ITT Fixing Cred Forums

If you haven't noticed Cred Forums's quality has deeply decreased over the past couple of months, with people spouting the same memes over and over again, people just posting a screen shot from their phone of an article going "lol" or using the same old copy paste thread "lol drumpf" or fucking facebook memes going "you cant dispute this."
Not to mention the constant kekspam which has greatly degraded Cred Forums so much that general constructive discussion is near-impossible.

So lets make some new rules for Cred Forums to try and make Cred Forums great again

Some suggestions
>New rules forcing people to link to screenshots of articles
>No more one word threads
>Filtering "kek" and it's variations to lessen shitposting
>Censoring final 3 digits (much like Cred Forums in 2010) to also lessen shitposting
>Changing the short Cred Forums-tier 15 second cooldown on images, replies, thread-making back to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 600 seconds respectively

Let's take our board back.

>qa thread

>hiro on /qa/

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Fixed broken crossboard link for /qa/ thread


let the market decide instead of imposing tyrannical authoritarian rules

>newfags shitposting and thinking Cred Forums is a meme board see newfags shitposting thinking Cred Forums is a memeboard ad-infinitum turning Cred Forums into another Cred Forums

Nice try, huemonkey.

So shitposting is perfectly fine?
Fuck off.

no faggot Cred Forums has been shit since the beginning


You will never stop us faggot this is our board now

Reminder submitting feedback could do some good:



>forgot to censor the cock


You can delete it, lad

usually i get a error but thanks it worked,

So yeah mods let us post this comic

How about fuck you faggot.
Quit trying to kill the board.
Go to another Cred Forums if you don't like the memes here.
Fucking immigrant redditfag.

Been here since 2013, don't know what you're talking about.

And I'm certain spamming the same cancerfrog memes for half a year doesn't equal meme-making, does that sound right?

>how dare you try and censor our pewdiepie threads you cuck

this picture reminds me someone

its fine, unclench your butthole

Go back home on reddit if you think this shit is fine.

>off-topic is in the up-tick as of late
You're definition of "fine" would make sense if we were Cred Forums.

if you really want to end the memes on Cred Forums that get repeated over and over again then you would need to start with :
>word filters for using embedded parenthesis: (((none of this)))
>word filter for "jews did it"
>word filter for "gas the"
>word filter for kike
>word filter for jews
>banning anyone that posts a shlomo shekelstein cartoon
>banning anyone who posts a ben garison altered cartoon

These memes are on much higher rotation on Cred Forums than any of the things you are complaining about. And a lot of what you are complaining about will end in about 2months once the election is over.

>let's fix Cred Forums by censoring everything I don't like

Isn't serious discussion what double chan pol is for?

Gee I wonder who's behind this post.
Even back when Cred Forums was mostly libertarians people weren't afraid to name the merchant.

>let's support reddit by importing more of them in
t. (You)

lmao. I'm not against it. Just pointing OP's faggotry and austism.


It's always like this around elections

your rules have only ever ended up being a vehicle for liberal enforcement, it has never actually helped improve a single board on Cred Forums

tl;dr go fuck yourself


The thing is the board actually has pretty good rules in the sticky that I think would really help the board if they were actually fucking enforced by mods. I distinctly remember getting a lot of my posts called out in the past by other users for being too shitposty or Cred Forums-tier in quality.

I think this board has reached a point of no return unless some serious changes are made. The other user made a good point that it's mostly election newfag reddit cancer that's shitting up the board with kek threads, but it's something that has started as far back as moot leaving the site.


>Let's take our board back.

>Been here since 2013
then you have no business with starting meta-threads demanding new rules you fucking newfag cuntnugget

fuck you and fuck this thread

>I need a venue to seriously discuss the Jews
>that venue is an anime discussion forum

do you never sleep

>The entire opposition in this thread except is "lol fuck you fag"

Wew lads

>the cuck from germany doesn't know that hiro said it was okay to make meta threads that are concerning shit like this

doesn't matter if it is a shrek dvd watching forum
if they allow freedom of speech and enough people flock there, it is a viable forum

I don`t give a fuck about what chinkmoot says

Meta threads were always cancer

>I don`t give a fuck about what chinkmoot says
So you're a redditor.

Not even that old of a guy to the site (but i am to the internet) but we need a larger moderation force for the Cred Forums-tier bait shit, maybe some limiters on the Kek stuff because even though i find it a bit entertaining, it slides actual discussion off the board if it's allowed to have actual threads, we should try to imitate cripplechan with how they usually keep it short, and isolated in threads instead of making ones

>imitate cripplechan
Or we can imitate Cred Forums. Cripplechan is filled with redditors.

No that doesn't lurk more faggot a forced meme is still a meme
>wew lad

I guess you are the kind of guy that replies "OMG hiro I love you best moot EVA pleaze recognize me!!!

If you don't like it here go to fulllchan quarterrchan or any of the other chans out there faggot.

Some link Achmed the pic comparing chink moot and sjw moot pls.

He's incompetent and let's the mods run wild. On the other hand, you sound like the faggot who acts like he's in the know but isn't.
>supporting going on different sites
Cancer. True cancer.

Rules won't fix anything, Cred Forums is a victim to it's own popularity. When the normalfags flood in quality decreases, it's that simple.

>everyone that doesn't hold my opinion= reddit
go back to tumblr, shitlord.

You meen Cred Forums's quality has sharply increased.
You're free to fuck off back to r3ddit if you don't like it, butthurt interloping kike faggot.

I've been here since 2003 and you're a nigger.


off by one

hang yourself nigger

Go back on reddit you kike. Faggots like you are the reason Cred Forums is going to the shitter.
Same to you, you disappointment.

>Filtering Kek.

Fuck off shill.

>HURRDURR I've been here since 2009 I'm older than you
Promptly fuck off.
People like you are the cancer and again PROMPTLY FUCK OFF.

>liking kek
Fuck off kike, stop supporting the sliding of threads.

>says I should give a fuck about the guy currently in charge of Cred Forums
>says he is incompetent in the next post
You have pretty low standards don`t you?

this basically. pepe in the mainstream has brought in normals... and a lot of /r9k/, a whole bunch of them in fact. And some Cred Forumstards as well, I would guess.

Why are you triggered by the fact I'm telling you to fuck off for supporting other chans you cunt?

>newfag acting like an oldfag acting like a newfag acting like an oldfag
I've seen your type since '06 you're not fooling anyone here.

His rules is his rules. He said it's fine so it's fine.

>If you haven't noticed Cred Forums's quality has deeply decreased over the past couple of months
Cred Forums has never been good.
Why do you think Moot had always considered deleting it (and why did he delete its predecessors)?

The irony.


You're confusing support with trying to rid this cancer ridden shithole of some of the cancer.
Do you not know where you are?I don't understand what you're saying here user are you calling me a newfag as well?

You ARE the newfag cancer, faggot.

No, I'm not confusing anything. All I'm seeing is some tumblrcunt who wants to sit on his ass and get upset, get "triggered" like a nigger when he's told to fuck off or stop supporting sites that aren't mine.

you sound triggered, my friend. perhaps you should post another tumblr entry to work through your toxic emotions.

As some other user has said, spoken like someone who hasnt been here for an election. Back on /new/ and when obama got his second term here on Cred Forums the sheer amount of shitposting was unbelievable up to almost a year before the election day. Its going to get so much worse after the upcoming election day for at least a few months, and then it will slowly die down and become stable till the next election.

Well thats like, your opinion man

Doesn`t change the fact that meta threads don`t change anything even with good intent, so they are meaningless.

Cred Forums is fine, it just grows at its own pace

The fuck is toxic?
And my opinion is right, yours isn't.

>Not knowing nu-Cred Forums is pre-08 Cred Forums
There's nothing to see here guys I'm just going to call everyone tublr/Reddit-fags so people think I've been here for longer than a few months.

>try and make Cred Forums great again

You can't, just look at how many people care more about 'le funny memes xdxdxd' instead of actual political discussion. This board got swarmed with reddit cancer long ago

You need to stop this shit.

you haven't given up yet, that's cute
here's how I would do it
>no ID's
>no flags
>no blogshit
>no KEK
>political talk only
>no news, that goes on /news/

So you think threads like this will magically make the mods impose new rules? Why do you think they would give a fuck? You are delusional

Again, the irony is palpable here, you couldn't be any more of an obvious interloper if you tried.

>So you think threads like this will magically make the mods impose new rules
If you keep fucking doing it they'll be bound to fucking listen.

>Filtering "kek" and it's variations to lessen shitposting

that fucker is trying to get us away frem kek our only hope to free the shakles of false order put upon us by the kin of moloch. he is trying to abondon kek in order for the owls to regain power. he must not succeed in doing so or the shackles will never be losened.

Yeah I'm not reading that shit. Also nice proxy leafnigger

>nu/pol/ is pre-08 Cred Forums
yeah pre-08 Cred Forums was full of moralfags and statists

Or they'll just ban you fucking outsider faggots like they should be doing.

>no news
so no [HAPPENING] threads then?

>supporting fake magic and pagan shit

Nah, IDs prevent people agreeing with themselves, they should be kept. And flags are fun.

I agree that Kek talk should be gotten rid of, it's really repetitive and boring. News talk should stay though, it's nice to have all the news relevant to us in the one place.

happening threads belong on Cred Forums and they were among the first reasons this board became shit

Calm down it's just election year pretty soon everyone will fuck off

The only outsiders are faggots like you who support reddtiors running around and ruining the fucking board.

Anybody remember the Cred Forums pantheon? When we praised different deities? Now all is by the will of Kek.

>happening threads belong on Cred Forums
I meant Cred Forums
ID's kill conversation because it's a newfag friendly feature.

>trying to moderate Cred Forums
Nice try JIDF

>they'll be bound to fucking listen
No they won`t, thats half the fun of being a mod I guess. Beside deleting cp they only tent to fuck up shit even more.

Things happen when you age from 16 to 24 Muhammed

ifor being fake the dems are pretty horryfied by him. also i dont trust him and he knows it. we just have a mutual agreement to support each other in the matter of getting the establishment gone without any further bindings. we just need every help we can get against them

>being an interloping cuckstain faggot
Yeah only a newfag like you would claim the board is being ruined when it's very obviously in its prime, if it wasn't then you wouldn't be here trying to subvert it with your textbook rules for radicals attempt.

>no flags
There should be optional ideological flags like before
>no KEK
Kek is one of the only good things about nu/pol/ desu
>political talk only
I wouldn't be quite so strict, loose encouragement to discuss politics would be enough
>no news
news and politics are too closely linked no to have news on a politics board, besides Cred Forums was the successor to /new/

>No they won`t
Then you have little faith.
Kek isn't real. He's a fake pagan shit that doesn't work.

>Yeah only a newfag like you would claim the board is being ruined when it's very obviously in its prime
Been here how many months you piece of trash?
Go choke on Trump's dick and stay the fuck away.

>[board] was never good

Cred Forums was in its prime mid to late last year into very early this year- that's when the most content and memes were being produced

That is, unless you joined in the last several months and this is the only Cred Forums you've known.

No shit, how does that mean nu/pol/ is anything like old Cred Forums though?
>talking about Tay and Trump on Cred Forums as if it's an oldfag thing

>being a nigger who wants to throw shit in the air and act like a frog did it

if you want memes and blogshit then you keep the board as is, if you want Cred Forums back you need to make drastic changes
this isn't something summer can fix, not now, not 1/2/3 years ago.

>against trump
>wants to turn Cred Forums into a reddit-tier hypercensored echocamber hugbox
I can tell how many months you've been here.
Same for you, nigger.
And you.

ITT: Kikes attempt to destroy Cred Forums (again)

>constant kekspam
>Filtering "kek" and it's variations to lessen shitposting

Burn the Heretic!

>your god is fake
>but mine is real!

Here we fucking go. Christcucks, I swear.

>Not knowing 70% of the content coming out of Cred Forums is made by Cred Forumstards

So you're talking about yourself.
Kek only came alive during the time cuck got filtered to kek :^)


It is but that doesn't make this board anything like pre-08 Cred Forums

Ban the mods so we return to the good old way of self-moderation, it wasn't that effective but its league better than having some unknown fucko whose allegiance are unknown be able to instantly delete threads that could be of great importance to political discussions.

That ''solution'' was literally shoved down our throat by Moot the penultimate cowardly faggot after he turned the entire board into Cred Forums 2.0 by inviting the entire site to spam here and removing any kind of captcha or post restriction, saying absolutely nothing to anyone about it for an ENTIRE FUCKING MONTH before saying ''lol it wuz just a joke anons!!1!'', jumping the boat not even a few weeks afterward. Fuck just thinking about it make me rage so much I could power an entire fucking lantern corp.


Cred Forums can only be fixed by one thing only:

Elimination of all jews.

Because without jews this place would just be Cred Forums.

Typical kike, go rub some shekels together at one of your numerous echochamber hugboxes and leave Cred Forums the fuck alone

Without Jews what would we discuss?

>this place would just be Cred Forums
In what way would that be a good thing?

>thinks I'm against Trump
>thinks I'm pro-leddit
>purely based on the fact I see frog god destroying all possible discussion with spam

>filtering "kek" and cracking down on bait threads
>a reddit-tier hypercensored echocamber hugbox

Nice try, there. The majority in this thread against any of the proposed ideas, such as you yourself, have the single response of "fuck you fag lol," AKA a non-argument.

That's because Cred Forums is like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

Cred Forums is already an echochamber you thick fuck

>Let's take our board back.

Know how I can tell you're a faggot?

I disagree with axing the IDs. You'd get the true believer stormfags and posters like the a few of the autists that are currently posting ITT same fagging themselves over and over. Then discussions would just devolve in to trying to call out samefagging and ppl posting (you)'s screenshots. A la Cred Forums a few years ago.

I could take or leave HAPPENING threads. I enjoy them but I don't think I would be upset if they existed. When they happen, its nice to see that mods actually exist. I just assumed that most on Cred Forums... that is to say the Cred Forums Hivemind love it's happening threads.

Way to not read, retard.
And there's a reason why the majority is against your subversion attempt.
Just as there's a reason why no one cares to give you "an argument" as a response to your niggerdom.
Fuck off.

>talking about Tay and Trump on Cred Forums as if it's an oldfag thing
It's more how much has changed in a year.

Tell me, newfriend, what is that reason?


>this is what outsider kikes trying to destroy Cred Forums actually believe
top hasbara

>>talking about Tay and Trump on Cred Forums as if it's an oldfag thing
I'm not surprised, since over 60% of Cred Forums hasn't been here for any more than a year.


the problem is Cred Forums is too high traffic right now to worry about samefagging or happening threads
it's just not manageable
either you split the board again or you limit usability and content
eventually unless something is done all high traffic boards turn to shit

case in point

it's mostly /r/le_donald ledditors who came for le ebin pay-pay frogs

you could just ban talking about jews and anything jewish related on Cred Forums and have the same effect with less effort. :^)

Right know Cred Forums together with the typical "hobby" boards (/ck/, Cred Forums etc) are the only ones worth lurking. But I must say for some time Cred Forums has taken the throne and I don`t know the last time when I had that much fun with a board.... so I guess some thing still chance for the better over time

The reason is the fact that you aren't from here, you're an outsider to the culture trying to destroy it, you're the rapefugee looking for gibsmedats and wyte wimmenz. If you don't like Cred Forums there's only a million other places where you can get what you're trying to impose on Cred Forums.

Cred Forums became high traffic specifically for every reason you're trying to fuck with, which is why you're trying to fuck with it, because you can't stand Cred Forums's success, because you're a butthurt kike

This. Although I don't agree with removing happening threads, I think some restriction need to be brought back to lessen the shitposting.
As stated, the cooldown for posting was was shortened to 15 seconds during Cred Forums harbor back in 2014 when moot nuked the board and hasn't been changed back since.

>because you can't stand Cred Forums's success
if success is a total lack of actual discussion then yes, Cred Forums is very successful

Oh it's the uppity newfag again. Posts disregarded

>anarchy on the internet works

>(((actual (((discussion))))))

Just for fun.
Turn off your filters and count how many blogshit threads are up right now.
You'll need both fingers and toes.

That's what kikechan Cred Forums is, this is just an alt-right hub. This place is for spouting memes. If you want real discussion from NatSocs you need to go to 8 ch.

>tfw the libertarian-natsoc alliance has been replaced with le altistic right
>tfw Ben Garrison's cartoons aren't being edited (yes I know they agree with us but they could still be made far more white supremacist, he made anti-Obongo and pro-Paul cartoons back in the day but Cred Forums managed to "improve" those)
>tfw Doom Pauls and A. Wyatt Mann cartoons are a rarity
>tfw Cred Forums is now closely linked to large subleddits which it has a large number of users in common with Cred Forums dead?

t. Mordecai Levi-Bergsteinwitzgoldmanshoah

Stop this fucking meme, only cucks say shit like that.

>Filtering "kek" and it's variations to lessen shitposting
But OP, we're fucking up this entire election with Kek and Pepe, and it is glorious.

The rest I agree with though.

Not if you push down deluded newfags like who believe Cred Forums is a second Cred Forums.

Pic-related describes the phenomena we're seeing right now.

It's ok, if hiroshima nagasake falls for these kikes' attempts at breaking the containment field, then we'll all just migrate to 8 ch and the autists there will get triggered and retaliate here and elsewhere in turn.

Fucking kikes just can't into the streisand effect.

>over the past couple of months

It went to shit during the zimmerman trial, OP. Don't fool yourself.

What's wrong with Cred Forums growing? An active community is far better than the 5 people samefagging.

Because Cred Forums has become a problem for (((them)))
This is far from the first time (((they)))'ve attempted to destroy Cred Forums

Idk... I guess I'm just more zen about it all. I enjoy the moment for what it is. IMO, you can't have deep political discussions when it's election season because emotions are high. I remember it being just as bad with all the Ron Paul stuff in 08 but it was just a different kind of bad.

Because if it keeps growing it becomes a behemoth that spews shit.

I'm aware of that. It recovered afterwards slowly (though there was some scarring) mostly because then, Cred Forums wasn't as large a board.
Now Cred Forums is flush with redditors, newfags, normies, and Cred Forumstards, and I'm worried after the election year, unlike in 2012, that they won't filter out.

the imageboard model works poorly for large populations
I'd say the ideal is somewhere between /biz/ and Cred Forums.
But if you can't see that I guess it's not worth pointing out.

But Kek has been a pretty good thing really.

Yes who cares if it's full of ledditors spamming nonsense and circlejerking about a meme ideology they invented, far better than current events discussion between a smaller number of people from a variety of (generally anti-globalist) viewpoints along with original memes.

it's one thing to have 5 or so threads up about the election but it's another to have half the catalog full of memes and that's not including shitposting

Everything you claim to want already exists on 8/pol/, fuck off to there.

It's always been spewing shit, but there've always been diamonds in the rough that made it worthwhile and there still are. That's what Cred Forums has always been like and always will be like.

>implying Cred Forums before 2015 was 5 people samefagging and barely productive

>using this as an excuse to bring in more newfags

Literally the same argument lefties have for flooding in migrants from Mexico/the Middle East (muh collective GDP, muh low population growth).

8/pol/ is just as circlejerky as this one has become if not moreso

Why the fuck are you shilling for redditchan you autistic fucktard?
>but there've always been diamonds in the rough that made it worthwhile
There isn't any, and all you're seeing is fake diamonds that shit up the board.


8pol suffers from the opposite, not enough traffic
and they also tend to just copy shit they see coming out of Cred Forums because a lot of them use both

jeez dude, it was trolling you earlier but christ you need to calm the fuck down

>always been diamonds in the rough that made it worthwhile
The only people I ever see that say this are /r/Cred Forums redditors that see Cred Forums through "le epic screencaps xd"

desu I've no idea how big /biz/ and Cred Forums are in actual numbers.

No, why the fuck should I calm down when shit like this is allowed to fucking spawn forth and act like they know. And shitpost on there phones like the fucking autists they are. It's despicable, it's disgusting.

>8pol suffers from the opposite, not enough traffic
Oh, I get it now, you want to destroy Cred Forums so tha 8/pol/ gets a pulse and have Cred Forums become the autismo hugbox.
It would be backwards as fuck because firetireschan can't handle our traffic, but ok.

>Cred Forums is serious business

Autist detected

This is arguably the most reddit-tier post I've seen all day. Not memeing or anything, like legit this post reads exactly like some crap off reddit.

Why don't you go back home on reddit then?
Kill yourself you fucking shill.

I love when telling the truth is ((("trolling")))

Then every general and fact-dump on Cred Forums is reddit-tier. I'm just using the format that they use, lad.

We aren't flooding in kikes and Muslims though. We're bringing in right-wing redditfags and converting them to natsoc Cred Forumsacks. They may be cringey and retarded, but they aren't cucks or libs.

don't worry, I'm sure everyone thinks you fit in

Or you could go get a life instead of worrying about an image board

lol, ok friend.

oh cmon. this is the reason we stick around. it's for the diamonds in the rough thing. and it's not to repost on reddit it's what makes Cred Forums worth while.

The fuck are you on? All I want is reddit out.

Those screencaps aren't faked though. They were real posts, and fucking hilarious ones at that. They perfectly fit the definition of diamonds in the rough.

>All I want is reddit out.
So get then

>right-wing redditfags
>converting them to natsoc Cred Forumsacks
Tell me the last time you ever saw an thriving, continually-existing NatSoc thread, or Libertarian thread on Cred Forums?

I'm not the one shilling for redditchan, you fucking yid.

yes very good, say cuck again that'll sure show them you've been here at least 2 months


>said the man, whilst berating a fellow member of the selfsame image board

There's almost always a natsoc general.
And the lolbertardian meme got grown out of ages ago.
You really are new here.

Pre-election. People are too busy focusing on the election to pay much heed to anything else. Once the election ends then Natsoc will come back.

Also, you gotta remember that while Trump, Le Pen and the rest of the far-right aren't Natsoc, they're a hell of a lot closer to Natsoc ideals than any other politicians out there. By discussing them and trying to get them elected, we're supporting the Natsoc movement.

They breed redditors trying to come here to see more "le epik diamond in rough xd."

pls delete this goyi... I mean fellow 4chiner, you should delete this post.

rofl, jew move number 1, take control of the forum.

And they either get bored or become one of us. It's not damaging to have a steady stream of Redditors coming in, they'll always either become real Cred Forumsacks or leave. The issue is when you get shittons of them all at once, like we've gotten this election. When you get too many at once, they change the board to suit themselves instead of changing themselves to suit the board. Things'll get better after the election ends though, when a lot of the /r/The_Donald fags fuck off again.

>newfags replying with "fuck you fag xd"
>a fellow member of the selfsame image board

>seekrit kluhb

nigger the libertarian-natsoc alliance is one of the best things in Cred Forums's history and I say that as someone who's believed in both of those ideologies in the past. Also goodgoy Gary Johnson libertarianism is cancer for 13 year olds but only a pozzed gibsmedat cuck would hate Hoppean libertarianism.



your new is showing

Natsoc and libertarianism are completely incompatible. They're almost opposites.

Memes Johnson isn't even a libertarian, but libertarianism isn't possible without the world already being an all-white utopia with no scheming interloping kikes to fuck everything up.

Let me explain to you idiots who want to make this board a static boring piece of shit.

It won't work. It will never work and it shouldn't be what a few want. The lurkers decide what they want. And what you see as 200+ posts is what they want. Your idea of a civil, serious board is a joke. Both sides should have equal say On this board. Trolls should have their say on this board. Bait and slide threads should exist. If you get mad, blame the lurkers. Not the mods. They ban what needs to be banned...i.e.relationship threads, blatant nigger cock threads and repost/spam threads.

Hiro threw you all a bone and made you think these meta threads will have any sway.

Pro-tip from someone who has been here since 2004 and has evolved to a gate keeper...Cred Forums is fine the way it is.

You don't like it, cry more bitch nigggah. Your tears tend to be the tastiest.

Pic related, the bans you claim that never happen

Fucking spoiled ass bitches

>he doesn't remember the days when Cred Forums had a Libertarian-NatSoc alliance
>chalks up with a statement about their base ideologies being separate

>libertarianism isn't possible without the world already being an all-white utopia with no scheming interloping kikes to fuck everything up.
Now you're getting it.

>And they either get bored or become one of us.
Well that explains it.
This isn't actually a place to talk politics but some kind of sect where you have to post frogs and pretend to like Hitler.
How exactly do you become "one of us"? Do you have to post anime with Trump hats in the general or post PRAISE KEK 3 times a day in a random thread?

>waaah I can't handle free speech

Right wing Retards Blown the fuck out YET AGAIN

>Cred Forums is fine the way it is
Fuck off it isn't. It's filled with fucking redditors you faggot.

go read some Hoppe faggot
>what is anticommunism
>who was Pinochet
>what is Cred Forums being more than one person and not a completely one-sided circlejerk

>tfw when you actually like the anime in trump hats even though you've never made them or posted them.

They won't ever understand, because they're
1) new
2) butthurt
3) kikes
4) on a payroll to do this shit
Thankfully hiro isn't a newfag, though I imagine he's never had to deal with this my crying even when he ran 2channel.

taking pol this seriously kinda makes you sound retarded OP lmao

You become one of us by getting redpilled and abandoning stupid fucking reddit memes.

Never once did I claim mods don't do their duties. In fact, due to the rise in traffic on Cred Forums they've been over-encumbered with moderating Cred Forums.
There needs to be some restriction to uphold the rules that Cred Forums has regarding off-topic and shitposting, and 4 of the 5 suggested can be employed without physical moderation.

Rule by mob is what killed Cred Forums in the first place, turning it into normie central, and the unwritten rules, which made spotting newfags easy, being forgotten made it into an even bigger shithole.

>Cred Forums is a democracy
let's play "spot the newfag"



Freedom, you nigger. Learn it.

why is it that ozzies and leafs post the most annoying bullshit but it still makes laugh?

but it is a hivemind that evolves over time because ppl come and go. If you fuck with the natural process too much, you will kill it.

Yes and it's you jackass gypsy

>muh no flags
>muh no ID
>muh no Jew hate
>muh serious place for discussion
>muh no more race hate threads
>muh things I don't like shouldn't be here

Cocks, you need to stuff more in your mouth gyspy trash

well yes it does, what we have here is the aftermath of moot being a fag

Yes and guess what homo, you're the Reddit piece of shit faggot.

>muh restrictions
>muh ban shit I don't like even if everyone replies
>muh want to be anonymous because muh country is garbage and should be mocked to death
>muh secret place for serious discussion

You do know a frog, the biggest pile of shit meme, has been embraced by the real world

Your little serious discussion shit Cred Forums would get zero relevance outside of here.

It's sad the shit posters have more of an effect than Reddit up vote cocks like you could ever have

Also, a reminder submitting feedback could do some good:


>Changing the cooldown destroying the dynamism of Cred Forums.



This is the lamest shit I've ever seen, the OP should be permanently banned. Sabotage threads posing as 'fixing' Cred Forums, jesus fucking christ.

The cooldown shortening came when moot nuked Cred Forums and flooded it with shitposters. Before, the cooldowns were longer.



Everyone report this fucking CTR thread.

get fucked cunt

Does no one in this place remember pic related holy fuck we made it through that, this is nothing
i. No Captcha
ii. No timing limit
iii. lots of posts getting deleted.
iv. Some words redacted when posting.
Ex: Moot -> The CEO of Troll Inc.; cuck -> cluck
other examples: Cred Forums -> tumblr ; racewar -> Love and Tolerance ; tumblr -> Cred Forums ; free -> hot pockets ; jew -> happy merchant ; mods -> dubs
v. Unrelated threads stickied.

And censoring us does not work was tried and failed, fucking luggage lad

>Your little serious discussion shit Cred Forums would get zero relevance outside of here.
Your point is? Seriously, you just seem to be leaning towards turning Cred Forums into and "epik meme central xD" that everybody knows about- the same shit that killed Cred Forums in the first place.

This is the aftermath of that, Cred Forums has never gone back to how it was before then.

wow you can't read that's impressive considering you typed that out
you can have perfectly sensible discussion while being racist
but of course you'd rather spout memes, well done you fit perfectly with nu-Cred Forums

Cred Forums has never been the same since then. It's been filling up with newfags ever since.

ya true that bro but brit/pol/ lead the way through that man I remember

now your just making me sad

Yes. I want more people to come here. I want you mummies to be wiped off this place because you being absolutely nothing to the table. The newfags will be redpilled as usual. And perhaps they will make more of a dent in this stupid reality than a majority of NEET wizards on here that use this place to bitch and whine about change but do nothing. Instead you post how much you hate women, niggers and Jews but offer no solution. I'm tired of this board being treated as some psychologist here to mend your wounds from the blue pilled world. Rhetoric is weak and tiring. Attention and waves is the future. Be it through a retarded meme, or whatever...the voice of the few remaining level headed people needs to expressed and not hidden just so a bunch of self righteous faggots can argue amongst themselves.

This place is bigger than you and me. So deal with it.

sounds good to me senpai

Yeah then like a month later brit/pol/ moved to noncechan and now all we have left here are some Tory voting memelords.


I'll admit, I cringed.

Kek posting is easily the biggest cancer I've seen on this board since its inception.

It does everything Cred Forums is supposed to hate
>Off topic
>lures in underage memers from other sites
>Slides threads
>Disrupts on topic discussion

And dumbest of all for a meme that has taken over the board there's hardly any OC related to it. It's just people spamming the same 5-10 images to death with the exact same words.

It contributes nothing to the board, and if you want to do it there are other places for it.

My only request is that they ban people like the Norwegian who posts constant pasta threads one after another for hours every day.

>complains about memes

Fucking dumb ass gyspy

Everyone's concern here should be first and foremost preventing censorship. The janitors/mods rarely if ever censor conversations and this is stupid rare on the internet. We can deal with the sludge that's the tradeoff of free speech. People in here need to be careful for what they wish for.

>Cred Forums has literally become anoneemoose central for people who want to change the world by sitting behind their computer doing nothing
stop it user, I'm dying

You're a bitch
Who cares hick

Kek, we thank you for the many shads you bestow upon us in your Goodness and Generosity.

We thank you for the God Emperor Trump

In your Power, we delight.



We serve you forever.

Smite our CTR enemies, for they are heretics and fags.

Let the blood of 88 AIDS monkeys rain upon them.



>I'm dying

I wish. But unfortunately you have your place In this sorry world gypsy


Cred Forums is an anonymous collective.

We recognize no Gods but One.

We call Him, "Kek", though his true name has infinite letters and are never in the same order.

He bestows upon us many shads, thus we praise Him.




>we are anomalous
>we are region
>forgive and forget
>expecto patronum

holy autism will le altistic right meme ever end?

>thread is no longer bumping despite being under 300 replies

Really makes you think.


Yes that you're a paranoid shill


If you haven't noticed, literally 98/100 threads are posted by a bot.

OPs can't bump their own threads here, newfag.
And everyone else is sageing it with their replies.
Fuck off already.

>he thinks I don't know that
>thread doesn't bump after a more dedicated person in the thread posts

Have you ever been banned from Cred Forums and for what reason were you banned OP?

Anyone have any experience with paedochan's /politics/ board?

Never, lad, though I have been given warnings from time to time.

It just got bumped by this guy and now it's on page 3
You would be so much happier on firetireschan but yet you have to come here trying to take over and ban everything you don't like.
Typical (((SJW)))

if you don't mind almost nonexistant traffic then it has some pretty good threads

>shit-tinted glasses

There's a reason why it has almost nonexistant traffic.
Hint: it's because it does everything (((you))) and your (((friends))) are advocating for.
You have to go back.

>no more one word threads
except WE or WUZ

>it's because it does everything (((you))) and your (((friends))) are advocating for
pedochan is pretty much unregulated so I'm gonna call you a retard now

For what did you get warnings for?

Must have not been that bad since the mod took time to actually think about it other than just banning you for no other reason than being a dick

>holy autism will le altistic right meme ever end?

Infiniti never ends, you Common Core Tea Nigger faggot.

Several times for over-reporting roll threads and a couple more for posting porn-related images

>anchorchan is unregulated
top taqiyyah, abu achmed bin al-wafflestani

what the fuck are you talking about?

Okay that's not bad. I don't understand the rule against reporting out loud. The porn one makes sense due to the never ending BBC thread made in Cred Forums 1.0 and the beginning of this Cred Forums

GUYS, OP is a CLINTORIS SHILL trying to undermine the power of KEK. No post numbers would mean that we don't know KEK's will. Furthermore censoring his name would destroy the temple of Cred Forums.

He's coming.

I'm still reading through the thread but I just wanted to say thanks before it 404ed.

I personally recommend posting more natsoc stuff.


If I get singles, Kek disagrees with you

If I get doubles, he disagrees too..

we already have /natsoc/ like everyday

The frog god MUST be followed. For he is the only true path to salvation.
All praise Kek!
Shadilay! Shadilay!
Kek is our path to righteousness!

How to solve Cred Forums

>Ban kek memers
>Ban Trump memers

Wowie zowie, that was easy.

If you aren't reading 88cthan, you're a gayjewfag.

And, probably Canadian, too.

Yes, but it's become contained to those boards.
It used to be more common to see natsoc ideals as norm in most of the threads.
The people new to this board don't really want to dive into it and prefer to see it as a cartoon character.
They'd rather stick to the Trump/alt-right media narrative and not go any further.
The kek worship has been fun but it's also been compromised by the msm. To me it has become totally stale. That's just my opinion. Thanks.

contained to those threads*

hey isnt that pewds wjth a hoodie

>Filtering "kek" and it's variations to lessen shitposting
>Censoring final 3 digits (much like Cred Forums in 2010) to also lessen shitposting
>Changing the short Cred Forums-tier 15 second cooldown on images, replies, thread-making back to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 600 seconds respectively

These are all excellent suggestions and should be implemented immeidately.

Filter Kek to Hillary for ultimate neckbeard rage.

>with people spouting the same memes over and over again
you will never fix it

it's the mods

i blitzed this board and started the "really makes you think" meme to deal with it

also i started the
>1 post by this ID

the mods are against this board

somebody post that cuck mod hillary intern that we outed a while back

The original was infinitely Good, but because of Common Core Marths and Meme Magic, someone made it better.



>I started the 1 post by this ID

No you didn't. I did.

When I think of the jews, I do not think about ovens.

I think about how to make those ovens bigger and hotter.

Yes I fucking did newb.

Nope. I created it. So unless you post some proof shut up beta faggot

>telling the truth is a meme

The proof is that I used this woman in my memes.

Go on the archive and check 'em.

How do you include all that shit but not flags? Flags are the reason why this board is Cred Forums 2.0 trash. Half of the memes are purely flag related.

Cred Forums is not dead

T h I c C

You do realize there are no upvotes here, right?

Yep actually it was the pro-gook woman bait that was sometimes on the board 4 threads at once that made me simultaneously realize the mods are posting the bait, and that something needed to be done.

Remember this fucker?

A fucking leaf

are you kidding m8

I started that shit with a legit pic and not some girl pic

Check the archive troll

o no you di'in

Kek will not be filtered.

Kek cannot even be contained.

Moot really was a faggot, huh? Glad I wasn't around for that.

he's still a faggot

hiroyuki doesn't exist

it's a conglomerate of high-tech intel startups like palantir and ad firms like google that owns this board

just so you all know

I don't think the number is that high but I often suspect at least half of them are. This board has been compromised and doesn't realize how mainstream it has become.

I believe it.

God damned thing of it is, even though Google and the NSA all know who we are, they don't seem willing to do more about it than post cuck bait all the time.

Really makes you think.

Maybe we can black box their ROE here?

It's ironic that you should decry the posting of cuckbait when you're spamming a huge coalburner.

It's the same with everything else.
They don't mind if there's a small hardcore percentage of people here that are actually exposing the truth as long as the majority goes in whatever direction suits them.
I believe Trump suits them. I believe they've compromised "kek" and "frogposting" or whatever.

I think more natsoc needs to get posted because to me its the real heart of Cred Forums culture and is anti-american. We need an extremist political theory in order for people to scrutinize the content posted here more thoroughly.
Either way the board's probably going to stay shit until a few months after the election is over.

The one photo of her with a black guy is with her homosexual photographer cuck boy.

Anyway we all know your wife's son is black.

Actually, there were several of us who picked up on this at about the same time. I was the one who started the generals about it, which we had up every night for about a week, and they actually worked.

>google and nsa or some other (((blackbag))) are doing anything at all on Cred Forums
the only ppl that have it in for Cred Forums are a few old fag trannies that mod on /lgbt/ and a few other boards. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if some are of jewish descent but that's about it.

>It's the same with everything else.
>They don't mind if there's a small hardcore percentage of people here that are actually exposing the truth as long as the majority goes in whatever direction suits them.

But I don't think they are at all. Most of the bait threads are nearly unengaged except by the poster.

Tell me if you've seen this:
OP: >1 post by this ID
then you'll get a helpful person posting what is couched as a well thought out response, this guy's the thread good cop. He's simply the OP.

then you get BOTH, a bunch of newbs and ALSO an 'expert' opposition member whose arguments are all couched in fallacy

he's also the OP, his job is to lead the newbs into believing the good cop by being clever, but also retarded.

>I believe Trump suits them. I believe they've compromised "kek" and "frogposting" or whatever.

not at all, it infuriates them and since there are a shit ton of premade very 'redpilled' pepes out there it makes it even worse for the mind wranglers

>I think more natsoc needs to get posted because to me its the real heart of Cred Forums culture and is anti-american. We need an extremist political theory in order for people to scrutinize the content posted here more thoroughly.

natsoc is dead, hitler's dead, etc

that shit's just bait to portray us as racist anti-semitic nazis

we are a board of peace

>Either way the board's probably going to stay shit until a few months after the election is over.

people are being paid big bucks to make sure it is

yeah you my friend did a lot more than I did

you get a hundred tendies and ten good boy points

not even joking

>he only ppl that have it in for Cred Forums are a few old fag trannies that mod on /lgbt/ and a few other boards
not true at all

Nah, just a link the the source they are posting their thread about is sufficient.
The rest of your shit is crap.