Gas is already $2.50 in Georgia

>Gas is already $2.50 in Georgia

It'll be $4 by next Saturday

screencap this

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$1.97 in IL

I'm in Georgia too.

Wanna meet up and jerk each other off?

$2.60 in Chicago. Fuck.

we got our fuck job when the refinery "broke" earlier this year.

>tfw i filled up 2 days ago when it was still higher

$2.50 for what?
>One gas, please

>mfw in cali

>$2.50 for a galon
>around 2,24€ for 3.8 liter
>thats -,59 for a liter
meanwhile at a german gas station
1.52€ for a fucking liter unleaded fuel

$2.20 in south Florida.

We aren't attached to that pipeline, though.

$1.60/gal in Houston, TX

Thank god. Low gas prices and not being allowed to drill has ruined the lives of 80k families

>>Gas is already $2.50
>It'll be $4 by next Saturday

My face when NEET and don't have to buy gasoline.

where u at famm

I'm in athens tell me where u are ill get my mom to drop me off.

$1.41 in Killeen, TX

If they get the pipeline fixed soon, it'll go back down.

Georgia fags horde gasoline when they think there's a supply crunch. Self inflicted wound.

It's at $2.60 or some shit in WA

Hope you guys didn't fall for the gas guzzler meme :^)

$1.77 in Carrollton, Texas
that's what you get for trusting the Koch brother kikes, Georiga

WTF?? It's $4.29 in San Jose, CA.

I remember being in Miami some years ago and gas was literally $6/gal

The market will even out once people start taking advantage of the high prices and arbitrage

Per gallon.


Filled up on premium 93 for $2.49 the day before yesterday.

Regular was $2.09.


Of course you're in Athens you fuckin yuppie fag. Yall stay up in yankee territory cause if yall come down near Coffee you aint goin back in one piece.

If you were in Miami Beach, I wouldn't be surprised. But that was a few years ago.

That's California for you. Higher taxes, costs more to pipe it out to you, Californians have more disposable income and they're charging you more for shits and giggles.

Fucking Californians god damn I hate all of you. $1.87 in Texas stay out.

Damn, I was in Gilas over the summer and I was getting Premium for like $2.75.


What happened, is gas really that much cheaper in Gilroy?

Also Califags have to drive EVERYWHERE so they're big consumers of gasoline, and used to taking the hard cock of government. It's just one more way to jew them out of their cash.

California refines it's own gas in Vallejo, you fucking pleb.

I mean, here in Florida, and back home in Texas, every drives everywhere, and everything's spread out, and gas is half the price.

I think I paid $2.60 here in Washington the last time I filled up a few days ago.

Hey I wanted a less fuel efficient motorcycle with more powers.
I guess it will have to wait.

Well then by that logic it should be cheaper than gas from Houston.

>NEET doesn't realize that rising fuel costs means rising shipping costs which means that his Mongolian love quilts rise in cost

I wonder how that map lines up with percentage of jews by county

Why is this a surprise when Russia, Saudi Arabia and China are trying to remove/gang rape the petrodollar?

Expect serious shit in the near future, surprised Cred Forums isn't talking about it; probably missed the threads though.

Theres only one true Athens.

Gas stations are already out of gas west of Atlanta due to the pipeline burst.

it has nothing to do with the petroldollar and everything to do with an oil pipeline blowing up

Figured, time to watch the news.

why is it so expensive in washington?

You guys at least have ~ €2000 average salary.

Try living in Croatia where average salary is ~ €700 and fuel is €1.20.

Liberals love taxes. We also have the second highest tobacco/alcohol prices in the country after NY.

Whoa man, what's it like being poor to the point where a dollar in gas prices is the make or break point?

>why is it so expensive in washington?

In most cases, higher taxes explain the higher prices.

i wouldn't even get out of my bed in the morning for this

2.35 here in Salem OR

that sucks, I really like your state

Gas stations pretty much empty around Asheville NC
Not because of the shortage, but because everyone freaked out

]chicago here.

this is why i don't drive!

Well we don't have a state tax which makes up for it somewhat but Democrats have been pushing for that too.

not really at all


>mfw I live in Jew York City and I pay $2.67/gallon for premium

Jesus - why the hell is California such a desired place to live? The taxes there make NY taxes seem like chump change.

Certain places in Raleigh are out. I know most of Goldsboro is empty. Traveling on the interstate earlier I noticed there was no 18 wheelers. Thought it was odd but it could be unrelated

Feels good to be Oklahoman sometimes.

most truckers get the weekend off



If you have a job making $20+/hr there you could live like a king.

And they will still vote for Hillary

>mfw a pack of cigarettes costs $4.39

feels good man

Friendly reminder that here in pastaland gas is 6,4€/gallon and we're paid much less than you are.

>durr leftist policies work so well in europe

2.60 here in so cal orange county

Why do you call a liquid, gas?

$.13-$.15 gas tax a gallon :(

its like 8$ in minnesota

this applies to pretty much every flyover state. Cheap as fuck real estate if you're willing to live in nowhere.

>tfw we filled up today because $5.52 per US gallon is a "decent price"

I thought ~€1.3 was expensive here. Glad to know we're not the only ones being used by these fucking politicians for no good reason other than that people need their cars.

It's $2.15 in Milwaukee.

Mfw $1.70 in Lake Hopatcong, NJ

In WA cigarettes start at $10 for a single pack, at least at grocery and convenience stores

Nebraska Here. Absolutely nothing to fucking do, but I got a nice house, Quads and a Jetski for 80k a year

more than that im

I wanna move to the South some day if I could find a good job. I have a buddy in TN who rents a four bedroom house for $350 a month.

where you at in OC user?
Newport is best

>not getting free shipping


That's what indian reservations are for.

$2.19 here on Long Island

Yea nah last thing I need is those dirty fucking drunk ass injuns giving degenerates an easy avenue for their vices. Fucking casinos too.

Lucky americans...


Gas went down 20 cents here since yesterday. Sucks to be you.

>giving degenerates an easy avenue for their vices.

So you're fine with government punishing people for consuming products you deem degenerate?

I read pipeline supposed to be fixed by the 22nd? Any confirms?


costs $7.50 for a pack of camel crush
I can drive 5 minutes longer and get a pack of ace for $4.00 though

gas is $2.10 here, but that's before the pipeline shit and im in the southeast so I don't know how much it will affect anything

Jesus that's cheap i pay 13.5

No, I'm fine with alcohol and tobacco and dudeweed being taxed out the ass, because these products serve no objective benefit to society

>mfw i need to drive 20 km to get a carton with 10 packs for 30€
>mfw i don't pay german taxes for it
>mfw the jews still get something due to the gasoline needed

they know damn well everybody how's not living in his office needs a jewmobile

The tax doesn't stop people from buying them. Do you honestly believe the extra money that goes to the government will do anything for society other than lining liberal pockets?

>tfw u drive a diesel that the EPA doesn't want you to have and you get 50mpg and have a range of over 600 miles and rarely have to go to gas station

Jist stay out of TX you Yankee nigger.

When we build the Wall, we're going to build it around the whole border.

inb4 enjoy your spics. They're at least 20x better than nigs/Californians.

Costa mesa. Too poor for newport beach lol

Texas has more niggers and spics than Washington, nigger.

can we leave wine out of this? it actually tastes good and isnt that unhealthy for you

>>NEET doesn't realize that rising fuel costs means rising shipping costs which means that his Mongolian love quilts rise in cost

I only buy local, thank you.

I pay for rent, utilities, and food.

i say we let our white brothers in if and only if they vote red. im tired of these first generation brown greasy chicano fucks.

$6.66 in DC

>tfw paying more for gas in Idaho than yuppies in NY


stob smoging belmons u gay

Nice bait m8. Gas is going up, but even in Sacramento it's 2.50-2.80

Gas always goes up in winter.

Why is NJ so cheap?

We bearly get up too...

Not a good thing here in Houston. Got a lot of friends and family in oil and gas who are scared shit of their job security

$1.90 in IA lol

haha fuck you idiots

yea, and a cuck shed is $3.2 million.
Fuck off, nobody cares.

It isn't, it's due to that they treat the gas so it pollutes less. There is a lot less smog over LA now.

>"Look everyone I make 100k/year"
>50% income tax
>Pays 2k for a 1 bedroom
>$5 for a gallon of gas

Top kek pleb faggot

>50% income tax
What are you talking about nigger

Political litmus test would be the only way. Otherwise can't trust them to vote responsibly.

I'd rather let in more illegal browns if they'll vote red than SoCal/Yank numales/tumblrinas.

42k a year?

Yeah, that's enough to raise a family and have a stay-at-home wife in the American heartland

Meanwhile, I'm making just over than and I'm paycheck-to-paycheck in south Florida

>tfw promotion and transfer at the New Year

its the younger ones and ungrateful male illegals coming in, all the old ass Hispanic women that have been here for years are either white in appearance and behavior or are super religious super conservative beaners, do they not hit their kids anymore or something?

I blame nigger culture that glorifies violence and disrespect. It's a problem in just about every community to some degree.

Holy fuck glad to see that money go right into niggercare jfc

>Wanna meet up and jerk each other off?
404 here, I'm down

I pay around $1.40 per litre in the uk

how much is that per litre?


commiefornians BTFO

Clarkson is that you?

Georgiafag here, who 706?

MFW I have my own oil well

Lol I'm in Athens too

jews are celebrating


>Drive 50cc scooter because dat ~100 miles per gallon
>Pay only 2.70 for the week

I almost feel sorry for you guys.

Meanwhile I saw $2.00 today at WaWa
Eat shit inferior states

What's it like being 17?

I have a 260 gallon tank in my backyard filled with gasoline, I thought everybody did? This could easily get me through a few weeks of a crisis if used sparingly.