Are these the best states to live in as a white man?

Are these the best states to live in as a white man?

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New york. Beautiful women everywhere and tons of shit to do

Oh i forgot Cred Forums is full of virgins that live in their moms basement yeah a empty flyover state will do


None. It's time to leave, I'm going to the Czech Republic.

Fuck of Sven, and work on uncucking your nation before you even come here.

(But yes it is)

>empty flyover state
What the fuck do you want? A city full of niggers and spics and general sjw trash?

If thats "interesting" for you, then I have som bad news for you

As far as I know, the whitest states in America are the ones in OP's pic, the most north-eastern states, and Alaska.

I would say yes but it's really no man's land once Yellowstone erupts or whatever that volcano is out there

cringy af desu

>allowing your prime areas to fall and retreating to the desolate shitholes where its frozen 10 months out of the year
Lol. Just like the native americans

I mean this is a silly thread on it's own, but Idaho? You know the Mormons run the place right?

No, it is utah for sure.

Yay someone actually grouped us all together as the most based states in the Union.

But no, stay out, we're full.

Who? The beta cucks that want to rot in The sub arctic tundra because theyvare scared of seeing a black person every now and then?

There's nothing here.
Stay out.

Are you triggered friendo?

Do you happen to be of black pigmentation?

Washington and Oregon are fine as long as you live outside of King country for Washington and nowhere near Portland for Oregon.

>NY, beautiful women everywhere

First question they ask on a date after you sit at the table (100 dollar dinner) - what do you do and what area you live in

>New York, beautiful women tons of shit to do

Anywhere with few blacks and hispanics is nice.

Just look at any state, county, or city map of race percentage vs crime per capita. There's almost always a pattern.

Nebraska should be included op other then that good map but be aware of the large population of Indians in western south Dakota

This is true. Posting from NYC now. The proportion of females who are models here is just ridiculous. And there's an oversupply of women, so you go on tinder and it's like being in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. There's no better place in the US to be a heterosexual male (who isn't poor).

I just want peace, quiet and privacy

Not even close im just not gonna exile myself because im scared of them like you are
Meh theres like 10 million women in the NYC area and tons of easy tourists and immigrants. feels good

West Virginia

It's the last bastion of freedom on near the east coast of US.

Beautiful nature and friendly white people.

Cred Forumsacks would rather stare at cows, sheep and 4/10 midwestern girls that wont give them the time of day anyway cause they think theyre hot shit. Just let jamal have the big city with stuff to do and actual attractive women lol

I hope you're not suggesting white flight to already red states.

If anything, white men need to move to blue states so we can swing the votes.

You're also forgetting Maine New Hampshire and Vermont. Also just white people.

>eastern washington (besides yakima)
>northern idaho (silverwood is nice this time of year)
>montana (no blacks)
>Alaska (black percentage may seem a bit high but thats only in anchorage)
>northern wyoming (southern is boring af desu)
>North dakota (yeah I guess)
>south dakota (comfy in the summer)
Basically western montana will keep you within range of most of these so thats your best option.

No. North Carolina or bust.

Not land locked
Nice weather
Live by Lake Norman
Haven't seen a minority in about a week (excluding gas stations)

This is what im talking about. New york needs trump supporters! Ive already gotten family to register to vote

What happened to Vermont, New Hampshire and Northern Maine?

I'm not "scared" of niggers. I'm scared for the future of my children. What morals will they inherit by living in a degenerate city like NYC? Or country like Sweden?

I'll be in the first line when the civil war in any European country/USA starts, until then I have important things to think about

Wisconsin. Just stay out of the north side of Milwaukee (that's the only place where blacks are, milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the US and they all stay to the north side. south side is hispanics, east is rich whites.)

It's mostly white people and there's tons of shit to do. Wisconsin dells, good beer, brats, cheese and other food all across the states. We have 4 seasons to experience.

It helps if you have a little bit of money, but you don't have to be rich. Just enough money to buy yourself a cocktail is enough for a date. Maybe $15 before tip or $10 if you go to a decent happy hour.

I'm in the East Village -- it's definitely my favorite place to live. And truly, there are a billion cool things you can do here, whatever your interests might be.

>Beautiful women everywhere
true but it's expensive as shit and forget starting a business here.

>spend youth in city
>get qt FOB wifey
>move to smaller city or suburb
Literally flawless plan

cucked by liberal sjws. tons of niggers flocking to these states too.

>Cred Forumsacks would rather stare at cows, sheep and 4/10 midwestern girls that wont give them the time of day
I know. This is why Cred Forums leans predominantly toward permavirginity or homosexuality / transitioning to be a trap. Female models can be a little bit intimidating but they can be a lot of fun as well! I'm going to keep on enjoying the wonderful candy store that is NYC and make sure I never become a poor whining butthurt faggot in the midwest.

i live in new york

dont come here, niggers, candians, spics, and ghetto white girls who use ebonics unironically

is it really that much

FUCK OFF my thread shills

I feel like large percentages of true White Americans live in the rural areas though and have large stockpiles of guns and ammo.

Washington is great. My sister lives there in Tacoma. Absolutely beautiful. Mountains, woods, ocean. White people everywhere. Low crime rate.

No, there are some in the big city of Burlington, VT. Pop. 42,452 (2015).

I'm glad to hear it, but you're going to need a lot of men to swing that NYC vote.

Go to idaho or Montana
I'm from California and I took a toad trip up there and holy shit nobody lives there, hardly crowded, nice people
I also never saw anything other than white people
Needless to say depression set back in when I returned to the California shit run molasses freeways and everyone having a shitty attitude

I know you want someone to present a compelling argument for why the south-east corner of North Dakota is the most fantastically good place to live in the whole world because it doesn't have the cultural elements that make your anus palpitate, but really you should just accept that the most interesting and successful people in the world mostly choose to base themselves in a handful of fantastic megacities in which you can live whatever kind of life you choose, from conservative to liberal to radical-experimental or whatever else. Most people want to live in these places, though most people have to compromise in live in a middling-boring medium-sized center where there was a mid-level job available and you just try to eke out a satisfactory existence. It's just life, dude. You don't need to get so mad about your lack of professional and financial success.

Tacoma, low crime rate. Kek.

The only thing keeping me here instead of moving to Montana, is my love for my country.

>Be me
>Living in Greensboro
>Blacks every where, literally ruining everything.
>Even rich blacks are assholes
>Graduate from High School, start at NCSU
>Expect things to be better, they arnt
>Enlist in army
>Finish contract
>Go to school in South Dakota for mining engineering
>MFW I am currently living in Montana with a full time job and I haven't seen a single black person for 3 years now.

Interesting. I know there are Somalis coming in, but most reports say they all go to maine

>Go to idaho or Montana
Stay out
You fuckers keep coming here and ruining the fact that there's nobody here


Alaska is the only true American State

Don't lump Idaho in with your welfare eating hippie states.

But i DO want to work a mid-level engineering job. I dont want to live in a megacity full of stress and crime around me. I just want to click in at 9 and leave at 5, enter my white friendly neighbourhood, come home to a loving white wife and 3 loving white children

Why do you just expect everyone to want action non-stop?

>claims he can get women in the city
>but can't get a 4/10 woman

If a woman is willing to sleep with jamal, she clearly doesn't care who she sleeps with.

Idaho is great if you're white and love guns, but it has some of the shittiest labor laws in the country.

Plus in WV you still have convenient access to all the urban hellholes in MD, PA, OH, VA, etc if you want to go to sports, entertainment, etc without living in an urban warzone.


Having lived in major metropolitan East Coast cities and flyover state "cities", pulling attractive women is waaaaay harder in the latter. When 90% of the women are obese cows, the pussy value for those few 7-10s is through the roof.

American traitor detected. You deserve to be send to Guantanamo Bay for forgetting that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Also, for a cool perspective on our country's history, get to know Hamilton: The Musical. It tells a great story about how what makes the US different is the scope and range of its early arrivals.

>not getting a qt Dominican gf

yeah the rural areas are perfect. it's just the main cities they are going to.

I just passed through on my way to Yellowstone
10/10 state you got there though

i mean yeah but there are so many fucking canadians here its hard to find a thicc af brown girl

>life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
>not life, liberty, property
You're the traitor here.

Here's a map of every state that accepts or denies Syrian refugees.


Orange County, CA is much better. Beach bunnies and open air rather than dirty, smelly NYC. Low/no homeless. Very conservative county as well - 3 cities make the top 25 most conservative cities in the country.

Bonus points for Newport.

Why are you so mediocre? Why do you not want to achieve something significant, important, or memorable in your life?

As a wonderful singer once said, you must remember that life was made for living.

Montana is the the best,
Living in small town west of billings, living the god damn dream. No race conflicts, culture is homogenized, every one is white, biggest complaint are the fucks from CO trying to take over.
This is the last strong hold of the white race my brothers, come and be accepted!

Another point for WV

No. Just more turnout

Adding that the weather is also much better.

CA does have strict gun laws though.

What's more fulfilling than working all your life into pension, seeing your children grow up, seeing your grandchildren grow up, grow old together with your wife?

If your definition of "sucess" is moving to NYC and becoming a famous actor then you are extremly bluepilled

Lurk moar

And we'd like to keep it that way, so don't fucking come here asshole.

Montanafag here.
Literally nothing here to see.
Stay out.

are you /frontier/?

That wasnt the point. The point is mediocre girls in flyover areas think they are hot shit because all the other girls around them are obese/even uglier.

I was actually visiting family in VT yesterday and did see a black guy. Took me by surprise. I hope they continue to stay away. Although I doubt it can get as bad as it is here in CT. Where our cities have murder rates comparable to Detroit.

have fun starving to death when SHTF my dood

A smart white man would do research and not list potentially habitable spots on an anonymous image board for others to ruin, but that's plain paranoia and your choices are mostly correct; doesn't really matter if you have marketable skills/qualifications as the social economic segregation is set up for whites.
(white flight is a meme for a reason.)


Fair reasons for disagreement, though probably too boring for me with not enough hot models.

Isn't that just the Canadian variant from the old Canadian Bill of rights? You can easily move further north and enjoy your little house with no regard for the rest of the country.

> the whole population of Montana is on Cred Forums
Now I really want to go

>Encouraging red voters to leave tossup/purple states
Good goy

Used to be high af, but if you live in Brown's Point you usually fine, that were all the rich live anyways.

Get the fuck out of muh Big Sky country Caliboy

Glad we can be civil - and it's definitely true that there aren't as many nightclubs nearby. I still disagree on the hot models thing, I've spent some time in NYC and while there are definitely the models you see on the street, I think average level of attractiveness is higher in OC. Might just be subjective though.
Think you meant to reply to someone else with that Canadian Bill of Rights thing.

I mean becoming a world-leading scientist or writing an important novel or running a branch of the UN or doing something that matters for the world beyond just you and your small little brood. Really successful people tend to cluster toward large population centers where they can work with a sufficient number of other successful people. There are exceptions (like Warren Buffett, though he still spends plenty of time in NYC). Why embrace such ordinary dullness without real success? You sound like you've watched too many Hollywood films that finish with the hero saving the world from aliens and being able to live in his little house in the woods with his family. That's just a meme to keep populations sedate and docile -- to reassure them that their boring, uneventful lives aren't really that shit.

San diego is pretty nice too. And the only place in america where wm/bf is more conmon than bm/wf from what ive seen

>Living next door to Crow nation.
>no race conflicts.

Add in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan (rightful Wisconsin clay) and you are spot on.

All quite reasonable, once again. And yes, the bill of rights stuff was for . Property can never be my life's primary focus.


I want to be like my hero Donald Trump though :3 if NYC was bluepilled daddy wouldnt live there

There are plenty of areas in Tacoma with sizable shitskin populations in them. Mostly the east side and certain blocks on hilltop.

Really unsuccessful people also cluster in cities and leech.


Eh the Injins in Greater Minnesota aren't half bad. Basically little states of their own with cheap smokes/booze/fireworks plus gambling.

If I had to pick any non white group to populate a portion of my clay it would be Injins.

None that I can tell man, driving back to Rapid city through 212 I can see where there would be some issues on the rez but out near Columbus/Red lodge, there are no race conflicts. Really the most diversity comes from Stillwater mining where some Mexicans will come and work up near Nye but they cool dude. Hell, even the Indians are cool to, never had a problem with them mostly because I never see them

Thank you, this was my main point earlier but it missed him

No experience with Washington, but I'd agree regarding Oregon (excluding Portland).
It's weird as fuck not being able to pump your own gas though.

>W-we're not liberal! Really guys!
Fuck off. East oregon and washington can stay, but anything towards the coast is unwanted.

SDfag here. Download the flag script so I can identify you. Some fag from Flathead County has the script and I run into him every once in a while and we give each other shit.

Look up "flags for int" on jewgle
flaghunters DOT Forums/

Bro, you have the lepper colony in Hawaii rated god tier....

I would add stay away from Tacoma and Olympia too.

>anywhere in south dakota
>god tier

There's Browns point and then there's northeast Tacoma, lol. Not saying it has an insanely high crime rate, but there's more shitskins there.

do you like ingens? then yes

degenerate who will die unfulfilled while claiming superiority till his last breath detected

Shut the fuck up, Worst Dakota.

You're pathethic and you should go away.

I live next to Charlotte and it's basically a 3:2 ratio of whites and blacks. Don't come to Charlotte, it feels like everyone is a mixed couple. White girls with black dudes every where you look. Went to the county fair with my niece and nephew last night and there were nigs every where.
enjoy your 50,000 inbound niggers.

>upper peninsula is rightful wisconsin clay

this is correct

you from milwaukee/madison or what?

SD is full of beaners and hipster sjw trash

I hate that this map does not have an area carved out for Orange County, CA.

Conservative bastion of the state. See

How do yall deal with the snow?

You're buying into jew memes. Hardly anyone achieves this, and it's not even that satisfying for most that do.

Humans are wired to want to see the tribe thrive, and as Adam Smith puts it:
>Man naturally desires, not only to be loved, but to be lovely.

Both of which are far more achievable when you lower your scope from the entire world to just your tribe. Most people can find the most happiness raising a family in a small community, and helping that community grow and prosper.

"most people" are fucking retarded so we're not interested in what they think.

Big cities are degenerate and there is no reason why anyone should want to live in one except for work.

>you can live whatever kind of life you choose

Yeah, you can choose between living in this high-rise or in that one over there.
In the end you're still breathing the same shitty polluted air as anyone else, hardly seeing any nature 95% of the time, eating shit food that's advertised as "fresh" even though it's a week old and your soul is being slowly crushed by it.

Have fun.

i live in boise idaho and they are bringing in a ton of "refugees", this year i see tons of muslims in full regalia, this was not the case last year

>Haven't seen a minority in about a week (excluding gas stations)
Go to Asheville where the engineering is, pooinloos everywhere

Is there a flag for the Sovereign state of Columbia?

a she ville?

t. idaho

This. Move along and fuck off.


Really? Boise is my specific choice of destination to live in, this saddens me.

Is it about that yogurt factory in Twin Falls or just straight into Boise?

>10 months

The mormons are the new jew. They own you, your land, and that part of the state. When shtf, you'll belong to the Empire of Deseret, and will be a slave to a wealthy mormon family. Run.

whitopia is real...u have to go there to find it.


Boise is hardly Mormon compared to the eastern portion of the state.

Interesting quotation. Many people are satisfied with mediocrity, but I'm not. I enjoy pushing myself and doing things that I know matter and make a difference. It's not for everyone, but it works for me. It's also why I don't find big cities to be exhausting -- they're places of striving and (often) success.

>Big cities are degenerate and there is no reason why anyone should want to live in one except for work.
I know this is a classic Cred Forums meme. I grew up in a tiny town and it was boring is fuck. I thrive on the energy of big cities, and the coolness of many of the people who live in them. I can't live in isolation again.

There's some of that too, though more people like that live in undesirable rural shitholes, in my experience.

It's all subjective, but I think it's pretty clear where the wealthiest and most successful people in the world usually want to live. This is a pretty strong indication of where the greatest satisfaction is to be had. I think if you turn it into a white people's issue, you deprive yourself of the greatest possible happiness. Only insecure faggots who fear difference want to live in sameness and homogeneity.

It's not a Cred Forums thing, we move here to deal with our shitty roads, crappy schools and all round low-tier services because we wanted to live our own hard lives in the woods and not be bothered by some faggot from SF letting us know their dog running onto our land is friendly and to just let them be. Um, nigger if I see your dog come three feet over that property line I'm going to fucking shoot it.

Those are literally the niggers of white people there. They listen to shitty ass country and drive lifted pickups. The woman are all fat there and expect to be treated like princess. There is nothing to fucking do there. Except fish and hunt 24/7. I know I live in fucking ND and trying to get out.

theyre flyover shitholes that offer little economic opportunity

>jew york
>prime area

Holy fuck kek, other then the terrible smell, piss poor air quality, literally a jew hive, insane rent prices, and congestion, what has it got going for it again?

Every state has its white majority. So every state is comfortable for them...

The OC is 60% minority and low-income, esp Santa Ana, old parts of Anaheim and Orange, and Garden Grove.

TOO MANY FUCKIN wetbacks and gooks.

Why so many Arabs in Anaheim? & Viets in Garden Grove? Santa Ana is Little Mexico.

Behind the Mall of Orange and El Modena are ghettos.

Most people come to cities to be lonely and to nurture their god complex.
Happiness is not achieved by a one great milestone but by a multitude of small ones
>lots of shit to do in the city
Literally dosens of things you can do only in the country side

>4/10 midwestern girls w
>thinking NYC whores are 10/10 when if you sprayed their face clean with a garden hose and corrected them to their natural hair they would look like pic related

It's our privilege

yeah, i don't know much about the yogurt factory, just what i read online, the chobani guy definitely wants cheap labor, idk if he has other motivations

boise is still nice but like i said, last year seeing a muslim was a very rare thing, now i literally cannot go anywhere without seeing them, many in full costume, i can't see it reversing honestly, they're here for good

we have a lot of bosnians that came in the late 90s early 2000s and they're muslims but they don't dress like it and they seem pretty cool, they could be just lying low though

>It's all subjective, but I think it's pretty clear where the wealthiest and most successful people in the world usually want to live.

Why are you such a faggot that you feel the need for your opinion to be validated by the (((wealthiest))) ?
It feels like you're trying to convince yourself more than you're trying to convince us.

If you like big cities, more power to you.

We don't and this thread is not about big cities, so you're wasting your time.

>Not organizing your life around optimal reproduction

Nice try Mohammad Mbatano. We don't want more niggers here.

We also have many bosnians in Sweden. Id say they are alright. Their parents (the ones who came here as the war was happening) worked shitty toliet cleaning jobs and still do, while a lot of their children go to school and study university and what now

Real issue is full blown out muslim somalians and arabs, they wont do shit

May be moving to South Dakota in January. Bookings. Any one have any information?

>eating shit food that's advertised as "fresh" even though it's a week old and your soul is being slowly crushed by it.
I have to correct that detail. I'm obsessed with food and its provenance. I get most of my food from the Union Square Market. I get to know my farmers and their practices. I insist on the best quality, on seasonal food, on minimal extras (no antibiotics, hormones, or nasty chemicals that I don't want in my body). I regularly visit farms and far-to-table restaurants in the Hudson Valley (one of the most beautiful parts of the country, I think). In contrast, when I lived in a rural area there was no market food availability; most food in town came from a few megaproducers in California or similar and was low quality; all the meat came from an abattoir interstate; the food chain quality was very low all around. It's a crazy paradox of modern life that the industrialization of agriculture has meant that people in poor, rural areas often get deprived of good food (because of shitty distribution chains) and people in massive cities get access to the very best quality of ingredients and restaurants. I hope you're making the most of that in Italy -- a country that truly loves its markets. You prpobably don't give a flying fuck about anthropology, but I recently really enjoyed Rachel E. Black's Porta Palazzo: The Anthropology of an Italian Market. It shows how complex, interesting, and rewarding these kinds of traditional food markets in big cities can be, especially in Italy.

That's true, but that's also like saying Seattle is hardly cucked compared to portland.

>60% minority
Literally exactly incorrect. The county is 60.8% white. That's why you choose the right city (Newport).
wikipedia org/wiki/Orange_County,_California#Demographics

>Santa Ana is little mexico
>not going with 'Costa Mexico'

Also note that I said Newport Beach is the best.
>most conservative city in the state
>87.3% white
>median home value of $1M to keep low-incomes out
>extremely low crime rates
>virtually zero homeless

I do hate Costa Mexico and Santa Ana though, fuck their safe haven city bullshit. Garden Grove is just a meme city, I'm not sure it even exists.

Fuk sounds like my place to be
Are all people there like that?
I feel like I would fit right in
I grew up in a time where my little county in CA was red and not batshit insane liberal like it is now
I want out of this place

>saying "THE OC"
Faggot detected.

It's Utah you dumb fuck. Fucking American ignorance at its finest

There are actually many high paying blue collar jobs in all those states, both for people with low education and for people with STEM degrees (mining engineers). Also many of the tourist industries are great places to start your own business and not eat dicks for a living. Rafting/Fishing guides, snowcat operations, hunting lodges. You lack imagination because you're a NEET and haven't left home in weeks.

I live here. Fucking great

What? No shit Utah is the LDS stronghold, but Utah isn't included on the boldened area, dumbass.
After Utah, Idaho is the next LDS center.

wikipedia org/wiki/The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints_in_Idaho

>calling others ignorant
>totally ignorant of LDS concentration in different states

People tolerate you if you don't build a giant new house everyone has to look at, change your license plate quick, and just keep to your own shit in general. Again, we don't live a more difficult life because we want friends.

Fuck off Swedecucks, Montana's full.

You can crash on Idaho if you want.

I don't understand what Iowa tier means.

Because only a cuck lives in a rural area and doesn't procure their own meat, through hunting, fishing, or husbandry.

With snowshovels.

That's most rural people, in my experience. Hunting deer and then having a freezer full of good cuts of venison for half a year is the way to go. Agreed. It's hard to get access to enough good veg, though. I don't want to grow all of it myself -- I prefer to buy most from really good local farmers.

Southern Idaho is owned and governed by the new jew you silly fucking pancake. Do some research before you call someone out, makes you look stupid.

It means wow, it's fucking nothing.

I'd put the eastern half of Montana in Iowa tier because of that. Just leave out Havre, it can stay god tier.

You can still get 3-4 months of produce out of your backyard with little effort.

Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Western Montana will rise as the Free State of Columbia after SHTF. We will be the new world superpower.

Idaho is Iowa tier. Rude, lazy people, 90% of the state is just ugly, dry fucking nothingness, and everyone seems to be on drugs alongside their tri-daily bitch pill.

I really like Wisconsin. Cheap bars, and all the Amish girls you can rape.

What do you suggest instead?

>Pick carefully

Yeah the only problem in SoDak is drunk natives

There's plenty of that here

That's southern Idaho you're talking about, and I 100% agree with you. That's why everyone from the north disavows any relationship with the south except a shared license plate. Ask anyone who's not a recent transplant from Cuckafornia what state they're from, and they'll tell you North idaho. Completely different place.

Fun fact, all states bordering Utah also have large mormon populations, a trend that continues north into Alberta.

But eastern washington is fucking ugly. Sure, hipsters and SJWs dominate the area around Seattle and Olympia but it's fucking beautiful there! We can't allow ugly scenery and for god's sake, Free State of Columbia sounds terrible! Cascadia is much better. We can invite the areas between Vancouver and Calgary to join us. Maybe Calgary too but definitely not Vancouver.

Wyoming. Ugly, desolate state that's depressing as shit but they don't even have half a million people there. Completely, utterly forgettable state, which means the lowest likelihood of refugees, mudslimes, etc.

There is a new white flight to these states.

I feel the same about Billings, Butte, and Helena. What the fuck were they thinking when they allowed those shite towns to exist? Missoula may be hipster/sjw central but at least the town has fucking spirit, jesus christ. And people are nice to your face. Helena literally looks like a post apocalyptic wasteland despite being our capital. It's super fucking depressing. Butte literally is the butt of Montana. There's a fucking huge ass hole that keeps growing bigger, and that town is creepy. Billings is creepy, depressing, and repulsive.

>shooting dogs

Muslim nigger detected. Leave Montana you nigger Muslim

The polouse are incredible, some of the best grain country on earth, up north is beautiful forest and rivers with bountiful hydroelectric power. Cascadia is fucking stupid because there are no Cascade mountains in area described, also Cascadia belongs to the Ultracuck megalopolis of the I-5 corridor.

Best Dakota reporting in

Don't remind me. One of the most popular white supremacists literally lives like a mile away from me or even less.

Isn't Billington aka kilington full of niggers tho?

Also Missoula is beutiful. That river is very European style

I was at an olive garden in ND and this hillbilly bitch was giving her baby that was less than a year old coke cola

Keep your fucking shitty mongrel off my property and away from my dogs so they don't need to be put down for straight up murdering your shitty little pet.

>shooting dogs
Get the fuck out of my state you disgusting animal-abusing faggot.

Okay fine, we can have a different name, but Columbia is retarded. How about...Homora?

And because of that you'll enjoy a life of peace and quiet, and never have to deal with niggers breaking into your house to steal your shit and rape your wife.

Billings is shit, and I don't know, probably.

Literally kill yourself. Not in the Cred Forums "LUL KILL URSELF" kind of way, the literally take a fucking gun to your face kind of way. You are disgusting and should be jailed and then raped repeatedly, non stop, until you fucking die from internal bleeding. Where the fuck do you live, scumbag?


Please stop. Just stop, (((you))) are really annoying. New York is garbage. No one here is impressed. You have no friends. You smell right now. You will never be as successful as (((your father))). Your mom is annoying and ugly.

Again, don't let your shitty dog stray around on my property. I don't live miles from the nearest pavement to have some fucking retarded Pomeranian come shitting in my lawn. And trust, me it won't be abuse, because it won't feel a thing. Not like when the Cayotes or the cold get it.

But why would you straight up shoot it the minute you see it..?

I have a buddy who was paid to knock up and Amish girl because they have inbreeding problems.

Her face was covered by a sheet and some older dude was in the room holding her hand while he creampied her.

>enjoy a life of peace and quiet
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god you're serious

Actually had my house broken into by white trash, grew up in an extremely abusive (in every single way) household, and that's a common story for people where I live. Sure, we don't have to deal with niggers much (though again, 70% of blacks who reside in my town are literally in jail right now) but that sure as fuck doesn't mean our lives are easy. I was raped, my mother was raped, my grandmother was raped by white boys.

Here's an idea: Stop fucking killing animals who have no concept of property lines you retarded nigger. Find the owner of the dog and try not to act like a fucking psychopath you worthless piece of shit. Better yet, you come onto my property and I'll fucking shoot you for free.

Kill yourself. You are an abusive piece of shit. Go fuck yourself, nigger.

it is time to leave

Again, because I don't want some strangers fucking dog roaming my fucking land. I don't think you understand, when you're 30 minutes to an hour from police/fire/ambulance you don't fuck around with shit like stray dogs. That little shit could have rabies or lyme disease or any number of myiad bullshit. It could be here to attack my family or my livestock, it could die and attract a bunch of fucking cayotes to feed on it who would then do the same. Just because it's okay in a suburb doesn't mean it's okay to immigrate somewhere and impose your shitty lifestyle on someone else. Again, don't fucking abdicate responsibility, control your fucking pet, and don't act like a nigger and whine and cry because something bad happens to it.

Sure if you enjoy a boring ass life devoid of culture. Nobody lives there for a reason. If you are a 65+ year old fucker who just wants to live out his days on a shitty barely profitable ranch have fun. Shit weather too. No nogs tho if that's your thing. Its 1950 all the time out there :)

>sees dog
>shoots it on sight

>New york.
fuk that. the calcutta of the US. filth and garbage errywhere.

>devoid of culture
Not in my town. We /comfy, but perhaps rather melancholic/ here.
>nobody lives there
I'm nobody.
>65+ year old fucker
>a shitty barely profitable ranch
More profitable than you think. Also comfy.
>shit weather
Not at all, honestly. It's a nice 65 degrees early Autumn day here, with blue sky breaking up dark clouds.
>no nogs
'cept in Billings.
>It's 1950 all the time
Yep, you definitely aren't from here. More like it's the 1990s - late 2000s all the time.

You are literally psychopathic. Kill yourself. I mean it. Take a fucking gun to your head and kill yourself. And you're just a fucking jew if you hit someone's animal and then force the secondary victim to pay you cunt. Kill yourself and take your backwards thinking the fuck out of my state, nigger.

Is it really good?
I was thinking of moving to the USA. PA or somewhere in New England would be my prime choice, but OC seems max comfy.

I have a Software Engineering degree, although I don't know if I'll be able to live there. From what I know it's a really wealthy area.

Look at all these retards who don't realize that there are places in New York that aren't New York City. WNY reporting, Bills suck!

Ive lived in Idaho for 46 years, the last 26 in the Boise area, moving to Idaho Falls, yes lots of mormons, no they arent bad, the muslims and any other wont misbehave here, everyone here is armed, every car has a rifle everyone lives an outdoor lifestyle, camping, hunting,fishing,waterski,snowski,motorcycles,snowmobiles,dunebuggys, idaho just repealed the concealed weapon permit process, anyone can conceal carry WITHOUT a goes on and on......Idaho is so conservative republican Boise could be called the mecca of the right

>be in new york
>get bombed
o i am laffin

As long as they are not Muslims I bet they ll be fine. I guarantee they are better than the African American niggers

Dude you have no fucking idea what your talking about.

t. Idahoan

>mfw illinois isn't accepting sandniggers

They're only looking for the most effective place to put the next bunch of immigrants. Don't tell them anything Cred Forums.

Yep, it's great. With a software engineering degree you'd likely be working in Irvine (only ~10-15 minutes from the beach, tons of Asians but the safe kind. Irvine is one of the safest cities in the country), or some inland Newport area. It is a wealthy area, but if you know where to look and do your research you can find affordable places to live.

To back up it being one of the safest cities: businessinsider com/irvine-california-is-americas-safest-city-2013-7

Any other questions? I'll answer what I can

Idk i met a good amount of trump supporters maybe you are just an antisocial autist

100% this. living in ND youd think the food would be great but it's all shit worst food ever.

Lol go fuck outself upstate faggot. When i say new york i mean the city

That entire section is going to be a goner when Yellow stone erupts (its overdue)

Can confirm. ND is the best.


Are you fucking retarded?

>New York
>Everyone here is a retard because they think New York is NYC.
Fuck off, upstate is beautiful.

Why do people think Minnesomalia is good? It is a shithole for liberals and mudslimes. The twin cities are shit.

Go back to the midwest cock smoke.




So much food dude! Hahaha man so much food! And music!

Never been to the midwest except 1 layover :^)

You're absolutely right that upstate is beautiful-- and very large.

But you are ruled, as a state, by the city. They have the population to completely control the agenda in the entire state.

I'm from SW ND and can second this


Hmm, my only worry would be if someone would accept me and sponsor my visa. I have the knowledge but I don't know how much they rate a Serbian diploma.

Would the people accept a Serb? I mean, we're not exactly liked. Are there SJW's and shit? I mean, it wouldn't bother me, but I would probably start a family there and I don't want my children to be brainwashed and guilted into things.

Anyway, thanks for the answers Ameribro.

what are the blue spots in montana, indians?

Yeah, idk what a Serbian diploma is worth here either (not insulting you, I just have no idea), nor about the visa process.

>Would the people accept a Serb

Sure, I've actually never heard any hate for Serbs in OC, or really anywhere other than shit-talking threads on Cred Forums (ignoring that whole serb/croat thing). Growing up I had a few friends who were first-generation immigrants from Russia and Ukraine, no one cared at all. There's dislike for ILLEGAL immigrants, but if you're here legally and make an effort to integrate then no problem.

>Are there SJW's and shit

Not really, at least in my experience. Might depend on the city you're in, but Irvine/Newport Beach/Corona del Mar/some parts of Costa Mesa etc. wouldn't be an issue. Orange County is the most conservative county in the state as I said. There are some but they tend to be Mexican immigrants who are more about La Raza and 'Si se puede' stuff.

Happy to help, Serbia strong. Got a general timeline in mind?


Just think about that Sven. Sure, the public humiliation and lack of sentience is a shitty situation, but just think about that. 60%, Sven.

You could be a part of something good and save your country. 60% Sven. Remember it.

Well, Serbian degrees are accepted in EU countries, so it probably will pass.

That's good to hear. I won't make problems, I fully understand the whole 'When in Rome walk as the Romans do' thing.

Well, I have some business to tend to, so next year I'll start delving into immigration more seriously. Turnout of the elections will probably influence my decision a lot.

I'm off to sleep mate, thanks for the info.

>Not putting the Mormon theocratic shithole in "Iowa tier"

Great question, Sven!

If you like the snow, lots of driving on straight roads and have a unique skill that you can use to find a job (construction, survey, oil/gas etc...)

Its pretty and cheap but some stuff sucks.

-Better get use to single and double wides
-Gas station food, McDonalds and people who think a chinese buffet are "fancy food"
-walmart is the local community center (this area of the country is just as bad as OK and TX for shart in mart type people. ugly etc.. fat etc.. sweatpants etc..)
-if you like going to church, its going to be in a shopping complex or pre-fab steel building

>being this jealous

It's okay, we all get a little confused. You can come home whenever you like.

this is pretty shitty

Oh they might be accepted legally and within the law but make no mistake any employer will just go what the fuck a serbian degree ? and throw it into the trash

I like Kentucky and Indiana, but I'd consider moving to one of the Dakotas if I could.


you missed the most important state


>yes lots of mormons, no they arent bad

>the muslims and any other wont misbehave here
Also false. Spics in gangs rule parts of Eastern Idaho/Nampa/Caldwell areas, rich dune coons rule shit holes like Twin Falls/immediate area around BSU, and all of the white trash/mixed subhumans rule Garden City and anywhere outside of the nicer areas of Boise.

t. 27 years in Idaho so far.

Read all about the plan to turn this place into a comfy habitat to survive the Happening.