Just a reminder that this is irrefutable


I agree

>Not having India on the shit tier.

I disagree

UK should be up there with us. US one down and france changed to good tier. Leaf should be at the bottom, then its alright

Remove france and you're golden

Thanks Ameribro. Sorry that our colony there turned into a Jew hotspot, we shouldn't have known anglo's can't be trusted.

I never understood why Americans always post an outdated version of the Union flag

Nope. I would never betray my greatest ally.

Why the fuck do Americans always think they're the shit?

You're not that great. You're the uneducated bully of the whole world. Nobody actually likes you, nobody thinks you're smart. You're so brainwashed into your false sense of patriotism you don't even realize that thinking you're "god tier" is exactly the type of thinking that got you into this plutocratic oligarchy mess, and it's the reason you'll stay in this mess.

Fucking hate burgers.


God tier: Ireland, USA, UK
Great tier: Germany, Russia, Poland
Good tier: Israel, Canada
Decent tier: Australia, New Zealand, France
Bad tier: Japan, China
Shit tier: Middle Eastern & African countries

You can't just put yourself at the top for no reason, Lucky Charms.

We should be at the top, fuck the rest of you cunts.

> god tier
> Ireland
You had one shot to make it to the top but the IRA let you down

Where's Poland my never granting us visa ally?

It's your job to try to prove it, then we can debate

The flag at the bottom represents a country that haasnt existed for over 200 years

Hey How do y'all like The Netherlands
My only goal in life right now is save up enough money
Fly into Amsterdam Backpack to The Hague, Then to Rotterdam and from Rotterdam to Barendrecht where my grandmother grew up and fled from during WWII

germany great tier?

They are the greatest cucks on pol not to mention the amount of faggot posters

Just really dislike the British navy in the 1600's?

You are nothing outside the internet my plumber friend

>leaf, ALTs, (non-nazi) Germany
>not shit tier
All this tells us is that you need to lurk more.

>Italy not even in a tier

Y-you too


>Backpack from Amsterdam to the Hague
That's 20minutes by train

The Germans are industrious and make good technology. Their culture is pretty good. Their biggest flaw is their laws against free speech.

Well Now i know but wouldn't it be better to walk around and see the Beauty?

>thinking that shit-posts on Cred Forums should constitute hating a country
Yeah, okay, red-coat.

There needs to be a tier below shit tier just for leafs

I like the netherlands but to be honest there is not much for tourists to see except for the flat landscape and some museums in amsterdam

Only one flag is needed, the rest can fuck off


Only serious answers from this point :>)

1. India
9999999. Rest of the world

Is that a turd hanging from his asshole? I am laffin


>poopy oral mess
as opposed to so-spe-cialism, right? you must be 18 to post here

France basically is the ME rn.

Netherlands is great-tier because it embraces many liberties, has happy and healthy people, and doesn't bother anybody.

Or why they include a separate Scotland but then use the Union Flag to represent England

You mixed up France and UK, as well as Australia and Germany.

Don't talk to our greatest ally, France, that way. We would probably not have defeated the Brits and gained independence if it weren't for them.

>op says Canada is good tier
>Meanwhile there are 3 threads up about range banning Canadians

In getting mixed vibes here tbqh


You cant be god -tier as long as you are still retarded enough to think the EU is a country

>God tier

UK deserves to be in God Tier tbqhfam

That's very nice of you, lad. Thanks.

>Leaf thinks his opinion on anything is relevant

We need 2 walls

Nothing that you just said made any sense whatsoever. Finish elementary school, and then try again.

No. They are shit-tier, and we both know why, France. They did horrible things to us, and to the rest of the world. Fuck em'. Britain = merde.

you got a problem you fucking sandnigger?


What horrible things, mate?

>this butthurt
take a hike, kid. nothing else to do in canada lmaooo

>They did horrible things to us

Our relationship with the frogs was very much mutual.

At least toss Italy into god or great tier, I witnessed Italians spitting on gypsy's when I was there and my heart has never swelled with pride for another country apart from my own more.

>Germanistan on 2nd place and Cucknada on 3th.
We all can see relevanci of this list.

God teir-Canada
Great tier-America
Decent teir-Isis, North Korea
Shit-teir-everyone else

Leaf, you are France and Britain's son, which is why you are so confused and weird. You received the greatness of France, and the shittiness of Britain.

I agree

>Scottish flag

>and then a union flag

Are all Americans this retarded?

why your flag looks like the israel one?


Do you even remember what the Italians did in World War 2? Fuck them. I can at least forgive the Japs and Germs, because they weren't switching sides and being cowards.

STFU u nig nog. Remember Falklands?

All I am saying is that burgers are retarded, and you very much proved my point. I mean, you literally came back at me telling me the only thing to do in my country is walk up a mountain.

That's it.

That's all you have.

Never mind the fact that your country is 19 trillion dollars (and counting) in debt, never mind the fact that you're run by a two party dictatorship, never mind the fact that you're a police state that you are actually ok with because they're killing "muh niggers" (despite the fact that this year alone, twice as many white people died at the hands of your police than black people) never mind the fact that you are Israel's bitch even though it's illegal to give them aid, NEVER MIND the fact that you are one of the LEAST EDUCATED countries in the world.

But you can't even take any criticism. Because you're infallible 'murica.

And you are anything but God tier.

You can't be tier 1 when your country is 60% white

The USA is the worst, most degenerate country in human history. That is irrefutable.

Oh Canada Our home and native landddddddddd

Blimey, Canada...

No, berger posts suck.

>Australia below a FUCKING LEAF

Not this shit again. fuck surrenderland

Says the fucking British reject. How fucking lame do you have to be to be rejected by British people. Oh my. Sad! Calling you decent was generous.

why so butthurt about the UK OP? surely after brexit they're better than modern germany or "various scandinavian countries", honestly you seem pretty fanny flustered and i've seen this thread posted at least 4 or 5 times.

Just a quick reminder that you are getting mad over someone on the Internet dude. Calm down.

Lol just bike through the country.
Shouldn't take you more than 5 days and you'll have seen the entire country.


>being apologetic for the red-coat scum
You sure showed me, Benedict.

Usa is a Bastard off history like all colonial countries. I dont even see muricans as humans. Everything this (((((country))))) was build on is a meme.

Honestly the Glorious Nederland deserves to be God Tier.

Human race

Jew detected.

i'm not being apologetic, i'm trying to understand where you're coming from. can you not explain yourself? is that too much? did a UK poster rub your bottom raw? just tell us OP come on, quit being such a pussy.

Nederland is pretty based.

then how come the US which was a British colony became great?

>nigger president
>god tier

Nice B8 M8

tldr how long did it take to write that loooool

>less than 30 seconds with the first image I got from a search
>takes it seriously
>is in the EU

Does that rank multiculturalism?

If so it's pretty damn accurate, save for UK, it's up there with us.

Lmao fuck off leaf

>splitting up the UK and putting Ireland and Scotland above the rUK

Not only have the British oppressed everyone they've come in contact with, but they are also have annoying accents, still have dumb-fuck royalty for no reason and they pushed Alan Turing, one of the smartest men to ever live, to suicide over nothing.

I won't disagree to my current country position, except Canada and India's position is objectively wrong.


>Not shit tier

The US became great because it revolted against the British, obviously.

Is that what the God Emperor means by MAGA? Fight the Brits again?

Shit rank

Are you a french in disguise ? Montre-toi, coll├Ęgue

your people largely thought of themselves as British, including uncle Ben, and came from British blood mostly.

I would love for us to randomly take over Britain for no reason, greatest ally.

I am not. I am just a great admirer.

God how do people fucking live like that?

Aren't you lads supposedly the only thing holding back formation of the EU Army right now? Hardly shit tier.

Eternal thanks to France

Nah senpai Dutch,French,Canadian In my blood No jews

Hahahahah 60% white

>God tier
You are a moron.

First actual spot on chart I've seen on Cred Forums.

If Middle Eastern and African countries are Shit Tier then what is France doing in God Tier?

So confusing

Are we just gonna ignore the fact that OP is blue-pilled, reddit-tier normie?


Agree. Oldest ally and greatest ally. I just hope they don't capitulate to the muslim hordes.

>Israeli is Decent Tier
Hmm I wonder who could be behind this


>US in God Tier
>Straya not in God Tier

lol u mad
We're great.


It will take a few years but we will prevail. All our American friends will be welcome to help for the reconquista and slay some kebabs.

It is refutable, because of your flag. Sorry, Ameriblob.

God tier
> Burgers and literally africa
> this board is satire

Your self awareness is remarkable