Which one of you did this?

Which one of you did this?

tl;dr: 5 nazi flag were found around in a small town northern norway, everybody is shocked, the hate crime is reported to the police and they are gonna do everything they can to backtrace the nazi who did it


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It was I all along.

>owning an old flag
Is this real life? I thought it was only Germany with these kind of laws

They are trying so hard

It's just some fucking flag holy shit

>a flag shows up
>immdiatelly it's a hate crime
fucking jews

Pretty common throughout Europe I thought, although am sure there are more of them and the consequences more severe in Germany.

What like how owning a confederate flag in the USA is racist

it's legal to own it, but it's illegal to use it. you can get up to 3 years in prison for it

ah, gode gamle Norge. Der det å eie et naziflagg er det samme som å være nazist, og det å provosere folk med det offentlig er det samme som hatkriminalitet.

>rape white underaged girl
Community service
>fly old irrelevant flag
>being called a racist
Bit of a difference there desu sunshine.

It's not the German Nazis who decided to give away the Norwegian's country to third world people.

>Scandinavian architecture
>Viking masterrace

I have seen a lot of people using the Dixie and I have never heard of anyone being arrested for it.

Are all buildings that shitty in norway?


I have flag, I bought it in a store so it's probably legal

What did the clerk say when you bought it?

Was Quisling based?

He should have if the jews want to persecuted nazis in norway soo much


why didn't you just say "find"

>hacker named Cred Forums

He was a Paki, I wanted the Kreigsmarine but he said "is this okay?" Its a grenadiers legion if I remember correctly.
I was in there a few months ago and they still had it for sale

And they left a copy of this book!

>implying that some flags aren't symbols of oppressive, cruel, evil white supremacist regimes
>implying it's not offensive to the descendants of these regimes' victims to use these flags in a public setting

The eternal Leaf strikes again

Let's ban the Turkish flag then.

how the fuck do they 'trace' this shit?
brb gonna plaster all public spaces with nazi flags just because

As a Quebeker, I feel offended and oppresed by the use of the current Canadian flag because its disregard my nation important in the founding of Canada.

So when are you going to pull down the flag, fukin square head?

only 1800 people live there, they can probably rule out women, people with jobs, people too fat and too old to climb a building. then there's probably like 3 left, one of them did probably send a threatening letter to some muslim politician or something and there's your suspect

All flags are just colored cloth

>displaying a flag is a hate crime
>checks flag
Oh, pozway, checks out.
Hope your country gets glassed for being a bunch of pozzed faggots desu.
I have yet to see a single pozway poster who wasn't a pozze out faggotfuck bitchnigger piece of shit.

kek, but if they do not have a hard physical evidence its just their word against the other guy who can just say 'nope I didnt, innocent till proven guilty, fuck off cunts'

Shut it faggette, secede and have a famine or be quiet and accept your special snowflake province title

and then they check their bank statements and it says that he has used 57 USD in an ebay store that sells historical flags last month and then they've got him

banks are required to send all foreign transactions to the authorities, so they have probably found him before lunch tomorrow

They only proved he went to a fucking store, not that he committed a crime.
>you went to a store therefore you will be executed today at noon
Am I reading a Kafka novel or what the fuck is going on, do people really think this is how the world works? What if the government plants a nazi flag somewhere and now they can arrest anyone who went to a store...?

Why would they put up the flag of an occupying power?

How is it not free speech to fly it?

except it's not

>girl buy designer bag in NYC
>walk through customs
>says it was a gift
>customs check her currency transactions
>they see she used 4000 USD in a designer store in NYC
>they take her bag
>they give her a fine

if you're on unemployment benefits or if you're on sick leave, they do also check the currency register to see if you have gone on holiday

Well who is talking about welfare here, when it comes to crime, you have to actually commit a fucking crime to be charged with one. The fact a guy went and bought a nazi flag legally, is not a crime. Even if you are a suspect they can detain you for x hours and after that no police in any democracy has any lawful right to hold you anywhere, they must either convict you in a court or you can sue the living shit out of them for violating your rights such as freedom of movement and so on.

>we found a corpse, stab wound
>k lets just arrest a guy who bought or owns a knife