This is really funny, share and retweet the fuck outta this

This is really funny, share and retweet the fuck outta this.

Cheeky Trumplad attends 1pm meet-up for canvassing. There are ZERO. That's right Z-E-R-O volunteers there.... in the battleground state of OHIO!

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Haha, that took some balls

I just did a little research and apparently they're very close to the world's largest college campus. (Ohio State University)

If they can't find even ONE libshit millenial to volunteer for them, something has gone catastrophically wrong.

This is the most exciting news yet.
This is the kind of thing that kills a campaign.

Trumplads are so fucking alpha

>tfw all those decrepit women

They should try canada, our media propaganda has us cucked to the bone

>we love you but we have stuff to do
>doesn't look like it

Cheeky cunt

Don't let that Bloomberg poll hit you on the ass on the way back in.

>are you filming for law enforcement purposes?

So has ours but we're lazy.

They support a criminal. Praise Kek!

>visiting friend campaigning for clinton in ohio
>going to get an inside look at it
I wonder if the one I'm going to will be as shitty


That familiar sensation

>are you filming for law enforcement purposes?

This is one of the most satisfying things I have ever seen

K... keep us posted


How I wish camera surveillance guy would just go these and do his thing.

The love of Kek is clearly overflowing with this one.
fucking rekt

My first thought!!

I wonder why that was his first thought!!

AHAHAHA. I would have said
"Yeah, I'm looking for any loose email servers you might have lying around"

yea what did he mean by this? sounds like they're probably doing shady shit. only a nervous guy would ask a question like that.

Infowars is Meme as fuck, but they are convering this election nicely.

Will Infowars become a reall source of information after this election is over or they will go back to the shitty theories like always?

Fucking hilarious. They're going to HAVE to rig this election if they want Killary

You shouldn't spread this around.

The liberals will see it and go help in Ohio.

Keep it silent, let her fade into the night.


Record: Corrected


I kinda felt bad for the Shillarys, they were so happy when he entered thinking he is volunteer

>When you think you have a good opinion but get called a shill anyways

I'm just gonna lurk forever. When I post I just get called a retard or shill.

Great work

Most aren't really evil people, just indoctrinated really well. People say "how can they be so stupid?!" of both sides but it's not a question of intelligence, it's a question of whether a person is easily trainable or not. They believe the mass media propaganda, unquestioning. They're not stupid, they're just easily misled.


I'm not surprised at all. Delaware county is the wealthiest in Ohio, mostly white, and conservative.

That woman looks like Yeb!

Nah...Obi Wan Jedi Kitteh speaks the truth. Don't alert the libtards to Hillary's fading campaign.

don't feel bad, at least you got dubs

>"Yeah, I'm looking for any loose email servers you might have lying around"

Did this video stop playing for anyone else?
Watched it once, went to show someone, but now it won't play

No one will see this and think "Oh, let me go help!"

If no one gave a fuck in the first place, no one will give a shit when it's pointed out.

Case in point: the rallies. it's well known her rallies are a joke. still no one goes.

Earn those pennies, bro.

I agree with him as well.

Never correct your enemy while they're making a mistake.

Maybe you're the Shill!

Who knows, maybe you want this spread to get the "Trump Protesting" crowd out and about.

I think you're CTR.

That's more sad than funny.

GOD I fucking hate Firefox, it's just a black screen for me on the video.


In all honesty though, you're right.

Even if every liberal in the world saw this they still would be too lazy to go out and help.

Kek confirms you should keep lurking

That legitimately made me feel bad for those supporters.

twiter videos are fucking shit and any one who uploads anything there is a fucking retarded subhuman

Firefox? Video is a fucking black screen for me. Had to open it in chrome.

>No one will see this and think "Oh, let me go help!"

I'm worried they might do just that. It's fine to point out that she is falling behind, but I think it's mistake to point out a specific location and say "look, they need liberal volunteers."

>Earn those pennies
>hurr durr everyone is a shill

I hate that God damn whore more than you know. I woke up excited on 9/12 hoping she had died from her collapse on 9/11.

Yeah, even on chrome it had a problem starting.

And yet faggot leftists think (((((((polls)))))) mean anything

He's right.

I need to stay in the shadows until I have good things to say.

Thanks Kek.

I'm too soft.
I just can't laugh at kicking people while they're down.
Imagine how they must feel seeing hillary's poll numbers and then this happens.

If nothing yet has gotten them out, nothing will. Liberals are known for being lazy, useful idiots. I doubt they'll remember to vote on election day.

Whats the point if no one sees how pathetic the opposition is? Remember humans have a crowd mentality. If they see that no one is going, they'll lose the will to fight as well.

LOL she's so sick that she's completely letting her campaign go to shit because she can't focus on anything other than her health. I agree with the dude saying not to spread this. Just keep memeing about her health and making her stressed out and let her make this mistake without her noticing it's a mistake.

yeah it actually fucked up flash player in my firefox. had to restart

>please don't share this
>i swear im one of you

I've noticed that Twitter videos never open.
It's like Imgur where images never appear.

That's pretty Jeb tier.

>not Hillaryous

Get with it, Nuri.

>Whats the point if no one sees how pathetic the opposition is? Remember humans have a crowd mentality. If they see that no one is going, they'll lose the will to fight as well.

Voters don't care that someone forgot to lay a ground game, that's inside baseball shit.

I kinda want to volunteer for Trump now.

digihillary got you

>Hillary hides from the press and does the bare minimum required of her
>Expecting her fans to put the effort in that even she isn't willing to do.

Yeah, nah. This isn't an uplifting battle cry, this is the crushing pain of defeat - nobody will step up to the plate when even Hilly herself won't.

Yeah Firefox is also black screen with audio for me

I really don't wanna use chrome or IE

What are those

>Hillary telling Trump to not jump to conclusions by calling the expanding heat coming from the pressure cookers for BOMBS

>in next sentence she calls them bombs too


>shirt that encourages women to do physical labor
>broke foot for disability and to stop working
following that hero I see

That's the unhealthy body of a low-self-esteem liberal

They've always got some health issue going on, be it physical or mental. That's why they're liberals - they're not normal, capable, humans.

If they were, they'd be conservatives

You should. Need all the help we can get.

Have you been getting those emails to volunteer on the phone calling voters?

Amen to that brother

I haven't done a thing.

God Firefox is shit, but I can't use anything else.

Us Trump supporters should volunteer for Clinton, but then red-pill them about her corruption.

He was referring to her shoes.

>How's it feel to lose to Trump come November

>go volunteer to knock doors for hillary
>actually talk about how trump is better choice instead

why nobody does this?

Agreed, Trump is on his last legs. Really reminds you of the Paul campaign.

Shit that's hilarious. I wouldn't have had the balls to be that rude to their faces tho lol. They were actually pretty nice to him.

Don't forget to sabotage the campaign while you're there.


Wow awesome job.

>barge into campaign office
>be a sarcastic dick to a bunch of people in their 50's and 60's
>Uh, it starts at 1..
>It hasn't started yet

What an immature retard. Just made himself look like shit.

>how's it gonna feel to lose to donald trump?

>Where is everyone?

Lol, 5 minutes till 1. No one was coming, shill. Also, he was based.

Yeah I know, she's got a broken foot or something. hence me saying she's unhealthy.

Black people time not white people time. Come back an hour later

I love the look of hope and optimism when she thinks he's a volunteer.

>defending boomers

go fuck yourself. I hope you and those generational niggers die a slow, painful death.

I would tend to agree. Ideally every Hillary supporter would be absolutely positive that Hillary is definitely going to win no matter what, and then they'd never think about elections again until 2020.

But this is just too damn funny, and I don't think anything will stop it from going viral. The next best outcome is to make her campaign seem like theater with no actual support from real voters.

I intend to contribute in my own small way by shopping around the idea "nobody is interested in this election because both candidates are so undesirable. If we manage to sell that POV at all, libfags will sit their asses right at home in November.

>How ya likin that Bloomberg poll?

She looks gross desu

Yeah so? Hillary will still win.

guy would have gotten punched in the face if it was me

This. Let them fuck up.

t. CTR
Even if you don't like Trump this shit is funny as fuck

It's fine to show how non-existent her campaign is but, I think its a cunt move to rub it in the face of dopey old people that seemed really nice.

Delaware is actually quite far from the campus, and the epicenter of Columbus itself. Unfortunately I saw numerous tards canvassing for Shillary today. I even heckled one. :^)

if you fuck your own daughter are you cucking yourself if you're black

Yeah real nice until you realize they support a policy agenda that will destroy this country.

Yeah sorry, the video is actually fucking hilarious and the lady's attempt to say "we've got plenty *plenty* of volunteers" after the other two employees already tell the guy "you're it" pretty much tells the whole story.

Pic related. It's for you.

Is he saying Delaware and Ohio? Or is there a place in Ohio called Delaware?

i thought it was pretty funny. maybe you should retreat to your safespace if you can't take a little banter


So there are actually people in america going from house to house and asking people whether they
>have a minute to talk about our lord and savior X?

God I'd be mad if those motherfuckers rang my doorbell after a nightshift.

How Can Tacos Be Real If God Isn't Real?


>acting like an ass to old people

You guys sure change your tune real quick when one of your own faggots is doing this kind of shit. If this was a nigger at a Trump office doing this to some pleasant older white people, you guys would flip your shit all over the place about the awful niggers.

Well, guess what? The guy in the video is acting like a nigger. You shouldn't condone this dumb shit.

I don't know man I think he was being a dick.
Maybe it's just because I have a soft spot for old people.


That was kind of rude actually. Those people are old enough to be his parents

I don't see how spreading this around is beneficial towards making anyone not currently wanting to vote Trump to actually vote Trump.

It's only beneficial to people who are already supporting Trump, of which are already going to vote Trump.

In fact, having this go viral may have a negative impact because those people were genuinely acting nice to the guy and he was gloating/being rude to them in return. It generates sympathy for Hillary supporters, at least in that sense.

The only thing really damning about the video is that the guy assumes that because he's filming, it's related to them having done something criminal. And Hillary's campaign had already been caught displaying a partisan bias while registering people to vote.

I worked for Republican campaigns in 2012 and 2014, "millennials" don't like canvassing, too much person to person interaction and it's hard to get them to grasp the "point" of it when two hours of canvassing means you'll talk to maybe two dozen people at most while they could make a post about politics on twitter and get 1500 likes in that same time. They don't seem to get that canvassing isn't about getting information or opinions out, it's about getting people engaged and energized, making your supporters feel as though they're part of something and that people like them are active in the area.

Yeah it's a smallish town just north of the Columbus metro. It'll soon be consumed by the growing Columbus metropolitan area, even though it is a county north.

How many Canadians do you know that trust the MSM? Our US media is cucked to the nether but I only know a couple people that trust it, and I attribute that to being in Virginia.

I know their politics is pure cancer, but I still feel bad for the dopey old people that don't know any better.
It's the chinless goons on twitter and at protest I hate.These people are just idiots that tribal vote, every family has some.

Why didn't he go at 1?

>white people

yeah there's a Delaware Ohio

>Old people
Ruining MY future. I don't have to respect shit. I spit on the boomers that put me in this situation.

> 2012

She's of legal age now.

Yeah just random dopey sweet wonderful ~old~ people who just happened to organically spawn from spores in a campaign office or something where they now have no choice but to publicly market a political candidate.

Please respect their sweet old ppl privacy while they go door to door, soliciting votes for a traitor in person, guys. Have some decency.

I love me some Trump, but this is cringey. These old people are just hapless. I'd rather see some SJWs get BTFO.

>mfw cat person tries to engage in underhanded record correction


>feel bad for the dopey old people that don't know any better.

There's a point where you can't keep making excuses for people. They're not dopey. They're evil.

Republicans have been making these excuses for liberals for decades.

They're not good people. Stop making excuses for them.

kek Hillary is done.

>These old people are just hapless.
their fault for picking a shitty low-energy candidate.

I'm sure they are now woke.

>Islamic Society of Central Delaware

That just really pissed me off.

>The only thing really damning about the video is that the guy assumes that because he's filming, it's related to them having done something criminal.

I think he was asking that in the sense of "Is the filming for law enforcement purposes? No? Then you can't film in here" That seemed to be what he was going for. The building is private property, so if it wasn't for an investigation of some kind they could just ask him to stop filming or leave.

Fuckin kek

That picture is absolutely hilarious

I'm actually surprised it got so many likes on twitter, considering the way he acted.

Dude it's like 20min on 315...

Yeah he's acting like such a nigger with his convivial questions and peacefully agreeing to leave after making a couple of glib remarks about their lie.


>I don't have to respect shit.

Go ahead, don't. Act like a complete nigger to these people and watch as the votes swing the other way because of stupid shit like this. Retard.

But you never leave your basement anyways and probably don't have the balls to even say anything in public so this doesn't matter anyways.

tell me about it. I knew we were going to get refugees here, i did not know there were already muzzie buildings and shit here

they even repurposed an old catholic church for one of their mosques

Do it. It's fun. I did it for Romney.

You'll meet other people.

I hope Trump fans stick around after the election to keep rooting out cuckoldry in the Republican Party. Volunteering during an election is a good start to getting involved in general.

Sucks for you, I will only shit talk the other side and defend our people regardless of what they do.

Hurts when we use your tactics against you eh :^)

> The only thing really damning about the video is that the guy assumes that because he's filming, it's related to them having done something criminal.

And the fact that there's, you know, *a campaign office for Hillary where they have to lie to their only visitor about whether they have any volunteers period.*

And give me a fucking break about the god damned sacred old people. They volunteered to participate in politics, so you can save that shit for my mom.

will she an hero come November?

sorry lads, i feel bad for them.

that old white male cuck. just being sad :(

but hillary is evil, so it must come to this

if you share this video , not sure if will undercut hillary fan's confidence or get them out

>You shouldn't spread this around.
>The liberals will see it and go help in Ohio.
>Keep it silent, let her fade into the night.

i think this user is right

You're a fucking idiot. Go ahead and try demonizing anyone that doesn't vote for Trump and see how that works out for you.

The people in the office were very pleasant to him even after he started being an asshole. You can hate who they're voting for or think they're wrong, but when you condone this type of immature nigger behavior that this guy exhibited, you're just shooting yourself in the foot.

What exactly do you think this video is going to achieve? Because to me, I see it generating sympathy for Clinton and making Trump supporters look like genuine cocksuckers.

Yeah it's almost like "the way he acted" is a huge deflection that nobody actually cares about and you're fucking retarded.

This. I've seen plenty of new Trump supporters say they became Trump supporters simply because they saw how rude Clinton supporters were and they were surprised at how kind and level headed Trump supporters are. I did get a laugh from this video, ill admit, but I would keep it in-house. This isn't going to persuade people on the fence to vote Trump.

cry more faggot

Because not worth it; just go campaign straight for Trump.


Deal with it bitch.

>"alright, we have stuff to do"
>"doesn't look like it"


You are all laughing about it, but she will rig the votes and win Ohio. Probably with the landslide. Like she won Cali vs Sanders.

Nah you're wrong it's always an effective strategy to mock the enemy.

See: every video of "X goes to Trump rally you won't believe what these crazy supporters will say!"

These people are evil. Why would you treat them nicely or make excuses for them? They're bad people. End of story.

Fuck em. Post was fine. Man up.

Being really kind to them, while also showing how empty it is, would have been extremely powerful. Being a dick literally ruined it.

Evil is with intent. These people just don't know better. They've been voting democrat since hating blacks openly was a ticket winner. I doubt they have any idea what the platform the dems are running now.

I could be wrong and they're fully aware, if that's the case then fuck them. They just again seem like the tribal voting, don't know any better kind of people and because of that I can't take joy out of this other than to laugh that Clinton is failing bad.

4d chess

>meanwhile every single one of those old cucks thinks you're a Fascist, racist, genocidal piece of human filth if you vote for Trump

good job at losing the game you fucking retard

This is borderline copypasta, and I didn't say they're bad for not supporting Trump. I just pointed out that they volunteered to participate in a political campaign so save your sanctimonious pussy spreading for leddit.

You dumb faggots need to lurk more, and now I'm positive that we should spread this video showing that Hillary has zero grass roots support.

Yeah he is acting like a dumb nigger. Being smug and making sarcastic immature remarks and essentially just trying to start shit. Attention seeking faggot. Not only that but he makes Trump look bad.

Fuck yourself.

I recently revoked my statements.

Not a shill, just a retard.



Everyone shitting on this is a shill

it is comic gold.

>But you never leave your basement anyways and probably don't have the balls to even say anything in public so this doesn't matter anyways.
>All that projection
CTR, maybe you shouldn't have dumped 6 million into online shitposting & actually put some ground game in the swing states. Maybe some young kids, not sad old boomers that won't be able to afford Obamacare next year after the price hikes.

Just like there are zero people who will vote for her but she'll "win" the presidency.

>Like she won Cali vs Sanders.

The votes weren't rigged - the way the delegates were assigned was. But we knew this like a year before it even went down in Cali.

>Evil is with intent.

>Purposely lying isn't intent.

Liberals hide the truth every chance they get. Watch them lie in this video.
"You're the first one!"
"Oh you're not a Clinton supporter? Yeah we've got plenty of volunteers"

Stop making excuses for people who purposely lie. The truth matters. People who deny or hide the truth ARE EVIL.

No he's not bc he's not dancing

I think alot of people started supporting Trump after seeing the assholes in Chicago and others harassing Trump supporters. I don't think video's of Trump supporters harassing Hillary supporters will benefit us. Just my opinion.

I said go for it, faggot. We both know you won't anyways. Except on here in your own private little sandbox where you can roleplay as chad while posting your super sick funnay reaction images. If you want Trump to lose, keep up doing dumb shit like this in person. Particularly in battleground states.

>that nobody actually cares
The non spectrum warriors do and it makes great ammo for the "drumf supporters are psycho bullies" line.

That was I was expecting to happen, like a man on the street report.

Instead it's a dick on the street report.

> Being smug and making sarcastic immature remarks

> acting like a dumb nigger

Your sobbing vagina aside, have you ever encountered a black person in your entire life?


ITT: fags with no sense of humor.

That video was hilarious.
Hillary and her supporters deserve no mercy.
Hillary cannot be allowed to win.

Who the fuck are the "warriors?"

Pretty sure those cat ladies were SJWs back in the 70s.

Don't let them correct the record. Everyone thinks this is funny

Likewise, dead horsing is not winning gracefully.
But just because they backed the wrong candidate doesn't mean they can't Make America Great Again in the Trump Administration

>people volunteer for a politic campaign, so it's okay to act like immature little niggers and annoy them at their office XDDD
>the voters are going to be impressed by my SICK BURNS I made on old people ROFL

Fucking idiot. Go ahead, spread the video. Enjoy losing your independent voters.

People don't care about how many canvassers are at an office. Nobody likes canvassers anyways. They do care about groups of voters making their candidate look like a choice for assholes.

>pepe is a deplorable nigger

So you're telling me the way to be an asshole in 2016 is to have a different opinion?

That dude wasn't being a dickhead, he even walked out as soon as they made it clear he wasn't welcome anymore.

you should be ashamed for your lame attempt at supporting that criminal Hillary Clinton. You are no American.

Just tell me, how many guns do you own?

>Nobody likes canvassers anyways.

CTR, it's time to go.

>Mocking isn't an effective strategy

Not sure what planet you're from but this looks awful for the dems.

Who looks at this video and says "Heh yeah, those loonies with no support? Yeah I'm on their side"

Here in Texas, I have never ever seen a canvaser on either side.
Supposedly they have battle ground Texas here, those fucks don't do anything.

>"We have plenty!"

Where dey at doe?

They were worried she's contagious.

Patient zero confirmed.

That's what I was thinking he'd do like what Sam Hyde did at the bernie meet up.

Your post actually makes sense, Cred Forums would be a worse place if you kept lurking

> ~old people~

I bet someone somewhere is on the phone right now, "look, we need at least one minority in every campaign office, you got that?"

People are slightly flippant sometimes when they each cheer for opposing teams, but go ahead and deflect from this like you've never been to Earth before. Another winning strategy from a winning campaign.

How does the trump volunteer office thing compare to this

Texas hasn't gone demoncrap in 40 years, still not a battleground state despite importing replacement niggers.

I was laughing audibly when he said

>how's it gonna feel when you guys lose to donald trump this november?
>Where's the ground game @
w-we're it!
>Where's it @???

The flag is backwards. Hey your flag in your political office is backward. Your flag is backwards. YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS, YOUR AMERICAN FLAG IS BACKWARDS.

Total annihilation

does this prove that Democrats / Liberals can't handle the bantz?

>all those old white people

I thought the dem campaigns were run by young minorities or at least racemixed babies?

Man, this is fucked. I actually feel sorry for these Clinton supporters.

I mean I hate Clinton supporters but these people are so enthusiastic and passionate and they are following such an unlikable cunt. Sucks for them.

I guess we'll never know because only insane deplorable neonazis would ever go to someone's campaign office to politely gather information and express opinions.

>Will Infowars become a reall source of information after this election is over or they will go back to the shitty theories like always?

They are peddling stupid shit like the Hillary faked her rallies and used a greenscreen shit. Alex Jones is a nutjob on purpose.

Yes if you feel any sympathy for them you are a faggot liberal 100%


>>doesn't look like it
made me kek for some reason

Loud mouth cry bully drone except in this case for Trump. Looks bad man.

im a yuge trump supporter, but this is misleading cuz he got there before the scheduled time, right?

plus isnt bullying the liberals job? the lady seemed nice, and it felt like he was just there to agitate

Top kek

when i was a student there was no reason or will to go north of Bethel/Morse rd. for literally anything

Don't feel bad, you can tell by the way he asked if it were for the police instantly that they're all corrupt fucks. They've probably been ruining their town with corrupt NIMBY policies for decades.

It proves CTR doesn't want this video out there, so we should give them the opposite of what they want.

it also shines a light on the fact that no one really seems to support hillary. im sure shes getting alot of votes from people who despise donald trump; but none seem to care about her enough to spend their time.

Waterfox for twatter/youtube and Palemoon for everything else mustard race.

>Alex Jones is a nutjob on purpose.

I don't think he's controlled opposition because sometimes he actually says good shit and becomes relevant enough for the media and politicians to shit on.

I think he's just a dude who likes conspiracy theories and our media is such shit that he's actually built up a following as a news source too. Just my take on it though.

Aw, that made me feel a bit sad there.

They seemed so polite at the start and so eager to have people along. Thought it was a bit rude for him to be so brash, but the change of tone for them was instantaneous.

They stopped caring instantly about him.

He was still a bit rude, though. Maybe some more tact, next time, perhaps.

>I thought the dem campaigns were run by young minorities or at least racemixed babies?

Nope. Ran primarily by old delusional baby boomers who think their communist agenda is great.

Do have like, a hat full of flash cards with "alt-right" terminology you saw on twitter sitting next to you?

Fucking entered the post without finishing

But yeah, they're still wrong.

Trump is so high test that his alpha nature even rubs off on his supporters.

I know no ones gives a fuck but this shit makes my skin crawl. You literally just have to google this and it takes 5 seconds to do right.


you sound like a huge pussy

>"snuck" into bohemian grove
Yeah, he's very well placed controlled opposition. If he weren't, shills wouldn't deflect to "LOL Alex Jones tier conspiracy nut!" Any time someone questions the narrative

I hear you. I noticed that right away


I feel bad for them


This is not fair, the Actors we paid to show up were late, I mean volunteers we were paying, they were just late. There was at least 3 or 4 people there.

. CTR Make America Great Again,.. oh wait I mean Shill For Hill!

You shouldn't feel bad about leftist shit voters. Even if they are naive old twits.

Are ~old people~ suddenly not infants anymore, or did CTR just have a shift change?

Fuck off CTR.
We white pill our own and force a huge edgy black pill up those commie boomer cat ladies' asses. Those same old fucks are calling American supporters of Trump evil and they masturbate to our people being attacked by niggers and illegals.

Fuck you CTR.

This. It's like the mirror opposite of the Hawaiian doll girl in the taxi. Cred Forums crucified this type of behaviour when the sjw did it.

I actually thought the autism thing was a meme, but the emotional impotence on here is just sad.

it's really bad. 80% of the people I know believe the media 100%. mistakes and lies are impossible, because "someone would notice".

Jesus Christ that was savage.

they all want to be like Ivanka
with hard work, they might get close

Literally no millennials are there. Far too busy crying on tumblr and on their college campuses?

Meanwhile I was able to get both my sisters, my brother-in-law and both my parents to caucus for Trump in FUCKING MINNESOTA of all places.

This is why Shillary will lose. Because people either refuse to vote for her or simply are not hyped up on voting for her

She is finished.

Canvassing is about selling knives (or whatever the fuck you're shilling).

If you aren't paying me bank I'm not going to walk around all day banging on peoples doors.


I always get major feelz from that photo
poor guy

I pity them, but I don't feel bad for the fact that they will be depressed af for the next 4-8 years. I can't.

So you're saying you don't normally post or visit here?

That's so surprising!

What other things did you empathically notice with your superior altruism?

You live in a big city don't you?

I'm going to assume you lie in or around Toront

They will suffer a tremendous defeat, shadilay.

I couldn't find any beta Hillary supporters to counteract your image. Here is recent campaign rally image for you.

>delaware ohio
wut is this hybrid

Don't sahre ot tweet anything. You're alerting Clinton supporters to campaign. Anyways
>come in before 1
nobody there

I want more cgi pepes now.

>be an old lady
>grew up with feminism
>so excited for the potential first female president, host a meetup for canvassing
>no one shows up except one trump supporter
Guys, I feel really bad for her. Can we go and pretend to be Hillary supporters or something?
Maybe after that we can visit Jeb.


This CTR shill has a point.

This one has probably been sitting there for the past 90 minutes working on this one post.

D'aw, you did good! You corrected that record!

they seem like good people who have just been too influenced by the media

>No one's out here, NONE
>1 2 3 4 5 6


hahaha check and m8

lol my sides

this is the sjw mentality that lead to people moving away from the left you fucking moron

Did you see that cunts face?
She hates white males and hates Christians. Also, she's a worthless cat lady who would charge false rape fir you Not fucking her.

Fuck boomers.

i almost feel an ounce of sympathy for clinton and her campaign, but thats just because i have a few ounces of humanity and brain matter, unlike killary


lol what, if anything, SJWs and libshits are empathetic to a suicidal level. our nations are turning brown and this is the only way to fix it now. sorry.

I mean I appreciate digs at Hillary's campaign

But this dude is just an asshole

Does anyone else feel bad when you're watching this? Sure this is good evidence to show that Clinton has no support, but you have to feel bad for the people there. This guy is just dicking on them for being themselves. He blew it when he just said "I'm a Trump supporter" and acted like a complete cockhead. Those people seemed genuinely nice and excited to have someone there and this guy goes to crush their spirits. I'm getting serious Jeb-tier vibes here.

Agreed, I felt a little bad. They are trying to fuck us over but I would have just lied about my intentions

*Is* that the mentality that caused that to happen, or was is the mob of hipster retards constantly resorting to easy-mode moralistic deflections and speculation about what tone you should be permitted to take with whom?

(As though there was anything even remotely wrong with his tone.)

Is there anything I can do that doesn't involve calling people?

What's worse, idiots going an knocking on doors, or millions seeing she has zero support?

> Guys, what do I put so it looks like I have any fucking clue what's going on here.

> Just say something about "Jeb-tier" they'll love it.

> "I'm getting serious Jeb-tier vibes here."

> +$0.05

He should've done the same thing only pretended to be a Bernie supporter.

After the explosion in jew york, you gotta be crazy to vote for Shillary.

Jeb's arc of Trump's Saga was the best one. It is really sad that we won't see again great memes like Le Guac Bowl Merchant and Slow & Steady wins the race, among others.

You see, this is a war and wars not only kill great people. Wars kill great memes, too.

That's just sad really.

I prefer Cruz.

>mentioning Jeb means you're a CTR shill
user, please. I've been here since the primaries. I have a MAGA hat.

Oh shit. He has a MAGA hat. I guess he didn't try to awkwardly wedge pol memes into his weird concern trolling after all.

So few people are showing up at Clinton rallies even she's not bothering to turn up.

thanks for correcting the record. BTW how does it feel knowing you will be out of a job come november?







Nah, Cruz is a genuinely awful person. Jeb is a nice guy who mmay or may not have been fit for presidency but certainly wasn't fit to run, he wasn't prepared for a campaign trail paved with flung mud and red-hot zingers. That's what makes his tale so poignant.

>tfw no ground game

Are you just here to call everyone shill or something?

The Jeb arc was undoubtedly the best. It was hilarious but also sad to see his decline. I remember watching a debate where Trump pointed out that Jeb was being pushed all the way out of the center. How sad.

How dare anyone *viciously harass* this sweet elderly lady just minding her own business and not putting herself out there in any way at all.

What an asshole.

Feel bad man for those poor folks.

Apparently this is also a similar issue in Pennsylvania.
From what I've heard Hillary's campaign has almost no presence there.

> OK, so the Jeb thing worked, but now they're trying to talk to me about Jeb.

> Just tell them you remember when Trump told Jeb he used to be at the center.

> "I remember watching a debate where Trump pointed out that Jeb was being pushed all the way out of the center."

> Say how sad.

> "How sad."

> +$0.05

Yep, figured. Just here to call shill. Thanks user, you're doing god's work.

oh wait
>inserts more Cred Forums and/or Cred Forums memes here awkwardly
>inserts this one itself awkwardly.

>MSM doesnt also peddle bullshit conspiracies

Lol. The terrorists are gonna get us guys, better give up your 2nd and 4th ammendments. Whyte men have ruined the world and every other race single handedly! All cops are racist killers!

It's football Sunday here in amerika and poltards are kekkling that no one is working on Sunday.

Cred Forums is way more stupid than I expected

Getting trolled by Martin shekels and art students

Anyone got a mirror? Not loading.

You're right, that is still pretty fucking awkward.

I actually feel kinda bad for that lady desu. :(

thats the feeling i got from that. typical from a hillary lacky

I'm pretty sure this is actually just some kind of markov chain bot seeded with pol memes.

So you see how much more convincing it is? It actually got seeded first. That's called lurking.

mismatched shoes. oversized shirt. undersized shorts. Just missing a shart.

This. Basically it's the epitome of exurbia, not at all friendly territory for dems. It's rather hubristic that HRC even has a campaign office there.

Dude, this is what hipster women dress like now. It started out as ironic, but then Lena Dunham came along. I'm guessing that woman is ~24.

Sharting outside the mart is considered rude.

does she have a feminine penis?

>doesn't look like it

Whole it's funny that Hillary has zero ground support, I still think it's rude the way he went about it.

You can just thank them for their time and not be an asshole about it.

I figured she had some sort of foot-cast or injury or something

Funny as this is, it's not really important at all.

My favorite thing about it, though, is to note that the staffers are all ancient white people. Hildebeest is so diverse!

>based kitty bringing based logic


the CTR shills are trying their hardest to provoke the left, to ostracize potential Trump voters, pushing them into clintoris' meat curtains.

It's completely different.

Being overtly sarcastic about politics is not the same as being a spoiled brat trying to bother others just for the sake of it.

You should consider thinking more about your posts before hitting "Send". That is to say, shut your mouth, niggerfaggot.

Are you an analyst?

Im a Trump guy and agree with you. Those old folks were perfectly pleasant despite being fucking idiots. Chad came in like a typical millenial vape douche

I want to explode Megumin and make her a mommy

Where there's Hillary, there's illegal shit going on

> "I'm a Trump guy!"

> -$0.05


But no one cares about the wicked witch and this won't motivate them either

and ban in 3.... 2...

She doesn't look underage, but then again, I trust you guys know more than me on the matter of child pornography to begin with.

Delaware is always red