image, I'd like to run it through photoshop.

fucking unreal

Bump for truths

Why is no one talking about the guccifer leaks? There was like one day of posts about it then nothing


Because there was nothing of relevance in it.


blocked in Australia. Holy fucking shit.

So are we going with #HillaryHatesHaiti sent this to some fellow shit posters, guide me Cred Forums

>2,600 houses
>93,000,000+ dollars

There was at least two threads at any time over about three days.

Classic Bill.

bump for Justice


charles ortel has covered this.

is Cred Forums really this behind?


He's a dead man walking

It'd be a shame if that .50 cal anti air rifle you keep locked up in a 2000 pound gun locker were to accidentally misfire when you were cleaning it into the back of your head 5 times

thisalso, we need to turn this into easily digested visual memes. we create the viruses but we do not carry them. normies are the hosts that we infect to spread our messages. we need to meme this up.

meme-masters unite!



Man it's going to be a bummer when we hear about that guy committing suicide on his next fishing trip with a speargun to the back.

same here, bro. we just have to keep pushing.


What's the next step?

This is it. This is the beginning of the end.

Fallon hosted Trump and actually made him look good

so now lefty journos are giving him the treatment




Nothing concrete unfortunately

lets just be totally clear about this, this WAS a joint effort between the bushes and clintons, to rip off haiti.

>just send your cash

Let this be your daily reminder, that the evil is non-partison and donald trump is the result of the tea-parties attempted exorcism of the republican party.

Women are only good fucking and taking care of children and the home while men are working or fighting. Vikings had the right idea.

Well, that's just like . . . your opinion, man.

>We will make you the richest man in Haiti

damn they were gonna give him a couple hundred bucks, huh ?

im fucking retarded when it comes to this election what does this mean

Women aren't able to be scary? That's sexist

How long before he dies?

This is such BS and a sad and desperate attempt to disparage a charity which has helped millions of women, children and some men around the world. Look for yourself at the Clinton Foundation financial statements. They aren't "stealing" anything. In fact, the Clintons are largely broke and survive off meager appearance fees and some help from their daughter and son in law.

why the fuck would it be blocked?

Prep the bull

wow you really corrected my record there

Okay I'm a little upset.

not surprised

Trumps pose is alpha as fuck doh

Probably because it's not how to make sex work between muslim men and swedish women.

this shit was debunked months ago..

He's already dead my fried

top fucking kek

Go home, Sean Penn, you're drunk.

He's already dead my friend

I don't know. Most controversial videos are in Poland.

Good fuck em. They're crooks and cheaters.
Prove me wrong. Protip. You can't.

No sliding today, bump


Google the highlighted name boys seems legit

blocked in bongland

cor blimey

this cannot be real

So Trump Jr definitely browses Cred Forums

>gas chambers
>now this

Sauce pls.

>washington post


That nigger browses.pol doesn't he?


Weak. No (((you)))s for you


And from a leaf, this is a special moment.

>They arnt stealing
Here's a guy that actually is looking at the financial statements

>hillary for prison


when a wordpress blog has more credibility than you, thats just sad

You didnt actually watch the video did you?

He has a kike wife


You just got proven wrong. They are probably the most transparent and honest charity on earth.




steal from the poor. give to the rich!

reverse robin hood.
sort of like using police to target poor communities to raise money thru fines. see john lang's 'investigation' into the fresno police
>I also discovered local law enforcement had been running a license plate scanning scam where Fresno Cops would scan license plates at Retail Store parking lots (Save Mart, Von’s, HomeDepot, etc.) in lower income neighborhoods. After collecting hits of violations they then would pull the unsuspecting drivers over a few blocks away from the store location in a marked police vehicle claiming they simply came across their vehicle through routine driving patrols. This unethical and possibly illegal activity was simply motivated by “profit” and unfairly targeted Fresno’s poorer residents.

if done correctly, this could chill black support for illary.

holy fuck she is a fucking monster,first its bombing millions of people, then she hides her classified emails, then she orders people that disobey her dead. Im actually angry that they are still letting her win what is the fucking plan, why do they want her in so fucking bad.

Have a (jew) my shill

Do I prep the bull


I can't deny that. Save for deleting the truth.

Not of that actually happened though.

nice tl/dr.

Ayo whats up Trump bro. Hows it swingin?

[hitting the record with a hammer intensifies]

While Clinton probability[presidency] > 0:

So is trump gonna ask shillary in the next debate about this shit? I hope so but I seriously doubt it

>They are probably the most transparent and honest charity on earth.
and you probably believe the economic number the gov puts out too.


First debate probably not. Gotta warm up the crowd first.

nothing here, yawn.


He's mentioned this on his twitter. Perhaps he will ask her to publish the audits, but Clinton might then respond with "show us your tax-returns".

do you think shes actually going to be able to stand for a 90 minute debate?

think its more of why leave it up to chance when you can stack the deck

yeah the clintons have been a negative force around the world, they fucking suck, but trump is certainly not the answer though

So Finland was behind it all along? I fucking knew those gooks were unto something. I knew something was a little wrong when i saw their posts. Something was always a little off about Finland.


A sign

whoa whoa whoa, do they not have stools behind the podiums? i've got to warn the campaign!






Honestly these days I'm more interested to see if she can than what they actually talk about.

This shit is going to be a chart-topper. The UK had better set up a microwave link from their emergency kettle electrical generation plant.

it's a certain clay that is full of good minerals. it's probably not terrible... but it is still a powerful visual.

So what happens from here?

I dont think shes going to show up

The democrats let her leave stage * times to "use the bathroom", Trump wont let her

inb4 she's elected by voter fraud and gets away with it.


He commits suicide

Hillary wins the election.

I hope I'm wrong.

would you?!

jesus, some immoral fucks around. i wuldn't steal haiti aid money even though its for niggers

no wonder chile is such a shitty country

Trump is going to use this Haiti attack in response to her telling Trump to release his taxes.

Trump is then going to call her something crazy, like a Slave Trader or a warlord in reference to the money and damage she has done. He has to call her something that makes the audience gasp.

fuck you mods for changing C U C K into kek stupid bastards.


>>They have this haitian politian visa revoked and arrested for not toeing the line when they created "fusioncel" aka digicel

>>Heroin/Cocaine shipped from Haiti end up in washington coffers and monies used to pay off lobbyists


Because when they menstruate they spoil fruits and veggies

the fucking clintons are behind it. Cred Forums is just trying to get it out into the light again. america has amnesia and a tiny attention span.

Oh god... this is just horrible. Civil war if Hillary gets elected.

This is my suspicion as well. It's going to be a popcornfest no matter how they try to play it.

not it will be nuclear war, we need a fucking civil war now to prevent a false rigged election.



Blocked in Estonia...
WTF, I rarely see something is blocked here.

(VICE youtube network blocked it because of author rights in my country)

Why is no media talking about this?

Seems like it is time to get some proxies again...

hahahaha. why do you think, I saved all the videos to my HD not banned here.

100% agree. It almost feels like pre Obama level of wanting unity. I don't know if everyone else feels the same.


trump is a thin thread of hope for america. he isn't perfect but damn... it's trump, revolt, or slavery.

So... that's interesting.

>849 ▶
>Why is no media talking about this?

because they not that if they say one word trump will ass rape them again, this whole election is a shit show.

You better get to work


I really hope we get to see some heads roll.

nuremberg 2.0

Share before it gets taken down.

how many though?

Any other Politician would of had that guy thrown out and wouldnt even let him finish speaking what he was saying, I FUCKING GUARANTEE YOU. This is why #TRUMP2016

and post it as "President Trump has robbed Haiti"

in order to get retards to think that it's ammo against Trump.

win-win cause dumbies using it without watching it will have their record corrected and will only bring more light to HER's corruption






type c u c k s

type cuck in all caps


this needs to go viral. btfos the entire American left down to their very core. holy fucking shit. its over guys. We're winning all the god damn marbles

two twos for Nuremberg two point oh

blocked in UK

damn kikes

Hello new friend

Bump when a bump wont bump it but imma do it anyway cause this is important

Awhy isnt anyone talking aboit this?

Thats because hes the anti-christ. This is just like the bible said would happen.

>anyone who doesn't vote for Trump
Him and Hillary are both garbage tier presidential candidates. Im not voting between a turd and a fart

Post it as: Presidental candidate unfit to the post has robbed Haiti.

Should do the trick without toxic headline.

Image must be fake, if true someone would investigate.

aww yeah

>tfw things like this can never be viral
Even if it does get viral her supporters will see it as the right trying to slander her.

unfortunately clickbait's a way of life now. Gotta make it short and stupid.

dumbies don't like to read sentences more than 8 words

i don't think he'll "ask" her to do anything. i think it is more his style to bomb her with a fiery statement in response to an attack. maybe something like "Trump University was a legitimate business venture. It wasn't the blatent theft of 2 billion dollars of charity meant for Haiti after the terrible earthquake. She did that! She stole billions of dollars from incredibly poor people when they needed it the most!"

i can't trump... but you get the point.



we've got nothing else right now, bro.

i agree. he knows how to do that shit. master troll.

Trump is the last hope for your country.


That was in leaks that was sold to the highest bidder, we didn't get those. I'm still waiting for wikileaks to release what they got. I"m guessing they're waiting to bombard it right before the debates so she has to talk about it.

because it's old news.

perhaps this haitian senate president guy can rekindle this. it needs to blow up. for some reason, the clinton foundation just doesn't trigger normies.

gotta get'em woke.

She is just exercising her right of freedom of religion in worshiping Moloch. So brave

tfw when hillary bout to get clapped

time to clean house. and senate.
and then we'll clean the states!
and the cities!
and the towns!
and every house!

President of the Senate

electing trump will force the democrats into internal revolt over the DNC's cheat of Bernie, just like the Tea-Partie's response to the nomination of mccain

We need trump to win, even if He isnt the solution, if he's terrible and only a 1-termer, we need him to win.


can't bump a thread at 363 replies, negro



Blocked here as well.